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"Big crowds make me anxious...." ― SnowBallSB

SnowBallSB, commonly referred to as SnowBall by friends and Snowballs by "mistake", is a shy American VRChat full body user and content creator who's been playing VRChat with his friends ever since late 2018. He is a proud Furry and railway enthusiast at heart, and strives to be remembered by those he may encounter in his outings. SnowBall also has a fursona who goes by the name of Snowy Peppermint, and uses avatars that resembles him on occasion.

Due to some technical difficulties with his headset, he has taken an unexpected leave from VRChat, and as of now is still taking a break.


Main Appearance

SnowBallSB's main appearance is that of a Flexx avatar, retextured to match the appearance of his fursona. He has red hair, pink eyes, black lipstick and white fur, with pink fur on his stomach, arms, legs, and ears. He wears a pink collar with a bell. He often wears a shirt with different designs on them of things he likes. Noticeably, unlike the original Flexx model, some of his proportions are different, such as the thighs. While SnowBall likes this design, he wishes it was more accurate to the actual body type of his fursona, which is considerably chubbier.


When SnowBall is not in his Flexx avatar, he is often seen in another avatar, which is of a small Flufi avatar base retextured to match the appearance of his fursona, with red hair, white fur, and pink fur on his stomach, wrists, shins, ears, and back. He has pink eyes and a black collar with a bell. He is considerably bottom heavy and rather chubby. His appearance makes him look "subby" and leads many people to believe he is submissive, not only because of his avatar, but because of his overall personality and voice.

Legoshi SB (Previous and Current)

SnowBall's previous Legoshi is a normal Legoshi with a pink sweater, littered with small dots and an abstract symbol on the front. On the back has a small "Oh, For Petals Sake!" print. His pants are a dark navy blue with the e621 symbol on the right (on the left if facing him from the front) side of his pants below the waist. He wears a black collar with a metallic clip on the front.

His current Legoshi is a normal Legoshi with a light pink sweater with pink cuffs and a pink hem. The sweater has a crudely-drawn drawing of Snowball with his name under him. He has sunglasses that rest on the top of his head. His pants are navy blue with the e621 symbol on the back below the waist. He also wears a collar with a bell, the same that his Flexx Snowy avatar has.

Both Legoshi's have slightly but noticeably larger pupils than the normal avatar.


SnowBall a kind, carefree, but shy player who may get anxious when in big crowds, and prefers to go to much smaller groups of players to hang out and chat with, sharing his interests and stories. He is a pacifist who dislikes drama among friends and anything that may annoy him, and strays away from trying to start anything bad with others. Due to his social anxiety, he prefers to stick around with friends in hangout worlds rather than alone, but there are moments where he does not feel anxious around other people he does not know, and is very open about himself. He can be rather sympathetic and considerate, whether it be with his friends or random players he may meet, hoping to help and inspire his friends and players when they are feeling down.

In games such as Among Us or Murder, he is not as shy, and is more often than not rather competitive but fun, trying his best to fool others and watch other scuffle. He enjoys trying to be suspicious and fooling other players into thinking he may be a murderer or imposter when he is in fact neither, acting in unusual ways and talking to others in a very intimidating manner, putting on a very demeaning and condescending character. He may also change his avatar to appear more suspicious, such as changing from a clean well-kept Legoshi avatar to a Legoshi avatar covered in blood. In certain situations where SnowBall is a murderer, he may become overconfident in his tactics and skills, which may make him cocky. This makes him more vulnerable to losing however, and he may often lose due to his overconfidence.

One of SnowBall's more prominent and memorable traits is his "subby" personality. He is described as easily flustered and bashful, which others seem to find cute. While he denies being submissive, he does admit he is not as dominant as he makes himself out to be, as he often stutters when he is flustered by another player. SnowBall is also not very assertive, as he dislikes talking down to players, even if they may be wrong about something, as it makes him feel bad when he talks down to others. He is usually not very direct with other people, as he tries not to come off as condescending towards anyone. If he is pushed enough however, he will speak his mind with someone and try to be assertive, but many don't take him very seriously, and so he prefers not to and instead ignores it.

