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"Thanks for the cash, daddy!" ― Sorry[1]

"I'm actually a boy... Sorry" ― Sorry

"Sorry, you're gay now." ― Sorry

Sorry is a VRChat player perhaps most known for his unmistakable, feminine and seductive voice.

Also known as a talented artist he makes avatars and drawings for many of his friends in the Gator RP Group. A frequent visitor at his adoptive father Roflgators lobbies he occasionally participates in various hosted events and roleplay there.

Since February 2020 he started streaming as a creative art streamer and VTuber on Twitch.

Who is Sorry - The character?

Sorry the character started out being known as a very lewd "alien trap" from a planet inhabited by traps and got adopted as the son/daughter of 'Rob' Roflgator and Ikumi in early 2018.

Having a girly voice and a cute giggle "she" might give you the first impression of being a bashful, sweet and innocent girl, but boy... are you wrong.

She used to work dutifully for her father at The Golden Gator as a waitress, having her own room upstairs from the bar. She would later move out and now lives together with her husband Dango occasionally stopping by her fathers new place The Royal Gator where she is usually free to boss around the employees.

Her OC alien character was later replaced by her "coglien" persona OC in mid 2020 - a cow-girl-alien hybrid.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

History & Biography

Meeting and adopted by Roflgator and Ikumi

'Rob' Roflgator actually first met Sorry in a public map on February 13th, 2018.[2]

After being adopted by Rob and Ikumi, Sorry joined the infamous "Bunny Harem" at the The Great Pug, becoming her father's top earner.

When she first met StealthRG on February 18th 2018, even his "trap radar" failed and seemingly mistook her for an actual girl. He tried to convince her to sing to him alone but she got flustered and said no.

She married Dango on May 20th 2018 where the demon Arcadum officiated them by sacrificing a human soul and having them bathe in his blood. The old man Kenzo was the unlucky sacrifice.

Demonic connections

Laughing Jack introduced SpazKoga to Sorry at Club Rogue on June 7th. Sorry quickly took a liking to Spaz, even being distracted by Spaz as Rob attempted to get her attention.

After using demon blood to revive Arcadum's life after he sacrificed himself for Rob during the Demon Arc (Season 2 of 'Legends of Roflgator'), Sorry began growing demon horns on her model. She currently has Arcadum's blood coursing through her veins. It is uncertain how much of an impact this has had on Sorry's psyche.

Building a family

On Father's Day 2018, Sorry revealed that her and Dango adopted Spacebabe on their wedding day, much to Rob's surprise. Spacebabe's husband Jor Rilla seemed generally indifferent to the news that he was technically Rob's grandson-in-law.

On August 14th 2018, Sorry, herself an alien, was supposedly abducted by aliens while at the Golden Gator, causing her dad Rob to frantically search for her. Once he found her, she strangely claimed she was behind him the whole time, causing much confusion. This would be the latest in a trend of Sorry acting more and more weird when dealing with her father.

Shrimp after Sorry's 'haircut'...

Business and daughter Needle

On 9th September she talked about starting a hair salon and gave Roflgator and Shrimp haircuts. Rob got a haircut in ASMR fashion but Shrimp got more cut off than intended.

She introduced her secret daughter Needle who she endearingly calls 'Momo' to Roflgator and the crew on Oct 29th 2018. Her daughter shares a weak form - similar to her own, if she doesn't get her 'needs' satisfied.

Cranberry address her as a Princess while expressing his disapproval of her human husband Dango.

Princess Sorry and Royal heritage

On Mar 17th, 2019 a mysterious alien named Cranberry addressed Sorry as a Princess. He came up to her and told her that "her family misses her" hinting at some shared past between them - possibly by both being aliens. Cranberry was upset that Sorry had married a human such as Dango and referred to him as a "filthy creature".

He explained that he had come only to confirm that it was indeed her. Cranberry also told Roflgator that Sorry was able to reproduce, something that she previously had denied. She proceeded to explain that Dango was expecting - that she had impregnated him with an egg up his butt.

On stage participating in a Beauty Pageant.

Rob got upset when he learned that Sorry had a real dad but was calmed when Sorry explained that he would never care to come look for her. Being referred to a Princess one would assume that her real father is a king of some sort on her home planet.

Beauty Pageant and events

On Mar 24th, 2019 she participated in a Beauty Pageant hosted by Roflgator competing against Zombie Girl, Kyana, UzuriMia, Jogie, Emily and Darling among others. She ended up loosing to Zombie Girl who was titled Miss VRChat.

Further information: Miss Bricktown Beauty Pageant

On Oct 27th, 2019 she visited the Neko Nights Night Club together with Dango, Meech and Roflgator, once more on Nov 9th, and was introduced to Oathmeal, Lanfear and Kohrean.

There she learned about the concept of having Oathmeal technically become her "Friday mom". The strange things that comes included with the weird Neko Nights "Friday fling" shananigans.

Therapy with Psychology

Father and Son relationship

His father Rob had spoken to a therapist robot named Psychology and wanted to rekindle and strengthen their father and son/daughter relationship. Together they held a counseling session on Jan 29th 2020 where he would give mixed advise, speculated how to accomplish this and get closer together. He ended up walking Rob through a rather bizarre procedure: Re-birthing Sorry to make him his "actual son" instead of just "adoptive son". It kind of worked?

Having another session with Psychology on Feb 8th 2020 the robot concluded that it was actually Dango and Rob who needed to get closer together. They had a good session all three until they were interrupted by a prostitute that tried hitting on Dango, right in front of Sorry. She had been employed by Rob to cuck relationships - but not theirs, a tad ironic. Another suggestion was to renew their wedding vows by making a commemorative sacrifice of old man Kenzo, who had made a return visit. The old man was eventually killed, and brought back from hell again but any effect from his torment is doubtful.

Alternate character personas

Young Sorry

Young Sorry

Young Sorry was introduced to the game VRChat by her father Roflgator and met the "lovely people" that you tend to meet when visiting public worlds.

In the short duration, people tried to solicit sex, tried to record a pornographic film and went to a trial for touching people inappropriately. After this experience they visited a restaurant where butter-looking creatures who were serving eventually threw up on their food.

The event was recorded in a video for YouTube, published on Jan 28th 2020 and edited by Shrimp. Since making the video Sorry has occasionally used the avatar again.



Sorry's "weak" form (It is also used as a 'chill' avatar when not RPing and just hanging out with friends)

  • Around her father, she often becomes flustered and seems to be oddly infatuated by him. Sometimes sadistically.
  • Sorry claims she's an alien from a planet inhabited by traps.
  • If Sorry doesn't receive enough of a certain substance, she begins feeling ill and automatically transforms into a boy.
  • Sorry regularly draws fan art of Roflgator, Ikumi, Jor Rilla, He Gone, and other members of her RP group. Roflgator loved them so much he incorporated them in his personally-made maps like The Lair of Roflgator and The Golden Gator.
  • Many have claimed that 'she' is the best and most convincing trap on VRChat (including Rob)
  • Sorry has worked as a voice actor IRL.
  • Sorry has left many young boys, especially viewers in Roflgator's Twitch chat, confused about their sexuality.
  • Ikumi has called Sorry "adorable" both in-game and IRL and claims she would actually adopt the person that plays Sorry IRL if she could.
  • Sorry is fine with being referred to using any gender specific pronoun.
  • Sorry, Roflgator and Ikumi endearingly refer to each-other as family even outside of VRChat.
  • Sorry once explained that he got his name by accident after being told to rename by a developer from the name "Anal". When prompted with a new username he typed "Sorry" thinking he was apologizing.


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