Not to be confused with: Stein

Sten is Cragsands character for Callous Row RP.

He works as a gunsmith at "Iron Designs", the local blacksmithing shop in Scrap Town.

Previously sharing the shop with his colleague P47-CH35 aka "Patches" their co-working ended when the synthetic suddenly left town, returning to his corporate creators. Seeing successful business he has currently hired Torok The Gleeful and Willie Walker to work in the smithy.

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Sten was raised in the wastes by refugees to the planet Corvanis 3 and used to make his home in the shell of an old disassembled spaceship that landed in the Wasteland some time before or early into The War of Unification. Since then he has maintained the life-support system of the ship and earns his keep as a welder and handyman in different Wasteland settlements. He currently lacks an ID, but he gets by with a basic credit chit he carries on his person. Unbeknownst to him his true family lineage has an enormous debt which undoubtedly someone will eventually come to collect. This will become close to certain if he ever gets his DNA scanned by any of the mega-corporations.

Hailing from the wastes he hitched a ride on a caravan into civilization and set up shop in Scrap Town as the local gunsmith working with P47-CH35 aka "Patches" in his blacksmithing shop. His queue of work orders quickly filled up with locals wishing to arm themselves.


Chapter 1 - Welcome to the Wasteland

Sten taps Foobars nubs

Local rotation

Accepting his new position as the gunsmith in patches workshop Sten starts looking for ways to replicate a gun design from his currently owned prototype. Patches reports in that he is about to do his daily rounds Sten asks if he can tag along. Together they patrol Scrap Town, looking for various smithing jobs.

Checking in on McCulgers scrap yard and thunderdome he is looking for some fighters. On their way they meet Ryzy who is carrying a mighty large axe for her size, admiring her prowess patches recommends her to stop by the smithy if she needs any help in maintaining its sharpness. Checked in with M3-DB-07 at the clinic for any work they weren't in need of anything like firearms but possibly syringes if those could be manufactured. Checked in at Jyggals restaurant in case she needed anything crafted they encountered the mayor and his goon Sean Ward. Sten apologized for taking up his time so he let their interruption in his breakfast slide.

Checked in in at Scootz general store they encounter the rowdy customers Sheila and Wit. Some shelves seem to be overturned, broken and in disarray and patches offered to repair them for a small fee. Sheila got rowdy and started beating her stick on Foobar and called Scootz "the jerkey man", before leaving. Leaving the shop they were promised future trade.

Gathering Scrap and crystals in the wasteland

A caravan into the wasteland

Moving on to Ronts garage they saw some activity where Ash, Reeza, Ryzy, Luin and Xion were heading out on a scavenge caravan. Giving an ETA of 5 minutes Sten went to grab his prototype gun and joined them with the promise of payment from Ash. Together they board the truck, decided to stay connected on radio channel 30.

Going out on a run in the wasteland they luckily don't encounter much difficulty. Sten attempts to keep a perimeter secure by staying on high vantage points while being armed with his prototype gun. Ryzy kept on ranting about her search for "shinies" while not finding much and Ash tells that Ryzy is "her goblin", whatever that means. The scavenging party eventually locates a container that requires the skillset of a decker as well as many pieces of scrap. Nobody in the current group has the capabilities to use decking and decide that they're going to have to ask about it back in town.

The caravan encounters some chromatically colored crystals in the wastes that Sten attempts to use his welder plasma cutter to get some loose but it doesn't seem to work very well, not getting many. Rotating back to town they stop by the oasis first to resupply on water and fruit. Returning to Ronts garage they have gathered about 8 scraps in total.

A giant scorpion on the loose

A giant scorpion on the loose

When returning everyone is informed by a dire situation in the the scrap yard in the form of a giant scorpion beast. Culger yells out for any mercs available to assist him as many wastelanders owning firearms starts firing on the creature. Sten is welcomed to the party by Patches who remarks that nothing appears to harm the creature. Sten remarks that bringing down such a creature would be huge boon to providing food if they could manage to kill it. Ash drives in her vehicle and attempts to distract it, pulling it away while the wastelanders take cover in the smithy and the housing around the junkyard.

The armored figure got himself in quite a pickle

An armored conundrum

When Sten goes to unload his scrap in the blacksmithing shop he meets a strange armored figure clanking around in full plate mail armor. The figure seems to be having trouble as it contorts in very inhuman ways. Sten asks if he can assist in some way, but the armored fellow insists on simply wanting "a different perspective". Jyggal tries to help but as well but he remains stuck in a bundle of twisted plates. Lacking alternatives Sten starts shoving it into the blacksmithing shop towards his workbench and tries to set him straight by applying some oil to his joints. As he helps him the armored fellow tells him that he reminded him of his father who had a specific "shine to his eyes". While he contorts himself out of his predicament a gentleman introduces himself as Proximo, looking for brave combatants to compete as in his Thunderdome arena in the scrapyard. The armored figure accepts right away and gets fascinated by the promise of becoming a possible champion and being able to "wear fancy shoes".

Proximo looks for fighters in the scrapyard thunderdome

After getting some initial help the armored fellow seems intent on finding some weapon to assist him in fighting in the arena as long as its free and not requires any money. Fascinated by the hydraulic press in the blacksmithing shop he starts ranting about never ever finding it acceptable to go into debt, having promised his old friend to never agree to that. Being unable to produce any payment he only has some brass and nickel coins which he offers. Before even handing anything out he suddenly storms off out of the shop intending to find "something" to fight.

Ryzy reports in her scrap findings from the scavenge mission to Patches and turns it in for the mayor who is wanting for scrap.

Guns are quite the commodity

Patches goes through the queue of work orders with Sten as follows:

  1. Zax and Mercury wanted a basic pistol, they were the first to ask.
  2. Mayor Rico himself, weighing his taxation for water. Wishing to have his firearm and it given some golden shiny flavor that would make him content.
  3. A joint partnership with the convenience store run by Scootz are looking to get supplied with firearms in the future.
  4. Toolbox / Miss Ront a rifle with a bayonet

Xion checked in about Ash handing out her payment for the scavenging hunt as well as looking for the decker about the how to open the package that was recovered. Zax wasn't sure if it was in his arsenal of skills but inquired about his order of delivery of the firearms.

Ordering something strong from Pepper

Stopping by The Stray Dog bar Sten orders something strong from Pepper and meets Anthony who mentions his work brings him topside towards The Row, crafting magical stones. Sten not knowing anything about magic keeps on asking about finding some worth for the crystals they found and possibly even selling it to some corporates if they see value in it. Anthony mentions possibly using them for guns or writing related to magic and gives him his address in apartment 9.1 in case he wishes to get them identified.

Chatting up Reeza and Ash again about the successful run they invite him to join more caravans in the future. Ash says she will look into finding a decker and have a chat with Anthony about the crystal what he can turn it into. Anthony mentions that Atlantis came down and had offered him a job previously, before deciding anything he went off on his own ventures.

Frankie and Bill

Sten meets some suspicious looking upper city folk who say they're looking for some skinny blonde fellow with a striped suit who speaks all fancy words. Realizing that they're probably looking to rob him he says he he doesn't mind them squeezing him as long as its someone that he doesn't know. Meeting Toolbox again Sten remarks how useful he is as the local sentry and asks him if he could keep track of any large creatures entering the city again in future, seeing how attacking the last one failed.

A buyer for the crystals?

Spotting strangers to scrap town Sten curiously approaches a large orc, and a skittish young man, a cowboy looking fellow and the person who looks to be in charge and asks if they're from the Upper City, which they're quick to deny. Asking them if they're interested purchasing the magical crystals. Warren says that the last time he dabble with magic he lost an arm and none seemed interested. A sandworm suddenly appearing behind them starts hissing and interrupts their conversation. Sten eager to get rid of the crystals in exchange for currency even asks Sheila of his findings but she seems to think them more akin for eating. Bringing up the crystals to Reeza she advised against speaking of them in public, especially not to the Mayor and that Ash already found buyers.

Upsetting Scootz

Can the spirits lead to treasure?

Invited by Jyggal looking for customers Sten comes along to have his lunch at her restaurant. Seating himself and dining Sheila calls out for "hat man" and he invites her to his table. There she apologizes for tricking him to pay for lunch days prior and greets Luin excessively, violently shaking his hands for several minutes before running off. Chatting with Luin, Sten tells him of Sheilas way of speaking to her spirits, that one should both not take her too seriously but also heed what she sees as she is able to use magic to find valuables or treasure sometimes.

Stopping by Scootz department store he encounters him riding on his carts and hollers him over with the callsign "hows it rolling" instantly unintentionally insulting him. Backtracking and apologizing while admiring his carts very sharp edges he distracts the shop owner towards other matters like Sheila's spirit talking and her leading them towards potential treasure. Together they decide to follow her tracks but she has since disappeared.

Walking by the mayors goons Sten is directed towards another crab-like creature breaking into the perimeters of the city by McCuldger, chasing after where it was last spotted they spy it as it exits the city. Toolbox hovering in to report distracts Ront who trips and falls over the ledge of the city bridge. Running to her aid McCuldger picks her up and moves her to the clinic for a checkup although its closed she insist to wait there. Following after the crab creature again Patches reports to them that its already gone but someone named Loch had also inquired about purchasing guns.

Toolbox inquired to speak with Sten as he had the capabilities of a 3D printer, being able to produce small items to assist in smithing and crafting. The bot offered to the ability to produce 60% of components required to produce a slug thrower, in exchange for producing firearms for Miss Ront with the addition of adding a bayonet to the weapon.

The true "heroes" of scrap town, Kak-To and Sean Ward.

The gangster "heroes" of Scrap Town

Meeting the mayors goons Kak-To and Sean Ward Sten warned them about the giant crab creatures to which they explained they had "taken care of them", truly being true heroes. When asked "how" they actually took care of them they offered questionable responses and said that their methods are "trade secrets". Playing along with their antics Sten agreed them to be truly be heroes and greeted them friendly, ignoring the wiles about them. Talking about their order to supply guns to the mayor Sten would make sure that he of course got priority.

Running across Wit he notices that Sten has lost his signature hat and promises to keep a friendly eye out for it. Remarking about the crab creatures they didn't seem to give Wit any trouble at all whatsoever, very peculiar. Mentioning how well such a beast could feed the town questions regarding where Jyggal gets her meats for her restaurant was brought up but Sten feeling fine after consuming them expressed that he would rather not look into it. Catherine listening in mentioned guns for the mayor once more and his goons causing issues but friendly as he is Sten had a positive encounter.

Kak-to and Sean Ward drunk and enjoying the mayors pool

Meeting McCuldger Sten mentions wanting to speak to the mayor about the firearm deliveries but he counters that the mayor only serves himself and that men from The Row made a much better offer on trading the scrap as high as 7000 credits and paid up front even. McCulder had also been invited up for future trade arrangements in delivering scrap. Speaking of the risk of doing deals in the higher city without an ID though, that could spell trouble if you encounter the corps. Getting caught without an ID you could get arrested or even worse, sold into slavery. Culdger pondering how he might blend in Sten suggested painting his face mask pink which didn't really impress him.

Going knocking on the Mayors "palace" Sten tries to get an audience to discuss the gun deliveries getting delayed but only meets his goons Kak-To and Sean Ward who have been getting drunk and swimming in the mayors private pool of water. Not only wasteful of water the pool is recklessly situated next to uninsulated electrical wiring... Kak-to offers Sten some strong drink tasting which he partakes in, tasting of motor oil and vodka while the mayor appears to be sleeping. Deciding not to disturb the sleeping beauty Mayor, Sten insists that Kak-to still keeps an eye on Sean so he doesn't fall asleep in the pool and drowns or worse with the setup looking like a recipe for disaster. Stopping by Ash again, Sten gets paid for the scavenging mission.[1]

Chapter 2 - Thunderdome Arena

Delivering to the Mayor

Sten opens the blacksmithing shop when Scootz rolls in commenting about Stens weird habit of talking to himself, asking about his weapon order. Sten incredulously comments about the Mayor requesting gold engraving on his firearm is unrealistic, exasperatingly questioning the air if they look like they have gold here.

Ash and Ryzy enter asking about patches, they have an order for her protection and requested some materials. Anthony comes carrying a water delivery that he puts down at the smithing shop. Patches stops in and they discuss the order queue, deciding to push the Mayor to the top of delivery and Sten goes out to deliver the firearm. Remembering his previous encounter with the Mayor Sten hails him with various titles but gets corrected until he calls him "King sir Mayor Rico" with extra roll on the R:s. Sucking up and pandering to the mayors pride the lack of any gold plating is forgiven and the mayor seems content with what he's been delivered.

Patches fixes up some dents on the Nameless knight

The Upcoming Fight

The Nameless knight comes clanking back to the blacksmithing shop with Proximo and Hark in tow, apparently he is to fight in the inauguration opening event in the arena and needs someone to bang out his dented plates. Patches goes to work, testing him on the anvil, apparently the unnamed knight doesn't feel any pain. He is given a weapon in the upcoming fight in the form of a knife. Flourishing the knife around wildly the knight after some prodding eventually pays up enough credits for the services. When asked who he is the knight doesn't have any name but recounts being called words like "tin can", "metal man", "potted pants" and his favorite - "cunt", but preferred to just be called "unknown".

Ash and Ryzy asks about producing a piece of armor, which would take at least 2 days, as well as a helmet. Asked about getting advanced vision by using the crystals they found but that would be more in the cybernetic shops line of work.

The imposing thunderdome arena duo Hark and Proximo

Hark and Proximo storms into the shop introducing themselves as representing the glorious Thunderdome and offers an invitation to watch and bet in the inaugural restoration fight today. The first fight after reconstructing the glorious dome Proximo advertises only 100 credits to attend, promising the finest and best time ever impossible to miss. Feeling himself backed into a corner Sten accepts right away and agrees to spread the word around. Expecting the knight to get his head ripped off Proximo pay up beforehand for the future repairs he will be needed at the smithy.

The bookkeeper Frankie Scaletta tries to convince Sten to bet in the fight, promising that he had it on good authority that the goblin Ryzy would be throwing the fight, contrary to what Proximo mentioned previously and although faced with the imposing presence of Bill he makes the better judgement not to place any bets at all,

The Thunderdome Inauguration battle

Stopping by to witness the arena fight Sten meets Johnny the Taxi, Ryder the garage owner, Desmond and Xia the courier from the row up top and introduces himself and the blacksmithing shop.

The fight is presented by Proximo announces the warriors "who will find glory and death today", "the miniscule, the menacing, the meticulous Ryzy!, to his left the tincan of pain, the metalman of malice..." The event is a weird event where Jyggal the restaurant owner attempts to sell drinks at an insanely overpriced 15k credits per drink but for free for everyone who places bets to Frankie. Sten opts out and declines.

Sten assisting Shiloh up the thunderdome ramp

Shiloh Down crawls up asking for assistance to get up to watch the match, having broken both his legs and gotten splints, not having a chair available he had crawled all the way to watch at the dome and Sten offers him his arm, pulling him up to get a good viewing position.

The mayor Ricos crew, Sean Ward, Jorongo get tricked out of their winnings

The fight is commenced and ends almost as soon as it starts, Ryzy did a first round knockout. Proximo yelling out if someone can help get the unknown knight loose, Sten offers his plasma cutter but gets dismissed, Ront is already there to provide hospital services. The knight doesn't seem to need assistance though. Sten approaches the Mayors crew who lost 5k, asking if they lost their money they said the bet on the winner but apparently got ripped off with the book keeper taking off with everyones bettings although they won. Seems that it was a good idea to not bet in this. Ryzy the goblin ran off intending to catch the book keeper, and beat him up and collect their winnings.... quite a mess.

The fight aftermath

Sten curious about the aftermath of the spectacle shadows the angry mob chasing after the book-keeper Frankie and Bill. Apparently Ryzy grabbed all that she could, running of with the credit chits aside from the ones that Bill managed to swallow in order to try and hide the winnings. Both Priximo and Hark are nowhere to be seen. McCuldger possibly feeling guilt from helping to organize the event manages to recover much of the winnings and goes through Scrap Town, returning the credits to their proper owners as well as he can. To Sten it seems like the only honorable man in the thunderdome is McCuldger, the grim looking but very dutiful junkyard owner. Not only that but Culdger also offers some credits and scrap to support the construction of some proper railings for the walkway bridges of scrap town, seeing as a lot of inhabitants tend to accidentally fall off from them.

Sten goes to deliver the ordered firearm to Mercury and Mr. Prowler who are satisfied with the delivery.

Reeza, Paprika and Sheila

Lost Synth and Atlantis Corp curiosities

Greeting Sheila again she is injured and have been looking after an orb drone named Paprika. Tasked to count every single grain of sand in the wasteland Sten ponders that the synthetic must belong to someone who takes pleasure in tormenting the poor robot. Sten goes off to get some medical assistance to look after Sheila, finds Bean Kagehide and C3-burn who help move her to the hospital.

Miss Hatsune Shinohara of Atlantis come searching for the runesmith, Anthony

Before retiring for the night Sten spots some white clad corporate looking fellows following Anthony to his apartment. Being something as rare as a runesmith, he wonders what they could possibly want with him and tries to shadow them. Sneaking around he is eventually caught, turning around a corner he comes face-to-face with an Atlantis corporate trooper and gives up the tail. He learns the name of the corporate character being one Lady Shinohara.[2]

Chapter 3 - Corporate Arrivals

Romulus and Pepper at The Stray Dog

More blacksmithing business

Patches brings in a broken door to repair in the shop from the previous day. Apparently some fire spirit apparently had damaged it and mentions McCuldger wanting to construct gates for Scrap Towns entrances to prevent creatures that keep coming in.

Sheila ran up to give Sten a weird look before running off and was spotted speaking to her large scorpion creature friend again.

Going to get his usual pick-me-up at The Stray Dog bar, while ordering the strongest drink from Pepper Sten meets a new curious stranger named Romulus. The stranger is a trader from the wasteland who came looking for work. Shaking hand and recommending him to check out Ash and Ronts garage the guy complimented Sten on his large hands and teased with - "you know what they say about a hand with large hands eh?". Seating himself with the strange and Anthony Sten asks him about the corporate strangers from yesterday and just as - speak of the devil, the white clad folk appear once more outside of the bar.

