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Born to one of the elite families of the Atlantis Homeworlds, Terrance Reynolds was raised to take the very position he now holds. A MegaCorp Executive through and through, from directing projects, starring in them directly, to even personally managing a majority of Atlantis' more clandestine operations, Terrance has seen it all.

Not much is publicly evident of Mr. Reynolds upbringing, but he is known to be ruthless, cunning, efficient and devastatingly effective. He is also known to be a man of words, and when it comes to them, his carry depth and weight due to the fact that he is not a man to waste time with a lie, but rather a man to use the truth as a weapon itself.

On the Galactic Board, Terry is quite respected for his transparency with his actions and for helping facilitate things for the other MegaCorps, and as such he frequently finds himself without much in the way of opposition when it comes to his own goals and objectives, as the man is deviously careful to ensure that when he has a goal, he aligns it with those that it would affect most.

For him, it's all about the bigger picture, and it is said that he is always several moves ahead of his opponents. After all, being the CEO for a MegaCorp centered around knowing everything does carry its perks.


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