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Sonata is a small statured siren, an aquatic-based creature known for their voice. She is an Upper City citizen who was recently ousted due to getting in a disagreement with a corporate individual, moving down to the Undercity shortly after. Taking most of her belongings and money she quickly found a comfortable place to settle. With her new living situation and fascination with the arcane she is now dedicating her time to studying magics and working as a runesmith.[1]




  • Major - Siren's Call - Humming and singing coming from her is naturally enjoyable, however if Sonata were to be in close contact with someone while doing either of the two depending on the tone and song, it could be used to lightly entrance someone.
  • Minor - Just a small sting - Being a young lady in a rough city Sonata was taught early on by her paranoid mother on how to easily stun a target into submission. Disguised as a headdress, Sonata can easily twist the ends to cause one of the barbs to come loose, revealing a sharp needle-like end. Sonata would only use this in a combat scenario where, her life is in danger to hopefully hinder her attacker in some way. Informing the other player would be something along the lines of doing the stab motion, should it land where it needs to inform them of a numbing sensation in this area. This can be used as a hand held weapon or a thrown object, however Sonata will only use it as a thrown weapon if in life threatening situations.
  • Minor - Detail Oriented - Naturally observant and easy to pick up details quickly, Sonata can easily understand what she is reading or small details that some may look over. This gives an advantage on rolls relating to checks of this kind.


  • Major - Hydration is required!!! - Due to her aquatic nature Sona has to either take breaks to keep herself hydrated or carry around a water rune to keep herself feeling 100%. If missing for too long she will become unable to do much beyond dragging herself to any nearby source of water if she is able to. While it won’t outright kill her she would be unable to protect herself in this state.
  • Minor - Too Bright! - While easily able to make things out in the dark Sonata has a hard time with bright flashes of light or bright places. If an area is bright/sunny she will need to take time to adjust before she is able to see properly.
  • Minor - Too Loud! - While being a songstress herself Sonata is prone to dizziness and headaches from noises being too loud. Things like alarms, gunshots, and other louder sounds are types of sounds that will stun her.



  • Aquatically Adept - Being a race from the seas, Sonata has the ability to breathe fully submerged.


  • Cold Blooded - Being an aquatic creature Sona’s blood is more similar to that of a cold blooded creature. This means she needs to take extra care when going to places of extreme temperatures. Whether that be avoiding them completely or getting a rune for protection.


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