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TRIDENT is one of the ruling mega-corporations of the galaxy and is specialized in communications and media. Many of the video communication services and the VIRTUANet is controlled by this corporation.

Their hold over entertainment gives them an edge over the corporations with more military contacts.

On planet Hellion, their HQ is situated in the Upper City section of Salvation City.

Their corporate mascot is Mey, a superstar idol and singer.



TRIDENT has an array of communication technology at its disposal, anything from satellites to personnel probes. Specifically, they have the "Perseus System" - a collection of micro-satellites orbiting Hellion. They also have a vast network of VIRTUANet systems linking their servers all throughout the galaxy with lightning fast connection speeds.


TRIDENT does not employ a full security force, rather it relies on a series of contracts with mercenary forces and uses its communications network to study the movements of potential enemies. It is nearly impossible to catch TRIDENT off guard.


TRIDENT shies away from direct confrontation and violence. The entity is more likely to ruin a persons life with scandal than to actually end it directly.


TRIDENT is the only company that does not get offended when it is made fun of. In fact, through the power of marketing, it has memed its own brand, rendering it nearly impervious to defamation.


As the corp with the media monopoly, TRIDENT has adopted its own brand of oceanic slang that they use on daily broadcasts and shows. The current known slang words are:

  • Conch = Pog
  • Conchers = Poggers
  • Wet = Lit
  • Shark You = F*ck You
  • Prawn = P*rn
  • Moist = Cringe
  • Walk the plank = Get out
  • Shrimp = S*mp
  • Floater = Boomer
  • Floatie = Zoomer
  • Shellfish = Selfish

Notable Lore

Most of the news stations are controlled by TRIDENT and they therefore have a firm grasp on the public perception.

TRIDENT is often involved in politics with the Union, even though it is a figurehead at most.

TRIDENT has been known to hire shadow runners to silence dissidents, spread disinformation, and to kidnap high priority targets.

Notable Characters

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