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"Your pussy is crooked!" ― TheBigMeech unleashing his incel side

"Spit in my mouth" ― TheBigMeech to women he meets

"...shoot some ivory ropes!" ― TheBigMeech

"I'm not gay..." ― TheBigMeech

"Eeew" ― TheBigMeech

The Big Meech or just simply Meech for short, is a hopeless romance seeking bachelor who can't seem to catch any luck in that department.

He is known for his exeptionally dirty potty mouth of curses and hilarious roasting insults.

Being a friend of Roflgator he's often the subject of being wing-manned and paired on various dates that he ultimately end up ruining in one way or another.

He used to go by using an avatar who was a tiny skeleton man but eventually upgraded from it to an anime soy-boy - onto a kreotine chomping "Broly" muscle man - then a "true chad" until settling on an anime boy avatar.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

In 2019 he expressively gave up on dating for a while following his failures and adopted an "Incel" persona very similar to Vigors, expressing his discontent towards all women in general. His persona change after becoming an "incel" is often referred to as his "incel arc" by Roflgator.


Meech appears to have "cucking" running through his veins. If there's a girl available to try and court he knows no limits or social hindrance to try and interrupt and try his pickup lines on her - even if she already has a boyfriend who is standing right next to him.

When his advances fail he's prone to sulking and contemplating on his failures. Luckily he has good friends who always bring him up again such as Roflgator, Pokelawls and Klaatu.

With his cocky demeanor girls either love him or hate him - usually both at the same time - but unfortunately not enough that they would want to date him.

Adopting the way of the "Incel" similarly to his friend Vigor he gave up on women and now expresses his dislike to womanhood in general. His behavior is very contradictory in general as he still has many female friends but it makes for hilarious comedic effect.

History and Lore

Meeting Roflgator and failed dates

On Jan 15th, 2019 Meech was introduced to Roflgator through his friend Pokelawls and quickly became a regular at his bar and RP shortly thereafter. On his first day he was paired with vairous women all prospects turned out unfruitful, one was Snow, Hanyan and then Pink but eventually met a kinky gal going by the name of Meowkat who he ended up getting a very sexual lap dance from. After loosing his ERP virginity to the daddy issues bragging girl he realized there was no relationship to build on further - and their time together was cut short in search for new ventures.

Meech interrupts an epic anime battle between ChunChasku and Kuri, as a "fake Broly".

He interjected an epic anime battle between Kuri and ChunChasku by suddenly portraying a fake Broly and dancing in a sissy way to anime music.[1]

On Jan 18th he felt down for failing at his dates and not being "alpha" enough. Instead he serenaded CDMan and Kasumi with his singing.

On Jan 20th he got into a bit of a rivalry argument with Spellboy, with both of them vying for XXXNicoles affection but she wouldn't have any of them.

On Jan 22nd he got depressed over seemingly failing in all of his dates after being cucked by Foreigner from LilYuki and wanted to end his life. He jumped from a balcony but was later revived by a kiss from her and able to continue his adventures once more. The day was highlighted in a video by Pokelawls.

YouTube - I tried setting my friend up on a date...

Love Triangles

Artificial Sauce pulls a gun on Emeree, fighting over Meech...

He was involved in a very weird love triangle with CDMan and Artificial Sauce on Jan 23rd, 2019. After showing his love interest towards Artificial Sauce, CDMan resigned his past love interest and Meech thanked him for "being a bro". The same day a fight broke out with Artificial Sauce pulling a gun on Emeree over an argument of who Meech should really be dating.

Surprised Meech seemed to be unknowing of what was unfolding before him - girls suddenly fighting over him. Instead of anyone winning - he lost Emeree and rejected Artificial Sauce for acting crazy.

Meech would continue "cucking" and attempting more pickups, hitting on girls to go on dates only to eventually botch them.

The Banshee

On Jan 25th, 2019 Meech was involved in an argument with Emerysaur that turned into them both yelling at each-other, "unleashing the Banshee" as he called it. He ended up insisting that Emery should continue to release her yelling to him and spit into his mouth. Since then whenever they see each-other Meech often begs Emery to either yell at him - or spit on him - for his satisfaction.