Water welfare?

Free water? From Shinohara and Hugbot

A gathering collects around the corporate people from Atlantis who happen to be carrying several large crates being escorted by a large robot. Curious what this is about Sten approaches and greets a small vocal robot that introduces itself as "hugbot" insisting on dispensing a hug. Humoring its wishes the thing goes on to tell that Atlantis is donating water to people of the wastes from the benefactor Lady Shinohara to thank Anthony for their kindness. This sudden charity is received with mixed reactions from the gathering crowd and C3-Burn from the hospital tells everyone to be especially careful and check for potential toxins or poisons before consuming any such water. Anthony and Pepper start carrying the water into her bar. Shortly after the spectacle begins Mayor Rico and his goons are quick to show up and immediately start questioning Shinohara and her escort.

Mayor Rico shoos off Lady Shinohara and her "free water" welfare

The Mayor calls an emergency meeting and gathering outside of Jyggals restaurant and announces that from here on forward anyone accepting corporate water will be banished from Scrap Town, this includes Anthony and Pepper. At first he splurts out that Anthony has been kidnapped by corporates but the crowd responds that this is false and he backtracks on his words. Sten whispers to Pepper, Patches and C3-Burn that he wont give anyone up to the mayor and instead expresses his skepticism that the mayors intentions probably lie with himself just wishing to keep his current monopoly on water to himself and his group of gangsters. The only thing in agreement seems to be that anyone sampling the water get themselves checked out at the hospital as trusting the corps blindly is a bad decision.

A curious stranger introduces himself as a gardener named Cain turns up at the meeting, being from The Undercity he is looking to grow plants in the wasteland. Sten offers the little knowledge he has that trying to do so would require setting up some pretty efficient greenhouses using glass or plexiglass as base materials.

Dealings in town

Foobars "fish" in the counter...

Stopping by the general store, Scootz is not present today, only Foobar the robot stands behind the counter as Sten asks about purchasing some water. The robot has been staring at the same place for several hours and asks Sten if he can also see "the fish face staring back at him" present in the counter. Ignoring the curious case of pareidolia Foobar questions if he should match the market price to zero, since the corporates seems to be handing it out for free but Sten decides not to take advantage of him and tells he will donate the usual cost to the shop to cover the difference. Laughing to himself about the robots musings he still teases and encourages him to keep staring at "the fish", entertaining the thought he might actually win the staring contest against an inanimate object.

"Billy" and "Jonathan"

Going about town Sten meets and introduces himself to a stranger who introduces himself as "Jonathan" with his friend "Billy", looking like important folk he is impressed about the gunsmithing services that can be provided and asks about any rumors regarding the Mayor in town. Having gotten a bad impression Sten tells "Jonathan" not to trust anything that the mayor says, at least take it with a large grain of salt and consider it carefully. He even goes to far as to doubt him having much power beyond the ones he can enforce with his goons. Wishing to go out into the wastes on a caravan Sten recommends him to seek out Miss Ront or Ash about lending a vehicle.

Charles carrying the damaged Sir Polka, in need of repairs once more

The clanking knight turns up once more needing some dents hammered out. Apparently this time he decided to jump from the elevator going down from The Undercity for no other reason than that it might be "fun". Seeing as he seems to become a recurring customer Sten offers the knight a deal, in exchange for providing information on the corporations he can continue stopping by and get needed repairs. Sounding dutiful he agrees and storms off after having some of his iron readjusted at the blacksmithing anvil. Sten also learns that the unknown knight now goes by the name "Sir Polka", being his new given name in the lack of anything else. Hopefully he will be able to provide valuable intel on the sudden corporate presence.

Caravans heading out into the wasteland

Nadia and Conrad of Atlantis Corp

Fixing up the knight more corporate start appearing in town from the Upper City, an important looking lady introduces herself as Nadia Palpatyne of the Atlantis corp as well as her covering news reporter Conrad for Atlantis news. They seem to be looking to go out into the wasteland and hire a caravan and ask about the thunderdome arena. Sten being always helpful tells them that the arena is run by Hark and Proximo and that it usually attracts a pretty large gathering. Directing the entourage towards Ash and Ront they head out on a caravan searching for whatever they're looking for.

Another caravan comes to Scrap Town, this time led by one Kythus of The Undercity together with his fellowship of magically inclined entourage. Meeting Bo, a the mushroom looking lass Sten introduces himself and his business but the gathering don't appear to be willfully forthcoming what they intend to do out in the wasteland. Among the entourage Sten spots curious folk including Ahi and Tynan. As the second caravan heads out Sten discusses their nature with Hadwyn Ermire, a wastelander who is a botanist. He seems particularly curious about the nature of "plant people" and their sentience, curious that magic which some previously thought to be only fiction now is turning out to be facts. He refers to Bo as a "Myconid", being sentient mycelium. Opting not to insult anyone Sten decides not to use that terminology.

With both the corporate caravan and the magically inclined one out in the wasteland, alarms are raised as a sandstorm starts sweeping in. Mercury attempts to hail and warn them on all available radio channels. Before the sandstorms enclosed both caravans manage to make it back though the corporate one seems to have wrecked Miss Ronts vehicle, earning them no favor from her.

Sheilas seemingly friendly scorpion

Standing watch at the entrance a large scorpion looking creature approaches one of the gates and Sten fires multiple warning shots close to it while attempting to shoo it away. It doesn't heed the initial warnings and keeps approaching but before causing any trouble some locals arrive to greet it, it would appear to be Sheilas friend or pet creature and not posing any harm. Careful around it Sten watches as it is introduced to Ash, Sir Polka and more by Sheila.[3]

Chapter 4 - A change in power

Town dealings

Delivering the firearm Miss Ront had ordered, Toolbox mentioned they were looking to hire someone to provide security at the garage as a dayjob and doing interviews tomorrow. Ash stops by and purchases a nail gun and Mercury orders ammunition to be manufactured for his firearm.

Peppers bar remaining closed since her banishment by Mayor Rico, Sten fills his need for strong drink at Jyggals restaurant instead. He receives great service from Shiloh Down who started to work there.

Sir Polka sings a song trying to summon his "Crotchula" entity at the oasis

The Mayor needs a bigger pool

The Mayor is looking for able bodied to explore the Oasis and Sten heads out with Patches, Sean, Maxwell, Ryzy, Ash, Reeza. Out there they encounter another caravan consisting of Wit, Ront and Sir Polka - who are searching for his "Crotchula - The master of healing", some strange thing that supposedly is to be found at the Oasis. Promising to pay handsomely for someone to catch this "thing" the Mayor decides to take a dip in the Oasis waters while Polka performs a strange ritual dance and song to summon it. Splashing around in the water squirting ink at the onlookers the Mayor also reveals his ability to go invisible.

Something was summoned indeed... but not quite what was intended, as a giant and clearly agitated scorpion appears. Shouting at Rico to leave the waters and escape Sten and both caravans rush to their vehicles. Doing several laps to try and fetch the mayor he yells back that he wishes to stay and to the distress of Sean - all leave the mayor behind.

Dagu crawls out after losing in the thunderdome

Another arena fight

Having spotted McCuldger speaking to some corp a news-broadcasting team from Atlantis visit the arena where the battle entourage consists of several folk with animal-like appearances. This fight seems to be garnering much more attention than the last one. Sten greets Nia, Gloop and some more from The Undercity and The Row before the fight starts.

At first unclear who are to be the combatants Sten calls out to one of them as a "rat-looking fellow" and is quickly corrected, angering the tiny dragon-kin. The fighters are the tiny one, actually named Dagu and a cat-lady named Cleo. Seeing as the usual announcers are unavailable the fight is commentated by Guidebot and McCuldger. The fight ends as Cleo throws Dagu across the arena.[4] Afterwards the arena quickly empties out.

A very agitated giant scorpion at the oasis next to Rico's clothes. This is not Sheilas friend.

Rico rescue attempts

One remaining onlooker named Rebecca asks who to speak to in order to hire a caravan and Sten insists that she needs to rent a vehicle from either Ront or Ash as well as hire some security. Sean, still worried about the mayor tags along. Before heading out Rebecca is suddenly nowhere to be seen but with Toolbox, a new caravan is assembled in an attempt to rescue Mayor Rico. Ront, Maxwell and Sten join him and make haste to the oasis. There they spot the shattered clothing of Rico lying about in the distance with the scorpion still standing on guard. It seems very agitated and a decision is made to return and gather up more mercs.

Returning to Scrap Town the Mayors capture spreads around town with not all being very eager to lend their aid. Rico having monopoly and hoarding water Ash and Trey express their desire to leave him for dead instead. On Toolbox insistence it is not to be such and unlikely as it may be, two full trucks head out in an attempt to bait the scorpion away from the oasis while the other one drives in to rescue Rico. Hailing him on the radio it they get a response - Rico is still alive!

The caravans return again to the oasis with Sten and Mercury opening fire at it but after several attempts, the scorpion remains stubborn and the plan fails. Taking the moment at hand to scavenge some scrap on the return the scorpion is spotted leaving the oasis on its own, this time dragging Rico's unconscious, bloodied and naked body away, possibly to feed its young. Ash yells out on the radio exclaiming falsely the mayor to be dead, in silent agreement all return to Scrap Town abandoning the rescue.[5]

Rico's "palace" gets raided

Time for an election!

With the return to scrap town McCuldger loudly proclaims Rico's demise to be the most joyous news and Ash leads an initiative to liberate the Mayors water stash and distribute it to its needing citizen. As the news spread around town more join in what becomes a raid of Rico's "palace". Sten joins McCuldger, Wit, Ryzy, Shiloh, Ash, Xion and with the help of the returning Anthony the mayors doors are opened. Even Sheila sticks her head in hoping to get the key's for the Mayors personal buggy. The security cameras are disposed of and a conceding of the mayors supposed demise seems to settle in when all belongings are liberated.

Ash and McCuldger are elected as temporary co-mayors

With the worry of the corps coming to fill the power void a call for a new election is announced and an impromptu hand raising is held outside the restaurant where Ash and McCuldger are elected as new co-Mayors. Or at least temporarily until a proper election can be held. Ash being in charge of distributing the liberated water mentioned wanting to start a mercenary guild. Sean although distraught about his boss Rico, resumed his job loyally towards the newly elected mayors.

Atlantis deal

Conrad Ludovic of Atlantis and his guard converse with mayor McCuldger.

After raiding the mayors "palace" Anthony finds a beacon with a tracker pointing towards the mayors location in one of his drawers but decides to destroy it, showing no compassion since his former banishment. He would also reveal that his work together with Atlantis had been for the cause of crafting a water rune - magic capable of summoning clouds and even bring rain to the dry wasteland.

It was seemingly wise to fill the governance position quickly, as the corps came knocking right away with McCuldger in office. In exchange for broadcasting thunder-dome arena fights, Conrad Ludovic of the ATLANTIS Corporation would provide fighters, share admittance and profits. This all while the corporation would also get safe passage while in Scrap Town. Sten placing his trust in McCuldger, told him that he would stand by him in this.[6]

Chapter 5 - Lost in the desert

The "budget shelves" with glued together weapons crafted by McCuldger

Budget inventory

Opening up the shop Sten displays a new inventory of firearms crafted by McCuldger as Scootz hovers in riding his cart, he wishes to purchase a firearm. He is not willing to spend money on a proper one and although Sten explains to him that that these are of very questionable quality and may break at any moment - he still decides on the cheaper option.

Mercury stops buy purchasing ammunition. Xion stops by the smithy to get some repairs for his armor by Patches and although claiming he gained some funds from a deal with Atlantis, decides against the council of Sten to purchase a cheap rifle of McCuldgers craft. He gets recommended maintain it as much as is possible to maximize it's life span but is given no promises towards its durability.

A bounty for Rico

A message is broadcasted on all frequencies across Scrap Town;

"Rico Suave has not returned to the perimeter of the settlement in over 24 hours, emergency beacon is active and their current status is alive. Their last known location is the "bramble canyon" - compensation for their return alive has been posted at 100.000 credits, please notify security on their safe return."

Not about to pass out on this opportunity Sten goes to Ront's garage intending to join a caravan, out to collect on the bounty. Going out there are 3 trucks heading out to rescue, while another - according to Toolbox - of unknown composition is heading out instead wanting to finish him off.

The teams heading for the rescue are the ones in brown and white trucks consisting of Ront, Trey, Sean, Maxwell, Xion and the purple truck with Sten driving with Toolbox, Mercury and Scootz in the back.

Gathering up at the oasis the teams find no trace of the mayor except someone who has somehow have gotten lost in the desert - namely Rebecca, the bothersome woman from yesterday. She had been led out and abandoned by her floating "orb thing" named Paprika. Angered by the distraction of the complaining woman insisting on being escorted back to Scrap Town, Trey would have none of it and pulled a gun on her, accusing her of delaying their progress - unless she somehow happens to be worth 100k to match the Mayors. Trying to calm the situation Sten offers her a side seat if she wishes to tag along. Eventually Toolbox offers to drive her back to town in his buggy and they depart while the trucks continues onward.

Where the heck are we?

A giant monstrosity in a sink hole

Driving after the white truck Sten loses sight of it and passing through a sandstorm the other vehicle is nowhere to be spotted. Hailing the other truck on the agreed radio channel their directions are uncertain and he drives the car around aimlessly searching for "bramble canyon", where the mayor is to be found. Searching they do happenstance upon a deposit of valuable crystals inside a cavern which Sten harvests and hands over to Scootz for safekeeping. Continuing the truck stops by what seems to be a gigantic sink-hole, looking down though it is evident to be the home of some enormous creature with tentacles stretches out from down below. Curious, Sten fires a shot at it with his revolver but it doesn't seem to react, Scootz gets very upset at this display of recklessness and insists for them to carry on.

How the heck did you manage to get stuck there?!

Driving on looking for the white truck and going off a ledge with Sten driving, he manages to get the vehicle stuck. Not budging at all they evacuate, Sten slides down the ledge while Scootz falls down on his rear end and lacking any legs to break his fall he is both wounded and upset. Hurt pretty badly, he gets dragged out from the sands and luckily Toolbox turns up behind them driving his buggy - ready to assist - he truly is fitting the nickname of a "guardian angel". Scootz starts complaining about recovering his cart, even pulling the gun he bought before, he insists that they don't leave his dear cart behind. Failing to get the truck dislodged Mercury and Sten manage at least to get ahold of the cart, though it gets damaged in the fall. Hailing the other caravan on the radio it appears that the other truck with Trey, Sean, Maxwell, Xion and Ront have managed to save the Mayor from bramble canyon and are heading back via the oasis. Going the same way in Toolbox buggy, on the way back Scootz, who is usually complaining about most things goes eerily quiet. Sten puts the the pedal to the metal, rushing back to Scrap Town hospital.

Bean heals Scootz of his injuries

Returning to the hospital it appears that fancy looking corporate people from Nirvana are leaving off "donations" to the hospital, to mixed reactions and lackluster appreciation. Sten picks up Scootz from the car and carries him into a hospital bed where Bean is ready to lend his healing magic. Spotting Ront and Sean carrying the mayor inside and get treated by C3-Burn it would appear that the rescue turned out a success after all. But who will claim the bounty?

Scootz seems satisfied with keeping a crystal and getting his cart repaired, in exchange for forgetting who totaled the truck...


After Scootz recovery Sten helps push him and his cart back into his shop where Catherine is waiting and worried. Given a quick rundown of the events that took place in the desert Scootz accuses Sten of being responsible for all the failings and feeling guilty he offers him a proposal, in exchange for not directing any blame for totaling the car and truck - Scootz would get to keep the crystal for himself, get a repair for his cart free of charge as well as his gun mounted on it. Attempting to see the positive outcome in all of this the shop owners patience runs out, he agrees and shakes hand to the terms of but quickly orders Sten to leave afterwards; "get out of my store" he barks - and Sten obliges.

Scrap Town gets a new council leadership

With the return of the Mayor, a hubub seems to stir around town, McCuldger and Ash are not exactly glad to learn of this and a call for a proper election is announced and the citizen gather outside of the restaurant to hold a proper council - and a council is formed. After some debate it seems that the wastelanders can agree on something - that what would be best for all, instead of monarchy, is a council. As such 3 representatives are voted in via hand-raising:

  • McCuldger to represent the arena and pit fights.
  • Ash to represent the scrappers and in charge of water distribution.
  • Sean to represent the old governance.

The last being an unlikely nomination Sean's real loyalty is put into question but multiple hands are raised in his favor, claiming that although he served Rico in the past, he always seemed to have good intentions for the rest of the town.

Ront is visibly bothered by the moral implications of having saved someone such as Rico.

Owning up to his mistake, the next person to inform of the crashed car was the owner, Miss Ront. Having a talk in private she confided her worries to Sten, wondering if she did the right thing, rescuing someone as questionable as Rico. Ignoring the question of morality Sten told her that it was worth it regardless, for such a huge bounty alone, who could say pass on such an opportunity? She took the news of the car rather well, having spotted it herself out in the wastes on the way back. Appreciating of Stens craft, the gun which he had crafted for her, without it today, she was believed that she would not have survived the daring rescue to bramble canyon. Before leaving the smithy she mentioned a hooded figure having come looking for Rico which she suspected was some assassin, these are truly troubling times.

Sheila drives her "recovered" truck into Ash's - with McCuldger on it - ouch!

Ash stops by inviting Sten on another scrap run and together with McCuldger, Ryzy, Maxwell and Pepper, they head out to gather fruits at the oasis. The run is successful without any issues and on the way back they meet up with Sheila who appears all of a sudden driving one of the lost cars from before, and running it straight into Ash's truck no less. The shaman is delighted and overjoyed to meet everyone although almost running over Sten and Culdger. Even though Sten crashed one of the trucks before, he is paid gladly by Ash.