Despite SnowBall's fun and unique personality, SnowBall does not view himself like how his friends see him, as he is rather depressed and introverted, claiming he is much more boring compared to his other friends. He is rather paranoid, worrying about his future or if his friends actually like him, which may cloud his judgement and make him think his friends don't actually like him, when in reality they actually don't. This leads to him excluding himself from others. Although not very common with random players, SnowBall can be rather sensitive. Depending on what a friend may say or do to him, he could get easily bummed out and glum, showing he can be rather soft. It is not as effective with random players, but it is noticeably more affective when with friends. While he may not view himself like his friends do, he appreciates that players enjoy his company and is pleased that his friends like him as much as they do, and is working on trying to view himself in a better light.

Overall, SnowBall is a kind and unique player, but is unable to view himself like how his friends and others do. He is working on bettering himself though.

Some have noted SnowBall's personality is similar to that of Legoshi and Jack's personality from the manga and anime series Beastars.

History and Biography

Before VR

Before SnowBall began playing VRChat, as well as VR games in general, he had a fascination of watching players enter a world alien to them and being able to get away with a lot of things they wouldn't normally get away with in real life. For years SnowBall would gawk and research many VR headset and watch people make their own setups. After years of not being able to receive or afford a VR headset, his dream would come true in late 2018.

New Beginnings

SnowBallSB first began playing VRChat in late 2018 as a desktop user, and on occasion as a mute. He'd occasionally visit worlds that were popular at the time, such as The Open Mic, the hub, and the Ugandan Knuckles world. In 2018 SnowBallSB received an Oculus Rift and began to play VRChat in VR, where he would play many other VRChat games like Murder and Coldfront - KOTH. His set up was in his living room, which had a lot of space but due to its location made it hard for SnowBall to play, mostly due to a ceiling fan on the ceiling which he would hit on occasion by accident.

HTC Vive Onwards

In 2019 SnowBall sold his Oculus and took a break from VRChat for a couple of months, until Christmas of said year where he received an HTC Vive. Instead of setting his VR setup in his living room, he set it up in his garage, as there was a lot more space, but due to the lack of air conditioning in the garage and depending on the season, the garage would be either too hot or too cold for him to play in comfortably. On occasion SnowBall would join games such as Among Us and Murder 4, and may often spend time with friends. Later in VRChat LoliaTV, one of SnowBall's friends, taught him how to stream, and on occasion SnowBall streams certain videos games in VR, sometimes with Lolia. As time went on SnowBall became more outgoing and would often tell stories of himself to other players, whether they be friends or strangers.

Sometime in the middle of 2020, SnowBall would receive his first Vive Tracker, but due to only having $100 at the time, he could only afford 1 tracker. SnowBall also didn't have a strap for the tracker, so his mom made a makeshift tracker out of an old belt, and it worked fine. SnowBall would use the tracker for hip tracking in worlds, as it was the only way he could use it.

During SnowBall's first semester of his senior year, his classes had to be taken online due to COVID-19 closing schools down. While in online school SnowBall realized he could get away with things he couldn't do in school before. Before Halloween of 2020, his 4th period teacher told the students if they dressed up they would get extra credit on their grades. This gave SnowBall the idea to use his Legoshi avatar in class while in a house world. On October the 30th, 2020, with the help of some of his friends he was able to broadcast himself in his 4th period class as Legoshi. From that day until the last 2 weeks of the end of his semester, SnowBall would join his 4th period class as many different VRChat avatars. He would mostly use Legoshi as his main avatar in class, but on occasion he would use other avatars, such as the inflatable deer, Isabelle from Animal Crossing, a buff Morgana, and other avatars the classmates would recommend him to be, like Mr. Krabs or a Bratz doll, which the teacher herself recommended. Due to the lack of demand for Bratz dolls in VRChat, SnowBall would never become a Bratz doll in class and would receive a 0 because of this.

