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Terry “Floorboard” Mitchell is an elegant and beautiful, yet extremely arrogant and awkward designer for the TALARIS Corporation. Born to wealth and having never known anything but the wealthy lifestyle, Floorboard considers himself superior to many others and he thinks he's the best interior designer on the planet by far.

Despite his eccentric personality, he does get results, which landed him as the chief designer for Talaris. There he improved his craft of auras, enchantments, espionage, and the like, simply by arranging things in a certain way.




  • Floorboard can distinctly remember the exact layout of any room at any time, even after only having been present in the room for moments. Allows in-game screenshots as a meta-mechanic.
  • Floorboard is an absolute master at setting a mood with interior design. He can make nearly any area seem inviting, damning, terrifying, intimidating, or whatever mood he finds beneficial, some would say to an almost magical degree, simply by moving furniture or decorations in a certain way.


  • Floorboard has intense OCD when it comes to the layout of objects. If something is slightly out of place according to his internal organization, he will fix it. Anything.


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