Conrad of Atlantis asks to speak to mayor McCuldger

Atlantis returns

The sands moving in for the day, they do not settle before more corporate people arrive and ask to speak with the one in charge. Conrad Ludovic of Atlantis and Nadya is directed to McCuldgers office with Sten attending and keeping an eye on them. They tell of there being a situation with Sonitii trying to lay claim to imports from the wasteland, with them going to demand protection payment in the form of 25% tariffs in the future. With a corporate guarde stationed outside of the mayors "palace" Culdger meets in private with Nadya and asks Sten to leave. He does but nosy that he is, still attempts to listen in on what is said but he is unable to overhear anything.

Nadya and Conrad meets "Mayor McCuldger"

Unknown to Sten, Nadya asks McCuldger to keep tabs on any special "boxes" being uncovered in the desert, something of great value to her appears to be out there. Culdger reasons that in order to agree to this she has to promise to maintain the deal from before - agreeing on protecting Scrap Town from any involvement from the other corps and mentions Mars having displayed some interest in planting their rules upon the wasteland. Culdger also tells Nadya of Nirvana's presence in the hospital, offering "donations" and them being the only reason he didn't blow "the calamari" Rico - "to kindom come".

After the secretive meeting Culdger goes around town informing that he had to make a personal sacrifice towars Atlantis in order to ensure the citizen of scrap town won't be needing to do any. - "A nessesary evil to keep the demons at bay."[7]

Chapter 6 - Hospital triage

Maybe giving Foobar a rifle wasn't the best idea...

Trades and repairs

Foobar came in telling he is starting a black market, and connected the dots with a "black"-smith somehow being the right place for a "black"-market. Whispering he divulged that he had lost Scootz crystal in the trash and was looking for a way to get a new one. Insisting on initiating some sort of shady business Sten played along, suggesting selling McCuldgers trash firearms as legit when they're really bound to break. With the condition being not to scam any regulars or citizen of Scrap Town Foobar promised 50% of the proceeds on his potential success. Considering it an experiment of sorts Sten watches him waddle off balancing the rifle between his two nubs. He was later spotted pushing Scootz along on a rolling chair and spiraling out of control.[8] Smashing into a road block the angry store owner nearly rolled off a hill. Still angry about his cart he was somewhat satiated when told the repairs were complete and he could retrieve his cart. Foobar now missing the rifle from before, told that he had hid it but also lost Scootz crystal.

Taking a trip to The Hairy dog to refill, Sten told Pepper he was glad to have her back again after debacle with the former mayor, having missed her strong drinks. About the water Atlantis donated before, turns out it wasn't poisoned. She hadn't tasted it herself but some customers did and they seemed to be fine. Looking for a weapon to protect herself at her bar, she feared that Atlantis would come after her for some reason. Settlign for the budget section she was recommened a shotgun, being effective at close range and got a small discount.

  • Xion stops by and purchases a proper firearm for 20k after the budget one broke.
  • Jorongo, now working for Sean instead of Rico, purchased one of Culdgers cannons
  • Sean ordered a proper firearm, adding him to the list.
  • Trey purchased a baseball bat with barbed wire.
  • C3 asked for a special order to make explosives, figuring those would be more effective against the large crab creatures he would help supply gunpowder.

Bub hires a vehicle from Ront with Sheila, Wit and Rikket

Caravans out

Charles passed through from The Row, this time leading a caravan to head out in the wastelands with a pirate looking fellow and a younger short woman. The woman threw some shade towards Sheila, who was dangling her feet ontop of a roof with Wit and a rat-looking fellow they adressed as Rikket. She accused her of being responsible for leading an assassin who attempted to kill her father - although unvoluntary. Thinking to ask at first, Sten decided not to. Still indebted to Ash about the crashed vehicle, Sten offers to tag along but his aid is not needed.

The floating postman bot referred to as Bub asked around for an escort out to the oasis, looking to harvest sea slugs for the chef Minto. Directing him to Ront's garage to rent a vehicle Wit, Rikket tagged along, including Sheila who suggesting walking but Sten dismissed that suggestion. Before realizing that none of the customers knew how to drive, Rikket drove off in a rush, it was clear he lied about his skill. Leaving behind Bub's package in the sand Sten and Ront waved after them as they left but it would appear they forgot it.[9] Owning up to his mistake Sten paid Ront the 20k credits he got from selling the firearm before and promised more but she declined it. Considering them square he thanked her kindly.

Reports of a large caravan led by Talaris and their CEO Damien Masaru being with them no less spreads around town.

Ash's arm is beyond saving and is amputated without anesthetic. McCuldger helps Bean do the deed while Pepper tries to soothe her.

Hospital emergencies

The caravan with Charles returns but in with a rush - the truck stops at the hospital and it becomes evident many are severely injured. Helping to move the injured inside the hospital Maxwell explains they that were attacked by raiders. Charles was harpooned through his ribs, Ash and Ryzy were shot multiple times and Maxwell hit in the leg. Lacking any knowledge of wounds Sten stays and applies pressure to Max puncture wound and offers his help. Going from patient to patient C3-Burn treats them while Bean uses up all his magical healing, leaving him exhausted. Ash's arm is injured beyond repair and has to be amputated. Pepper is devastated about Ash and stops C3 from applying administering any anestethic, Ash is allergic to morphine and will have to be held down. This will be gruesome but could have been even worse. With Pepper holding and calming her Bean uses his blade, lending the strength from McCuldger while C3 applies a tourniquet and sutures the wound. Ash screams out loud as she is separated from her arm. Outside the hospital Mercury and Mr Prowler have already started working on a robotic arm for her.[10]

Rico who has been recovering in the hospital, has gone missing. Having the power to go invisible he would either have slipped away or been taken by someone else as he was never discharged form the hospital. Jorongo explained that he was "tiny now", for some strange reason. Down one councilmember McCuldger needs someone to stand guard outside of the hospital and Sten obliges.

Pepper, C3 and Ryzy.

The injured Ryzy

Putting the former mayor aside Ryzy was also missing until discovered, having snuck away, being a goblin thing to hide when injured according to Reeza. C3 after inspecting her said that she might not make it, needing a blood transfusion but the Scrap Town hispital lacked any plasma compatible with Goblins.[11] Sten suggest going searching in The Row and head off together with Pepper up the elevator. Looking for a medic they find Dash Spacer who offers universal synthetic blood. At the row clinic, Sten lacks any ID to sign off on but does so with his credit chit and using biometrics. In doing so he is now also registered in the Sonitii database and subject to investigation - having a massive inherited debt. With instructions how to use the plasma they rush back to the hospital where C3 distributes it accordingly. Painful as the treatment is it seems like Ryzy will be alright after all.

Bean looking troubled and staring at his sword which aided in Ash amputation, Sten tried cheering him up, commending him of his hard work and how valuable it is to have him there, especially being a magic user who can heal - a very rare thing indeed.

Talaris and Nirvana

Black clad merc and Nirvana synths

Green clad synths sporting Nirvana logos along with a black clad merc from Astral Company come asking to rent a vehicle and hiring guns, but Sten will not abandon his post at the hospital. All the garages have already rented out their trucks and only the ambulance remains. Having heard terrible things about the Astral company and although the fellow sounds friendly, he know not to mess with these people. Calling on C3 the merc asks him to lend them the ambulance, promising riches in compensation. Before driving off the gathering eventually abandons the endeavor as Talaris returns. With purple magic surrounding them Talaris quickly passes through Scrap Town without divulging any secrets and move back to Savior City as soon as quickly as they arrived.

Talaris returns

Asking Toolbox what happened he gives account for Councilman Sean and Sten, and plays back footage of all that happened when he joined them out in the wasteland. They were looking for crystals and managed to mine and recover lots of them. They encountered the giant sand pit creature from before which Damien cast some sort of magic on.[12]

Chapter 7 - Indebted

The Dunewalkers compound and target practice range

The Dunewalkers Mercenary Guild

When the new governance of Scrap Town was elected Xion was nominated to lead the formation of a new mercenary guild to represent the scrappers. Named The Dunewalkers they started moving into a place next door to the smithy, housing their own practice targeting range. Taking a couple of shots at the dummies with Patches, Toolbox appears and interrupts them, warning that firing shots in town will raise unnecessary alarm they both stop.

Ash lacking an arm from yesterdays excursion stops by wanting to sell weapons that they recovered from the raiders. Being unable to promise any quality Sten agrees to re-sell them for her.

Reeza stops by and Sten offers to sell a firearm to her but she explains that the magical spirits that follow her make her unable to use them. Mechanical things that she tries to use tend to break and the spirits are especially upset since yesterday, possibly caused by Talaris visit. She may be able to use bows as those are of a natural origin.

Shiloh ordered a nail gun adapted for him, having fragile bones he is unable to use anything with recoil. Discussing with Patches Sten suggest a shoulder handle with suspension springs, might work. Shiloh would later stop by and sell scrap to Sten for 5k credits from his last run as well as a decking crate to Patches for 2k. He had some trouble dividing up the earnings and almost panicing about sadly lacking a formal education.[13] Shiloh has also learned his way around decking, making him invaluable aside from his fragility to bring along to open locked crates on future scrap runs.

Another arena fight

Mercury greets J.I.M

McCuldger announces that another arena fight is coming up and viewers gather from The Row. Apparently the loud woman named Becky is fighting this time around and up against no other than Mercury. Sten offers various weaponry to Mercury but he settles on a bat which he is offered for free, just because he might teach that Becky character a lesson for constantly being rude in the past. Among the gatherers someone mentions that Becky possessess some kind of fire magic that may grant her a benefit in the upcoming battle.

The arena fight is over quickly

Among the onlookers come to witness the fight are a very old looking robot who introduces himself as Lucky, with a peculiar way of speaking as well as the Mayor of The Row, one named Coach Eric. He seemed to have a fancy for Becky and being one of the few rooting for her victory. Another onlooker, one Dr Cell, also from the row riding in a floating vehicle similar to Scootz. On Jorongos encouragement Scootz was dared to go and "bump carts" with her while on the contrary old robot JIM expressed his instant crush on her chair.[14]

The crowd bubbling with excitement at another fight the combatants gather up at the scrapyard thunderdome. Dr Cell mentions that she has worked on the legless troubled Anna before and gets ready to provide medical treatment. The fight starts out with Becky getting quickly beaten to the ground and losing. The second fight Becky faces off against Wit, who quickly beats her to the ground. The fight is aborted and Wit disqualified as he seems overcome with bloodlust, continuously beating Becky even after claiming the win. Sadly the arena has no winner this day. Jimothy being one of the onlookers is very disappointed at the turnout, thinking that he wasted his money and time coming down here.

Sten listens to the mayors conversation while dining at Jyggals restaurant

Sten goes to dine at the restaurant and orders the daily special from Jyggal - freshly caught fish from the rivers of the undercity. Dining Sten tries to spy on mayor Coach from the row meeting with mayor McCuldger and Sean speaking in the next booth over. Complimenting Jyggal on the fine dining she asks if Sten is listening in, he agrees and responds to her not to tell anyone. Listening in to the conversation they tell Coach about the corps involvement with Sonitti introducing tariffs and Atlantis offering protection.

Stein returned from a scrap run but didn't have anything to sell, informed him that C3 is looking for materials for explosives if he ever comes across that or food to eat, as the reserves seem to be running low. Reeza would like to comission a water tank to be crafted and since they got scrap from before he might have one ready tomorrow.

A man in a very expensive looking armor came by asking for McCuldger, said he had business with him but would not divulge what kind. Even though he seemed not so fourthcoming he was offered gunsmithing services.

Heavy consequences

Dr Cell brings troublesome news to Sten.

Dr Cell came by with McCuldger, intending to settle some consequences with Sten signing for her yesterday. She asked who would be Ryzy's legal guardian, Sten told her that would be Ash. Asking to speak somewhere in private Ash, Sten, Ryzy, Pepper meet Dr Cell in Ash's apartment. Trying to recount the situation Sten illegally signed papers that said Ryzy was his legal guardian when this was in fact Ash. They used one of Nirvanas stash which they cant legally use that contained nanomachines. Dr. Cell tells that everyone in her care may be used as test subjects by Nirvana because of this.

Dr Cell informs the gathering of the severity of the situation

Dr Cell said that if they're really lucky they wont have to use Nirvana grade medicine again and perhaps then Nirvana wont pursue it. She said that she might be able to hide it as a silly little mistake but offering no guarantees. If they come pursuing it, she and her whole clinic would have to face repercussions, possibly even death. When asked what would happen to Sten, she gave the amount that Nirvana would pursue him for as an amount of $2,064,000,000,000 credits[15] - not counting any criminal charges. A crazy amount of funds nobody could ever possibly pay back. In exchange for trying to hide it, Dr Cell asked that nobody ever mentions this ever again to anyone.

Mr Prowler purchased a scrap shotgun for 2,000 credits.

Norman causes confusion

A man from Talaris rushes into the smithy saying that a child is about to die, and demands Polka's body for 10.000 credits and pays up front. He claims them to be bonded through magic means and if anyone poses any opposition he will send an execution team to have them all killed. Sten doesn't know what to make of the confusing situation but is paid regardless. The Talaris man returns later again and explains that it was all a misunderstanding and introduces himself as Norman Flint.

Putting the confusion aside Sten informs Patches, Trey, Shiloh and Sean that he's owed trillions of credits to some corporates. Trey tells him that unless they know of Stens location he doesnt owe anyone anything if they dont know where to collect it.

Meeting Sheilas friendly giant scorpion friend

Sheila sneaking in her scorpion friend she aks Sten not to tell McCuldger. As he pets the friendly scorpions pinchers he falls over from the weight alone. He is quite a big one.[16] [17]

Chapter 8 - Injured and tribal newcomers

Short on food

Councilman Sean stops by and Sten shows his crafts, giving him a choice between a revolver for 20k or shotgun for 30k. He decides on the revolver and tries out the weapon at the merc shooting range and Patches tries the shotgun, impressed by the craftmanship. Seeing as Maxwell is one of the mercs Sten learns that they're is able to offer combat training, describing the difference in being able to hit moving targets, as well as "the pleasure of choking his enemies to death", gulp.

Sheila comes by window shopping but tells that she couldn't even use a firearm if she got one. A blessing and curse for many magic users it seems.

Shiloh shows off his fancy engraving on his nailgun

When going to breakfast at Jyggals restaurant, he learns that they've run out of meat and are going to need people to go out hunting. Scootz mentioned they were going out hunting crystals and food since the town stores are running low and invites Sten to tag along. Going by Ronts garage Scootz has gathered a caravan consiting of Jorongo, Ront and Sean. Ront mentions her surprise at suddenly being able to see magical spirits and having some affinity for magic. Making a connection her fellow orc Jorongo, claims he sees no such things - excluding their similarity in that regard.

Another group of Wit, Sheila, Maxwell, Reeza, Bean and Xion heads out to try and hunt scorpions or sandcrabs for food. Hadwyn asks to aquire a pheromone sac from one of the large scorpions. He describes it as an organ somewhere near the stomach that smells funny that gives off scents that attracts the creatures. Getting ahold on one of those he may be able to craft some kind of lure that in combination with traps could catch the creatures without risking life and limbs.

Stopping by a ridge, the group spots a giant scorpion

Arguing with Scoots about who would be driving and the care of his cart from crashing before he he eventually gives in when realizing that Sten is the only one who knows how to drive. Out of town they notice that the sands have shifted, things are not as they used to be, with rivers of sand and "waterfalls" of sand.

Bean heals Sten

Disaster strikes

Stopping on top of a ridge they spot a giant scorpion approaching and open fire. The scorpion takes a lot of shots and charges in hitting Ront, Jorongo and Sten, knocking him down to the ground. Jorongo consumes his "special juice", a concoction of drugs that enlarges him to almost double his size and he manages to push the giant thing off of a cliff. Bean runs over and heals Sten who crawls gets gets to a sitting position, resuming fire. The scorpion is not defeated by the fall however and decides to return for a second round. On its way up it slashes at the parked vehicles, rendering them unusable. In a seated position Sten laments that the creature should have gone down by now and as if on cue - he is treated with a claw to his back as he lets go of a shotgun shell. Something sounds like it cracked in his back, a near fatal injury. Brave Jorongo fighting on manages to scare off the creature with Reeza helping move Sten back to the truck.

Uh oh...

Incapacitated Jorongo and Sten wait in the truck as Bean heals Jorongo magically. In a vulnerable position the caravan is attacked by another assailant, a sandworm beats against the side of the truck but does not manage to break inside it. Still large from his "juice" Jorongo decides to slings Sten over his shoulder and amazingly carries him all the way back to the Scrap Town clinic. The other injured are rescued by Ash who managed to catch up and gathers them in her truck.

A giant scorpion attacks with Jorongo fighting back, enlarged by his "juice"

On the way back Jorongo is slashed by a sand worm and takes gashes across his back but manages to escape. Fading in and out of consciosness Sten promises him a fat discount and whatever weapon he ever desire. Mumbling how long he can last the big guy tells he may last up to 30 minutes in his state - but only as long as his old heart doesn't give out - which it thankfully does not.

Back at the hospital Sten is suffering from internal bleeding and many lacerations. C3-Burns somehow manages to stabilize him using primitive steel pipe and rope. (Out of character Sten passes a death roll by DM Arcadum, surviving with major scarring and a slight pain but will recover.) Thanking C3 and Jorongo he tells them he owes them his life as he dozes off and tries to get some rest in the hospital bed.

Spectator: Successful hunt

(Being injured in the hospital Cragsand decides to go out-of-character to observe some events in town.) The other hunting party seems to have had more success with the smaller creatures and returns with enough meat to feed the town for probably weeks.

Rikky goes on a "spirit walk" with a stranger

Spectator: A lost rat

A corporate caravan led by Rikky Raclette and Manyu All of WOTO locate the crashed spaceship The Golden Lance. Unable to reach it by ground they decide to return from the air another day. On the return Rikky gets lost in a sand storm and his whole escort of corporate guards are killed by sandworms. All alone an orb drone visits him, it appears to be controlled by someone nearby who is checking him out. Determining him to be no danger a stranger appears and leads him on a "spirit walk" of sorts while speaking to him in cryptic language. Telling him to be truthful - something that seems to come very hard to the rat-kin - he gives very cryptic advice. Eventually he is lead in the right direction back to the safety of Scrap Town. The stranger however, is nowhere to be seen.