On his followup interactions with Emery he convinced her to go a date with him to which she hesitatingly agreed to. This date have yet to occur.

Serving Chocolate.

Chocolate servings

He became the personal designated server to the loyal patron Chocolate who often dines at The Golden Gator and was tasked with making her wishes come true. Owing favors for Roflgator wing-manning him, these have been cashed in for him to serve, supply her with food, massages and more - all while loudly expressing his open disgust towards her.

On a gay date with the German Health Inspector

The German Date

On Jan 30th, 2019 Roflgator cashed in another favor owed by him and had him go on a gay date with a German Health Inspector named "Ach" in order to avoid any problems with the bar not living up to health code standards.

The health inspector kept flirting with him - even nudging his legs from under the table and tried to convince him to travel back to his home town in Germany called "Half-An-Amazing-Nuisance" - or something sounding like that in English.

Talking to an an IRS agent and plotting a murder...

Dark side and murder

Meech would openly show his darker side on Jan 30th, 2019 when The Golden Gator had an IRS agent (portrayed by Kyana) turning up at the bar claiming to be responsible for the collection and enforcement of tax laws that the bar had been evading.

The tax collection agent explained that they had tried to get in touch via phone but since the bar doesn't have any phones and most of the employees are mutes, such as Broom and Zager - their limitations in interactions certainly makes that difficult.

Showing a surprising willingness towards "solving the problem" Meech was quick to suggest disposing of her. Together with Roflgator the agent was tricked into the sewers and stabbed by Meech, just seconds later Meech himself was stabbed by Miggy, showing the creatures intentions. He survived the assault after recieving medical treatment but was left depressed once again.

Love quartet?

On Feb 3rd Meech had a love quartet of sorts between himself, Klaatu, Aurori and AughtyVon.

Meech and AughtyVon

During the night Meech would have sexual interactions with AughtyVon while at the same time trying to maintain his relationship with Aurori. When Aughty was together with Klaatu, Meech would appear and hit on her right in front of Klaatu without him protesting.

When he later had an intimate moment with Aughty they were interrupted by Roflgator. He brought a certain German health inspector - insisting that Meech spend time with him instead in order to bribe him to look the other way regarding the bars health and safety standard once more. To this Aughty protested and said that she was Meechs girlfriend.

With Aughty sitting together with Aurori in the pool section of the bar the girlfriend claim was put to the test by Roflgator as he asked out loud:

"Hey Meech's girlfriend!"

To this both ladies turned around - confirming the suspicion that Meech was playing them both. Aurori stated that Meech clearly feels more for Aughty than her and made it clear they were over. Later that night Aurori instead got together with Klaatu... and bred a litter with 12 kits.

Klaatu and Meech lying on the ground together and announce that they're getting married - strictly for tax benefit reasons - of course.

Single once again

On Feb 18th AughtyVon made it very clear and confirmed that she was over both Meech and Klaatu and is now seeing Shrimp instead.

He acquired a new even more chad style on Mar 3rd with his hair tied up into a manbun. Roflgator called him "homeless Jesus" and Ikumi told him that he resembles a metrosexual Hanzo. He asked Lexitime out on a date to which Artificial Sauce interrupted and asked him for a hand job - "cucking" him and scaring Lexi away.

On Mar 6th Klaatu and Meech announced that they're getting married. Strictly for tax benefit reasons because both are "bros being bros" and with Klaatu owing a lot of debt it would really help a bro out.

Peppymint gives the picture of meech a rating of 8 out of 10


On April 30th he met a sweet girl named Peppymint who he gave a guided tour around Bricktown while explaining what usually goes on there. He asked her to rate IRL pictures of people on the walls but didn't reveal that he was one of those being depicted until afterwards.

They went on multiple dates together and while Roflgator was supposed to wing-man for him he at the same time intentionally set up other people to bother and mess with them including TumToes, Peech and a creepy looking fellow named "shorty" sometimes called Worm.

