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Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

Thaddeus is a powerful "Sovereign" - an independent, extremely rich and powerful person in the galaxy. He is not aligned or dependent of any of the mega-corporations but has his privately owned wealth behind him.

Not just rich - he also wears a presence of magic surrounding him that gives him very strong powers to control.

He is a plot device character portrayed by Arcadum in Callous Row RP.


According to himself he originally hails from a small planet named Myriad that is covered in swamps.

A visit to the Upper City

First making an entrance in Season 2 Episode 9 he sent out messages to the powerful corps in the Upper City and met with Rikky Raclette. Introducing himself as knowing the true secrets about WOTO's Products (The WOTO Cubes) he offered to double gains in exchange for him abandoning some of their less desirable parts in their product line.

When asked what he does he gave an example of the Mars-corporation having testing weapons on a moon on Corvanis 5 where the moon was thought to be destroyed - however without any single casualty. He explained that this was all of his doing. Shaking hands with Leonard the hardened man was struck with all the pain and guilt from his whole life, all bad actions he ever done washed over him, hitting him like a truck of nausea.

Learning of the recent uninvited arrivals from The Golden Lance excursion he felt a curious presence coming from the Nirvana clinic where they had been treated from their wounds and proceeded to give it a visit. The wastelanders and row denizens having already left he expressed feeling some kind of spiritual or anti-spiritual connection to Sheila - just by being in the same room as she had been in.

The uninvited arrivals had came back in a WOTO shuttle that belonged to a secret mission and stood accused of being responsible for the WOTO soldiers deaths. Thaddeus curious, offered to assist in questioning the individuals.

Aiding in interrogations

Escorted by Rikky to the WOTO offices housing Goldman and Enzo, Thaddeus meets some of the captured individuals and goes to shake their hands. Shaking hands with Warren and Phil they are hit similarly as Leonard but this time he exclaims them to be innocent of any charges - says that he believes their account in this regard but that they carry other valuable information instead.

Shaking hands with Phil Thaddeus sees him being haunted and suffering from an unforeseen force, something the cause of many lives lost, a world ruined, friends and allies killed - eons of suffering. Pulling in close Thaddeus whispered that he knows what he is - and that he sees it too - before dismissing Phil as a broken shell.

Mr Goldman upset with someone coming into his office strutting around freely growls at Thaddeus, urging him to carry on with his point. Pushed Thaddeus names that the one they need to speak to is someone with a broken armor - without naming him its clear that he means Loch. He suggests torturing one of the captures until the other tells where to find him. Goldman moving forward to Phil is hit by some force but before being able to harm him, Thaddeus intervenes and magically commands Phil to fall asleep. Goldman surprised asks what happened to which Thaddeus explained - "this is what happens when a peasant strikes a king". Quickly changing his mind and demeanor towards Thaddeus, Goldman tell him that he likes him.

Questioning Warren, the mercenary mentions a "Rook" from the game of chess - to which Thaddeus interrupts him. In front of Goldman and explains that "Rook" is not a piece in a game, but a person of interest that he needs to seek out. Revealing this key information Thaddeus says that Warren has served his purpose and is of no more use and can be disposed of as they please.

A traitor among Mars

Leaving to speak alone with Enzo of the Mars corporation, Thaddeus informs him that he considers his actions to be most noble, especially with the edge of their world being threatened. Meaning the alien force that entered the Evenaris system recently that only Mars is aware of. He tells him that he has a traitor in his midst, without knowing their name he says it is someone idealistic and kind hearted who believes in the people - who is working with someone in The Row.[1]

Spirits don't escape him

Somehow aware of Rikky and Sheila heading into sacred ruins in the wasteland he greets them as they exit. Expressing his surprise at seeing Rikky out there he asks his reasons for being there and why he finds himself in such "low-esteemed" company.[2] Rikky firing back tells only that his species started from the bottom, and that it pays to know others who do the same, refusing to answer any other of Thaddeus questioning. Seemingly content with that tiny tidbit of knowledge Thaddeus bids them adjeu, leaves and disappears from sight.[3]

A trip to The Undercity

"Care for some cake?" Wit offers Thaddeus some cake, in response he drawns "the fool" tarot card.

Visiting The Undercity he asks some of the locals questions while he draws tarot cards. Encountering Wit, he gets offered some cake but declines, drawing a tarot card for him it shows - the fool - "Keep close that you call friends, but closer those that you call enemies - for a single twist of fate the fool can switch from tragedy to comedy and back again." After getting his fortune told Wit assumes him to be a man of faith which Thaddeus rejects. He explaining that faith can be bought and those he, contrary to those who believe in destiny - is a dealer in destiny - he is the one who determine others fate.