McCuldger and his tribesmen Bjorn the Bear and Panther

Spectator: McCuldgers tribesmen

Two members from McCuldgers old tribe - a man named Bjorn the Bear and a woman named Panther make their way into Scrap Town. With McCuldger and C3 they go to the oasis to gather fruit without encountering any danger. After their return and welcoming they are offered a home in town and to bunk with McCuldger for the time being.[18]

Chapter 9 - Hobbling around

Sten finds himself quite inconvenient today, his whole body aching with pain and is limited to hobbling around on crutches. Waking up in terrible condition and needed further inspection to aid his situation regardless he makes his way slowly to the smithy.

The injured Scootz purchases a new gun

Shopkeeper things

At the smithy a crew including Jorongo and Scootz are about to head out into the wasteland to explore some new discovery but they are secretive about it. Jorongo comes by aiming to collect on what is owed and Sten offers him whatever he wishes from the store to choose freely as payment for the debt of saving him. Asking for something powerful that can pack a punch that works better than his old cannon he settles for a quality shotgun, a shield refurbished from a traffic "STOP" sign and a bat with a sawblade. Unlikely as it is in his condition, lacking a cart and covered in bandages, Scootz is heading out too, insisting on getting a new weapon since the last one exploded on him. Trying to pin the blame on Sten he restates that he told him so for choosing a cheaper scrap weapon crafted by McCuldger.

Jorongo collects what he's owed

Foobar walks in and using his two nubs balances a knife that he wishes to purchase from the store - for no money. Asking what happened to the firearm he donated before he "sold it" but got no pay. Against better judgement and perhaps for the potential entertainment that may ensue - Sten parts with the knife for free.

McCuldger has a present to study for Sten

Panther with McCuldger looking really excited and rambling on loudly about "shooting light beams across the sky" and finding a mailbox to "deliver a message of death". While not being forthcoming he charges off to return after a while with a present. Revealing what he's carrying to Sten he holds out a broken energy weapon, a very rare piece used by the corporations. Being damaged he gives it for Sten to study. Maybe one day crafting such a fine piece would be possible, it would require rare materials though.

Mechanical treatment

Walking over to Mr Prowler cybermechanics shop Sten asked for something to improve his condition and was suggested a supportive mechanical back brace of some kind that could administer medication for pain relief. He offered a price for 5000-8000 to which Sten offered to pay up front but would rather check in the hospital that they can actually install it first - Mr Prowler is an honorable man.

Mr Prowler inspects Anna's strange secretions...

At Prowlers side, Anna was squealing nervously at the sight of Pepper approaching. Acting a bit strange Pepper asked for a suit of armor and was recommended to speak to patches. Looking grim it seemed like she had some more bullet holes in her than before. Asking Prowler and Ront they said that they they had to disable Pepper yesterday - after she went psycho - perhaps some side effect of being kitted out with all those cybernetics she has installed. Prowler mentioned that Anna had been producing a sticky alcoholic smelling substance after upgrading her firmware and was having its substance analyzed by C3. Remarking about the confirmation of Anna being synth Sten was hushed by Prowler who told him its still a sensitive subject best kept down low.

Asking how Sten was feeling C3 was offered a discount for any firearm of choice for administering emergency care yesterday, he also offered to aid in inspecting how to attach Prowlers brace. Regarding C3:s plans to make an "explosive device" he said that he had managed to furbish something himself. A sticky bomb that could possibly take down those giant scorpions quickly. A welcoming thought if it works out, C3 purchases a discounted gun from Sten for 20k. Waiting at the clinic Sten commended Bean on his bravery yesterday and told him to be careful - that he is essential to the town, being such a skilled healer and with M3-DB-07 having gotten requisitioned by the corps Scrap Town could use more medically trained.

Waiting for the brace to be installed Sten shared to Bean some of the history taught by the old spaceship AI that he used to live with in and old crashed Spaceship before moving to Scrap Town. It told of how humans colonies in the distant past first traveled out into the universe. According to it humans had been isolated on different planets, many years apart and how this was how many evolved different animal-like traits over long periods of separation. Remarking on how beautiful it is when when you think about it - how humanity was split apart but then came back together again - once the warpgates were invented. If this is the actual history of the past or fiction, Sten could not tell, but it does make for a good story. A relatively painless procedure Sten finally gets a back brace installed by Mr Prowler. This should speed up recovery substantially.

Miss Ront lends her golf cart to Sten

Sten ComingThrough

Miss Ront hollaring Sten up, directs him to wait at a spot and brings him a surprise gift, lending out her golf cart. Told to be careful Sten feels lucky and speeds off out into a trip racing around on the salt flats outside of town.

Collaboration with the Undercity smith Isaiah Clark

A stranger in good looking armor introduces himself as the blacksmith of The Undercity, Isaiah Clark. He tells that his business is slow with all the magic users up there and suggests collaborating in some way. He inspects Stens crafts and is very impressed. His skill being taking things apart and figuring out how they work, he offers to inspect the newly aquired broken energy weapon and make blueprints for it - in exchange for Stens knowledge in ballistics. Greeting Patches the excited fellow smith also purchases a shotgun for 35k, some great business to be had - but now Sten is left without a firearm of his own.

Scootz ranting about his return after the trip to The Golden Lance spaceship

Returning rantings

Jorongo with Scootz in tow returning from their expedition, Scootz demands a ride in the cart back to his shop. Ranting and raving about what happened he tells of them finding a cave behind a sandfall with something unexpected out in the desert. Turns out they found the large crashes spaceship that the rumors had been talking about. Hiring a vehicle together with Jorongo, Sheila, Wit, Toolbox and Mercury they end up encountering another group from The Row with corporates and bandit raiders in tow - all wanting to salvage the ship. He continues ranting about Sheila being depressed after both Toolbox and Mercury were destroyed in the action. In other bad news in their escape they ended up at the corporate HQ and had all their guns taken away from them.

Further information: The Golden Lance

Scootz, also having lost his hoverchair wants another cart crafted and offers some old blueprints of his old craft. Taking a look at them its going to take several days to craft, especially with more gun orders coming in. Getting better info from McCuldger about the news of the returning expedition, it turns out Mercury was not destroyed but captured by the corps. Toolbox was nowhere to be seen but reportedly was traded back by some friendly wasteland pillbugs.[19]

Chapter 10 - Dedicated Driver

Jorongo's payment

Sten retold what he learned about The Golden Lance expedition to his collegue Patches and resumes working on a new cart for Scootz. The schematics showed mostly how its done, but the trouble will be getting parts for the hover engines and another weird request: A self destruct button. Sten refused to install such a thing, and would not go further than adding a button and leaving any explosives up to Scootz himself to figure out. More likely than not the grumpy fellow would just end up blowing himself up by accident.

Town tidings

Stopping by Peppers for his daily usual, Anna takes over to tend the bar for a while. Exasperating over being unable to read their own menu Sten suggest charging the average price of 150 credits for everything as a possible workaround, thinking that will round itself out in the end seeing as she doesn't seem to be able to read or count. She wished Sten to heal quickly and eat lots of nutrients.

Dorro's tiny gun, with Ophani

Visiting Ront's garage she offers to lend out the golf cart right away with the promise of not needing to worry about payment - she is so kind. Picking up Scootz on the cart Sten ends up becoming his dedicated driver for the day. Jorongo cradling one of those crystals, it turns out Scootz was eventually good on his promised payment. Sitting on the knowledge of the location of the salvageable ship and the possibility of another of those valuable crystals being in his possession, driving the grumpy man around becomes a bearable endeavor. Jorongo proudly remarked that he now has carried both of the two riders on his back - saving them from certain death. He is undoubtedly the definition of a hero.

Driving around checking whats what there are some newcomers in town. A green cactus looking fellow introduces him as Charles Cutting and explains he found himself stuck under Ashes' truck, thats how he ended up in Scrap Town after crawling out. He seemed a bit out of sorts. Another newcomer was a spider-looking lady who applied at the hospital, they only passed by her briefly. A fellow from the Undercity introduced him as Alexander Dorro with his friend Ophani in tow, looking like potential buyers of crystals they instead recommended a dragon-looking man named Cornelius who makes his home in the undercity. Trying to advertise his business Sten showed him his gun, and he showed his - a small golden thing more akin to a toy. They exchanged some words regarding "size" until the conversation got too awkward to carry on.[20]

The magical air district in The Undercity

A visit to the city

Going up the lift to trade in The Undercity with Jorongo and Scootz they encounter strange spirits that fly around them and attempted to steal their valuables. Shooing them off asking for directions they meet some of the locals while enjoying the captivating and magical sights. It seems like the dragon-kin trader is not present in the air district and instead they walk by a hookah shop. At the hookah shop Jyggal of all people greet them, she tells that she has voluntarily become the "pet" of a mushroom-person named Wisp and offers free samples of the "trips" available there. Declining at first Sten eventually tries the Galaxy Blast that induces a happy feeling. Maybe its not so bad. Wandering around under influence a potential future trader is Bethany Esda who runs the junkyard, but she is not interested in purchasing any crystals.[21]

"The first sample is free" says Jyggal

The injured Stein tells of a synth uprising in Scrap Town

Feeling adventurous the group heads to The Row looking for other traders. Before spending much time there they run into Stein who with a bloodied face and panting tells of Scrap Town being under attack. According to him all the synths lost control of themselves and turned against the scrappers and walked blindly out into the wasteland to some bunker. Whatever could be controlling them this is very troubling news. Heading back to the lift they can see Scrap Town being attacked by an army of what seem to be huge robots, up the lift evacuees are rushing into the city to escape.[22]

Chapter 11: Through the gates

Mercury was one of the synths that remained unaffected


Returning after the gunfire has settled down the refugees make their way back. Inspecting the damages of the town it looks like the most harm had only befallen the gates and not the city itself. Stepping up to the occasion Hadwyn tries to organize the returning crew. Knowing that synths have access to radio frequences he suggests not using any of the regular channels and to prepare for them returning again by doing whatever everyone does best. Mercury appearing on scene appears to be unaffected by whatever caused the other synths lose control. Perhaps he is immune or was spared since he was damaged while it happened. Sten eyeing him cautiosly asks if he has any murderous intentions but he insists that he only cares for everyones well being. Mercury offers advice on how to disable some synths and turn them off without harming anyone. When Sten jests that they're not like they have an "off button" Mercury explains that Anna, apparently does have one.

Worrying about the situation Sten goes to assess the damage at the smithy, he is especially mindful in regards to his collegue Patches, being a synth he may have been among the affected. He used to be an effective combat model back in the day and the thought of him turning against everyone could be catastrophic. Fortune showing favor, the smithy is unharmed. Reporting back to the gathering and Hadwyn tells him to arm as many as possible, which he does and gets to work immediately checking out who are armed.

Mr Prowler and Anthony tells of the synth rebellion and the death of Pepper

Counting who haven't come back yet a worrying picture starts to be painted. Heading into Peppers bar, Anthony and Mr Prowler have left a glass of strong liquor out for Pepper - who is no longer with them - they inform that she has sadly passed away after being completely destroyed by the rebelling synths. Sten spends a moment in silence for her loss and remarks that he will miss ordering his daily strongest drink at her bar. Anthony and Prowler retell of how some got trapped under the sands and the others were captured or killed. Even Johnny Taxi, Toolbox and the medical bot C3 were among the ones turned hostile.

Arming the populus

Scootz catches up and is updated on the events and worries if Foobar is among the turned synths. They mentioned having noticed synths in the past spacing out speaking to the air, something Sten also have noticed. Maybe that is somehow connected to this. Scootz has some ideas for completing his cart and goes off to get Shiloh to finish the software stuff as Sten don't know nothing about such things. Insisting to have both of them armed he lends Jorongo and Scootz some of McCulders spare scrap firearms, lacking any higher quality crafts and since McCuldger isn't there to protest they might as well be put to use. He handed another scrap pistol to Charles Cutting who didn't even seem to know how to use one. Given a 10 second long crash course - aim and shoot - that should do.[23]

Stopping by Jyggals he orders her strongest and asks her if being a pet isn't degrading, she insisted it was just business and worth being pampered for. With the synths running wild she considered that they may not be to blame if something went into their heads screwing them up. Sean feeling responsible tells of his plan to head out and try to recover the synths and save the captured. A lingering question that remains is what prevents the synths from doing this again? Sten considers if they may be better of without them but Sean will have none of it, he values them dearly and for all they've done for the town he can't throw them out.

Blayne Penn is among the armed corp guard that suddenly swamp scrap town

Corp assistance

A heavily armoed armored fellow stops by asking what is going on and as if on cue the town is swarmed by armed corp mercs. Joining the scrappers suddenly Quixote is adding their aid in dealing with the synth threat and take up defensive positions on the ridges of the town. And good timing it is as a sudden barrage of airborne explosives starts bombarding. Sten dodging and taking cover everyone seems to be unscathed. For once Sten is actually glad to have corporate mercs around scrap town, an embarassing admission. Asking around it seems that they have gotten Hadwyns permission. Among the mercs is one Blayne Penn who tells of having grown up in Scrap Town. Taking up a guarding position on one of the towers Sten assists in guarding the gates.

The synths return...

McCuldger acts unusual, not like his former self

After guarding the position for what feels like an eternity a large gathering of all the missing synths come walking back as if nothing happened. With Toolbox in front insisting that they mean no harm, McCuldger is among them but he is acting strange and rejecting his name, insisting on being called by his first name - Henderson. He claims that the synths have gotten over whatever took control of them before and the corp mercs stand down. Towering in many of the Synths seem out of sorts, as if they are emotionally more capable all of a sudden. Mr Prowler goes to work inspecting some of them, making sure that they are safe - which they seem to be. Sten suspicious positions himself at Mr Prowlers workshop, guarding, questioning and making sure none of the synths show any murderous intentions. Among them are Patches too, who is also acting out-of-place but shows no indication of being hostile. Toolbox offers to replay all of his video footage of what happened to the synths, which Sten gladly accepts.[24]

Further information: Arcadum Episode 11: Whispers Within

Chapter 12: Farewells

The aftermath of Titan's mayhem

Feeling much Sten is able to walk without the need of his crutches today.

Revising the footage Sten has reason to give Patches a wide berth, being indirectly responsible for the death of Pepper and Ash, he went haywire under the influence of "Titan" - the A.I. that took control of the synths. According to the footage BR-16, who gained a new body should have returned most synths into their former state, except some - who got their emotional cores either enhanced or removed. The reason for McCuldgers strange change is because he was healed of his brain damage thanks to nanites. No longer the charming madman that he once was - he now seems to be a troubled soul, suffering from his painful memories. Meeting him during his regular visits at the smithy he explains that he is no longer able to manufacture firearms from scrap, which will be a huge loss.

Further information: Titan (A.I.)

Sheila hosts Ash and Peppers funeral

Peppers bar seems extremely empty without her but Anthony is there to serve in her stead. He offers Sten a bottle of liquor on the house and extends the offer to anyone after the scheduled funeral is held. The funeral for Ash and Pepper is held at a newly cleared area in town, initiated and hosted by Sheila. One by one every scrapper stops by and offering some words and their condolences. Offering his words for the fallen Trey aims his anger and towards the synths, especially Patches, still blaming them despite learning that they lost control due to the A.I. Titan.[25] Sheila who is leads the arrangements speaks to the spirits and appears to summon the spirits of both of the fallen. Their voices are carried in the wind like a whisper thanking the gathering, before they fade away forever.

Sten paying his respects by pouring one out for the dead

After the funeral Sten spots Patches leaving packages at both graves. When asked if he was alright he just responded with a resound "No" and left abruptly. Encountering C3 asking how he's doing he only recited status diagnostics with no humanity in his voice... something is really off with the synths. Speaking to Bean and Catheryn the new medical practicioner Juno Reyes confirmed it.

So we're getting "broadband" to the wasteland? Henderson speaks to the decker Horizon

A flashy looking individual wearing purple colors comes asking for McCuldger, asking about the mayor Sten wonders who's asking. At first mistaking him for Talaris wearing shiny purple they look really out-of-place down in the wasteland, they denounces any such notion and introduces themselves as Horizon. After getting confirmation from the mayor it appears that they've been hired to help set up better communication infrastructure in town in the form of a radio tower and a better network, seeing as the corps must have been spying when they suddenly turned up yesterday. He was also good with cash and purchased one of Stens quality firearms directly from him for 27k credits - a good deal indeed.

Preparing a scavenging run with Sean and Scootz

Scootz last insult

Scootz aks Sten if he's well enough to head out on a scavenging run as he could use his guns. Feeling in tip-top shape compared to some days ago they try to gather more but look short on vehicles and not many are interested to head out. Scootz is close to consider hotwiring one of the parked ones but is disuaded by Sten timely enough they encounter Reyna Ryder who runs a garage in The Row who after some convincing lends one of her cars. As payment Scootz offers a perentage return in scrap and Sten tells that if she comes across any energy weapons that the corps uses, he believes that he has figured out how to repair one of those. After getting lunch they eventually head out with Sean Ward.

