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FanFiction.png Sections below contains non-canon lore about other players or groups by someone who is not apart of their RP. As such it should be considered fan fiction. Also see: wiki guidelines.


I'll use this foreword to explain myself: the VRchat setting lacks a lot of foundation for its lore, with chaotic and disparate information vaguely linking things together. This page is me, Conf, attempting to bring the Lore of the setting together in a concise and consistent way that doesn't overtly clash with the majority of established lore. There might be minor hiccups, but that is to be expected given I am trying to tie hundreds of interpretations together. That being said, if you want to use this by all means go for it! I hope this helps in some small way.


  • Metaverse Lore - An article collecting and going into detail about Metaverse related lore.
  • Metaverse - A page discussing the setting of the Metaverse as a whole.
  • Metaverse RP - A page that details the broader Metaverse RP, such as chronology and involved groups.
  • The History of the World - Lays out the entire currently known timeline of the Metaverse and lays out some basic overarching concepts that impact this timeline.
  • Zaphira City News - A page that catalogs News Reports, from the in-universe Zaphira City News.
  • Zaphira City - The primary setting for most Metaverse Roleplay, a massive city on the prime planet in the Metaverse.

The Basics:

To begin this, I will list off some basic changes in history that will have had an impact on the setting. The assumption is that there are two primary worlds; The Ascension World, and Earth. The Whispering Woods from Pathfinders appears on the Ascension World Map despite references to real life locations such as Tokyo by characters in Pathfinders, in a context that implies they share a planet. This is the first hitch- however the Whispering Woods is a weak point between the Material Plane and Feywilds, so it is possible the location at some point between Ascension Academy and Present Day either transitioned onto a new planet or exists on both simultaneously. Blame the Fey.

  • The majority of Metaverse Roleplay takes place on 'Earth', however the Metaverse is connected via technological and arcane methods to several other alternate realities.
  • 'Present Day' refers to the modern day of the Metaverse- the year 2421 (as of 2021 IRL date) CE. One year passing in real life translates to one year in the Metaverse, with shared calendars, day and month names, etc etc. It can also be used to refer to Chipz' Metaverse Roleplay Arc with the Vampire Council and Darkness plotlines.
  • Supernatural Existence: The biggest divergent from the Real World is the existence of supernatural beings, gods, and magic. We can assume many of these gods and magics came from other worlds connected to 'Earth' in The Convergence, however a large number of them are native to Earth. Many historical gods were alive before the Purges.
  • Some time between 2150-2400, the Infinite Multiverse Theory was proven true, with the rapid rise of Portal use in all realities granting access to dozens of separate universes.
  • Timeline is based on the Ascension Universe's year system since that is the system that lines up with and leads directly into Metaverse RP. It does not record events from Earth unless specifically unique to the Metaverse's Earth, otherwise the timeline would be an essay.
  • Magic and various population devastating events have put technological development behind the real world for the first 2200 years, but following the Convergence scientific and magical development both dramatically increase, to the point that Metaverse by the Present day is a magic-influenced Cyberpunk setting.

A Timeline:

  • ??? - Kimple's father forms in the Void.
  • ??? - Several thousand years before 2120, the first Vampire is created on the Mirrored Peaks in the Dark Lands. Leading up to the 1800's, there were at least two cataclysmic events that wiped out a large portion of the world's population. One of these wiped out the majority of the Elves and pushed the survivors back to Aldoria.
  • 0 - The Great Pulse occurs, ripping Southern Valendor in two. Humans begin exploring magic in ernest.
  • 190-220 - During this span, the Human-Vampire War was fought. The war was eventually ended after 10 years of bloody battles, and a 20 year long stalemate at the Gates of Faust.
  • 1600-1840 - Human kind begins their conquest of the world, crusading across the continents in the World War. During this time Camelot falls to Morgana le Fay and is converted into an undead kingdom which is eventually wiped out by the Inquisition with the help of Lorn Barnes. Near the end of this conflict, VII is born.
  • 1820-1855 - The Darkness is discovered by Humanity, who try to weaponize it against the other races in the World War. Soon the Darkness begins to destroy everything in its path, and the Dark War begins. The Darkness wipes out nearly 80% of the world's population before being sealed away by Kareeda Akiyama and his wife.
  • 1855-1865 - The Cross-Allied Forces is founded after the Battle of Moontide Pass, the battle that ended the Dark War. In 1865 Ascension Academy is founded.
  • 2097-2110 - Chipz and Victor are born around 2097. They both begin their training under Wolfgang in roughly 2109 after Chipz is turned and Victor kills his family on orders from the Council.
  • 2119 - Dozens of people including Chipz, Vevina, Ryder, Arbor, Victor, and Esmae start their school years at Ascension Academy. Late in the school year, a Breach in the Demiplane containing the Darkness occurs but the corruption is cleansed and the Cadets escape with their lives.
  • 2120 - In another Breach of the Darkness Demiplane, a General of the Darkness escapes into the world. The Gulthias Tree is found and killed, causing it's brainwashed followers under the false religion 'The Faith of Ymra' to crumble. This causes chaos in the Noria region and the collapse of Noria City itself, resulting in an influx of refugees from Noria to Cari Town.
  • 2150-2400 - The Convergence occurs- an event that opens up travel to alternate universes on a large scale, causing a huge melding pot period where thousands of cultures mingled. Scientific and Magical development during this time exploded. During this time Ryder has several children including Saya, Kuri, and Don. Don goes on to murder Ryder and his wife. This event connects the Ascension Universe to Earth. Assume all of Earth's history occurred on Earth, it is not relevant to document.
  • 2380-2400 - Lanfear and Oathmeal's parents take the trial to become Guardians but are either unfit or fail and become stuck in a previous Cycle. Lanfear and Oathmeal are taken under the protection of Kimple and given the Lockets, with the two Neko Sisters becoming the Keys to the Cycles.
  • Early 2418 - The Great Pug opens and is later replaced by the Golden Gator club, both run by Roflgator. The Crossover between Joey Bagels and Chipz happens, however their involvement is later undone by a Cycle reset. In the current continuity, a war still occurs and all other events play out as normal, but Chipz and Joey were not involved directly. Nano is murdered by Don, but comes back as a 'phoenix'.
  • Mid 2418 - The Purple Lotus is opened by Satchi. Aegis is founded by ex-Renegade members. The Darkness is foreseen to return to the world. Chipz, the Sealer, is tasked with uniting the races once more against the Dark. The world is divided and unable to unite however, and he is even detained by the Council.
  • Late 2418 - Arcadum passes into Amika's realm.
  • 2419 - A shootout occurs in the Purple Lotus, heightening tensions in the city. Chipz awakens from his slumber and is rescued by Hybris, Victor, Esmae, and other Aegis members. They recover Chipz' Scar and go into hiding. Arbor is mostly reconstructed and brought back to life by Azreal. Lunar City is destroyed by a rogue Red Dragon.
  • 2420 - Arcadum's Embers are reignited allowing him to return briefly to warn on a coming threat: The Herald. Councilman Brunswick tightens his grip on the City, sparking friction between him and Satchi. The Church of Zarus begins making themselves a presence in Zaphira city.
  • Early 2421 - Terrorist activity rocks Zaphira City for months, with Lower Zaphira suffering several attacks and having lockdowns enacted. A large confrontation with the Church of Zarus occurs involving members of several groups including the Purple Lotus, Aegis, and other related groups from around Zaphira City.

This timeline will be expanded as more events are clarified and explored.