On Christmas of 2020, SnowBall would receive the last 2 Vive Trackers he needed in order to have full body. He also got straps so that the trackers could have a place to stay on during play. On the 28th of December, just 4 days after getting full body, SnowBall's mother would buy him a treadmill, as it was something he was asking to have for a while. Then a thought struck him "What would playing VRChat be like if I were walking on a treadmill?" After moving the treadmill into his garage play area, SnowBall would strap on his full body straps and join VRChat. He expected 1 of 2 things to happen: He expected to either walk around VRChat while on the treadmill, not using his controllers to move around in game, or he would expect himself to walk in place while floating slightly above the ground. Once SnowBall turned on his treadmill he would start to walk in place while in the air. He went off to other worlds and showed it off to other players. Some players found it rather amusing and interesting, while others warned him to be careful, as it would be difficult to tell where he would be with a headset obscuring his vision to the world outside of VRChat. SnowBall insisted he would be just fine if he kept the speed on the treadmill slow. Nevertheless, SnowBall would insist on playing VRChat while on a treadmill, as he said it would make for good exercise.

Sometime after SnowBall received his treadmill, he would preform certain dangerous activities on it, such as setting the speed on it higher than usual and preforming risky maneuvers. One night however SnowBall would star in a talent show hosted in The Great Pug, and would show off his dangerous talent to a crowd of players. When he attempted to stop the treadmill he tripped and scrapped his arm on the belt of the treadmill on stage. After this event SnowBall would refrain from doing anymore dangerous antics on his treadmill while in VR, as he realizes he could have suffered more drastic and greater injuries. Despite this however he still plays on his treadmill, but at a slow and moderate pace to ensure his safety.

At the end of March, SnowBall and his family moved into a new house, and he has now changed his VR setup from in his garage to his room, which he finds more comfortable. His new home does have a garage shed which is around the same size as his previous garage, but he is reserving it, as it will soon become his model train shed. As SnowBall has now moved into a room instead of a garage, he no longer has his treadmill, so he won't be doing anymore stunts using it, for the time being.

In April of 2021, SnowBall decided to take a break from visiting public worlds with random players, and instead plays and follows his friends around, as he wants to strengthen his bond with more friends and spend time with them more. This is also due to the fact that SnowBall had become more introverted and shy in April, and as such he had become awkward and shy when in big groups.

In May of 2021, he'd decided to play a little bit more of VRChat in more public worlds, whilst still being able to strengthen his bond with friends he'd like to get to know more. He is however still very weary of big groups and crowds.

An Unexpected Hiatus

In September of 2021, due to his wires being tangled from a worn-out pulley system, his HTC Vive headset could no longer work properly, as it would turn off randomly when at a certain angle. Because of this, SnowBall had no other choice than to take a break from VR, and as such has taken an unexpected break from VRChat, as he prefers to play in VR and never on desktop. He plans on returning, but when he will is unknown.

Alternate personas


SnowBallSB in his "Loser" form in Among Us

Loser is one of 3 current personas SnowBall has. While as Loser, SnowBall will talk in a wheezy voice and treat all players with an equal level of niceness and respect. The persona itself is based off of the character with the same name from the YouTube web-series Battle for Dream Island. Despite this, Loser won't hold back on his urges to kill in certain games, such as Among Us or Murder. He tends to keep it a secret and tries his best to look as innocent and truthful as possible.

James the Red Engine

SnowBallSB in his James form in Murder 2

James the Red Engine, or simply James for short, is another persona SnowBall does in games. As James, SnowBall would put on a loud British accent to match the voice of the character from the earlier seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine. James is vain and sometimes even rude, often lashing out at others if he is accused of something he didn't do. He also gets upset by players mistaking him for Thomas, and will then proceed to correct them. Despite his vain and rude attitude, he can be nice to others and will always offer a helping hand (or buffer) when someone is in need of help.


