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"*insert wolf noises*" ― Snow Wuff

Snow Wuff or PearlDragon, who usually goes by "Snow" or "Pearl" by friends, has been a part of the furry community since 2009, and part of VRChat since she joined back in 2018. She generally plays in Virtual Reality using either her Oculus 2 or Rift headsets. Her main fursona is a white wolf (Northwestern Grey Wolf) that she has dubbed / goes by the name of Snow.

She first joined VRChat back in the early days of 2018, when she first heard about the Best Boi avatars from the owner of Telephone the Dutch Angel Dragon, which inspired her to join and delve into the many worlds on VRChat. She left for a time between 2018 and early to mid 2020, but joined back when she heard about an upcoming VRChat themed furry convention called "Furality," which was held in May that year. She has been active since.

She has numerous avatars of her character Pearl, of her fursona Snow (her white wolf) and a few of her other OC, Toki the Dutch Angel Dragon.

She now frequents VRChat under the name "Snow Wuff," to match the name she also goes by outside of VRChat and also to fit her other main fursona she has, Snow.


Snow/Pearl is often seen in either one of her many Pearl avatars or one of her avatars of her wolf fursona, Snow. Or she may also be sporting her avatar of her Dutch Angel Dragon, Toki. She also at times sports some of the public Dutch Angel Dragon avatars she retextured from Meelo's Angel Dragon model.

History and Biography

How She Became a Furry and How She Made Snow

Snow / Pearl / Snow Wuff / PearlDragon first became a furry back on IMVU. It was when she first really started delving into the furry fandom. She became fascinated with the furry avatars on there, and soon got into werewolf RP on there, which later is how she eventually made her first and one of her still main fursonas, her fursona Snow. She first created Snow back in 2009. She later got retextures to match her wolf fursona on IMVU. She can be found on IMVU under the username Snow

She was also deep into the cosplay community for awhile, and cosplayed as Rinoa Heartilly primarily at some various anime conventions, including Otakon, AnimeUSA, and Katsucon. She eventually got inspiration to join the furry fandom in the real world. She even commissioned her first few fursuits. Her first fursuit was a premade, since she had only partial parts for her main of Snow at the time, and she would not get her first fursuit head of her main fursona, Snow until later in 2012. Her first furry themed convention was Anthrocon back in 2012, in which she wore the premade partial fursuit she bought just a month or so prior. It was of a white and blue canine, with a pink nose and blue eyes. She later resold this partial once she got her head of her main fursona, Snow in later 2012.

She got Snow as a fullsuit in early 2013, and wore that fullsuit to Anthrocon 2013, but was able to wear Snow as a partial at the Delaware Furbowl and Fur the 'More 2013, which was the first year that convention was held, and first con she was able to wear her suit of Snow at.

How She Designed Pearl

Snow Wuff / PearlDragon first designed her character, Pearl, back in mid-2013, after she became fascinated by the suit and character Telephone. She first saw Telephone in various dance videos in her original fursuit of Telephone, before it later got remade in the chibier version many know today. She was fascinated by the character and species, which Ino, the owner of Telephone, dubbed at the time just "Angel Dragon." Ino opened the "Angel Dragon" species (which later became the basis and start of the Dutch Angel Dragon furry species) in 2013. Pearl was one of the first of many Angel Dragons that started to get created.

Pearl was originally designed to be an Angel Dragon persona of her main fursona, Snow the white wolf, and as of such she made her ice based, and later added light powers in the mix (by 2014/2015 this was added in).

She was able to later on get a fursuit by Ino, who owns and runs Skypro Costumes (then dubbed Skypro Fursuits) for her character Pearl. She commissioned her in early 2014, and was able to get her suit from her in time for Anthrocon 2014, which she picked up the suit from her while at the convention, and was her first convention sporting her character around.

She later pulled the character from the "Dutch" Angel Dragon species since she designed the character before the lore was added in for the Dutch AD species, and as she was designing and building up the character more, its anatomy and backstory no longer fit what Ino had in mind for her species. She still adores the species though, and it is why she later converted her Angel Dragon Toki to a Dutch Angel Dragon, from its previous species (Wisher Dragon).


As aforementioned, Snow Wuff / PearlDragon first joined back in 2018, when she first heard of VRChat due to the spread of the "Best Boi" species, which was designed and heavily inspired off of the Dutch Angel Dragon species, especially Telephone, as the base models were brown with black arms, legs, and nose tip, and piercing white eyes that resembled the Dutch Angel Dragon they were inspired off of.

She took a break for a time some time between 2018 and 2020, and joined back in early-mid 2020 in time for Furality, the first furry themed fully virtual (VRChat) furry convention.

Social Media Presence

Snow / Pearl is primarily known outside of VRChat for her social media presence on Tik Tok, and a bit on YouTube. She started doing some videos for YouTube in her fursuits of Snow and Pearl, and a few videos were also done when she still owned the premade fursuit. It is how some people first came to know her. She later on joined Tik Tok circa 2018, when it was still called Musical.ly before the merger. She gained over 47,000 followers, and still growing, on the social media platform, by doing silly videos primarily in her fursuit of Pearl, but also posting other content of videos she recorded in Snow and other various videos.