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This article starts the StealthRG episode guide for the first quarter of 2018.

This episode guide below provides the sequential order of the episodes of the adventures of Chipz (StealthRG) streams. Streams that are not in VRChat are left out of this list.

Episode guide parts






  • OT = Original Title by StealthRG
  • TBA/TBD/TBC = More detailed episode description coming soon. Feel free to assist adding it!
  • Some of the newer links to the archive might lead to deleted videos but that is due to the waiting period the archive has placed before he sets the video's to public.
  • Links marked "GB" are the uploads by Good Boys - VRChat. Links marked "Z" are the uploads by zpunorm22.

January streams

# Image Title VOD Archive Airdate
1 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan12th.jpg "Casting an E Girlfriend" OT Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 January 12, 2018
While doing public serenades Chipz encounters multiple girls that end up fighting for his affection. In the chaos he ends up being cornered into casting them one by one and forced into making a choice. Things will never be the same again.
2 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan13th.jpg "Getting to know someone" OT Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 January 13, 2018
The casting did not turn out the way expected and while trying to recover from the shock Chipz goes on a date with Mewpix. One of the girls from yesterdays chaos.
3 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan14th.jpg "Conflicted" OT Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 January 14, 2018
Having doubts about choosing a girl to date and getting flashbacks from his band years Chipz seeks advice from his best friend 'Rob' Roflgator. Rob, being the manager of the pub named The Pug, Chipz gets introduced to some the regular attendants.
4 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan15th.jpg "Date with Nuts" OT Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 6 January 15, 2018
After talking to his friends Chipz decides, with hesitation to give dating another chance and go on a date with Nuts. Even with Roflgator and Emiyuhs help this date turns out to be unlike any other before. Drekwiz acts mischievously and attempts to steal Nuts away from Chipz.
5 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan16th.jpg At Robs House Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 6 January 16, 2018
Spending time with friends at Robs house and getting to know all the ins and outs of Nuts 'unusual' personality. They kiss for the first time and Nuts goes yandere crazy. Together they explore a horror map with friends and Nuts breaks character for a moment.
6 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan17th.jpg Robs bachelor party Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 6 January 17, 2018
After attending R3dzdeads class Chipz and Nuts explore another horror map before attending Roflgators bachelor party. Chipz improvises a song dedicated to Nuts Chipz - Simmer Nuts. This is the first time Chipz meets Ayytroxlmaokai.
7 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan18th.jpg Jeg elsker deg Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 6 January 18, 2018
Chipz declares his love for Nuts. Aftershow with questions and answers outside of character.
8 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan19th.jpg "Rob and Ikumis wedding" OT Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 6 January 19, 2018
Rob and Ikumi have a beautiful wedding and Chipz sings even though having caught a cold. Chipz feels solemn and lonely without Nuts. After the wedding Chipz is confronted by a bunch of single guys including Vigor blaming him for stealing all the women in VRChat with his singing.
9 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan20th.jpg The fourth wall Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 January 20, 2018
Chipz attempts to teach Nuts how to behave normally and assist in setting up a date for Vince with Best Girl together with Rob. Things get dark when a rumor about Nuts having cheated reaches Chipz. The fourth wall is broken for a moment with people from the audience in chat (Referred to as Chad) harass Nuts IRL outside of character. As a play of words after this 'bad chad' are now referred to as 'Brads'.
10 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan21st.jpg "Hurt" OT 1 2 1 2 3 4 January 21, 2018
Chipz and Nuts relationship is challenged by Monika and Chipz is torn between love and trying to maintain his sanity. Out of character StealthRG has a new computer so the lag is gone and the audience is treated with another out of character questions and answers together with Nuts.
11 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan22nd.jpg "The Question" OT 1 2 1 2 3 4 January 22, 2018
Chipz and Nuts go on another date in The Pug with Rob hosting. The strange interaction/rivalry with Monika gets more intense and Nuts pops a question catching Chipz off guard which he has been hesitant to ask himself.
12 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan23rd.jpg Challenges and friends 1 1 2 3 4 5 January 23, 2018
Monika creates disruption between Chipz and Nuts. R3dzdead tells of his problems and proposes to Emerysaur.
13 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan24th.jpg The Play 1 1 2 3 4 5 January 24, 2018
Morgan GreatKhanHD narrates a hilarious improvised theater play. Chipz gets acquainted to Nuts's friend Vore.
14 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan25th.jpg Untitled 1 1 2 3 January 25, 2018
Chipz and Nuts share romantic moments together while Monika tries to break them apart.
15 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan26th.jpg R3dzdead & Emerysaurs wedding Deleted 1 2 3 4 January 26, 2018
R3dzdead & Emerysaurs have a traditional wedding ceremony. The after party in the void club derails and Chipz has a fight with Monika. Chipz and Nuts share beautiful moments together.
16 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan28th.jpg "Season Finale (Chipz & Nuts Wedding)" OT Deleted 1 2 3 January 28, 2018
Chipz plans the wedding meticulously and while the ceremony is beautiful the after party does not turn out as well as could be expected. Drama follows. During the same day LeyLey and Woops get married as well.
17 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan29th.jpg "Meeting New People" OT Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 January 29, 2018
While Nuts is away Chipz spends some time with KimplE and meets new people including Ad Friendly, Kwehzy and Tanomalous among others.
18 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan30th.jpg "Meeting New People" OT Deleted 1 2 3 4 January 30, 2018
Chipz and Nuts spends some time at The Pug and meets Nanoade who they adopt as their daughter. Nuts gets upset when she meets Kwehzy and expresses her volatile side. Roflgator offers either marriage counselling or divorce attorney services. Out of character StealthRG has an aftershow Q/A with Roflgator and Kwehzy.
19 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Jan31st.jpg "Random Adventures" OT Deleted 1 2 3 4 January 31, 2018
Instead of going to The Pug the hangout for the day is The Cupboard. Rob tries to instigate some drama and things get heated when Nuts catches Chipz spending time with Kwehzy. Vigor and Monika establishes some kind of relationship. Chipz goes bowling and tries to tutor Ad Friendly in the ways of wooing women. Out of character this is the first time that Nuts streams.

