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Not to be confused with: Stein

Sten is Cragsands character in Neon Divide RP, a cyberpunk themed and tabletop inspired[1] roleplay in VRChat.

He works as a gunsmith at "Iron Designs", the local blacksmith shop in Scrap Town. A small settlement outside of the giant metropolis Salvation City, it borders to the enormous wasteland covering planet Hellion.

Previously sharing the shop with his colleague P47-CH35 aka "Patches" their co-working ended when the synth suddenly left town, returning to his corporate creators. Seeing successful business he's hired Torok The Gleeful, Willie Walker, Fee-Bee and Maxwell Chambers to also work in the smithy.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Sten was raised in the wastes by refugees to the planet Hellion and used to make his home in the shell of an old disassembled spaceship that landed in the Wasteland some time before or early into The War of Unification.

Scraping by he maintained the life-support system of the ship and earned his keep as a welder and craftsman at the settlement, focusing on the finer things. The settlements inhabitants would eventually lose faith in keeping the place working as one argument after another started when more and more systems failed. To most it was clear that the only option for survival was to leave. The crashed ship had been his home, where an educational A.I. acted as his teacher and father figure and his closest friend became his significant other. Being one of the most stubborn in staying, he saw one after another abandon and was eventually the last one to leave. A year after everyone else had left, so did also the A.I. as it suddenly cease to function. Lacking knowledge in how to repair it, this was it for him. With no company to talk to this place was a ticking death trap. If he didn't die from dehydration or starvation he would surely lose his mind.

Luckily, he intercepted a caravan passing by and convinced them bring him along back to civilization. Seeing the giant skyline of Salvation City, he set up shop in Scrap Town. Finding work as the gunsmith he worked with P47-CH35, aka "Patches" in the Iron Designs Smithy. Lacking an ID, he gets by with a basic credit chit that he carries on his person. His queue of work orders quickly filled up with locals wishing to arm themselves.


Scrap Town Season 2 group artwork by Golly

Season 2: Callous Row

Last year he learned about his lineage having an enormous debt which collectors will want to eventually cash in on. He had his DNA scanned after retrieving blood plasma from The Row hospital to save Ryzy but thanks to the good graces from Dr Universe of The Row she deleted his credentials. If he ever gets his DNA scanned again someone from the mega-corporations will most definitely come to collect, even though he is incapable of delivering aside paying with his life or other costly convincing. Ever since the close encounter last year he tends to avoid entering Salvation City unless he has to.

Growing a strong distaste for any wasteland raiders or bandits, he lost his friend Scootz to a raider leader named Darius. The raider was later killed but the threat of more raiders on the border of the salt flats always remains.

Aiding in establishing Scrap Towns independence, he came close to death on multiple occasions. Supporting the council of Henderson McCuldger, Sean Ward and Hadwyn Ermire, he helped arm the populous when the scrappers faced the threat of hostile robots and later invading aliens.

Through hard work and help from friends to retrieve them, he has disassembled almost every weapon possible to learn how they function. Increased his proficiency in gun crafts rare for wastelanders he even learned how to recreate the old automatic Galactic Union rifles, a relic leftover from the great war.

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Season 3: Neon Divide

S3E1: A Wastelander Wedding

Wastelander wedding

Meeting many newcomers Sten goes out on a successful scrap run, his skills in gunsmithing (mechanica) comes in aid gathering valuable materials. Mayor McCuldger gets married to Savire in a both beautiful but very strange ceremony where each of them consume a part of each-other. Falling ill after chugging down some of her venom, the big guy luckily recovers. Encountering some some wild critters in town acting peculiar, Sten learns from Sheila that he lacks any magical inclinations.[2]

Full episode summary: S3E1: A Wastelander Wedding

S3E2: Scrapping Profits

Scrapping run

Running another successful scavenging expedition, the scrappers rescue a stranger running from raiders. Turns out poor Minto has been held captive under terrible conditions for many months. After rescuing him they learn that someone is placing 50.000 credit bounties on the heads of Scrap Town locals. Wondering who could possibly have it out for them Sten informs the council and suspects some corporate involvement.[3]