Scootz last insult... The raider Darius shoots him point blank in the face

The run is successful at first, they find multiple crystal deposits in their journey which they harvest successfully until Scootz manages to fall out of the car window. Shouting for help the group is unprepared as they are ambushed and robbed by a sand raider who takes their treasure as well as their weapons. Sten tried to appeal to some mutual benefit in the bandit and suggested the potential for trade, but it was a folly with him just giving up information about themselves.[26]

Twitch Highlight: Scootz last insult - The raider Darius

As they are about to leave, Scootz makes a mistake that turns out to be his last. After learning the raiders name - Darius - he throws one of his usual insults his way - calling his name dumb. Not taking kindly to it after a short exchange, the raider shoots him point blank in the head. Sten and Sean put the pedal to the medal back to Scrap Town but after receiving treatment his wounds are too severe to be saved and Scootz dies on the operating table.[27]

Further information: Darius

Speaking to people in town about the loss of Scootz and raider Darius, Reeza tells that the pirate captain looking fellow, William has some beef with a raider which could be related. She tells that his family runs the tavern in The Undercity and pondering the situation Sten decides to investigate and try and pay them a visit. Going to the Undercity he turns up unsuccessful, their business is closed. Asking for directions Sten encounters Johnny Taxi with Bub and Fishbowl. The large yellow synth is back in business but sounds much more solemn than he used to, seems like the situation with Titan hit him hard. Bub had all of his memories wiped - again - and Fishbowl tells that she cleans the waters in the river which Sten can appreciate, seeing as the fish served in Scrap Town is caught there. Returning down the lift Mr Prowler purchases a quality shotgun for Mercury as well an order for armor, he believes that they will need it. He tells that Patches got his "compassion folder" reinstalled, which would explain his strange behavior. If that is a good or bad thing however, that remains to see.[28]

Chapter 13: Battles and Bugs

Reports reach Scrap Town that in of the rest of the city, corpos have turned against and are hunting down synths. Seems like the infection isn't over or they're reacting late to it.

A blaze of glory

Jorongo asks if there were any plans on Scootz funeral and suggests that he would probably like to go down along with his cart, seeing as he stubbornly had that self-destruct feature installed it might as well be put to good use. Later on Sten visits the hospital and with the help from Hank, they seat Scootz body in his cart and push him along to the city gates.[29] There he is sent off in a viking funeral of sorts, all in fitting wastelander style exploding his cart.[30] McCuldger remarks, "there he goes, magnificent bastard, godspeed - he wouldn't have wanted to go out any other way". The gathering can't help but laugh a bit but Hendersons words do ring true.

Tech and magic

Alizarin and Anna, both synths who don't seem to understand that they are

Speaking to Mr Prowler he insures that all the synths in town have been cleared as safe so they may instead need protection if the corps come down hunting after them. A newcomer named Alizarin comes asking about magic and locating his creator. Sten assuming him to be a synth he tells him to get checked by the robotics shop, as they might find a model number on him somewhere but he feels gravely insulted by this, explaining that he is something called a "golem" and capable of using "magic". He proudly displays his "magic", which happens to be a taser buzzing with electricity - which he calls "mana". Not sure what to make of the fellow before asking more he storms off energetically. He has to charge sometimes and realize that he's a synth - right? Another one like Anna, Sten remarks but is curious as to why he would think himself a mage. There must be good story behind it, and potentially valuable magical treasure to discover by following him.

Reeza invites Sten to go out scavenging and with a team of Reeza, Alizarin, Charles, Stein and Ryzy they have a successful and relatively uneventful scrap run. They only encounter some small sand fleas but shooing them off, none of them get to attack.

"Tourists" from the Upper City (Hortu and Crocolols)

Just another day

Sean asks Sten and Jorongos opinion on nominating Hadwyn as a new councilmember, replacing Ash. Sten finds it reasonable but warns that it's still unclear exactly what brought the corps down. Going for a drink at the bar, Anna has taken over for Pepper and inherited it. Anna is wearing a paper bag over her head as a disguise to hide her being synth, hoping that it will avoid any discovery from corpos out hunting. She tells of forgetting her wheelchair in Titan's factory and wanting to retrieve it but Sten disuades her, it would be very dangerous and require an armed team.

Intending to get his usual strong drink he meets the guard from before during the synth uprising who offers to buy for him as well as a generous tip to the bar and shares his story. His name is Blayne Penn of Sonitii and he originally grew up and was raised in Scrap Town. Turns out it was him who sent down the support. After sharing the personal chat it turns out that there are some good corpos after all.

Pillbugs stop by trading and Sten tries his best to communicate and learn the names of three, Bobo, Baba and Skeevi.

Corpos come for another arena battle

Dining at Jyggals she has been abandoned by her owner, seems that "pet" deal didn't work out. In the restaurant are also two "tourists" - would be the best word to describe them - shifty reptilian looking fellows saying they were from "up town" and writing a news article on the meat burgers - advertising "the taste of the wasteland". Escorted by a huge imposing looking orc they are well guarded. Looking for something better than they're used to, at the mention of the artificial WOTO cubes in comparison for food the big one is visually gagging, not enjoying the thought of their artificial cousine from up top.

Charles gets asked for an interview about his people by Maxamillion of Atlantis

An entourage from Atlantis, one who introduce himself as Max asks Charles, the cactus looking fellow for an interview. Sten offers him council that should make sure to ask for fair compensation and that Atlantis would probably be the lesser evil and compared to most other corps. They are here for an arena fight where one of their guards face against Ryzy. The fight ends rather quickly with Ryzy defeating him easily and the guard - named Leon - has to recieve medical care afterwards.

Bad information

Continuing the search for information on Darius, Sten takes the lift up to The Undercity again. This time the bar "The Death Flag" is open and after telling his reasons William offers drinks on the house, unfortunately he has no information to offer about Darius, it wasn't the same raider he was familiar with.

Before leaving the city, Sten hears some gunshots and spots the head of Talaris, who he learns is named Damien from some locals. He decides not to investigate but walks in the opposite direction from the line of fire. A friendly guy named Riley tells of there being a scare with some cube mind controlling people, leaving everyone in a state of worry. Sten trying to sell his services as usual mentions his smithy down in Scrap Town but before making any deal Hadwyn interrupts the conversation. Lying that the lift is broken for any visitor heading down he mentions that Riley is from Talaris. Trusting in Hadwyn Sten apologizes to Riley but firmly states that the conversation is over. Talaris is dangerous.[31]

Chapter 14: Virus and a Deserter

Hadwyn is announced as a new councilman by McCuldger and Sean

Council meeting and law

A town meeting is called by Henderson and Sean. They bring up the topic of replacing Ash and nominate Hadwyn as a new councilmember. Having stepped up to the occasion previously he is selected in unanimously without a single complaint. The second topic is the discussion about rent for all citizen, with the new communications tower being installed by Horizon they are going to need to collect 15.000 credits. Stepping up suddenly Patches offers to cover the whole sum and is met with appreciation, perhaps its guilt after the Titan uprising. Laying down the law the council decided on 3 rules in town as well as electing Jorongo to act as sheriff.

  1. You dont shoot or kill anyone in town
  2. Any fighting that is done is done in the arena
  3. If you steal a car the owner has the right to put a bullet in your head, only exception to the first rule

At the town gathering is Leon - the corporate guard who fought in the arena yesterday. Looking troubled Sten offers to sells him firearms and he settles on a scrap pistol. He eventually lets slip that he has defected and is on the run from Atlantis.

Sean purchases a new gun replacing his stolen one, Savire Vay the spider lady and new medic at the hospital puts in an order with a payment plan. Jyggal asks about setting up a charging station in the restaurant, suggesting the business idea that whenever organics have a meal before heading out into the wasteland, their synth companions can charge as well.

A half-naked stranger

The rescued woman and Trey exchange "traditional greetings"...

Accompanying Trey ging out to the oasis, on the way out they meet a half-naked woman clad in tattered clothing who said she woke up from a nap out in the desert but not knowing how she got there. She spoke confusing words of being on a quest searching for crabs, not requiring any drinking water and that she hatched from an egg. Gathering water and fruits at the oasis when invited to shake her hand Trey declined, having been adviced against handshakes only offering a bow. On the way back Trey remarks that theyre lucky not to have encountered any opposition and as if on cue a sand worm appears chasing after the car. They make it back safe to town but none the wiser as to the womans reasons for being there. Ending in a traditional greeting of their people... she and Trey both leaned angled downward pointing their hands upward towards the sky...[32] Parting ways the woman gave Sten a hug thanking him and Trey for the rescue.

Mika is returned to William after being cleared of the virus

Loss of control

In Town Toolbox has been painted by Sheila with her tribal symbols, considering him apart of her tribe now. He warns that there may be corporates come to harm some of the synths and Sten goes looking. True enough there seems to be another computer virus outbreak. Horizon and a synth named Mika, who was spreading the virus, they had came to blows. McCuldger and Prowler had quarantining themselves off keeping synths inside of the robotics shop. Yelling from inside he tells people to keep to keep out and make sure nobody comes in and gets infected while Mr Prowler clears them from the virus. Sten stands guard at the entrance asking about how to recognize the infected. Luckily this time around they arent violent, they only ramble about "passing the message", "tell the story" or getting touchy feely with other synths - which presumably means "spreading the virus". Mika's owner, William comes demanding his bot back but is stopped at the entrance. Mika is eventually cleared and she confirms that William is her only "administrator".

McCuldger holds Mr Prowler by the cuff of his neck

All of a sudden McCuldger is heard yelling all across town, having lost his marbles completely. Getting a robotic arm grafted back seems to have awoken his old self and he goes berserk chasing after Mr Prowler. The "sane" Henderson seems to have lost to the crazed McCuldger - his jumbled mind of dual personalities. Cornering him in the bar Sten stands between the two trying to separate them as he hoists the roboticist up in the air, grabbing him by the neck. The onlookers tire and Mercury opens the first shot at him, he lashes back striking Mercury but he doesn't go down. Rambling on he is shot multiple times before he hits the ground, mumbling "the sweet relief"... the medics rushing to his care and manage to save him, although taking a large number of gunshots.[33] And people are worried about the synths?

Trey shoots the Atlantis retainer in the back of the head before he can escort Leon away.

An Atlantis retainer came asking for Leon and feigning ignorance nobody was willing to give him up. The guard eventually manages to track him down on his own and starts escorting him away. Interrupted at the gates to town Sten starts asking questions but before any reasoning is to be done, Trey takes aim and shoots the retainer in the back of the head.[34] This is going to have consequences.[35]

Chapter 15: Consequences

Horizons comms network or "internet" is up and running and a new tower graces scrap town. McCuldger injured but shambling around delivers more scrap guns to the smithy while mumbling to himself to shut up... happy to see him able to work again it seems like his split personality has managed some form of coexistance. Visiting the hospital Sten asks if they have any ideas of an expert having a look at his head, weither they be needing xrays or a therapist. A good idea would be to have Dr Cell up at The Row to have a look at him.

Xion is back after recovering from his injuries and opens up The Dunewalkers mercenary guild and provides the shooting range as well as access codes for entrance to Sten.

C3 aks if some canisters he ordered from Patches are done but Sten knows nothing about it. Chatting for a bit he learns that C3 contrary to patches is missing his emotional folder and has marked several of the locals as "hostile" but that this luckily doesnt mean "shoot on sight". Failing to convince him to change this designation, he at least agreed to get checked over by Prowlers. He also has business in the Upper City, to gather supplies from Quixote. Being the corp that deals in arms and ammunition and tech, at this mention Sten tells him that if he could get ahold of any energy weapon or power armor plans that would be extremely useful. Speaking of, the smith from the undercity returns with some good and bad news, the bad being that the weapon he attempted to deconstruct yielded little knowledge in being a disposable kind, such corpo waste. The good news was that he got other schematics of energy storage and emitters for energy weapons. Completing the armor for Mercury is not Stens usual expertise but thanks to the good parts it turned out to be one of his finer crafts. Mercury is now quite armed to the teeth carrying both a revolver and semi-automatic.

Alexander Dorro came by looking to hire someone to search and track down Kythus and Leilani, both who have gone missing from The Undercity. After describing them the pay was too poor for Sten to actively go looking but would keep an eye out.

Looking for driving lessons Charles is out of luck without miss Ront around but Sten offers him some pointers and they after borrowing one of the race cars, go for a spin around the salt flats. He should be good to go in future expeditions. Asking him to join for dinner at the restaurant the plant-kin explains that he doesn't eat, only drinks water. Without thinking too carefully Sten offers him some agave punch to which Jyggals pipes in and stops him. Isn't that like eating your own kin? And how would he handle alcohol? Apologizing profusely for the insult he decides it best not to find out right now, maybe sometime in the future - for science. After dining Sten takes a look inspecting wiring required for a charging station.

Flounder dancing with his side-kick Atlantis guard

Outside of the clinic Maxamillion and two other strangers clearly from Atlantis - unmistakable from their attire - are shouting and complaining about one of the guards having stomach pains. The loud robot, with threatening undertones introduces himself as Flounder - a comedian - and started dancing. Not responding to a single question asked just babbling about after their introduction he the guard stormed away. Making an admittingly entertaining duo, its probably a good idea to keep an eye on them.

Astral company mercs interrogate C3

An armed corporate entourage of what looks like Astral Company haeavily armed and armored mercenaries comes to town requesting to speak to the rulers. They forcefully command the locals to disperse with one of them hitting C3. Backing up and spying on them from The Dunewalkers elevated vantage point Sten follows them. Turns out that they're looking for Leon and whoever is responsible for the death of the retainer. Going around questioning and interrogating they figure out that Trey Hunter is responsible and escort him out of town. In their wake Leon ends up dead in the hospital, but it's unclear who was responsible. Henderson says that he will go to the Upper City to try to bargain for his return.

Manyu and Rikky orders repair services

Rikkys twin weapons share the engraving "Tolstek"

A WOTO corporate ratis named Rikky Raclette with an armed escort come asking for a weaponsmith and meet up with Sten at the shop. Careful, Sten asks Xion to have his back just in case they try something. Rikkys reason for coming down here of all places is to get repairs on his weapons on the down low and presents two old firearms that he explains are of nostalgic value to him. Both are a pair of semi-automatic SMG:s with the engraving "Tolstek" on them, very peculiar. Giving an extremely overpriced cost, thinking that surely Rikky can pay for it he agrees on 40k. Getting to work there is something mysterious about these weapons. Both Sean and Reeza stop by asking about them.[36]

Chapter 16: Botched Rescue

Shiloh shows off his new ride, after injuring his legs again

Business without Patches

Opening up the shop Sten tries out the new network from his cashier and writes a post advertising his business. McCuldger is back to crafting again, gratefully delivering a batch of well needed scrap firearms he tells that when he tried the new network he learned the truth of Miss Ronts disappearance. It was no accident, on the comms a raider demanded ransom for her. Intending to launch a rescue expedition Sten offers to lend his support. Short thereafter a gathering including Blayne and some unknown corporates head out on the mission in a rush.

Conk with Bo places some smithing orders for a hatch and armor

Seeing successful business Sten offers to purchase recovered scrap weapons to keep the store stocked and does so from Charles the cactus who also orders a payment plan for a quality firearm. While paying Rikky arrives to collect his firearms and interviews the cactus about his kin. The large rat delivers on his promise, paying handsomely. Letting him fire a couple of shots with his dual SMG:s on the shooting range he is very satisfied. Successful business with a corporate suit, without any hitch, amazing! Angelina comes in asking about explosives and Sten offers to sell one of the scrap rocket launchers. She seems intent on blowing up some noodle shop in the city to which Sten says he will not be held accountable for, however she uses the weapons is her own thing. After a demonstration it seems a bit too heavy for her small frame and she declines. The mushroom people Bo, Conk and Jimmy come to the smithy asking to craft a hatch and some gear. Patches still missing Sten guess he can expand to this area of smithing as well and takes down notes for instructions for what Conk needs.

Invited to "Girl Talk" with Savire, Juno and Sheila, uh oh

No gala for the indebted

From Xia the courier, Sten learns that the is a gala in the Upper City even inviting Scrap Town citizen. Along the attendants leaving are Wit, Sheila, Sean and Hank. With his giant debt its safest to stay away, and it does sound like a trap regardless. Doing his rotations it seems that the bar is closed, he happens upon Savire, Juno and Sheila standing around in a circle. Approaching they say they're having girl talk and asked if he's girly enough to listen in Sten tries to puts on a croaking attempt at a girl voice and is allowed in, putting their hands together they cheer. He and learns that Savire went on a date with McCuldger getting drunk together and offers to "wingman" in the future once he's back.[37]

The injured Hadwyn returns, treated by Juno

Ront made it back!

The expedition returns with the corporate people storming up the lift quickly with not intention of giving any updated while injured scrap towners are tumbling in. Sten offerts Horizon support, getting him to the hospital. Among the injured are Stein, Hadwyn and Horizon, who is bleeding through his mask. The blacksmith from the Undercity is among them but his wound are very severe and he doesn't make it through.

Failed mission

Heading back out unprepared sounds like a bad idea

Ront made it back safe from the raiders was just hit in the arm. She explained that she made it thanks to forming a bond with a raider named "Steve" but that McCuldger is missing, possibly left behind. Reeza confirms, and tells she had to heal the drivers to help get them back. Slip mention the name, "Darius", the scumbag was supposedly with them helping escort them to the raider camp "for fun". Following Reezas directions Sten joins her driving, heading out searching at the oasis for McCuldger. They find nobody, returning Sten joins Ront on another search. On their way out they find Johnny Taxi wandering about on his own, his legs damaged and pick him up narrowly dodging a sand worm. Jonny tells them that he saw what happened to McCuldger, he got his legs broken and is possibly even dead. Giving up back in town Ront is distrought failing to protect another friend. First Ash, now McCuldger... Sten offering poor attempts at comfort Savire will have none of it - not giving up on McCuldger - and convinces them to head back out again.

Outside the raiders camp with Ront and Savire

With Savire and Ront, remarking on this being a bad idea they manage to find the raider camp. It is protected by a maglev ramp requiring a vehicle to enter. Considering their options they head up and are fired at by a raider at the camp gates. Turning back to evaluate how to approach the situation Sten fails at driving running the car the maglev ramp and manges to crash his truck on top of the other, breaking it and injuring Ront in the process... this did not go as expected at all. Giving up they head back again to Scrap Town and get Ront checked at the hospital, at least they know the location of the raider camp and can retry again.

Calling a Town meeting everyone is informed of the situation and they discuss their options. They don't know if McCuldger is still alive but the town does not seem to be willing to give up hope on him just yet. They decide to reconvene tomorrow to decide on what to do. Perhaps a small group using stealth is a better approach?