On May 24th they confirmed that they were dating. Sadly some time later it ended up not working out.

The "incel gang leader" face up against Lay's. Norii in the back.

"Incel gang leader" and script theft

On the reboot of Season 6 on July 18th, 2019 Meech would portray a local who Human Roflgator referred to as "The Incel Gang Leader" for some reason, surely exaggerated.

When he was visiting The Golden Gator and taking a leak in the bathroom he was rudely interrupted by someone named "The Doc" filming, who accused him of stealing some sort of "script". He strongly reiterated that "we never script" but later overheard the mention of said script having magical properties of making whatever is written in it - true - and it being and kept away safely stored in some kind of vault.

Probably falsely accused at first he appeared curious about this "script" and took the opportunity to attempt to break into the treasury. He was later heard drilling into the vault in the back room at The Golden Gator. Having forgotten his key Roflgator was unable to enter and when he came back both the gang leader and script was gone.

Proposing to HelloKitten

Scuffed marriage to HelloKitten

He would suddenly propose to HelloKitten on Aug 14th, 2019 possibly feeling bad for her after her drama breaking up with her former fiancee Gapp. He would later play it off as having been done in jest and not being serious about it. This was probably not clear to Kitten however.

Wedding with HelloKitten.

He was married anyway on Aug 28th, 2019. It was a very scuffed event where Meech was unconscious or even dead for the most part, officiated by Roflgator and ending in one of his traditional circle pits with the attendees running around to heavy metal and screaming. Meech was later restored to health using some voodoo ritual. Ever since being married he claims the wedding to have been illegal as it was performed without his concent when unconcscious.

Twitch Highlight: Meech and HelloKittens scuffed "wedding"

Trying to get divorced and getting rid of HelloKitten has since prooved more challenging than at first thought as she wants to keep ownership of The Platinum Meechler if they part ways.

Semonoid Pills & Neko Nights

In September 2019 he started trying to peddle Semonoid Pills to his friends and acquaintances marketing their phenomenal power of increasing seminal fluid production and ejaculate power. Since then he tends to market the ability to "shoot ivory ropes" in most of his conversations.

Meech and Lanfear at Neko Nights.

Together with Vigor after failing multiple times he was eventually invited to visit the high end Neko Nights Night Club on Sept 7th, 2019 by the owners Lanfear and Oathmeal. There he met Chipz, Kohrean, Assassin, LilBagel, Miss Minerva DH and many other regulars. His first time there he and Vigor got in trouble for looking up female visitors skirts. Out-of-character they were checking for questionable sexual model parts that aren't allowed but their choice of language could probably have been better. The event was quite hilarious nevertheless earning him the hashtag "#MeechToo".

Touched by Chipz.

On a later visit he was poked dismissively by "Chipletts" which he often refers to him being disrespected or even molested, often brought up to get back some kind of retribution to joke about.

Twitch Highlight: Neko Nights Club chaos with Vigor & #MeechToo

Twitch Highlight: More Neko Nights chaos with Vigor and Meech

Fridays Neko Nights and "Friday flings"

Since their time regularly visiting the Neko Nights Night Club both he and Roflgator tried to encourage Kohrean and Oathmeal to be their "Friday flings" but although they never actually agreed both played along as if they didn't constantly get rejected.

Having a Neko Nights "Friday fling" is only temporary and doesn't apply at any other time. Out-of-character its a silly meme to become the next "power couple of VRChat" trying to rival Lanfear and Chipz.

Continued dating game

He was paired on a date with V I A on Sept 24th, 2019 who was looking for a man who would treat her like filth and Roflgator gladly wing-manned them and managed their date. It didn't seem to end up lasting.

Twitch Highlight: Wing-manning Meech to a masochist girl

Since Sept 2019 MurderCrumpet has been making continuous advances on him and to his dismay keeps hitting on him. Meech has consistently kept rejecting him every time, usually by unleashing a flurry of insults his way.

Visiting public worlds together with Roflgator on Oct 7th 2019 talking to Japanese people he earned the nickname "Cherry Boy" and his accomplice "Dick head" coining the duo as "The Adventures of Cherry Boy and Dickhead".