Full episode summary: S3E2: Scrapping Profits

S3E3: Random Raiders

Guarding the Scrap Town gates

Payment plans for guns are working out with customers returning. The new employee Maxie, although a nervous fellow shows that he knows what he's doing. The security fund to improve the walls and build a watchtower observatory is moving along great with Hanz Elphans showing a talent for somehow sniffing out scrap in the city. Some unknown raiders attempt to charge the town, likely for the bounties. They fail miserably harming none but leaving 3 of their own dead. Asking to retrieve their dead afterwards the Townsfolk still allow them that courtesy. The bar is closed with no Anna in sight. Midge brings another damaged synthetic lacking any legs in from the wasteland. Called "Re-CON" Sten recommends they apply for a job at the bar so he can satisfy his thirst.[4]

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S3E4: Ambushed

Attacked by raiders

Gathering an expedition to located Titanium Sten heads out with Reeza, Maya, Willie and Fee-Bee. They turn out successful in finding what they're looking for but are ambushed by raiders. Maya is injured in the attack and is almost taken captive. Sten feeling like he can't hit anything at all, luckily is compensated by Reeza who is a beast of a fighter. Raging she dispatches them all and uses her magic to heal Maya. Gathering up the valuable materials they rush back to the hospital. Getting Mr Prowler to open up the bar Sten finally gets ahold of a bottle of liquor. Councilman Hadwyn somehow having gotten captured by raiders is rescued successfully. Ront returning with the team has some bad news telling that she is leaving town as her old tribe wants her head. Returning to the tribes of the wasteland her kindness and good nature will be missed. Sten crafting a Sniper Rifle from the gathered steel and titanium, will have to consider who to sell it to, deciding that it has to be someone with the best interest of Scrap Town in mind, possibly someone in charge of security.[5]

Full episode summary: S3E4: Ambushed

S3E5: Shipwreck Survivor

Newcomer Ty

A ship visibly flies over Scrap Town and crashes in the wasteland. Quick to salvage and investigate the locals bring back a survivor named Ty. Successfully trading, buying and selling Sten learns how to get Nitrolium which can be turned into fuel and kevlar by Maxie. Starting a special "cotton ball launcher" project for Yuna and rodent proofing Jyggals kitchen more sales are made. Finding no buyer for the Sniper Rifle it still comes to use being lended out. Hanz expresses how synths cant be trusted, being mindless machines, placing further suspicion towards Fee-Bee belonging to Astral. He suggests removing her capability to communicate as a preventive measure. Disliking the thought and worried that doing so might provoke a conflict Sten doesn't dare to do so.[6]

Full episode summary: S3E5: Shipwreck Survivor

S3E6: New Sights

Spirit Canyon

Going on a successful scavenging run with Chester, Titus, Maya and Midge they recover iron and carbon and re-discover Bramble Canyon as well as the Spirit Canyon. At the ruins there are solidified mana and various herbs, valuable knowledge for sure. A trident corporate synth asked to purchase a sniper rifle but Sten denied having any for sale. Instead hiding it away. Fee-Bee turns out to be exceptional in finding materials bringing back even more titanium and carbon going on her solo trips. Now comes the decision on what to do with them, if the corpos are paying, should we sell or not? Starting the construction on the watch tower observatory work goes forward. Hanz is away on some business trip and won't see it yet.[7]

Full episode summary: S3E6: New Sights

S3E7: Tumult from the City

Detained refugees from the city, Jen and Danielle

Continuing the construction project and doing work orders, the major sale of the day is selling a row rifle to Mr Prowler for 100,000 credits and crafting a secondary sniper rifle. Paying taxes and rent to Hendersson as well as salaries to the employees the store is in good standing. Hopefully business remains good. A dangerous looking mercenary named "Artemis" is lent out one of the sniper rifles after being vouched for by council members Hadwyn and Hendersson. After hunters successfully bring back 3 sandworms, Sten learns from Savire as she is butchering the creatures where their brain is located. A weak point of sorts. After a lot of conflicting information the mystery of the sniper that's been harassing townsfolk is revealed. According to Mercury it's some mercenary named "Craven" held up at a crashed giant spaceship in the wasteland. After Ty tracked him, Ima and Henderson aim to meet and make some sort of deal with him to stop hunting locals for bounties. A war erupts between locals and Masaru in the undercity with refugees coming to Scrap Town to hide. From bad to worse a terrorist attack occurs in the row, bringing several wounded down to be treated. Everything backwards, strangely the safest place to be at the moment seems to be the wasteland.[8]