The suffering stranger, "Tesh Ken"

An insectoid stranger at first very skittish carrying primitive weapons, stutters his name being "Tesh Ken" awkwardly walks into Scrap Town. Explaining that hes the only survivor of his mercenary group he is suffering from dehydration and acts disorientated. Sten helps escort him to the restaurant where Shiloh and Jyggal provides him with some water and food.[38]

Chapter 17: Saved and Supplied

Sten drinking on the job while working on a GU rifle

Throughout the day Sten recieves useful firearms to pick apart to learn from. Juno hands Sten a Galactic Union rifle with both accuracy and rapid fire and Phil who aided them in the fight before during the Titan uprising, drops of a corporate sniper rifle as a gift in exchange for being able to collect in on a future favor.

To Stens and Seans shock C3 showed both video evidence that Trey was actually an Atlantis operative and that his capture before was just a ruse to get him out. Unbelievable considering how anti-corporate he had always been.

Vessa from The Row orders a Kazoo instrument to be crafted. Unusual but something Sten can make with the right schematics

With the sudden shortage of blacksmiths Sten gets some unusual requests. Wit hands over a an old electric guitar which he wishes to be fashioned to also act as an axe, agreeable to complete after a couple of days. That is not the only instrument, a upper class looking lady who introduces herself as Vessa, orders a Kazoo, a blowing instrument. Consulting Shilohs datapad for some schematics he agrees on crafting one.

Sten learns that the large orc Charles together with an unknown, rather short orc buddy, who didn't wish to divulge his name, intended to have a chat with the council in town regarding corporate affairs. Councilman McCuldger still captured by raiders they gather up a group consisting of them, Sheila and Ront, to aid in a rescue attempt. Dismissing any offers of aid the small group headed out ignoring the other plans set in motion for a rescue. Along with Toolbox, Sean, Wit and Stein, trying to be useful Sten stand guard at the gates preparing for their return in case they're being chased by raiders.

Vessa's healing magic saves the injured Sheila in front of Wit, and Hank

The hospital ready all return but are injured and are helped to get moved to the hopsital for treatment. It looks grim, leaving for the Docs to do their work Sten walks into Vessa, who is on her way to collect the instrument. Mentioning the return of injured she tells that she is actually a healer in the magical arts. Rushes her to the hospital and she goes to work right away. Seems that the timing was perfect and her water infused magic manages to save everyone. Exhausted after doing her work Sten offers her the crafted kazoo instrument free of charge, just appreciating that everyone survived.

This aliens dance is... very strange

Checking in with the hospital Hank tells that they're being spent on supplies and Sten join Sean and Ront on a visit to The Row to gather supplies. At the row hospital Sean puts in orders from a medical bot named Celeste and a doctor named Alice who will be sending a delivery tomorrow. Looking for places to dine most restaurants appear to be closed and they settle for the next best - The Dirty Diamond brothel. On stage at first a synth performs an impressive dance followed by an alien who makes very strange and interpretive poses. Not sure what to make of it and having no intentions to partake in any other favors they leave for The Row scrapyard. There Dagu, the small dragon-kin who faught in the scrapatorium arena weeks ago happens to run it, and shows a huge chute where he sifts through and collects trash that is being dumped from the upper city. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Back in scrap town Tesh Ken, the lost mercenary has no place to stay and Sten lends him his couch.[39]

Chapter 18: Newcomers

Town dealing

Waking up, Tesh Ken is nowhere to be seen. C3 stops by the shop and describes in intricuate detail some key designs into how to fashion energy weapons. Studying the ones he got before closely along with the other donated firearms Sten decides to favor ballistics instead of energy weapons and learns how to fashion GU Rifles, this will be very useful for Scrap Town.

Anthony comes by collecting a package that Patches left him and explains hes making some kind of magical shrine in the wasteland.

That imporant looking corporate fellow walks by asking for someplace to hide. Walking with slumped shoulders and sadness across his face he looks really down on his luck and is lacking his armor from before. Impatient at not getting the responses he expected he walks away.

Seeing as Patches has disappeared Sten spreads the word that he is looking to hire someone to help him in the smithy. Mr Prowler also tells that he spotted some shady looking people, not sporting any corporate colors had been snooping out Patches home the other day is worrying. The bar is closed with Anna missing but being in charge of keys Prowler opens up and sells a whole bottle of strong liquor anyway. Perfect.

Word spreading quickly around town the union kid banker Jimothy from The Row is in hiding. According to Hank he was caught with illegal drugs and ordered to go into rehab. Sten enjoying the bottle himself remarks that its only a problem if it causes problems. Meeting him later when dining at the restaurant it becomes clear to be one. Jimmy is a total mess, stuttering words and looking disoriented and sten buys him something to drink and hands it to him, seemingly incapable of taking care of himself.

Tug of War?

War-Togg or rather Tugg and War. Tug of War?

At the the restaurant is a - or uh, two... - newcomers? The two twin heads share the same body of a yellow ogre and are looking to rent a home. Arguing among eachother eventually introduce themselves as War and Togg. War seems to be a kind soul while Togg a dismissing, brash and begruntled, refusing to even handshake. While being short one arm Sten still asks them about their experience to possibly work at the smithy but they end up arguing with eachother instead. Togg seems to blame War harshly for being responsible for his lack of one arm. They return later asking about purchasing robotics and get recruited by Sean to head out on a hunting trip to the wastes, to restock on meat. Togg refuses to even let War get a gun, distrusting him and they settle on melee bat.[40]

Meeting another newcomer in town named Relic he is spotted gazing off into the distance. Sten asks him if he's admiring the majestic city in the backdrop to which he exclaims what city, not even noticing. Giving him a short 101 about the Savior City and the corporations the disoriented stranger claims to have lost his whole tribe out in the wastes and is unfamiliar with civilization. After conversing for a moment Sten starts bringing the newcomers on a tour until another stranger clad with a skull mask introduce himself as Zeke. While Sten thinks him harmless enough he decides to follow him around, make sure hes not up to no good. His gruff outlook however makes others take him for a raider and give him a wide berth and Relic storms off.

A child-sized stranger wearing a helmet approaches asking about gathering explosives with the intention to do some "farming" and having assassins after them. Sounding completely absurd Sten tries to pry some more information out of them but eventually gives up and decides not to aid them.

New Hire

The newly hired Torok and War-Togg in the smithy

Looking for new people to hire Sten meets Torok The Gleeful, a giant turtle man. Looking like an absolute unit of muscle Sten asks him if he ever swing a hammer. Seeming desperate for money "to buy drugs" the giant seems very much into the idea and goes on about all the things he ever swung before, juggling pins, people, corpses of people, half eaten people, sledgehammers, headposts, posts, small cars. After chatting with him it becomes clear he suffers from some kind of memory problem from long years working for a bizarre circus and eating about anything he comes across. Against what most may consider better judgement he still decides to hire him, thinking he would do good work processing sheet metals and the town being in dire need with Patches missing.

Housecalls handyman

Meeting Sir Polka in his human form, making fun of Relic

Recognizing the voice of Sir Polka a man with one of his eyes closed, less so an animated suit of armor this time it would appear he somehow managed to become human. Claiming to be in constant pain he at first denies being Polka and introduces himself as "Sir William Handsberg of Bulgaria" and performs a "butthole diagnosis" on Relic.[41]

Blayne Penn and his assistant Sonitii synth order another Kazoo instrument.

A restaurant owner in The Undercity named Qwinn comes asking for help to fix their stove and not having anything else to do Sten tags along with War-Togg joining him. Taking a look at the stove it seems like whatever they had inside leaked into and melted the insulation on the wires. Offering to fix it but needing some parts Qwinn got impatient and offered food as payment for the bother and getting someone else to repair it right away. While taking a look at the stove Qwin shooed away War-Togg after the ogre helped himself to some food in the kitchen without asking for permission.

Finding himself alone Sten eventually gives up searching for War and Togg. He gets an order from Bub to make fishing rods and meets some locals. Orlando Fletcher and Fik Tich are opening a clothing store in the Air District, getting some clothes could be nice if ever Sten has to fit in at any fancier place. He meets Fishbowl again who is doing some cleaning, now employed and working for the Galactic union.[42]

Chapter 19: Business is Booming

Torok working at the forge

Moving to the smithy the newly hired Torok The Gleeful is up early, already smelting ingots. Lacking a much needed quenching bucket he keeps waving them to cool them down while snacking on some of them. While he may not be able to digest them his stomach is supposedly fine with swallowing such, and he cant help himself not to. Sten ponders to himself that it must come out the back end of him eventually. The giant turtle seems to have a terrible memory while telling stories of working for his circus, a macabre spectacle reveling in torture and horrors which he supposedly was a part of for hundreds of years. Asking to end early to go find some drugs and wondering how much he is telling is actual truth, Sten starts to wonder if maybe he made a mistake hiring this one but still pays him.

While working suddenly the ground begins to shift as a moderate earthquake rocks the whole town with plates falling off the buildings. The sound of a loud engine coming towards the volcano pulls everyones eyes towards it. In the distance a large amount of smoke can be seen from the previously dormant entity. Checking around town it seems everyone is alright and Sean begins planning for the worst with his fellow councilmembers.

Sten is sent for to meet with someone at the clinic who wishes to remain secretive. In the hospital Sten comes face to face with the short orc from before, spotted with Charles from yesterday aiming a gun at him. Carrying a loaded shotgun, an SMG and two revolvers he looks like hes packing some serious heat. Putting his gun down hesitantly he looks worse for wear and orders a large amount of ammunition, double the usual price but with urgency being a priority.

Torok and Willie

Returning to get to work as if on cue an old man named Willie Walker walks by the entrance after seeing Torok wave around an ingot in the air to cool it. He tells of how he used to work as a blacksmith before enlisting to join the war. Knowing guns and ammunition and being an ex-soldier in The Union he sounds like the perfect addition to the shop and is offered a job with pay up front if he can start right away, seeing as there is demand. Initially just passing through he accepts and is shown the shop and compliments the craftsmanship.

Anna places an order to recreate a flower into a metal replica, having a queue of orders it will have less priority upsetting her. Sir Polka asks to borrow some tools to fix his armor and is welcomed to do so. He has mysteriously grown taller but insisted on there not being any magic involved, one can never tell anything for sure with him.

Speaking to Prowler and Mercury Sten learns what that Patches returned to his creators, Quixote and in return tells them he learned of Trey Hunter being from Atlantis. Prowler also suggests a project to put armor on Sheilas friend "Crabby", and mounting a gun on him.

Handing over ammunition the caravan with the short orc heads out intending to investigate the volcano.

Torok accuse Jimothy of posing as a fake clown

Jimothy settling in as a local in Scrap Town still appears to be heavily under the influence of some drug and is pushed around while made fun of, gets his shirt torn and body painted. Telling him the truth Sten outright says that he looks like shit, while Shiloh whispers the opposite in his ear. Torok angered at his paint, accuses him of posing as a fake clown, insulting his profession.

"Morningstar" the courier asks about coming up to the Row and spend some time selling firearms working with someone named "Loch", there as seeing as their smith Clarke is missing. Apologizing to be the bearer off ill news he informs her that Clarke sadly is dead. Sten considers it but seeing enough business down here keeping up with the demand being higher than supply is going to be difficult. Needing new materials Sten purchases quality parts for more guns from McCuldger for 16k credits, steeper than usual but very manageable.

Now IS-01, no longer "Patches"

At first not recognizing him C3 wearing a new shiny white chassis approaches Sten asking about plasma weapons and with Wit learns the expedition didn't find out anything about the volcano but encountered a digsite with a giant drill. Another polished synth walking in out of the blue is Patches - but he's changed... denying his old name with a new designation and retainer, someone from Quixote named "Captain Kyler Haven" being in charge of him. His memory erased and a new directive to "provide security" to the town, whatever that entails it seems he will no longer be smithing. Sten by himself reflects over the the loss off his old colleague.WIP[43]

Chapter 20: Hidden Threats

Torok continues putting in his hours at the forge telling his strange stories and remarks that he will gather supplies and drugs from the undercity later. While counting the loss of him swallowing every other ingot he processes he still does decent enough work. Willy starts working on ammunition right away, being his specialty he is very skilled at it and is given the code to enter and leave the shop freely at his own convenience.

The radio station "Arcadia" run by Horizon at the mic broadcasts a message globally all over town that there is going to be corporate presence going out to The Golden Lance and to be careful. He also notifies that the a response towards the volcano threat from yesterdays earthquake is being considered by the Scrap Town council and to consult them with further questions.

New orders completed

Hadwyn places a last minute order for a lot of ammunition, apologizing for the rush he with Shiloh and Sean drop off some corporate armor they wish refitted on them quickly, going lightweight they ask to keep it on the down low not to ask where they got it from. Taking measurements of them Sten gets to work fitting it on.

A friend of Shiloh wearing a mask aims going by the alias "Zero" wishes to buy a good firearm but is very short on credits. Only giving payment plans to locals Shiloh puts in for his friend. Sten later learns that they went to visit The Golden Lance of all cursed places... why go towards danger.

Mr Prowler has been working on crafting gas masks for the occasion that the volcano erupts and starts spewing toxic gas. Prefering to be prepared Sten buys one off him right away. Well made the design will still have difficulty fitting some of the locals with larger faces like Torok or Charles.

A shifty man with Sonitii colors looking extremely uncomfortable being down in the wasteland comes delivering a package from the upper city labeled "metals for Sten" which he claims to be from from Polka and Sheila. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Sten accepts the package. Completing Wit's axe-guitar the lanky man walks away with it to enchant it and shows it off adding a mysterious green glow to it.

Mercury's armor repaired and Anna with her new legs - ordering a firearm

Ordering a flask at the bar Anna has gotten well needed upgrades in the form of proper legs. Her old nickname "Nubs" doesn't quite fit any more but she insists that its ok to still call her that.

Trouble brewing

Riley from Talaris who Sten had a run in before comes asking around in Scrap Town for a spirit talker and describes his weird plan to get revenge on WOTO. He tells of WOTO capturing spirits in their WOTO cubes and according to him, intends to do the same somehow and use them in revenge as poison. Sten figures him to be rambling like a madman.

Ront tells that her new hire Relic took her car without permission to some mushroom cave and asks Sten to tag along in an attempt to track it down, needing someone to drive it back if they find it. They rotate on a trip to bramble canyon but they fail to find anyone.

Councilman Hendersson informs that a bunch of corpos are heading out to try and stop the volcano, however that is possible, and tells everyone to get their essentials and prepare for a possible evacuation order if it comes to that. He has been securing refugee locations already thankfully. Watching from a distance as the corpos load up inventory inside of a large truck Sten recognize the big orc and the young man who asked about weapons weeks ago, it would appear he actually works for the Mars corporation.

A thunderstorm in Scrap Town, shocks the locals who have never even seen rain, and it knocks out their new radio tower.

All of a sudden a singular white line comes from the skies in the direction of The Golden Lance and followed by Henderson shouting for an evac right away as the ground shakes, knocking everyone in Scrap Town to the ground for another what seems like an earthquake. Shortly thereafter it is confirmed on the radio that the old cursed ship has been destroyed and Ront notifies of an incoming group needing emergency medical attention. As the injured roll in the sky lights up in a violent thunderstorm, something very few local wastelanders have ever seen and some start to panic. Synths who are not waterproof run for cover and Toolbox radios in that he is trapped in the row for now. Enjoying his bottle of liquor Sten takes cover from the rain in The Stray Dog. Witnessing lightning strikes increasing in intensity one eventually strikes and destroy the radio tower, the storm clouds clearning Horizon lets out a shriek of anguish, seeing all his hard work destroyed.

Raleigh hovers using magic

Raleigh buys a round of drinks for everyone who hoddled down in the bar while Sean updates on the bad news. It would seem Relic met his end at the lance, as it got bombarded from orbit at least it was finally destroyed. A case of some really bad karma for stealing that vehicle before Sten figures. War the compassionate twin of Togg, is real upset about the loss, being a newcomer he got real close to Relic during his short time there, regretting he didn't join them, he blamed himself thinking that might might have been able to prevent Relics death.

Returning to his shop McCuldger sternly tells Sten that the council sponsored Patches before, upping up the production of firearms to keep the citizen of scrap town armed. Not knowing of this promise Sten checkes the accounts left by his former collegue and it does indeed seem to be true, funds were just left there. Getting to work and agreeing that as many of the locals should be armed and ready, the sponsor funds go to providing Juno with a pistol, Odd with a revolver and a flare gun to McCuldger, to sound an evac alarm if needed. Mr Prowler purchases a new revolver for Anna but trades it to a pistol from Mercury, being a smaller weapon. Doubtful about allowing Anna a firearm they seem skeptical at first but reassure that she is now capable. Taking some practice shots at the firing range she does indeed seem to handle her gun well. Prowler was informed by Xion that the mercenaries had acquired Mars guns which they stowed somewhere at the firing range, but they fail to find any.

Some corp woman with very suspicious Sonitii soldiers...

Spirit Valley Invaders

A large space ship passes by overhead, looming over scrap town and not long after strangers arrive in town. Rikky and his guards come asking for an escort to a location named "Spirit Canyon" but Sten has never heard of this place and can't help him. Another corporate clad skinny woman with two very suspicious looking Sonitti guards with accents in her tow, they came asking questions about the ship. Not intending to help them Sten says nothing but regardless they get help from the not as careful Prowler and Sean.

Thaddeus Dreadnaught class ship passes through Scrap Town.

Miss Ront injured by "Thaddeus", tells of the terrible news...

Sten learns from "Cactus" Charles that there is someone injured that has returned but there is no medic available to provide emergency care. Visiting the hospital Sten finds Miss Ront, severely injured and mumbling through tears she is going in and out of consciousness. She has some terrible news... She informs of someone named "Thaddeus" killing Maxwell, capturing Reeza and the other "spirit walkers". Distrought by the information Sten tries to focus on the situation at hand and picks her up, starting to carry her towards The Row lift to find proper medical care, lacking any doctors around. Running into McCuldger he helps carry her as they continue to the hospital. Finding their way to the Row ER she is provided proper medical care and survives. [44]

Chapter 21: Another day in Scrap Town


The upgraded and now shiningly white clad C3 hands over a shotgun to return to Mr Prowler that he lent him a while back. A corp looking man following C3 asks about the radio. Sten describes Horizon to him and he appears to know who to look for. Returning the shotgun, Prowler is making a new robot arm for McCuldger, this time hoping he doesn't go beserk on him again like before. After the procedure the big man was spotted rambling by himself but not responding to any offers to help.

