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The Hellbats were a mercenary company and a part of the standard unification forces for The Galactic Union. Since the galactic unions defeat in The War of Unification the Hellbats split into mutliple smaller groups.


The Hellbats were once apart of the standard unification forces. Acting as a specialist squadron focused on diving through planetary atmosphere as first strike troopers, they were first in to most combat hot-zones. The mortality rate was remarkably low do to a decent budget, remarkable leadership and well oiled training regiments. When The Galactic Union fell and the Hellbats faced corporate extinction, they instead fought for their own home world named Ajax. The planet was glassed by Sonitii ships but not before a majority of the Hellbats escaped. Over the next few years they were unable to be destroyed and therefore were begrudgingly allowed to exist by the corporations, solidifying themselves as one of the mercenary companies of the Evanaris system, that were not under direct corporate control.


  • First Law - Blood is paid for only in Gold (You dont work for free)
  • Second Law - Your Brothers and Sisters are your family, never betray them.
  • Third Law - Never draw your weapon, unless you use it. (We dont intimidate, we dont posture, we make results.)


The current day Hellbats themselves are split into splinter groups that carry on the loose tenets that the original Hellbats used, many stick to the original three laws.

One splinter group are The Shadowbats, a division of ex-mercenaries turned cultists led by the notorious Shara Nique.

Known Hellbat Characters