Full episode summary: S3E7: Tumult from the City

S3E8: Daring Expedition

Sheila riding "Crabby" in full tank armor

The scrap synthetics following Midge and Maya malfunction, blow up or break beyond repair. Poor Maya is distraught about losing her friends. Sten takes some hits from Care turning violent and gets some painkillers from Juno to manage through the day. Seeing great sales of both GU Rifles and Sniper Rifles the store is in great economic standing. So much that Sten decides to split the funds for the store and keep them separate in case something happens to him. Heading out on an expedition past Bramble Canyon into the volcano they have a successful run encountering little resistance aside giant scorpions and sand fleas. Bringing "Crabby" ridden by Sheila equipped in full fledged armor, looking like a tank, the giant friendly crab keeps them protected. Henderson laying claim to the spoils Sten purchases a lot of Titanium and Carbon from him. [9]

Full episode summary: S3E8: Daring Expedition

S3E9: New Trades

Hadwyn's "greenhouse", or bio-lab rather

While news of even more chaos occurring in the city spread, they have yet to really affect Scrap Town. So Sten focuses on continuing and expanding his business. Making a deal with Mr Prowler to sell his new invention of "shock grenades" for a 10% cut, they sell out quickly. Completing 2 harpoon guns to Bub, the daring robot fisherman intends to catch a "Kraken" monster that supposedly lives in the undercity lake. Previous customers continue to pay off their debts. So far nobody has luckily tried to escape from any payment plans. Yuna one of the cactus plantkin sisters is injured after a trip to the wastes. Helping escort her to Hadwyn's "greenhouse" it gives Sten a glimpse at what goes on in the councilman's mysterious and secret laboratory. Hadwyn being the only one familiar with their anatomy he administers Yuna some kind of treatment that restores her again. Shura and Skully face up together against a captured sandworm in an arena fight and emerge victorious in the first fight. In the followup Shura is fighting Skully and the champion leaves him injured again. Fee-Bee using her Astral connections tells of some rebel group wanting to "clean up" any corporate influence in the row, the undercity and eventually scrap town. Wondering if that includes her she makes preparations upgrading herself for combat against Stens advice to lay low and disguise herself. Torok's crazy clown cult previously thought to just be a load of bull, has actually arrived on planet Hellion. His involvement causes Willie and Sten to worry for their friend and Sten agrees not to tell anyone until they figure out how much trouble he's in and what they might do to help.[10]

Full episode summary: S3E9: New Trades

S3E10: Wasteland Race

Yuna holds up a sign for the race

The scrap town council invites daredevils from the city to participate in an organized race. Before the race gets a chance to start raiders attack and ram the town gates, leaving its opening and closing mechanism busted. Scrambling for a temporary solution Sten organize repair efforts, spending most of the day fixing it. The race attracts new faces curious about scrap town and new trade opportunities. Some strangers from the wasteland seek refuge and take up residency. One among then is named Hank, similar to Hank Solomon and he gets the nickname "Hank two". What's most curious is that he's found "Hank one":s mechanical tail that he lost, and returns it to him. Fee-Bee and Willie doing their own scrapping runs with her Astral supplied vehicle for the smithy is not to the liking of Hendersson, claiming monopoly on them. Trying to appease the grumpy big man Sten promises he'll make sure they report to him for future runs and figures it might be worth paying him a small tribute just to ensure they get the council backup in case something happens out there during runs.[11]

Full episode summary: S3E10: Wasteland Race

S3E11: The Maw Blockade

Meeting with the council

After completing the gate repairs scrappers encounter a giant creature as large as a multi-story building out in the desert. It swallows a car whole and fleeing locals narrowly escape it. Tesh, the nomad bugkin from last year visits the town to share his knowledge of the creature to the council. Deciding it to be like a force of nature, a hurricane or storm and not something you can defeat, the town makes plans to avoid it. Sten gives Tesh one of the flare guns at the ready for him to warn the town in case it does approach. Because of the situation, the planned race with participants from the row is canceled. Sten completes a sniper rifle order for a masked man from the city going by "Zach". Happy with the transaction he advises against visiting the city in the coming hour. Almost as clockwork, an hour later a spacecraft lands in the salt flats to deliver Max Stillwell from Trident Corp who confirms the bad news of rebels preventing access to the row. It may be wise not to mention this sale if someone comes asking.[12]

Full episode summary: S3E11: The Maw Blockade

S3E12: Black Hole Carnival

Torok and Crunch, with two carnival members

Turns out all the "clown cult" stories Torok spoke of are actually base in some truth. Three "clowns" land in a drop pod in the salt flats, one of them intending some sort of vacation in the wasteland. Expecting them to cause problems in town Sten attempts to be as friendly as possible and they luckily don't end up hurting anyone, at least to his knowledge. Maybe thanks to his friendliness they decide to gift the drop-pod to scrap town. It should prove valuable to salvage for part. Assisting Savire in dissecting an researching a sandworm she has some interesting applications in mind for her research results. Lots of successful sales today, tomorrow might be good one to start building up a surplus of weapons just in case. The undercity due to politics is running out of food, even sending a hunting party to the wasteland. Reeza retires from leading scrapping teams and tells Sten some things about magic, shrines and appeasing the spirits.

