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What is The Platinum Meechler?

The Platinum Meechler is a bar opened by TheBigMeech that appears to compete with Roflgator and his bar The Golden Gator.

Various game-shows, social games and similar are often hosted here by Roflgator such as murder mystery RP and Know yo bro game-show.


The bar opened on May 17th, 2019 and hosted many curious visitors.

On May 19th, Roflgator added a large outdoor area of a forest including a basketball court, ruins, a hotspring bathhouse and "loveshacks" for the romantic moments. The map was later also used for "Survival Horror RP".

In 2021 the Platinum Meechler was re-imagined and moved into the Bricktown 2021 map, replacing the same street location as The Royal Gator.


  • After the RP group explored an arc in an alternate universe where Meech took over and ran The Golden Gator, Roflgator decided to create an actual dedicated map for him.
  • Although being a relatively large world with many trees it is well optimized and can handle many players.