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Speca is a purple haired witch who is a student at Ascension Academy. She is very jumpy and energetic often clinging to and hiding behind Augusta Anders the other student she transferred to Ascension with.

She started sharing her point-of-view on her YouTube channel from July 1st 2019.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Speca comes from a coven of 20 witches that travel by caravan. The caravan acts as her extended family. She believes her parents however who were part of a caravan are no longer around.


Admittance to Ascension

Speca transferred to Ascension Academy in order to learn more about magic and possibly find other witches. She along with Augusta Anders and Lily Matix were admitted on the same day.[1] She was introduced with Augusta a similarly colored haired student who she quickly became friends with after they both arrived at the school. She constantly hides behind her purple haired companion. She has gotten along with Arbor as the 3 students have now started sleeping in the same dorm together.

Speca and Chipz finds a bottle of blood in Melanies room

Squad assignment

After Squad assignments she moved to the Ignis dorm and quickly got further acquainted with her new Squad mates Chipz, Esmae, Rook, Vevina and proceeded to read Victors fortune. She later shared a worry with Chipz about Victors fortune being really bad and troublesome but didn't feel it proper to disclose it without Victors permission. As Chipz expressed a worry about Hannah seemingly being upset after Squad assignments they agreed to help eachother out with her keeping an eye on Hannah for him and Chipz keeping an eye on Victor for her. She also read Esmae's fortune telling her that something is creeping up in her life where she will have to make a choice.[2]

Conflicts and injury

She together with Chipz went into Melanie's room without her permission and found a bottle of blood with Victors name labeled on it. Chipz would later bring it up awkwardly and accidentally revealed to Melanie that they had been snooping around.[3]

Speca in the infirmary with Irinarya, Vevina, Barthal and Chipz

She fought Melanie in a magical duel that was intended to be practice but ended with her injured in the infirmary. During the battle Melanie yelled at her that if she continues to help people who are trying to hurt her she would be loosing a finger. Before exploding in a magical blast.

Melanie would later apologize to her to which she responded by thanking her instead, for teaching her a lesson and saying that "what happened - needed to happen".[4]

She confided in Chipz sharing some details and he in turn told her that he wanted to be honest about something. He asked her to touch his chest where his heart should be where she felt no warmth or heartbeat. She accidentally called him a "blood sucker" after which he admitted to being a vampire like Victor however him being "turned" into one, not born. Chipz asked her if she had anything in her family book or knew of any magical way to reverse his condition. She said no but that she is searching for something that might be powerful enough to help him and asked for his trust. She asked that if she asked him to "do something for her" without explaining why, that might help her recover it. He agreed.[5]


  • Appraisal Magnifying Glass - Speca has a magnifying glass that supposedly lets her identify what a person or object really is. It may be defective as she still asks people what they are when looking at them through it, for example asking Chipz if he's human when he is a vampire.
  • Spell Book - Speca has a family spell book that she keeps with her at all times.
  • Mini Bag of Holding - She has a bag of holding that can hold many objects as long as they fit through the small hole at the top. She keeps her familiar and her magnifying glass inside of this bag.

Powers and Abilities

Ability Description
Healing Magic Type: Necromancy
Speca shoots a healing spell from her staff that can cure some wounds.
Chill Touch Magic Type: Necromancy
Speca creates a ghostly, skeletal hand, this hand attacks against the creature to assail it with the chill of the grave.
Raise Undead Magic Type: Necromancy
StealthRG December 6 2019-RaiseUndead.png
This spell creates an Undead servant from a pile of bones or a corpse of a Medium or Small Humanoid within range. As a necromancer Speca can raise minor undead, during the Camp Cari mission she raised one skeletons to protect her using a spiked shield.
Card reading Magic Type: Divination
As a witch Speca used her tarot* cards to read somebody fate, she has done it to some of Ignis members and Picwik, the divination puts a toll in her mental state going from headaches to passing out.
Magic Armor* Magic Type: Abjuration
StealthRG July 27th Speca Magic Armor.png
A protective magical chest plate armor surrounds Speca to protect her from damage.


  • Speca has a Moth Larva familiar named Truffles which she keeps in her bag of holding.
  • Speca has appeared in Sora Fantasy VII RP as a much more confident witch and fortune teller. She was immediately killed by Sora's party for reading his fortune and calling him gay.
  • Speca says she wears sunglasses because her eyes are very sensitive to light.
  • She has magical seals and alarms set up in her room and the Ignis Squad dormitories. Her daily ritual to set it up borders on compulsive.
  • Speca is one of the students who passed the Divination Aptitude test.



Year 1

Year 2


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