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Not to be confused with: Stein

Sten is Cragsands character for Callous Row RP.

He works as a gunsmith at "Iron Designs", the local blacksmithing shop in Scrap Town.

Previously sharing the shop with his colleague P47-CH35 aka "Patches" their co-working ended when the synthetic suddenly left town, returning to his corporate creators. Seeing successful business he has currently hired Torok The Gleeful and Willie Walker to work in the smithy.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Sten was raised in the wastes by refugees to the planet Corvanis 3 and used to make his home in the shell of an old disassembled spaceship that landed in the Wasteland some time before or early into The War of Unification. Since then he has maintained the life-support system of the ship and earns his keep as a welder and handyman in different Wasteland settlements. He currently lacks an ID, but he gets by with a basic credit chit he carries on his person. Unbeknownst to him his true family lineage has an enormous debt which undoubtedly someone will eventually come to collect. This will become close to certain if he ever gets his DNA scanned by any of the mega-corporations.

Hailing from the wastes he hitched a ride on a caravan into civilization and set up shop in Scrap Town as the local gunsmith working with P47-CH35 aka "Patches" in his blacksmithing shop. His queue of work orders quickly filled up with locals wishing to arm themselves.




  • Major - Gunsmith - Can craft 1 ballistic gun with poor materials per session. With the proper materials he may craft 1 additional ballistic or finer firearm like an energy weapon.
  • Heavy build - Although not a skilled fighter he is a big strong guy.
  • Wise beyond the wastes - Taught by a spaceships educational A.I. he knows more than your average wastelander though most of it is very old and outdated information.


  • Major - Cursed Capital - His true family identity has an enormous debt that he does not know about until his DNA gets scanned in a corporate database. Undoubtedly someone will want to come to collect if this happens.
  • Minor - Bum in the city - His knowledge of news and affairs is severely outdated and he's unfamiliar with any recent events outside of the Wasteland scrap-trading towns, sometimes annoyingly so. Will suffer huge discomfort around the rich and other high-society individuals. Dresses poorly and will insist on sleeping outside rather than at a hotel.
  • Minor - Hardware only - Knows very little about software, decking, or coding tech and is too distrustful of it to use it. His skills are limited to hardware, mechanics, and electronics like water pumps, engines, and the like. Will not use the VIRTUANet unless he's forced to.


  • For the longest time mistakenly called the blacksmithing shop "Tron Designs" instead of the intended "Iron Designs" because the I- kind of looks like a T- and it kind of stuck.
  • Sten likes to drink, a lot. Him earning a track record of crashing vehicles is probably no coincidence.
  • Being a smith Sten ends up takes credit in-character for many wondrous creations that other players actually make.
  • Has a nasty looking scar across his bald head from the time he was injured by a giant scorpion.


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