On Oct 16th Meech claimed he would be sewing his wife HelloKitten for unlawfully wedding him without consent and stated they were getting a divorce.

An "Oculus Quest" for Love

"Quest compatible" Meech on a date with DayZ

Off-stream he met a girl named DayZ (Daisy) who was already VR-married to another guy named Epsilon. Sharing an interest in eachother after talking she decided to get a divorce. She also had a short interaction going on a date of sorts with Gapp.

Twitch Highlight: A VRChat Divorce

DayZ being an Oculus Quest user means that she cannot visit all VRChat worlds or even view all avatars. In order for her to see other players from the crew they have to change into Quest supported avatars, severely limiting their ability to interact with eachother.

Meech went on a successful date together with her on Nov 15, 2019, with Mute Max wing-manning and singing for them, waiter Pierre serving and suggesting a kiss-cam. Meech ended by serenading her with a song.

Clips: Kiss Cam Meech singing for DayZ

Meech's father "Gianni" (portrayed by Mute Max) and mother "Francheska" (portrayed by UzuriMia)

To make things interesting DayZ was introducing to Meech's crazy family as it was turned into a hilarious roleplaying event. Various players from the rp group with UzuriMia portraying his mother, Mute Max his father, MurderCrumpet as his sister and Roflgator his wanna-be incel baby brother named "The Little Keetch".

Continued dating game and competitions

Going on a date with Meyuu he ended up being dissed.

He won a competition against other bachelors in the Khylo Elimination Dating game-show on Feb 19th 2020.

AnnaKavannas condition was.... a date with Crumpet

He joined Roflgator in opening a competing bar against MurderCrumpet to prove a point in The Gay Bar vs The Swamp arc in Mar 2020.

Setting his sights on courting AnnaKavanna he agreed to do one thing - anything - she said but was tricked, setting himself up for a trap she told him to go on a date with MurderCrumpet. Saved by Roflgator he managed to squeeze him out of the engagement and instead they threw a fiesta party using disguises the following day.

Meech called out by Rob for being a bad father to Soda and Vigor

Adopting two brats and marriage

On Mar 30th 2020 he ended up taking care of and two very "rowdy kids" namely Sodapoppin and Vigor and became their adoptive father. Having to babysit and prevent these two wild guys from getting in trouble or worse (like getting banned) proved a testing job.

The two then got adopted by MurderCrumpet making him "their mom" and proceeded to try and convince Meech to "seal the deal", turning them into a real family by Meech having sex with Crumpet. Meech refused and would only accept for $10.000.[2]

Soda would eventually pay him $2400 to marry MurderCrumpet and later consummate the marriage with Soda, Vigor and Roflgator witnessing the deed. He has expressed that he will be divorcing Crumpet as soon as possible afterwards.

On April 26th as promised he got a divorce from Crumpet via the services of Roache. As part of his terms all material ownership would return to the same as they were before the arrangement, including Meech's children which would return to his custody. After the service Meech strutted around happily flaunting the divorce proof in front of the sad Crumpet.


Alternate roleplaying characters


A parody character of IceDragon and Darlings usually confusing and cringey Dragon RP. He's very edgy and has managed to escape certain death due to his massive power level. Whenever DeathDragon appears he usually fights against other dragons together with RedDragon, another parody character portrayed by Roflgator.

He fought and nearly defeated IceDragon who was later restored to health by his stepsister Darling.

Twitch Video Clip: Intro Outro Scuffed fight against IceDragon

On April 28th, Meech "came out" and revealed himself being DeathDragon and that being the reason IceDragon keeps defeating him. He explained that he came out in order to use a favor that Roflgator owes DeathDragon.

Smeckle the mumbling alien


"Ah-Hah!" ― Schmeckle

"Wha cha chaying mutha'shmucker?" ― Schmeckle, mumblingly

Schmeckle is a strange alien speaking in mumbling incoherent speech. Roflgator hates him with a passion, calls him an "illegal alien" and can hardly understand anything that he says.

