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The Golden Lance was a large Union Class spaceship that has crashlanded in The Wasteland somewhere outside of Scrap Town.


Rumored to be ripe for the picking as valuable salvage, it is also said to contain the same corruption that was contained within another spaceship named The Retribution. It's location was discovered by a WOTO Corporation caravan led by Rikky Raclette and Manyu All in Season 2 Episode 8. Unable to access it from the ground they would have to go via air to reach it.

In Episode 9 a clash between 3 different crew takes place as different crew gather to salvage or collect the valuable tech hidden within. From the Row are Ash, Faye, Mika, William, Angelina, Charles, Loch, Warren and Phil. From the wasteland are Wit, Scootz, Sheila, Toolbox, Mercury and Jorongo. From WOTO corp are Leonard Kiani, Manyu All and an armed detail of soldiers.

Engaging in a shootout the corps are defeated but survive thanks to their nanomachine Lazarus program and emergency evac life insurance. The win is short earned though as the wastelanders and row crew are ambushed by armed bandit raiders. They make it out but many are injured. They also exit using the corp shuttle, awkwardly ending up at WOTO corp HQ in the Upper City where they are detained. Toolbox is captured by the raiders but is later returned to Scrap Town by a group of pillbugs.[1]

Another expedition was launched to the golden lance in Season 2 Episode 20 which resulted in the death of Relic Dusterson, marking it as a truly cursed place. The ship was destroyed from orbital bombardment by the corporations after they gained the knowledge of a dangerous alien life form was onboard.

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Episode 9 Mission screenshots from stream

Episode 20 Mission screenshots from stream

Screenshots from the map made by Gambit