SnowBallSB in his Loona form

Loona is another persona SnowBall has. As Loona, he'd speak with a lisp and become a raging narcissist, admiring himself and acting very egotistical. He uses his phone on many occasions, and uses it to "take pictures" and tweet about players to get them "cancelled". The personality of SnowBall's Loona is similar to that of a stereotypical teenage girl seen in some media: self-centered, narcissistic, rude, and wanting to be popular, while also not being very smart and often mispronouncing and misusing words to try and make himself sound smart.

Currently, Loona is the only female persona of SnowBall.


  • SnowBall had many different online usernames, some of which are "Mr. Schienenzeppelin", and "SnowballSB" The latter of the 3 would later become his official online username, and would eventually be stylized to have the S and B's capital.
  • SnowBall's most frequently used avatar was of Legoshi. He either plays as a normal Legoshi, or a modified Legoshi that fits his character/personality.
    • As of now, he mainly uses 2 different avatars: A Flexx avatar, and a smaller Flufi avatar, both retextured to look like his fursona.
  • Outside of VRChat, SnowBall is an affiliate of the Thomas the Tank Engine fan community, and would occasionally voice act certain characters in videos.
    • SnowBall is also an affiliate of Open Source Objects.
  • The name "SnowBallSB" originates from a YouTube web-series by the name of Battle for Dream Island. A character by the name of Snowball, who is a snowball, ended up being his favorite character, and named his internet presence after Snowball as a tribute to him.
    • The "SB" at the end of SnowBall's name is also a reference to the character, as Snowball's name is often abbreviated as "SB".
  • SnowBall's favorite game is EarthBound Beginnings.
  • SnowBall's favorite anime and manga series is Beastars.
  • When SnowBall first received his HTC Vive his glasses were too big to fit in the headset. Because of this SnowBall had no other choice than to use contacts to play VRChat.
  • SnowBall's enjoys playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and claims he mains both Ness and Lucas.
  • SnowBall dislikes being called "Snowballs" but doesn't think correcting people is worth his time anymore.
    • However, as time went on, SnowBall would accept that as long as his name was SnowBallSB people would continue to call him "Snowballs" by mistake or on purpose. He's come to begrudgingly accept that, and is OK with being called Snowballs by his friends, but still dislikes being called it when someone is teasing or mocking him.
  • SnowBall has a fear of horror games, and only agrees to play them if he is with friends or is streaming.
    • Aside from horror games, SnowBall also has a fear of spiders, scary players, and overall unsettling and eerie worlds.
  • One of SnowBall's favorite hobbies is collecting. SnowBall especially loves collecting anything related to old Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise and DVDs.
  • SnowBall dislikes the Snowball emote, and refrains from using it.
  • During his first time playing VRChat on his treadmill, SnowBall would almost fall off the end of his treadmill, and would often slide off it by accident.
  • While SnowBall finds it hard to confess and admit, he has a deep affection for robots and inflatables.
  • SnowBall's Flufi avatar bares an almost striking resemblance to "Daxbak", who uses the same Flufi avatar base as SnowBall's Flufi.
    • The only differences with SnowBall's Flufi avatar that makes it easier to differentiate the 2 is SnowBall's eyes, pink fur, and the fact that SnowBall's Flufi is considerably chubbier and bottom-heavy. SnowBall's Flufi also does not wear any clothes.
    • The 2 have actually never met each other.
  • SnowBall is one of many different VRChat users to have "Snow" in their name in VRChat Legends.
    • He does not actually know any of the other "Snow" users in VRChat Legends.
  • SnowBall's fursona has 2 different hairstyles: The first hairstyle having a red fringe at the front, and everything else behind his fringe being pink. The second (and more common) hairstyle is a simple red fringe.
    • As of now, every avatar of Snowy has the second hairstyle
    • Out of the 2, SnowBall prefers the first hairstyle more.
  • SnowBall often reminisces about the old 2018 VRChat hub and loading screen, and misses both of them deeply.
  • SnowBall's lipstick is grape-flavored.

SnowBall as Snowy Peppermint with the second hair style