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The Astral Company - AstralCo, or sometimes referred to as "Astral Corp" or "The Astral Legion" is a large collective of multiple mercenary companies under a single allied banner.

They provide armed forces to many of the Mega-corporations in the galaxy. They have no official affiliation but are known to be employed by the highest bidder and as one of the most untrustworthy faces of privatized militarization.


In season 1 of Callous Row Rook attacked an astral company HQ. He went there seeking revenge on Kaiphus The Collector after the assassin had hurt his daughter Faye. Rook ended up missing and his allies from the row followed in his footsteps, investigating his disappearance. They found countless corpses as well as Kaiphus himself, but escaping from their grasp. They also secured valuable information on the legions activities.

Further information: Gregarious Talon Rook (Season 1)

Notable Astral Company Characters