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Who is StealthRG?

StealthRG, also known as David, is a livestreamer and the player that portrays the Roleplaying character of Chipz in VRChat. He shares some of the same interests as his character - namely in music. Besides playing and creating songs, Stealth is also an ex-3D artist and level designer for the game "Midair" and, of course, a gamer.

Stealth is the creator and principle DM of the Ascension Academy Roleplay, and has an extensive history in the VRChat RP community as his character Chipz. He has also participated in other Roleplays such as Callous Row.

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  • Stealth/Chipz is known to have excellent musical timing. On many occasions, he has molded his conversations and speeches to involve himself with the music around him.
  • Chad = His Chat, Brad = Bad Chat.
  • His actual name is Davy (or David) Rispoli, a former band member of Amber Pacific.
  • One of his most popular music performances is Creep by Radiohead. It has become quite a meme and as his legacy, this song is often performed by many aspiring-to-be musicians in VRChat, but also often jokingly mocked.
  • Shroud once raided StealthRG with a 22,599 viewers raid, and donated him $400 stating that it was for his "new mic fund".
  • 'Blurred lines': Stealth's in-game skills at emotional RP can be so convincing at times that he has, on a number of occasions, inadvertently convinced a significant amount of his Twitch chat users that he was actually upset/depressed about a situation IRL.
  • Stealth confirmed on August 25th's day stream that almost no event that occurred in season 3 was canon to the current story arc due to timezone limitations. Therefore Libid was not considered part of his family during the pre-season 5 episodes.
  • Finally after almost 10 months, season 5 started on May 15th, 2019.
  • After 9 months of 3 episodes per week, the Year 1 of Ascension Academy ended in February 14th, 2020. Two months later started the second year on April 12th, 2020.