Neither of his employees showing up for work, Willie appears later in the day and tells that Torok may not come in today after their time at The Dirty Diamond yesterday. Retelling what happened Torok broke an elevator and got so high on drugs "one of his" hearts stopped and had to get that checked out. War and Togg check in about the weapon they ordered from Torok. Upset to not see him there to deliver the two headed Ettin compares their trash arm prostetic to Willies robotics, admiring them. Not sharing the same appreciation for them Willie blames the corporations for his past misfortunes while War blames Togg.

A robed stranger introducing himself as "Ima" is looks for a place to stay. Lacking a hotel Sten tells him that he will have to ask around while offering his weapon services. He is also looking for bones. Willie suggests the restaurant and gridning down small ones to a powder to be fashioned while Sten tells him that he has seen skeletons of huge beasts out in the wastes, which would be his go to source for bones. He suggests him to join a scrapper caravan with Ryzy.

The tailor from the undercity Fik Tich comes by purchasing rivets and needles, as their new blacksmith, someone named Amara has been busy elsewhere. Offering him firearms he is not interested.

Henderson makes it clear to Torok that murder is not acceptable in town

Murder hobo loophole

Torok turns up in town explaining his delay being due to finding another clown from some cult. Not preaching his "good word" Torok decided to bite his head off and eat him. Upsetting the Sten, War, Togg and Willie he assured he wouldn't kill or eat anyone in Scrap Town as he knows that isn't allowed. Overhearing the conversation Henderson piped in that there is no law against eating corpses but that irreciprocal violence isnt permitted. Muttering to himself Torok seemed in gleeful joy that he found a loophole, that eating the person before killing them is perfectly fine. To this Henderson just pointed at his eyes and then at Torok, gesturing that he has got his eyes on him. If Torok understood the meaning of the gesture though is unclear.

Highlight: Murder hobo loophole...

Short on cash Torok asks for some payment up front although he didnt come in to work today. Blaming it on forgetting he was even a blacksmith he promised to come in tomorrow. On the condition that he does Sten pays him regardless.

Ront asks for an emergency order having lost her old firearms. Sten gives her a discount for a revolver and tells her that if she needs any other help he's there. She tells of Steins death and that she would like to hold some kind of funeral for him, probably organizing it tomorrow. Rikky with his guard comes by asking if anyone has seen his companion Manyu but nobody knows.

The arena thirsts for more blood

Mr. Prowlers and Hendersons creation - "Skully" - the champion synth arena fighter

Henderson shouts out announcing a new arena fight. The green clad newcomer Ima is to fight Mr Prowlers and Hendersons new creation, a synth intentionally lacking a voice modulator. During the announcments Henderson takes a tumble falling of the walkways, gettins some railings put up might not hurt. Betting 2.000 on the green guy Sten tells him that he better wins for him. Proclaiming the synth as a "champion" he sure doesn't live up to it. After a long scuffle going back and fourth the fight ups the ante by opening up the bottom hatch of the cage. This goes in Ima's favor as he tosses the synth down the center hole taking home the win earning 5.000 credits.

While collecting his winnings Torok asks for a raise to which Sten tells him he can only agree to that if he comes in tomorrow and promises not to eat as many ingots as he usually does - or at least returns them after they "go through his system". Not understanding what he is being asked to do Willie steps up and offers to dig through his droppings whenever he feels the urge.

A stranger going by the name "Shade" offers to aid in swordsmithing and crafting

A stranger with green hair wearing a mask introduces herself as "Shade". Sten after telling her that he's the gunsmith she tells that she does swordsmithing and some armor smithing and could possibly assist with that. Not having any orders currently he will keep her in mind if she sticks along.

Torok, moments before breaking the bridge to the thunderdome.

Asking for more fighters Torok is told to join but as he makes his way over the walkway towards the cage it breaks under his weight and he falls through. As Hank rushes to help him Sten and Shade work together to repair the walkway. Looking for backup fighters Shade offers to fight and Sten puts in 2.000 for her. Facing up against the synth she proves a fierce opponent, jumping and climbing on top of it but is incapable of delivering any substantial blows. As before, the cage bottom opens up - ending the fight. Shade is thrown down the hatch, defeated.

One fight won, another lost, at least Sten isn't going home with a loss.

Caravan mission and Thaddeus infamy

Heading out on a caravan to hunt and find bones are Ima, Torok, War-Togg and Willie. Sten decides not to join them but chips in sponsoring the hiring of the vehicle from Ront in return for potential profits. The garage seeing financial issues Sten pitches in with 15.000 credits to Toolbox, to ensure the garage remains in tip top shape serving the locals.

His whole inventory emptied out Sten lends Ima a scrap pistol, lacking any other weapons, not wanting him to head out unarmed. The caravan later returns unsuccessful.

"Shade" recovering after the fight at the restaurant with Hank and Odd.

Staying behind Sten finds "Shade" recovering with Hank and Odd at the restaurant, using crutches. He tells her he's glad that she's alright, remarking on her welcoming to scrap town being eventful. Seeing as their magically capable medic Bean left and Juno having injured both her legs its just Hank championing on at the hospital. Having a chat with them they speak of the spirits of The Undercity becoming more unrestful, having tried to steal from Sten before now there are enraged large ones rumored to even eat people. They also mention kidnappings when Henderseon walks in and Sten learns more of this figure named "Thaddeus" who killed Stein and stole Reeza away. Comparable to the entity known as "Titan" who took control over the minds of the synths - this Thaddeus can do the same, but with people. His next target being Sheila, the corporate rat "Rikky" is also on her side.

Sean meets with Sten in private and divulges a secret he doesn't want anyone else knowing about. According to him there is an alien fleet in orbit around Corvanis 3 preparing for an invasion and needs weapons that can abuse their weakness which is fire. Sten asks if he is to involve any corporations and mentiones his contact Phil with Quixote, but according to the councilman, he already knows.

Mr Prowler comes by asking for help to get Ryzy, back before the sandstorms move in for the day. She is asleep out cold at Ash's grave and refusing to return. Aiding Prowler they pick her up and carry her back.[45]

Chapter 22: Union Backing

Paying Torok and Willie

Paying the Workers

On the monitor is a message that Atlantis has taken over the repaired communications network and antenna in Scrap Town. From the message left by Horizon it was by the initiative of McCuldger and has been "signed off to CEO of Altantis Reynolds". Basically stealing Horizons work from out under him, he's not happy about it and after called Atlantis traitors he wished all wastelanders the best luck on their own, remarking his departure.

Ima is in dire need of bones and divulges a potential secret of his; that he needs bones to sustain himself to not be left bedridden. His previous desperations now make much more sense. He returns the scrap rifle for Sten to lend to someone else as he found himself a semi automatic from somewhere. He shows of his strange doll-like body to which Sten and Juno asks him how he came to be this way, but he doesn't know himself. Thinking him cyborg Sten recommends he gets his parts looked at by Mr Prowler, for lack of any better guesses.

Willie and Torok rolls in and the giant turtle has a noticable somberness about himself. Torok lacking his "fix" is starting to remember bad things he explains. Sten recommends him to seek out the hookah bar in The Undercity run by the mushroom folk after getting paid and that he might even be able to bum some free samples. First time was free, the one and only time Sten partook. Willie asks about work and needs more money to pay for his medications. Sten offers them pay as long as they clock in the hours and they get to work. Willie tells of Torok supposedly eating rare gems such as diamonds in the past and having destroyed his toilet he plans to sift through his droppings. Unsure were to sell any such things Sten speculates that the bank in The Row would probably be the right place to trade them in.

Shiloh brings Ash's old helmet which he "inherited" - kind of - not really - and asks for some adjustments so that it fits him. Sten agrees to prioritize him as long as he pays half up front and gets to work. Cactus charles pays his last payment plan on his gun and Sten tips him to team up with Ima if he's looking to head out scrapping.

Willie overheard the need for flamethrowers from Sean and offers his input on manufacturing. The old hardy man tells of his cigarettes not being nicotine but medication and putting up with many ailments while worrying for an infection. Wanting him to keep going Sten pays him 2000 credits for his salary and considers increasing his daily pay in the future, he is a hard worker.

Expanding the Business

Deciding to take "Morningstar" the courier up on the offer she mentioned before about mercenaries being interested in unregistered firearms, Sten gathers some inventory for a trip to The Row. Possibly he may expand on his customers. Swinging by the restaurant Ront tells that they're going to hold a race. Telling Toolbox of his planned business he asks the ever dutiful sentry of scrap town if there was ever a funeral for Stein. Sadly the deceased mercenary didn't get much of a ceremony aside some placing flowers. To pay his respects Sten goes by visiting his grave later in the day, taking a moment to appreciate the fallen.

Selling firearms to the mushroom folk at The Row noddle shop, Bo, Jimmy, Morel and Conk

Moving to the row Sten sees some familiar faces and starts asking for the post office and eventually finds Morningstar, she has bad news however - the place is now occupied by someone else - and the mercenary named "Loch" has been missing for "forever". Regardless she offered to spread the word around to anyone interested in firearms. Entering the noodle shop Sten overhears someone mention guns and exclaims that if anyone needs unregistered guns, he's the right person to talk to. Recognizing the mushroom folk, Bo and Conk who purchased smithing services before, he is kindly received and orders todays special, being spicy noodles. Wanting to stock up on ammo and more metal sheets they agree to pay another visit down town the future. Showing off some of the firearms Sten recommends never going unarmed in the dangerous city and while Jimmy and Morel are doubtful at the thought of even carrying guns Conk purchases a revolver and a scrap pistol for them. Advicing against trying any guns in town, as that may set off alarms Sten welcomes them to try out their firearms at the practice range in Scrap Town. Morel, never having been outside the city asks for advice if they ever go there. Sten gives them the best recommendation and that is to stay in Scrap Town where its safe and all the flooring is reinforced with metal. If they ever plan on leaving its best to rent a caravan with a vehicle and an armed escort.

Taking a long detour before deparing Sten meets Sean, Ima and Toolbox on his way, with Ima still desparate for bones. He finds a department store and purchases a lot of calcium which should hold him together. Exploring the row Sten finds a "Church of light", currently empty of worshippers he runs into a synthetic who explains she doesn't know of the cult it belongs to but that some locals only visit the place to get a bit of natural sunlight - something very rare. Sten recommends that if anyone needs a good dose of sunlight to take the lift down to Scrap Town and returns back down.

Back in town

Juno is growing her legs back, what an amazing thing to be capable of doing!

Meeting Juno at the hospital she lost both her legs from an injury however being of a cactus-like plant-kin "ish" species that she is she can - and started to grow them back. Now having one leg she supports herself with crutches. A remarkable feat if any. Speaking of missing limbs, Hank tells he ha his stinger tail removed, as it had been slowly killing him from its own toxin. Hank ending up in this dump of a planet comes from getting trapped on the other side of the Sonitii warp gate after his military branch got disbanded. Originally from offworld he's been all over the galaxy in the past unlike many locals who grew up in the wastes. Moving on from bodyparts - or lack thereof they tell of some newcomers in town, a tall wolf-like beastkin and a short cat-lady. Sten remembers that a cat-person named Cleo fighting in the arena weeks ago and Hank pondered if they may be related but just grouping them together may be an unfair assumption.

At the restaurant Conrad from Atlantis is back, recording arena fights and whatnot. Ordering lizard kebabs Shiloh is trying to fall asleep and Sten aids Jyggal in singing him a lullaby of sorts. After dining McCuldger informs that Trey is alive, though still missing, according to reports from Atlantis.

"Garmir" purchase a harpoon gun for hunting

"Femi" pays

The mushroom folk come by asking to rent a vehicle and Sten directs them to Ront, they also ask about Hadwyn, thinking they might be able to aid in teaching how to grow plants for food. Walking about town Sten finds an abandoned datapad or something on the ground. It's locked but could be valuable to the right person. Spotting the beastkin returning in a truck with War-Togg he asks them if it belongs to them but no luck. Ryzy walks up and points to her ABC book, explaining it to be beginning with the letter "D" as in "datapad". This time, War-Togg reported they were successful in getting more scrap. Running out of meat they still need better luck on their runs. Asking the beastkin about their gun situation it seems a harpoon might serve them better. Getting a harpoon beneath the carapace of a worm should be great for reeling one in. Interested the male beastkin purchases one and introduces himself as "Garmir", a new resident of scrap town along with his tabaxi female friend "Femi".

War-Togg borrowing the workbench at Stens shop in the company of the beastkins attempt to deck the datapad and unveal the secrets it holds, he is rather loud about it and fumbling he drops it on the ground while making a lot of noise. Borrowing the registry Femi deposits some credits to War-Togg for helping her with something.

Bethany, scrap trader from the undercity and Gungir, smith from The Row

Building a proper gate

Toolbox comes and tells that he needs Sten and a 1000 more of him, for some project and pitches his thoughts and an idea. The mayors doesn't trust the union, but the union wants to help the people and most trust Toolbox - so he has a proposition. Everyone who isn't corporate has to pitch in to help build a gate. Coming down from the city are more washed up union folk and asking more people to aid, War-Togg says he can swing a hammer and lend aid. Sten takes a look at the gates what could be needed and meets up with McCuldger who is in the works of making a deal with the owner of the undercity scrap yard, Bethady Esda and a dwarven smith currently situated in the row named Gungir "Ironbeard" to aid in the project. McCuldger mentions that Patches left plans for a gate in his home somewhere and throws the keys to Sten, going looking Sten does indeed find plans in his home. Back to the gathering, Gungir and Bethany are all in and McCuldger pays them up front to bring down both materials and manpower to get the work done as soon as possible.

Koi Zogin from The Galactic Union, tells valuable info about Scrap Towns history.

After the deal is done another Union man comes by introducing himself as Koi Zogin, head of security for the Galactic Union in the region on Corvanis 3. McCuldger distrusting Union members as much as any other corpo already rejected his offer to aid in the construction of a new gate. Sten humoring the meeting hears him out and remarks on the fact that most can't tell the difference between the union and the corporations. Koi explains that the union is unable to trade in any military related exchanges like weapons or armor, but can provide supplies for construction, mining and infrastructure tools. He explains that Scrap Town initially started out as an old mining colony long ago when Savior City was being built but that the profits from it turned sour. Sten ponders that if so then there should be some old sealed mineshafts somewhere that if found, could possibly be turned profitable. Koi being from the GU Sten cant help but mention Willie and peaking his interest he would very much like to meet and speak to the former GU soldier.

Before retiring before the sandstorms Wit tells of the villain Thaddeus, giving an apt description he describes him kidnapping the "spirit talkers". Sten ponders the possibility of picking him out from a distance and sniping a well placed bullet into his head at the right moment, but before even considering that option he would need to know how exactly what he looks like.

Finding Willie he tells him of the GU man Koi who might want a chat with him and gets an update on his "treasure hunting". Sifting Toroks droppings he found some old springs, bits and bobs that could be smelted down into their raw materials as well as a skull that they've been trying to sell but failing at it. Closing down the shop Sten finds a bug on the counter that he tries to shoo away. Before it leaves Femi turns up and hisses at it, chasing it away in a typical cat way.[46]

Chapter 23: Reinforcing the gates

New work orders

Reeza comes by the shop, returned after being rescued and offers a Mars corp pistol. Sten being very interested purchases it for 30k credits, no questions asked. Morningstar has a package to deliver to Femi. Shiloh comes collecting the completed helmet and gave Sten an extra tip in exchange for not telling anyone.

Torok enjoys his breakfast while hammering out some ingots and Prowler walks in on him speaking of murdering. Juno has grown back both her legs and charges in asking Torok to join her in exploring a mushroom cave and they storm off, going with Willie. Before heading out he gets to work seeing if he can manufacture ammunition fitting the mars guns.

Prowler is working on plans for the armor of Sheilas crab friend and mentions having done a job for Riley at Talaris with weapons promised as future pay. Asking Sten not to tell anyone about it said that if he got a hold of another corporate rifle he would share it with Sten to pick apart and possibly manufacture. Sheila comes and pays up front for the work for armoring her crab friend and seeing as she helped supply valuable metals they agreed on 6.000 credits

The bar is closed and Sten walks around town looking for Anna. On the way he bumps into a robed figure with a similar cybernetic face as Horizon, looking mighty suspecious they're looking for Horizon or the wolf-looking guy "Gamir" who they find.

An escapee from a mental hospital walks into a smithy... No this is not the start of a joke.

A stranger who looks an awful lot like Jimothy walks in wearing bloody robes and mismatched clothing. Sten asks his name and he says "Garth Gun" which is probably a lie but Sten still asks if he's looking to purchase anything. Garth is but he doesn't have any money, so no luck there. He worryingly tells of having escaped from some hospital, painting a picture of madness but regardless, Sten still welcomes him to the other group of misfits who live in Scrap Town.[47] Running into Jimothy later Sten brought up the possibility of him having a long lost brother. When mentioned Jimothy he gets visibly upset about it, knowing of Garth he denied any resemblance. What was most peculiar though, was Jimmy mentioning that someone from Sonitii supposedly told him that he had many "clones" made of him in the past. Maybe there is a whole swarm of Jimothies out there?![48]

Henderson reminds that he's expecting help working on the gates and tells that he is getting a bribe in the form of corporate guns from the big orc guy from Mars in exchange for Scrap Town locals to tolerate them and treat them nicer. Seeing corpos enter the scrap yard to speak to McCuldger, Sten decides to observe at a distance in case whatever deal he is making goes south. Another corp looking man wearing black armor comes asking for "his friends" as well as giving a description that matches Femi and Gamir but Sten decides not to give him any answers. When someone speculated that they may be Astral Corp, Sten made himself very clear that that they shouldn't be giving these folk any information at all, being undoubtedly up to no good in town.


Greeting Jeremy Beaumont, a mechanic.