February streams

# Image Title VOD Archive Airdate
1 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb1st.jpg Twin Strangers Deleted 1 2 February 1, 2018
Spending time with friends everyone realizes that Tess and Kwehzy sound very similar. Tess changes into a specific avatar and hilarity ensues.
2 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb2nd.jpg Random Adventures Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 February 2, 2018
Chipz fools around with Nuts at The Pug and meet new attendants invited by Roflgator. TumToes, Folkona and Ninjakikio among them. Chipz and Nuts go on a double date (of sorts) with Nanoade and Ad Friendly while Vore provides comedic interjections.
3 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb3rd.jpg Random Adventures Deleted 1 2 3 4 February 3, 2018
Chipz learns more about The Pug attendants he recently met. Out of character Chipz and Nuts together donate money for Roflgator's girlfriend Ikumi to get VR and in doing so get a donation train going.
4 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb4th.jpg Relationship challenges Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 February 4, 2018
Chipz and Nuts relationship faces challenges from all sides. Rob and Vore puts Chipz in an embarrassing situation and Monika get's too intimate with Nuts for Chipz to handle. Nanoade senses the tension and is saddened fearing a breakup. Vigor gets really drunk while in VR. Rob apologizes and Chipz seeks lady advice.
5 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb5th.jpg Nameplates off Impersonations and Jessica Deleted 1 2 3 4 February 5, 2018
The roleplaying group decides to have a nameplates off night and play alternate characters. Everyone leaves to retrieve a new avatars to either impersonate or create a new character. During this episode StealthRG creates his recurring female character 'Jessica'. Jeffrey is shocked when he finds out 'Jessica' was not a real girl.
6 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb6th.jpg Out of character and nameplates off night Deleted 1 2 February 6, 2018
Chipz is caught offguard to find Nuts not roleplaying as her usual character. The group do another nameplates off event where 'Jessica' returns and sings. 'Jessica' tries to seduce Ayytroxlmaokai. GreatKhanHD does a really good Marge Simpson impression.
7 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb7th.jpg Breaking character Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 February 7, 2018
Nuts meets 'Jessica' for the first time and a night of sillier than usual RP ensues. In the short time that Chipz changed back to his male avatar Nuts kisses Alyssu right in front of him. Drama and confused character breaking ensues and they later decide what happened this day was not canon for the story.