Wit takes a bullet for Miss Money

Later that day "the fool" catches up to Wit. If it was Thaddeus imposing his willful fate upon him is uncertain but it got Wit to jump in front of gunfire from an assassin sniper, taking the bullet intent for Miss Money of Atlantis and saving her life.[4]

Visiting the clinic Thaddeus meets Shaska Gug’Adez who offers him a health checkup but he betrays her generosity, instead using her. With powerful magic he dominates her mind, commanding her to explore the nearby magical sanctum and use her as a tool for scouting. Ruffling through the place controlling Shaska's mind he finds useful books and crystals that can house spirits - which he needs. As Shaska leaves she is discovered by Leilani who senses the evil in her and Nia, saying her name 3 times - breaks the domination spell.

Walking around Thaddeus consumes some of the wild spirits present in the magical place before departing.[5][6]

The Gala

Thaddeus is welcomed to the gala by Goldman

Attending the Atlantis Gala Thaddeus passes the security checks without any issues and is warmly greeted by Goldman who not being particularly fond of such things, they both agree its a good opportunity for business. Approaching the stage Mey is performing with Flounder and "Jim". He ends up face to face with Sheila who is dancing wildly and joyously. Undeterred by his lack of participation in the musings she manages to convince him to join in, clap for a bit, albeit slowly and even participate in some dancing - solidifying himself as the gentleman which he claims to be.

Flounder isn't letting anyone through, not even a sovereign

Wandering into a restricted area Maxamillion tries to guide him back to the party while Flounder turns on his guard mode and orders him to leave. Not causing a fuss he obliges. Attending the show he watches the various performers. Sheila and Sir Polka stands out performing a strange duo act. They start out by awkwardly presenting a questionable sponsor and proceeds to play some sorts of instruments - very off-key and not at all in tune. While flawed, in doing so they seem to capture the audiences hearts. Commending her tiny hat and tied ribbons Thaddeus suggests a business proposition to Sheila but departs before finalizing it, being hounded by strict security. His plans probably on the nefarious side, will have to wait until another moment presents itself.

Sheila and Sir Polka... "perform" in a duo and Sheila - just Sheila - against all odds, wins.

Followed by a Talaris guard Thaddeus dominates him magically, turning him into his loyal servant whenever he calls on him with his iconic chant. Approaching Vessa he commends her on her talented singing but she is not feeling well. Announcing the winners in a surprise choice - it's just Sheila taking home first place. Very strange.

Jyggal sings on the stage during the gala

Among the the appetizers for the event are Nirvana "relievers" which Thaddeus declines and tells its been a long time since he partook. Surprising his company Thaddeus reminisce on the last time he "did a line" of relaxers and tells Goldman, Rikky and Conrad that he once woke up after taking some relaxers on Station 1634, with a girl on each arm and a bucket on his head. Revealing himself to once have been quite the party animal he admits that he had to rid himself of a lot of mistakes before becoming the man presented before them now.

The mention of taking drugs was all that it took for Thaddeus to divulge some personal history

Taking his leave he asks Sheila if she plans to make the Upper City her home now after her winning. To this she plainly responds that she will probably give the prize up to the very next person she meets and Thaddeus remarks on her generosity.[7]

Thaddeus sends his regards

Spirit Canyon - invaded by mercenaries under Thaddeus command

Together with a team of armed mercenaries Thaddeus lands a dreadnought class ship in the spirit canyon and starts picking the place apart with his cohorts. They ransack the place, defaced its markings, shattered the crystals and worst of all - kills and consumes the water spirit. The searches for a way to enter deeper into the ruins but does not succeed and is does not find the hidden portal to the spirit realm. Who knows what he would do and become - being a spirit eater - if he managed to enter the spirit realm.

Reeza is captured by astral corp mercs under Thaddeus command

His team laying in wait encounter some locals from scrap town and manages to capture Reeza a spirit walker.[8] Ront leaves and falls for Thaddeus baits, gathering even more. While waiting for them a scouting team from the mars corporation consisting of Luca, Korgak and Croak attempt to learn what they're doing there but are chased off getting hellfire missiles fired at them.

Spirit walkers, Ahi, Reeza and Tynan are all captured.

As the locals return Thaddeus strikes jackpot, they return with none other than 2 more "spirit walkers", Ahi and Tynan. The mercenaries feigning laying their arms, invites them to come and recover their friend, tricking them into let their guards down. A fatal mistake as they get guns pulled at them and are captured. Thaddeus asks them where "the red one" is located but being not so forthcoming, he puts the spirit walkers to sleep. Remarking on a successful capture of 3 spirit walkers in one day he borrows a firearm from one of the mercs. Not needing the armed one he guns Stein down, and shoots out Ronts legs, ordering her to tell "the red one" what she saw.[9] Stein still breathing Thaddeus shoots him many times more for good measure, making sure that he's dead. Hollering his mercs to load them up Thaddeus leaves not at all phased by the carnage he left behind and remarks on his lucky catch.