The former Atlantis synth Speedracer, shows his flamboyant ID

A newcomer named Jeremy asks to borrow some tools to repair a synth he found with Prowler in the salt flats. Appreciating the skill of another craftsman he lends him tools. The synth looks like he is of good quality for having been buried under sand for a long period of time and proceeds to make an elaborate introduction. With a fanfare and pose the synth shows his flashy ID and designation - SP-33D-RCR - Speedracer? The ID clearly says "Property of Atlantis" has music and flashing holograms, guess there are "regular ID:s", then there's "Atlantis ID:s". Sten tells Jeremy that if he intends to keep him he's going to have to find a way to chip off the Atlantis logo and remove his branding. With talks of hosting races he could sure spice things up in town, adding to entertainment other than the bloodsport at the arena.

Voxine, a synth pirate smuggler with access to GU rifle schematics? Hm..

An expensive looking synth approaches and asks for Mr Prowler and after a chat she runs some sort of pawn shop named "Voxine's odds and ends" in the undercity kept on the down-low, only reachable on radio channel 13 for trade. When asked if she has any corporate weapon parts for sale she answers that its become "harder for them to go missing lately", clearly a pirate and fence of some sort she also claims to have access to GU rifle schematics and corp ammunitions. Claiming no corporate allegiance trading with her could proove quite lucrative.

Astral Company manhunt

Interrupted by loud gunfire in the distance Sten moves closer carefully, keeping out of sight. Over as quick as it started rumors spread quickly. Words later spread that The Astral Company mercs were indeed hunted down the beastkin, and with the intent to kill. Spotting Gamir injured outside the gates Juno is called over to help. Growing quite a gathering Ront shouts for people to clear out to avoid bringing attention to them. Running into Hank, Sten tells him of the situation, the doctor seems to be limping a bit after having his procedure, and he mentions fearing it may grow back or something.


Tiny visitors, Niko and Wisp

Speaking to Jyggal she tells of the new fish-person in town, them supposedly being a cannibal as they eat their own kin. Trying to stay positive Sten reasons that protein is protein and in an emergency if that is all you have, it is all you have and can't blame them for not wasting resources. As long as they doesn't go seeking it out though, thats a whole other hot potato. Wisp and her tiny friend Niko stop into the shop looking for a wolf-man named Fenris and Jyggal, trying to sell guns to them they pass on it for now. Setting sights on Jyggal she starts to squeal in happiness and exclaims - "my owner!" - guess the mystery of who she made that pet arrangement has been solved.

Ordering a drink and a whole bottle at The Stray Dog Sheila zooms by paying or it, something unexpects from the local shaman. Anna is back and offers a fresly baked bun on the house, baked from above with some fruit in the middle. She tells that her shop has been overrun by little critters. More and more show up, one hamster seems to fancy Sean, resting on his head and climbing onto his shoulder. A flying bug-looking one fancies Anna but flies away.

Aiding McCuldger in reinforcing the gate

Cacti Charles returns some shiny scrap from a run. Sten offers him 4.000 credits for them and tells him to consider his payment for the gun settled. Heading to the Row Sten tells him he might tag along to trade but gets interrupted by Toolbox telling that "McCuldger is speaking McCuldger" at the gate. Taking the hint that he's turned into his old ranting and raving self Sten joins him and Gungir in reinforcing town entrance, preparing the contianer palisades to be able to support a machined gate.

Carefully getting measurements from Crabby with Sheila riding on him

While working on the gate Sheila barges into town, riding on "Crabby", some of the newcomers are frightened at first but Sten and more explains that giant scorpion is friendly and easily recognizeable from the tribal markings Sheila painted on his carapace. Moving through town and carefully coming to a rest in front of the smithy, Sheila whispers calming worlds to the beast as Sten brings out his measurement tape and gets to work. Toolbox assists and get some measurements up top.

Sean and his hamster pet. With a blob critter or something.

Relaxing at the bar the place gets overrun by critters, hamsters, slimes and various bugs. Some have already been adopted by the locals as pets. Taking it easy Willie tells he wont make it for tomorrow and Torok asks if he can work all night in the smithy, working on a personal project. He's making a big tower shield for Polka, after he lost his old one. He also asks if he can call Sten something else than "boss man" which Sten didn't really agree to to begin with. Torok suggests "ginger", not really caring he tells him anything is fine. Exhausted from all the work Sten goes to retire early for the day.[49]

Chapter 24: From the skies

Early bird

Returning to the smithy in the morning Torok has been working the forge all through the night on Polkas tower shield and swords. He is exhausted but still in a decent mood and Sten commends him on his hard work. Just referring to Polka as "the sexy knight" he speaks of expecting to get titanium from "an old lady".

On the terminal news of a terrorist bombing in The Undercity flashes and Sten reads it out.

"A historic part of the Undercity was lost and the lives of important members of Savior City were ripped away from us yesterday. The actions of Vanto Ruve have left the Undercity scarred and in mourning. These terrorist actions made by Vanto do not represent the ideologies of The Galactic Union in any way, shape, or form.

The actions taken by Vanto that are known at this time are the following: An explosion was heard in the Water District during the evening of last night at the Water District Tavern. Many people of the Undercity and Quixote were reportedly injured and killed from this explosion, which Quixote is investigating. Vanto was apprehended by Quixote and after a confrontation died via lethal force. In a final act, more explosives went off on his location causing further damage to Quixote assets and Undercity property.

The Galactic Union condemns these horrific actions and is making a commitment to assist in the rebuilding efforts in the Undercity in every way requested by the citizens of the Undercity. We would like to express our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones. Unification between our communities will be essential for ensuring the safety of those who were affected and to ensure actions like these are never taken again."

Toolbox being with the union, worries that others will be distrustful towards them and him after the incident. Who died in the attack is not yet known. Jeremy asks about the gate and gets directed to McCuldger. Moving parts remaining to be assembled happen to be his specialty. Planning a bussiness venture together with Speedracer, Jeremy purchase a scrap gun which Speedracer can be shot by, something that looks deadly but isn't. Returning again for a proper gun Sten agrees to give Jeremy a discount as long as he agrees to stay in Scrap Town and provide security for the town. Honoring McCuldgers deal to arm the locals he sells a revolver for 15k.

Jimothy speaks to his potential brother or clone Garth

Jimmy walking in comes side by side to Garth. Interesting to see both of them together in the same room. Rambling wildly Garth speaks of Talaris and WOTO being mind controlled by some "puppet master" who put "strings in their bodies" to Jimmy. Sounding like crazy talk Torok asks Garth if maybe he is the one who is crazy and he actually admits to it, but asured that he is not crazy about the current topic. Ending the conversation with Jimmy running away Sten asks if he has any money yet and suggest he tries to find work in town, to make himself useful.

On the topic of magic Sten mentions some things he has seen like summoning fire and Torok brings up a great point, that if Sheila can summon water that would be invaluable and something they should look into.

Having seen the door malfunction at the smithy Mr Prowler takes a look at and fixes it, in doing so Sten gives him his password. Trusting in him, he doesn't care to change the code. Prowler purchases the last canon and harpoon in the smithy for Skully.

Talaris Dominion

Torok ponders why he even stays in Scrap Town

Toroks work completing a weapon for War-Togg

Gath warns that he heard from the taxi that there are a "kill on sight orders" issued by Talaris for all the mages in The Undercity. Preparing Torok, Sten tries to take his time to describe the situation and to be ready for a fight, but only if provoked first. Outright upset considering the thought of his dear friends Jyggal or Willie being targets he remarks that usually by the time he actually remembers someones name, they tend to die. Things get cheerier as War-Togg collects his weapon, Toroks fine handiwork. Built with two sides with different heads it reflect both War and Togg, one axe side meant to destroy and another to reel in.

Sean tells that he upgraded his robot arm with a flamethrower although being a bit worried about having a fuel tank strapped to himself that could explode.

News spread confirming that Talaris have occupied The Undercity, taking the local mages captive.

After a trip around town Sten returns to Sheila, Polka and "his princess" being in the shop. Seated on the counter is a small short half-cat-woman wearing a dress and by the forge Torok bangs away completing the knights shield. Reinforced with multiple layers of titanium and kitted with spikes, he can also use it in an offensive manner. Sten introducing himself as the gunsmith asks what happened to his last shield and "the princess" tells him that he lost it while fighting "Thaddeus". A name that keeps cropping up. The name of Polka's princess is "Friend". Exchanging some chivalry and courtsies of gratitude Polka claims that they're going to "save the world". Asks if he means the volcano they say yes and go off on their entourage.

Pondering a jingle with War-Togg and Jyggal for her restaurant they brainstorm something that could use some work.

Oasis grill come and chill, fine food - lift your mood! Charge your synths too!

Seeing the bar doors opened Sten sprints in but finds nobody behind the counter, Prowler luckily appears and gives Sten permission to grab a drink and serve himself as long as he pays.

The news are official

Hadwyn holds a town meeting informing everyone of the alien invaders.

Hadwyn and Mercury arrive at the gates after several days absence and have news. Gathering up everyone for a town meeting outside the restaurant Hadwyn informs everyone of the alien invasion and starts giving a speech.

Admitting to working together with Quixote, he explains he as well as everyone else dislikes working for the corps but that they all have to make sacrifices if they are to survive. He confirms that the reason that The Golden Lance was bombarded was because alien was discovered onboard it and that the alien fleet intend to invade and claim the planet. Trying to spread resolve Hadwyn reminds that they're all living in some of the worst conditions but one thing Scrap Towners know is to survive. Sten tells him about the work on the gate and getting to work on fire based ammunition and flamethrowers. Asking if he knows anything about the aliens themselves they're some kind of biomass threat and weak to fire, that's all they know.

Reeza takes the word and adresses the issue with the volcano. Working with Sheila they've been consulting spirits to make a deal with a giant fire elemental, hiding inside. Being the cause of ire it may become everyones salvation if they succeed in appeasing and convincing it to join their side against the invaders.

Jimothy brings up an issue about a parasite but is hushed by Hadwyn, who claims its irrelevant to bring up.

Atlas, formerly C3 informs that Ryzy and Voxene were harmed in a fight started by Horizon at the Row, attacking Quixote. A corporate strike team might be sent down and he asked for everyones cooperation.

Mercury offers combat assessment and training to Jeremy and Speedy

Mercury ending the meeting informs everyone with experience with firearms to gather at the firing range for combat assessment, intending to organize defensive efforts for the town. Sten asking, gets confirmation that both Mercury and Atlas got upgrades from Quixote. Mercury hands over a box of Quixote grade ammunition.

Working overtime

Reeza asks about armor and places an order to have old corp armor refurbished. Having mentioned being unable to use guns in the past Sten asks her what offensive capabilities she has. She responds that she mainly fights in melee but hints at having some fire magic up her sleeve.

Finally figuring out how to craft GU rifles, Sten informs Sean that they're mainly in need of rare materials to get a production line going for the right ammunition. Incendiary rounds are going to be a priority to exploit the aliens weakness to fire.

Speedy the synth asks about purchasing a firearm to keep the town safe but sten asks for some insurance to get checked by Prowler first, to make sure that he doesn't charge off.

Running low on McCuldgers scrap firearms Prowler will try and arm his drones with the ones. He has drones patrolling the perimiter of town. Shiloh asks to get his "borrowed" corp armor upgraded and a camera installed.

Hadwyn walks up pointing and tells Sten he will be working with Prowler, Willie and Torok throughout the night. Poor Torok will have to pull another allnighter. Sten mentions the risk of people ditching and fleeing to the nearest shuttle off-world and Torok tells him that he's really only staying for Jyggal and Willies sake. Asked the reason why he haven't run himself Sten ponders if he dares to tell him about his enormous debt or if that will get him in trouble.[50]

Chapter 25: Invasion from two fronts

Calm before the firestorm

Exhausted after having worked in the smithy all through the night Sten has to snap out of it to stay awake. The giant turtle reflexively banging on the anvil while snoring, Sten has to clap his hands repeatedly to wake Torok, having pulled two allnighters in a row.

In the distance a large rumble and smoke comes from the volcano, marking how grim things are looking. Fitting the armor Reeza ordered on her, she appreciates the quick work. Willie walking in is updated about the situation of the alien invaders and the town teaming up with Quixote for support. Sten shows him that he can now craft Galactic Union Rifles, hands over hid first craft to Willie and asks him to start working on making incendiary ammunition, seeing as that may be effective against the invaders. Willie shows a thing he's been working on himself, a scrap sawblade that can be used to cut up pieces easier as well as possibly a weapon. Worrying about where the aliens might hit Torok suddenly drops some random wise words of battle strategy from his memory to target main settlements first then falls asleep again.

Charles, the big orc asks how the town is doing. With no news Sten asks if he heard about and knows any other news about the supposed aliens in orbit. Charles gives contrary info from before, having heard that they can absorb energy as well as magic. If that's true hitting them with fire won't do much good. Juno getting an adrenaline shot to help wake Torok up comes timely as Toolbox warns that there is something at the gates of town. Grabbing his mace Torok charges to the new gate of town ready to fight. Borrowing out guns to those lacking, Horizon gets a shotgun, War-Togg and Speedy scrap shotguns. Depleting the inventory of firearms. Commending McCuldger on completing the gates, they stand tall as a token of Scrap Towns resiliance and enginuity to make due. At the gate Sheila paints her scrap town symbol, of Crabby on everyones clothes.

As sten joins the rest in standing guard at the gates, a spirit appears introducing itself as one of the old people and speaks to Sheila and Ahi. It tells that all wildlife has fled like from that of a forest fire and warnes that "father fire" from the volcano is arriving soon. Sean asks to purchase a spare shield. Offered one free of charge he promises to pay back. Sten lending out gear tells him and others to focus on surviving and keeping the town safe and worry about money later. Returning to the gates, stationed are Torok in front with Atlas, Horizon and Skully on the sides. Up top is Willie and Ryzy. In the back stands Charles, Mercury, War-Togg and Wit. Outside the gates are a group of fire spirits consumed with rage with Sheila, Ahi and Tynan attempting to reason with the beings.

Fire spirits attack

Breaking through the gates the elementals charge in burning their way, peppered with bullets. As they're shot the beings absorb the fire and grows further enraged. Sten realizing that firing at them is useless runs back to the smithy and brings a shield and mace. Luring it into the former mayors old pool seems farfetched, lacking hoses and short on water that wont do any good. Charles and Reeza fighting them manage to destroy one using Steins old enchanted weapon. Ryder from the row garage approach with news that mayor Eric is now accepting refugees if Scrap Town decides to evacuate from the volcano. Sten noting the untimelineness asks if they happen to have a fire department somewhere as that could be really useful. With a resound no, Ryder puts her legs on her back away from the war zone.

Returning to the gates Ima, Charles, McCuldger and Torok have cornered the last elemental, bashing at it with blunt implements. In a weakened state Sheila summons rain upon which extinguishes its last embers. Fighting the creatures is extremely taxing but they seem to have figured out their weak points being their central core.

Korgak arrives from Mars bringing presents. A crate with with 5 corporate weapons and ammunition which sadly wont do any good against elementals. Toolbox knowing some first aid informs that they are offering treatment for burns. Positioning himself on top of the gate with Willie and War-Togg they remark of how disconcerning it is to fight something that cant be killed with bullets. Willie assures he saw them being talked down by the "spirit talkers" which seems to be the best option, solving it peacefully. Listening in to Sheila that is exactly what they intend to do. The spirit talkers prepare to travel to the volcano to try and find the source spirit and reason with it. Them leaving does leave Scrap Town open to more attacks. Shortly after as if on cue another wave of fire elementals attack. Running and firing with Willie they luckily move slowly. In a game of chase Willie tricks an elemental into the Thunderdome cage where it is cornered and destroyed. The effort proves futile however as the fires spread and engulf the rest of the scrap yard. The little water tanks wont do much and they're just going to have to let it all burn. Torok asks where the hospital is located, suffering from burns. He managed to crush 2 cores of the elementals, extinguishing them.

A stranger introduces himself as Theris Fueler working with The Hellbats mercenaries, knows of Stens name and offers a trade. In exchange for GU Rifle schematics he wants one crafted for himself. On the terms that delivery, seeing as they have a situation to deal with might take 1 to 2 weeks he still agrees. After Theris leaves Elwin timely, comes asking for him and brings news from the rest of the city, The Upper City is apparently under attack from the aliens.

Guarding the gates alarm is raised as more elementals appear from the other side of town. Using the radio to communicate Sean assumes they used the racetrack back entrance to enter town, rendering the new gate useless. Announcing on the radio that someone will need to remain at the main gate Sten offers. Watching the elementals fly around and ravage the town Sten opens the gate to let them out if they come this way. A large elemental utters words "CONSUME, BURN, ANGER, HATE, DESTROY", ready to lay waste to town. TB calls for Sten to retreat to the restaurant and he complies.





  • Major - Gunsmith - Can craft 1 ballistic gun with poor materials per session. With the proper materials he may craft 1 additional ballistic or finer firearm like an energy weapon.
  • Heavy build - Although not a skilled fighter he is a big strong guy.
  • Wise beyond the wastes - Taught by a spaceships educational A.I. he knows more than your average wastelander though most of it is very old and outdated information.


  • Major - Cursed Capital - His true family identity has an enormous debt that he does not know about until his DNA gets scanned in a corporate database. Undoubtedly someone will want to come to collect if this happens.
  • Minor - Bum in the city - His knowledge of news and affairs is severely outdated and he's unfamiliar with any recent events outside of the Wasteland scrap-trading towns, sometimes annoyingly so. Will suffer huge discomfort around the rich and other high-society individuals. Dresses poorly and will insist on sleeping outside rather than at a hotel.
  • Minor - Hardware only - Knows very little about software, decking, or coding tech and is too distrustful of it to use it. His skills are limited to hardware, mechanics, and electronics like water pumps, engines, and the like. Will not use the VIRTUANet unless he's forced to.


  • For the longest time mistakenly called the blacksmithing shop "Tron Designs" instead of the intended "Iron Designs" because the I- kind of looks like a T- and it kind of stuck.
  • Sten likes to drink, a lot. Him earning a track record of crashing vehicles is probably no coincidence.
  • Being a smith Sten ends up takes credit in-character for many wondrous creations that other players actually make.


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