After Nuts ends her stream Jessica seduces Tess and they share a moment bordering on ERP (erotic roleplay). Nanoade is upset about it and Roflgator and Vore have hilarious reactions after being upgraded to Killer Robots.

8 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb9th.jpg Killer Robot Rob Deleted 1 2 3 February 9, 2018
Chipz returns to find the newly upgraded killer robot Rob having attempted to murder Nanoade. They fight and hash it out with various mini games and battle discs. Stealth teases and trolls Tess several times about their previous encounter the day before.
9 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb10th.jpg Never have I ever Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 February 10, 2018
Chipz plays Never have I ever with Monika, Nuts, Vigor, Tess, Kwehzy, Vore, Tanomalous, Pandaboo and more. Vigor decides that becoming a mute is the best solution to not get banned in VRChat. 'Jessica' attempts to seduce Ayytroxlmaokai again.
10 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb11th.jpg Drunk stream and Ayytrox & Tano's attempted wedding Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 February 11, 2018
During the drunk stream the gathering decides to perform at the Open Mic Night map but Chipz is not allowed to sing so he hesitantly raps instead. After teasing Vigor for muting himself he directs Chipz to a lone room to hash out who's really a beta. After yesterdays encounter, 'Jessica' is initially not invited to Tanomalous and Ayytroxlmaokais wedding but finds a way in anyway. The wedding is interrupted and the bride has second thoughts. Tess and 'Jessica' share another intimate moment. 'Jessica' meets Voltage who shares something in common with 'her'. Chipz has an embarrassing encounter with Tess's husband, Tully.
11 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb12th.jpg Random Adventures Deleted 1 2 February 12, 2018
Chipz discovers GreatKhanHD's secret rave party dungeon. Chipz teases Nanoade who in turn playfully blocks him temporarily causing them to be unfriended. Throughout exploring maps the rest of the day she becomes the target for even more teasing because of this.
12 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb13th.jpg Harem Confirmed? Deleted 1 2 3 4 February 13, 2018
Out of character during the intro StealthRG receives a lot of donations causing him to tear up for a moment. Stepping back a moment Chipz realizes that the ratio of girls to guys is a lot higher today. Without Nuts present, Chipz gets overwhelmed by crazy girls chasing for his affections. Before the end of the stream Rob, 'Jessica' and the girls decide to change characters and roleplay the opposite gender. The goal is to visit public lobbies and attempt to trap people.
13 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb14th.jpg No Valentine Deleted 1 2 3 4 February 14, 2018
As Nuts is not roleplaying as her character Chipz finds himself without any date during valentines day. To avoid being a lonely Chipz StealthRG goes out looking for another avatar to use while being out of character. He finds nothing of interest and is a bit down but is cheered up by his friends. Out of character at the end of stream the group plays Skribbl Later out of character on social media Nuts announced that she's dating someone IRL and won't be RPing as Nuts.
14 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb15th.jpg Litter Box Deleted 1 2 3 February 15, 2018
Drunk GreatKhanHD tells a real life story. Visiting KimplEs litter box with Monika as 'Jessica' he meets LunaBellaXO and Vintendo. After fooling around in the trashcan with the girls he ends the day with a masterpiece performance of Panic at the Disco! - Victorious
15 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb16th.jpg TumToes breakup and Jessica & Libby Deleted 1 2 3 4 February 16, 2018
Folkona and TumToes have relationship issues and they break up. TumToes sneaks away with another girl right on front of Folkona rubbing Chipz the wrong way. Rob and Chipz disagrees about who was at fault and they argue. 'Jessica' and Libby dance at The Cupboard. Jessica and Libby went on a date of sorts on her stream when StealthRG was not streaming. Libby is having sleep issues and 'Jessica' convinces her to to finally go to sleep.