Wit and Ront next to the dead body of Stein

Rikky tries to explain "spirits" to the more practical and somewhat skeptical Leonard

Once Thaddeus has left Rikky, guarded by Leonard arrives and learns from Ront what happened. He attempts to speak to the spirits of the place himself. The water elemental dead he manages to communicate with one which tells him that he must not let "the spirit eater" (Thaddeus) succeed in capturing all the spirit walkers. Having captured three out of four, the last one remaining being Sheila he seems to have a lot of work ahead of him.[10]

Rescue mission to Thaddeus manor

Gathering for a rescue mission after tracking down Thaddeus Manor the brave group prepares for a head on attack. Leaving the shuttle are Vee, Qroak, Razz and Korgak from Mars corp, Jeremiah, Friend from Talaris and Rikky, Manyu, Blud Monet from WOTO corp as well as Horizon, Polka and Raleigh. Somewhere inside the mansion the captured spirit walkers Tynan, Ahi and Reeza are being held prisoner. With the attackers they are carrying 3 nanite resuscitators capable of restoring life but they offer no protection against Thaddeus himself, who can kill your actual soul directly. Mercenaries with red - snipers, yellow - riflemen, blue - magic patrol the grounds.

Thaddeus hovering in the air covered by protective runes

Fighting armed guards and navigating traps throughout Thaddeus manor eventually come face to face with Thaddeus himself - standing inside of a circle of purple runes and hovering above the ground in the air. He is covered by swirling magic protected by the runes. Laughing and mocking the attackers he exclaims that he is summoning the dark elements to bind them, and starts sending down lightning and fire from the skies. He downs Korgak and grasps ahold of Friend, crushing her. Thaddeus attackers take notice of their inability to harm him and shift their target towards the runes surrounding him instead. In response he calls fourth a large group of golems and starts putting his opponents to sleep while hitting others with balls of lightning. He commands Reeza, Korgak and Tynan to fall sleep and hits Rikky in the face, knocking him out.

Armed troopers on Thaddeus side arrive and he calls out for them to keep going, promising to mend their injuries. In the chaos Ahi falls off. Asking one of the guards to hand over his weapon with mage slaying rounds Thaddeus is not satiated and greedily consumes the soul of his mercenary. With the mage slaying rounds he shoots Manyu.

Announcing that he is about to end it - Thaddeus prepares for his finale move - a spell that will kill all his enemies and starts turning his own mercenaries into dark elementals. Channeling his spell the attackers only have so much time to reenagage and stop him. They charge again but not before all the elementals are released. Putting more to sleep Thaddeus grasps Raliegh by the hair and shouts -"This is the price of you cowardice!" and snaps her neck. Jeremiah stirring after being blasted feels his Lazarus nanites kick in, restoring him back to health. Thaddeus hit by Polkas blade and Jeremiahs mage mage slayer rounds makes him find himself staggering for a moment, taking steps back Vee attempts to take the opportunity at hand but she is smashed to bits. Commanding Horison he makes him turn and fight against his friends. Jeremiah continuing to fire the bullets actually causing harm gets his weapon knocked away, getting up close and personal Thaddeus rips his soul out and consumes it - making the cowboy who dared punch a god fall down dead in a pile on the ground.

Had enough Thaddeus tries a last attempt to get up close, delivering headshot after headshot but before succeeding he is overwhelmed at being hit by his own mage slaying bullets and decides to retreat. Calling for his drop ship he flies up towards it and makes his escape.[11]



Mind reading?

Thaddeus possesses an ability to read the mind of the people he touches to some degree. When doing so they are hit with a flurry of flashbacks from their past which shows them all situations that make them feel guilt.

Divine purpose?

He is capable of using divination magic to gain insight of things and peoples purposes or learn of things necessary to achieve certain goals. What he learns is not direct instructions but vague directions.

Power word: Command?

Uttering a word that compels the person that he commands to perform his desired action. To which extent is not known but he is capable of commanding living beings to fall asleep, even against their will.


Controlling someone against their will for a limited duration. If their name is uttered 3 times their minds are awoken from their state and the spell ends.


  • The first mention of Thaddeus was in episode 5 when a strange WOTO-cube was investigated by WOTO, and they found black nanites created by Thaddeus flowing inside it[12]
  • Whenever Thaddeus is on screen Arcadum plays an ominous hymning song accompanied by slide guitar while putting on a southern drawl accent reminiscent of classical western movie villains.