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T3mpest is an electronic musician that works for Atlantis. Over the past few years, she has produced several albums, as well as collaborated with other artists to create beats.

She was recently sent to Corvanis 3 in order to help build PR for her brand, and to help Atlantis for currently unknown reasons.

Despite how Tempest may look, act, and sound sometimes, T3mpest is human. Although many people mistake them for a synth at first, when this confusion comes up, they have been known to take their mask off, revealing a completely human face and turning off their voice synthesizer.

As of Episode 26 it has been revealed that T3mpest is in fact a synth, disguised as a human musician dressed as a robot for a gimmick.



So far the only known ability T3mpest has is to summon a virtual DJ booth behind themselves. The function and utility of said booth is still unknown.


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https://clips.twitch.tv/DullBlitheGoosePogChamp-cRmUxpI6h3le3sEK The real T3mpest ooc explanation