16 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb17th.jpg Quiz game show Deleted 1 2 3 4 February 17, 2018
Chipz checks out new maps together with Nanoade and Vore and meets new people while doing silly RP with daddy issues Nanoade. We get a guided tour by LunaBellaXOs husband Kremit. Chipz take turns hosting a Quiz game show with Kremit and Tess. Tess queries topics from the TV-series Supernatural while Chipz playfights with Tess's husband Tully.
17 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb18th.jpg Random Adventures Deleted 1 2 3 February 18, 2018
Chipz visits Rob's Pug and meets Sorry, Jor Rilla and Mischtal. Even though being really tired he sings at a new SciFi inspired bar. Chipz learns that Tess has divorced Tully (RP).
18 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb19th.jpg Random Adventures Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 February 19, 2018
Ayytroxlmaokai appears and tells Chipz/StealthRG she had an accident in his discord leaking a specific image. While not focusing Chipz accidentally leaks the image and begs of Ayytrox to forgive him. Ayytrox and 'Jessica' share a moment involving 'dropping pencils' together. TumToes attempt to woo Nanoade with little success. The phone rings and Nuts on the other line delivers and upsetting message to Chipz. Out of character it is implied to the audience that he Nipz arc is over.
19 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb20th.jpg Harem Wars Deleted 1 2 3 4 February 20, 2018
Chipz visits Rob's new luxurious island getaway and get's confronted about his Harem aspirations. Chipz attempts to talk to Best Gurl alone but is interrupted by TumToes who has feelings for her. Mishtal acts as Chipz conscience questioning his true motives. Nuts reappears after being away but she is not speaking at first. Out of character Vigor is playing on her account at the start as they're together IRL. Roflgator threatens Chipz but it backfires and chat takes it as a romantic advance. The #Ripz meme ship is created. Jessica meets and hits on MoxiMox. Rob declares war on Chipz and his Harem in some intense RP. Jessica has kinky moments with Coconut Kwehzy and Folkona.
20 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb21st.jpg Harem Infiltrated Deleted 1 2 3 February 21, 2018
Chipz meets Miss Minerva D and Zircii and gets to know MoxiMox better. As Jessica fools around with Coconut Kwehzy and Moxi a new girl xxRachaelxx approaches and want's to join the 'friends' group. Rachael convinces Chipz to accept her by singing and invites her boyfriend/girlfriend Yaeet6. The hilariously silly night ends on a high note with an alien invasion where Jessica 'defends' the girls from alien probing with her whip and collar.
21 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb22nd.jpg Monika and Vigors 'Wedding' Deleted 1 2 3 February 22, 2018
While Chipz is not invited to Monika's wedding Jessica attends it in his place. Jessica catches up with some old friends during the reception. Even though GreatKhanHD performs a beautiful ceremony the wedding ends up being a terribly scuffed event with Vigor completely breaking immersion. Jessica escapes and has a kinky moment with Ayytroxlmaokai.
22 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb23rd.jpg Harem Battle Deleted 1 2 3 4 February 23, 2018
Chipz cause Kwehzy to fall in tears while playing Simple and Clean. Vampire Tess bites Chipz and gives him the gift of Vampirism. With more applicants appearing to join the harem including R3dzdead, Folkona gets assigned the not-so-official title of 'Harem Manager'. Roflgator can't handle the crazy Harem girls any more and kicks Chipz out of the pug. Rob and Chipz argue intensely and Rob tries to murder Chipz by luring him into a trap. Kwehzy suddenly confronts Chipz about real friends and Chipz is left hopelessly confused with feelings of abandonment.

