""If you play your cards right you can get anything" ― Static

"Squeak nose" ― Statics red nose

"That's A Mood" - #whensomethingisbeingrelatable

Who is Static killer?

Static is a VRChat personality who regularly play with many other characters in the game. She is taking part in many different styles RPs [RolePlays] Throughout her time on VRChat.

Static The Roleplayer

Static style of Character throughout her RP groups are shown to be a mix between monsters or transformations as she enjoys the mythical monsters such as werewolf, zombies, vampire and so on..

As well as, When RPing in groups will tend to change the mindset of the character depending on how others treat her in RP and would slowly either change to be "Good" or slowly go into a darker mindset the "Evil" side. She tends to move over to the Evil side before the Good but even if the character is Good would always mix a little bit of Evil within.

The reason static took up RPing is she wanted to show others around that RPing is a fun hobby to do and you don't need to be skilled at it, all you do is get pushed in the right way and let your creativity show true colours.

Alternative Roleplaying Characters

Button - A Pathfinders RP Character that goes on adventures for an adventuring guild.

SnowBell, Jingles, Button, Izzy, Shigeru,Gear are Different Purple Lotus RP Character that I use for the Metaverse chill time or for adventure.

Static - A Callous Row Character that based from a sci-fi/Cyberpunk theme roleplay with dangers that pear into the darkness of the spaceship filled atmosphere.

Misty Flame - A Ascension Academy Students that is training to be a pack leader once she gets out of the military academy.

Glitch - A Damascus Rose Order [D.R.O] Member that is a robotic warfighter made to be a project of Silvas,

Shigeru - A New World character that is a very small piano mimic

Gear -NSS Phoenix craw member that works for Talus Nova - Metaverse (Not CR Related]

Twitch Clips - Games, VRChat - Other People POV

Game Clips

  1. Buuuurn Burn!
  2. The Circle of LIIIFEEE
  3. WOOOO!
  4. You okay? I am stuck :D
  6. How I Plant Seeds! Nailed it - Static POV
  7. Static Does A Good Job At Mining

VRchat Clips

  1. Static spitting lit rhymes! - RP Daughter of Techmon
  2. ooo laptop
  3. UK has got some weird candy...
  4. windex
  5. Static scares SciFri
  6. Empty Glass- Oh No... this one has Liquid



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