He was originally a random character visiting The Galactic Gator where he made his debut. Since then he has made multiple reappearances often for comedic effect.

Des the edgy boy


Des is an edgy boy and a student at the Roflgator School RP. He's a friend of Red Fire Dragon (portrayed by Roflgator).

"Bluegrass" playing pepe together with a "stream saver" named Exia.

Bluegrass Pepe

This little Pepe plays guitar horribly intentionally. Trolling public lobbies together with Roflgator he plays slide guitar which he calls American "bluegrass".

Clips: Two Pepes in the wind 2 Do you like slide guitar? Real 'Murican' Bluegrass


A very forward and imposing frog during the crazy and silly Frog Arc.


  • When at first being introduced to VRChat he thought it strange and weird but quickly got absorbed by the roleplaying world and sillyness that follows with hanging out with Roflgator. Since then he expressed it to be the best game ever.
  • His dating game has a tendency to break the fourth wall from RP into IRL and asking for Discord numbers...
  • On Jan 30th, he got a new look as a "Chad", an avatar created by Jor Rilla based of a model from the game Yakuza. Before this he used to usually go by his tiny skeleton self.
  • He often teases Java for being gay but he has gone on dates with other guys himself. If you ask him about it he will claim to be straight and it being all jokes.
  • He plays the guitar really well as well as sings but hides it most of the time because he knows Roflgator doesn't generally like singers.
    • He made a rap song named "Shittin and fartin" shared on Soundcloud. Produced by Sorry.
    • As Roflgator hates the song Wonderwall by Oasis he often gets back at him whenever he's been annoying by playing it to him in revenge.
  • He has a bit of a rivalry going on with Foreigner, another bachelor and "player" looking for love known to pick up a lot of girls.
  • Arcadum thinks that he looks like a squeaky toy. (As his skeleton self)
  • He claims to be wearing "nice Gucci shoes" but everyone seems to instead comment on his "Adidas".
  • His favorite avatars are made by Espaiderman and usually has his floating logo above them.
  • He uses funny nicknames for various people,
    • Meech refers to Shrimp as "Scrimp".
    • He calls TumToes "the gay magician".
    • He refers to AughtyVon as the "6 ft 2 goddess".
    • He calls MurderCrumpet "Trumpet".
    • He calls Wormhog "Wormhole".
    • He calls Gapp "Gape".
    • He calls Jeddy "Jedward" or sometimes "Worse HeGone"
  • One of Meech's closest bros is Klaatu and they often act upon and joke about their bromance. But it is strictly "just bros being bros" - no homo.
    • On Mar 6th Meech and Klaatu announced that they were getting married - strictly just for the purpose of getting tax benefits.
    • Since a funny interaction referring to "Klaatus dad" it's become a running joke by both of them to incorporate their dads in whatever situation they talk about - even sexual.
  • "The Curse of Meech" - Every girl that Meech goes on a date with or attempts to date tends to end up with another guy shortly after. The term was coined by Roflgator who called him a "good samaritan" for helping people be "that someone who you have to go through first" - in order to find your love.
  • It's a running joke perpetrated by Roflgator and Shrimp that an unflattering IRL picture called the "MySpace Guy" that hangs on the wall in Bricktown depicts Meech before he lost weight but this is entirely false.
    • To return the favor Meech claims that the picture depicts Shrimp or Roflgator instead whenever he brings new visitors on tours.
  • After trying out VR when visiting Roflgator IRL on "GatorCon" he finally got a VR headset on Aug 1st, 2019.
  • MurderCrumpet has the hots for him but he continually pushes away his approaches, explaining that he really isn't gay.
  • His new avatar with a cape and triangular glasses is inspired by Kamina from the Gurren Lagann anime.
  • Meech anime boy avatar is based of a model of Mikazuki Munechika from the game Touken Ranbu.
  • Often described as "The face of VRChat" it's unsure how he earned this title. Possibly started by Roflgator as a joke it eventually nearly turned out to become true as he now technically is one of the biggest VRChat streamers on Twitch.


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