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"That's pussy ass cringe bro" ― Soda

"We-wo-we-wo retard" ― Soda

Sodapoppin80085 or Soda for short is Sodapoppin's persona when visiting VRChat. He portrays a small loli character.

The real Sodapoppin is an internet personality who has a history of streaming games on Twitch with his major game in the past being World of Warcraft. He is a very popular streamer on Twitch.

Further info: Wikipedia on Sodapoppin

This article focuses on Soda's time in VRChat.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


The Early Days

Sodapoppin first entered the game in early-mid December 2017, [1] first interacting with viewers before hanging out with Team Five for various events, including the first big talent show in the game's history. [2] Although they did not directly meet during this time, these few days would be the catalyst that started him and Vigors vigorous friendship.

He very briefly returned to VRChat in October 2018 for a short stint with Pokelawls.[3]

Joining Roflgator

Sodapoppin once again returned to VRChat when he visited "Rob" Roflgators private lobby on his new Necro Nights map on Mar 31st 2020 while not streaming and was introduced to his group of friends and the usual shenanigans that occur there. Together with Vigor both portraying loli characters they caused a stir. Both got adopted by TheBigMeech as his bratty kids.

Rob and Vigor argued about Rob not being in the "S-lister streamers Discord" with Vigor wanting him to kiss his hand in order to get a letter of recommendation for being invited. After a while and some bickering back and fourth Rob was eventually invited by Soda.[4]

Soda revisited Roflgators lobby again on April 1st 2020, this time The Royal Gator together with Vigor, bringing along GreekGodX. He was joined by xQc, HasanAbi, Pokelawls and the usual regulars from the Gator Crew. Together with Vigor they attempted to convince their adoptive daddy Meech to "seal the deal" with MurderCrumpet by having sex with him so that he could become their mom. Crumpet has had a crush on Meech for almost a year but his approaches have always gotten rejected.[5] [6]

On April 3rd he participated in an Elimination Dating game-show hosted by Roflgator with multiple bachelorettes and one other bachelor being xQc. He ended up winning together with J4key.

The groomsmen before the ceremony

He sponsored and payed off Meech to accept a wedding with MurderCrumpet on April 24th 2020 and witnessed them consummating it together with Roflgator and Vigor off-stream afterwards.[7]

Rob hosted a gameshow for Soda on July 24th 2020 titled "Who wants to mute for a millionaire" with the goal of trying to find Soda his own Personal Mute. The show was judged by Soda, Rob, and Vigor, and featured DustBunny, The Yishai, Yaas, Happy Thoughts, Golly, Aiden, and Knuffle, who all acted and/or danced to try impress the judges. In the end Soda chose Happy Thoughts to be his mute as he was impressed with the way she took his verbal abuse, and the next day Happy Thoughts had a nametag with "Soda's" on her collar.[8]

Soda claims La Casa - The Crackhouse for himself

On Aug 8th 2020 Soda would argue for the current inhabitants of La Casa - The Crackhouse that he wanted ownership. At first he was called "little man" by the current claimant zMoonrunner but was later invited to become a member. Being a member of the crackhouse he was rap battled by Roflgator and more but didn't put up much of a fight.

Similar to his own mute competition he attended MoonMoons on Oct 16th 2020 as Roflgator hosted another one to find a mute for Moon.

On Mar 28th 2021 he showed off his new female avatar while debuting his new meta - "hot tub streams", cementing himself even higher on the VRChat progression meme chart.[9]


  • After having a great time in VRChat in lobbies hosted by Roflgator on Mar 31st 2020 he called Rob "The Pimp of VRChat". Describing him as the one who "sets the cool non-cringe, non-retard shit up... which are actually fun".[10]
  • When questioned why he chose a loli avatar by Roflgator he admitted to wanting a small avatar to not feel forced to interact face-to-face with everyone.
  • His new avatar concept art was designed and drawn by Sorry and the character 3D model was made by Kareeda.
    • The avatar is a "loli" that smokes, carries cigarettes as well as an identity card proving that he is of age to do so.
  • Unveiled a new, more stylish avatar on September 19th 2020 that sports a beanie and green jumper.


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