Out of character 'Brads' (bad chat) harasses the harem girls IRL and the stream is muted while clearing up the misconception about what was really going on. The night is still ended on a positive note where Chipz plays music for everyone and re-enact a kinky Discord RP together with Jessica, Folkona and Vore narrating.

23 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb24th.jpg Rob's Posse and Tully showdown Deleted 1 2 3 February 24, 2018
Chipz wakes up as a Vampire after Tess's embrace. Out of character Shonzo created a new sexy avatar for him. Kwehzy is drunk and beside herself and can't help but be glued to Chipz's leg, literally. Tess notices that Chipz is acting much more dominant and not taking any bullshit today instigating a showdown with Tully where guns are drawn and the situation gets heated. Chipz has hilarious RP arguments with Rob and fights with his posse especially ProphET^ gets a smackdown. Chipz asks MoxiMox out on a date.
24 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb25th.jpg Nanoades parentage and Never have I ever Deleted 1 2 3 February 25, 2018
Chipz spends some time with Nanoade and reveals the truth about her parentage while being romantic with MoxiMox. After Monika breaks the immersion it is clarified out of character to the audience that the RP with the Nuts arc really is over. StealthRG clarifies that Chipz is now in an alternate story line (reset) where he never met Nuts. Chipz joins a session of Never have I ever.
25 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb26th.jpg Clubbing and VR kisses Deleted 1 2 3 February 26, 2018
Shrimp returns after a long absence to join Robs posse but has difficulty facing up against the charming Chipz. Joining the new Club Rogue Chipz separates Best Gurl from her fiance TumToes and drinks her blood. TumToes panics and has a lapse of judgement on how to handle her affliction. AskJoshy the murloc leaves for war and Chipz performs a farewell song for him. Chipz approaches Ninjakikio who interprets it as an invitation to join his 'friends' group. The rest of the evening is spent by Chipz making out with multiple girls upsetting every guy in the area. Including Ehoney, a girl he met offstream. Ninjakikio shows her 'Pen Trick'.
26 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb27th.jpg Parentage Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 February 27, 2018
Chipz continues wooing girls and gets Ninjakikio flustered by singing to her. Chipz fends Ninjakikios father Tully away and convinces her to sing to him. Nanoade tries to convince Chipz to marry MoxiMox as she would like her as a new mom. A creepy looking person appears and claims to be Nanoades real father with the support of Rob. Chipz remains skeptical and dismisses the claim as mischief instigated by Rob. After immersion is broken due to the silliness of the situation the night is ended with Chipz playing truth or dare, spin the bottle with his 'friends'.
27 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Feb28th.jpg Go to Sleep Deleted 1 2 February 28, 2018
Chipz is exhausted but skips sleep to visit public and his friends anyway. Tess has a new outfit courtesy of Shonzo and LeyLey has a new loli outfit courtesy of Shizzuie. After some convincing by his friends Chipz goes to sleep.

March streams

# Image Title VOD Archive Airdate
1 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar1st.jpg Folkona arms & Never Have I ever Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 1, 2018
Chipz visits a public world but is dragged away to 'safety' by Kwehzy. Folkona finally greets Chipz with with a hug after finally getting VR and a new outfit. Rob tries to create discourse and Kwehzy displays jealousy openly after Chipz has a romantic moment with MoxiMox hinting at some tension building in the 'friends' group. Mickey Tanomalous has a new anime boy outfit and shows some magic tricks. Chipz shows that his trap radar is top notch. The night is ended with a game of out of character Never have I ever where Kwehzy asks some not-so-subly personal questions directed at Chipz.
2 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar2nd.jpg Date night with MoxiMox Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 2, 2018
3 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar3rd.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 March 3, 2018
4 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar4th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 4, 2018
5 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar5th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 5, 2018
6 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar6th.jpg Date night with Kwehzy Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 6, 2018
7 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar7th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 March 7, 2018
8 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar8rd.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 March 8, 2018
9 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar9th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 9, 2018
10 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar10th.jpg Little Chipz Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 March 10, 2018
11 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar11th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 11, 2018
12 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar12th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 March 12, 2018
13 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar13th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 13, 2018
14 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar14th.jpg Date with Ayytroxlmaokai Deleted 1 2 3 March 14, 2018
15 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar15th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 15, 2018
16 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar16th.jpg Hanging out with Tess Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 16, 2018
17 StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar17th.jpg TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 17, 2018
- StealthRG StreamThumbnail Mar17thDay.jpg TBA Deleted 1 March 18, 2018
18 140px St. Patrick Night Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 18, 2018
19 140px TBA Deleted 1 2 3 March 19, 2018
20 140px TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 5 March 20, 2018
21 140px It's official! Deleted 1 2 3 March 21, 2018
22 140px TBA Deleted 1 2 3 March 22, 2018
23 140px TBA Deleted 1 2 3 March 23, 2018
24 140px Ayytrox's Never Have I Ever Deleted 1 2 3 March 24, 2018
25 140px 'RP btw' means 'I love you' Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 25, 2018
26 140px TBA Deleted 1 2 3 March 26, 2018
27 140px Competing Wingmen Deleted 1 2 3 March 27, 2018
28 140px TBA Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 28, 2018
29 140px Who's Libid's father? Deleted 1 2 3 March 29, 2018
30 140px Bee Ready to Pollinate Deleted 1 2 3 4 March 30, 2018
31 140px Wholesome family fun! 1 1 2 3 4 March 31, 2018


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