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Stark Zephyr is a student at Ascension Academy with short, brown hair. He speaks in a sophisticated manner, and he wears glasses. His word choice makes others believe that he is always formal, but he doesn't try to, and that is just how he naturally is.

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Stark Zephyr is the son of a wealthy trade organization run by his father William Zephyr. He was sent to the academy to expand his knowledge and find important partners for the business in the future. He is a Human with brown hair and green eyes and is a member of Crystal Thorn squad together with the new student Shizuko Nanteko.

Stark has the ability to communicate with his ring. Every now and then, he would start talking to the ring and treat it as if it was another person.



Powers and Abilities

  • Crossbow - Stark is proficient at using crossbows for range attacks.
  • Fencing - He was trained in fencing
  • Bastard Sword - Despite knowing fencing, he also carries a bastard sword since he prefers the usage of a slashing weapon.

Special Ability

Ability Description
The Zephyrus Onyx: Wind Shield Magic Type: Abjuration*
Thanks to the Zephyrus Onyx Stark can shape the wind depending on his affinity to his advantage, Stark creates an Air shield capable of support multiple hit from Thorn Blights and capable of resist shots from magically charged puffins.
The Zephyrus Onyx: Wind Blades Magic Type: Evocation*
SatchiVR June 13th-StarkPower.gif
The Zephyrus Onyx is his own ring that allows him the manipulation of the air around him in order to provide support from afar, Stark compress air in a blade for to attack or slash enemies.
The Zephyrus Onyx: Wind Sphere Magic Type: Abjuration*
Stark creates a wind sphere around himself, this sphere was used to resist some Carver punches during trainings.
*Non-canonical/unofficial magic.


  • People tend to call him the male version of Hannah due to the both of him having a lot of similarities.



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