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T3LL-E was planned to be the next revolutionary line in automatized entertainment by an inventor known as Dr Philo. However, his design was fundamentally flawed and struggled to bring the “human” touch to entertainment. When sent up to Trident executives for assessment he was deemed a fool’s investment and was promptly shut down and disposed of to the nearest waste disposal chute. However upon traveling down the pipes of the Undercity, T3LL-E got lodged in between one of the pipes where he remained there for years before a large unknown object bumped him knocking him loose and restarting his systems as he fell into a pile of scrapheap. Now T3LL-E roams the Undercity works in the midst of the Undercity, a humble bot wishing to make it big one day.[1]

After coming to the conclusion that his chassis was too conspicuous, he made a deal with a runner in the Undercity for a new chassis. Theris Fueler transferred his consciousness successfully with Lucio Prieto watching over the process, and changed his name to ELL-3T.


Episode 1

On a trip to the Row, T3LL-E runs into Trident executive Max Stillwell who mistakes him for FL0UND3R, with whom T3LL-E shares a color scheme and some design traits. T3LL-E explained to Max that he was a proposed Trident synthetic model but had been rejected. Soon after, T3LL-E spots FL0UND3R and approaches him. While introducing himself FL0UND3R comments that T3LL-E is "hilariously out of date," and FL0UND3R begins asking when T3LL-E's "scheduled demolition date" is, and asks for T3LL-E's "security officer." T3LL-E tells FL0UND3R there is someone at the noodle shop in blue and gold clothing who is looking for FL0UND3R, and when FL0UND3R starts toward the noodle shop expecting T3LL-E to follow, T3LL-E turns and sprints to the Undercity docks. He loses FL0UND3R and runs straight to Luz's shop, where Luz tells him they couldn't do anything to him as long as he was registered to Luz.

Episode 6

Having made a deal the previous day with Voxine Machinae for her to procure a new chassis for him, T3LL-E and Luz meet with her to discuss the details of the transaction. The box is splattered with blood but neither T3LL-E nor Luz ask any questions. T3LL-E says he's willing to work with the runners on anything they may need in the future with him. Voxine is satisfied and hands the package to Luz, they bring the new chassis to Theris Fueler's shop for the transfer of his personality core and memory. Theris pulls off the transfers without a hitch and T3LL-E remarks upon waking up in his new body that he's decided his new name will be ELL-3T.



  • Major - Off the Grid - ELL-3T can go invisible due to the stealth drive in his chassis: 4 charges of 30 seconds while jogging/running, or 60 seconds while moving slowly.
  • Minor - Tuning In - ELL-3T has a higher perception range for hearing.
  • Minor - Word Travels Fast - ELL-3T is able to move at a faster speed.


  • Major - Culture Shock - [Redacted]
  • Minor - Bad Signal - ELL-3T's core is in his head, therefore being a vulnerable spot for damage.
  • Minor - Not Conch - ELL-3T is prone to water damage upon being submerged in water.
Traits from original chassis (no longer apply)
  • Major - Crank Up The Volume! - T3LL-E is able to turn up the speakers on his head to create a sonic blast hitting and damaging anyone within close proximity in front of him. Can only be used 3 times per day.
  • Minor - Electrifying Performance - T3LL-E is resistant to shock damage, if anything he gets a small charge to his battery from it.


  • Major - Few Screws Loose - T3LL-E tends to have his limbs pop off due to his old run-down parts. This flaw triggers whenever he is put under any heavy strenuous physical activity.
  • Minor - Corrosive Crowd - T3LL-E’s chassis is vulnerable to acid damage.


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