Full episode summary: S3E12: Black Hole Carnival

S3E13: Wasteland Cook Off

Maya presents her dish during the cooking competition

Working at the shop doing regular orders and crafts the cooking competition is taking place at Jyggals restaurant. Among the contestants are Maya with a wastelandish style lizard dish, Jeremy's fry with dips, Jyggals breakfast-cake special, Fred's basic, Toroks uh-oh gumball and Sera's cactus pie. Happy to having eaten beforehand, there were only two cases of food poisoning. Willie and Fee-Bee return from a successful scrapping run from the volcano and almost got in trouble with Valkyrie personnel. The place is guarded. Another race featuring hover-bikes is held in town. Before the sandstorm moves in the town is attacked by raiders, driving over several locals. Luckily everyone survives.

Full episode summary: S3E13: Wasteland Cook Off

S3E14: Diplomacy (part 1)

Henderson, Hadwyn, Ima and Herk

After the many injuries the day prior the council make an announcement introducing new restrictions. Locals are no longer allowed to head out alone to ensure the gate stays closed as much as possible. With mixed feelings wastelanders who look like "raiders" are allowed to participate in a race in town. Possibly some deal was struck for diplomacy with the bandit lords. The injured Herk shares a secret with Sten. Generous salaries are paid out to all employees by the smithy. TBA

Full episode summary: S3E14 Part 1: Diplomacy

Sten, smithing by the forge


  • Weapons in stock at the smithy. Scrap shield, scrap saber, pistols, rifles etc.
  • GU "Row rifle" including schematics on how to manufacture and build them.
  • Crowbar with a +2 toughness enchant by Stellar
  • Shometsu-grade ammunition from Mercury.
  • 4x recovered Valkyrie corporation pistols donated from Korgak.
  • Metal reinforced body armor made by himself.
  • Gas mask crafted by Mr Prowler.
  • Corporate class armor, stolen from Trident by Jeremy “Chins” and Hank, repainted with Scrap Town colors. Broken from last year.



  • Nosy meddler - Curiosity killed the cat but not Sten - yet - at least. He likes to involve himself with other people's matters.
  • Alcohol Addiction - He loves his alcohol a bit too much and have trouble staying away from a daily strong drink.
  • Good natured - Good things come to those who do good - Looks for ways to aid his fellow Scrap Town locals.
  • Second language - His settlement spoke a different language than the locals on Hellion and he have had to learn.


  • Major - Gunsmith - Can craft 1 ballistic gun with poor materials per session. With the proper materials he may craft 1 additional ballistic or finer firearm like an energy weapon.
  • Heavy build - Although not a skilled fighter he is a big strong guy.
  • Wise beyond the wastes - Taught by a spaceships educational A.I. he knows more than your average wastelander though most of it is very old and outdated information.


  • Major - Cursed Capital - His true family identity has an enormous debt that he does not know about until his DNA gets scanned in a corporate database. Undoubtedly someone will want to come to collect if this happens.
  • Minor - Bum in the city - His knowledge of news and affairs are severely outdated and is unfamiliar with any recent events outside of Scrap Town. Sometimes annoyingly so. Will suffer huge discomfort around rich, or high society, dresses poorly and will insist on sleeping outside than at an expensive hotel.
  • Minor - Hardware only - He knows very little about software, decking or coding tech and is distrustful of even using it, his skills are limited to hardware, mechanics and electronics like water pumps, engines and similar. Will not use virtuanet unless forced.


  • For the longest time mistakenly called the blacksmithing shop "Tron Designs" instead of the intended "Iron Designs" because the I- kind of looks like a T- and it kind of stuck.
  • Sten likes to drink, a lot. Him earning a track record of crashing vehicles is probably no coincidence.
  • Being a smith character, Sten ends up takes credit for many wondrous creations that other players actually make. Cragsand regularly tries to remark that the full appreciation really go to the players themselves.
  • Has a nasty looking scar across his bald head from the time he was injured by a giant scorpion.


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