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The Army of darkness is a group that participates in activities such as Dming, playing as extras/NPC, or other things necessary for the Ascension Academy RP.


This group was created to assist the principal group of Rpers depending on the necessities of the main RP events. The group was formerly called "group of extras" but in the Crypt mission, they received a new name: the Army of Darkness, something possibly hinting that the group members are subordinates of the principal villain of the history, The Darkness.

Notable accomplishments

  • Cari Cuddlefish after being swarmed by skeletons of the AoD in the Crypt and after a lot of attacks to the camp, died of a Hypovolemic shock due to mainly heavy blood loss and bad medical treatment.
  • Nyanta, in a mission with Crystal Thorn after offering his blood to open some tomb doors, died due to a curse placed on him which reflected the damage done to the main mummy of the tomb.
  • Rook after taking a lot of direct hits from desert worms got his core critically damaged and after Pierce Carver got him far from people Rook caused a mana explosion that destroyed their body leaving only a joint sphere behind.

More TBA

Known frequent participants

Notable Characters

Asura Kessex

Esperia Ex-Steward

Appeared first after the students went to Esperia to ask for an Energy Keystones, he quickly showed his demeaning behavior presenting some traces of inferiority complex at his aggressiveness towards the students and most of the Ascension Academy teachers. Later on he was found to make many evil plots as he seem to be the one to made the Queen be mute so he can take control of the country and make all the decisions.

Portrayed by Hatkid


Cursed Dryad

Principal antagonist of the mission in Camp Cari, the Dryad used his controlled skeletons to attack Camp Cari after the students invaded his Crypt, later on after the final fight it is revealed that he is Professor Willow lost brother, with the help of the last he seems to regain control of himself.

Portrayed by Veinhelm

Inquisitor Mary Hopkins

Inquisitor Mary

A higher up from the Inquisition, she as most of the members of the Inquisition despise Inhumans, she is the responsible for the Academy in Abagua, she is under the direct command of Prince Ali.


Ymra eye

Deity of the church of Ymra, after the Aldoria Mission it begins to control students minds to to fulfil his unknown plan. The Academy fight to eradicate the evil church from its roots.

Portrayed by Kareeda

Kei Noriaki

Kei Noriaki

Intelligence officer on charge of the matters related to Ascension Academy in Duat. Later on he arrives at the academy to inspect the prospects and standards of the school.

Portrayed by Stealthrg



Godfrey is the teacher and master of Victor, Chipz and now Lianda. After the end of Year 2 the was the one taking charge of the Gates of Faust instead of The Proctorate.

Portrayed by Doublegoose