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Sn0wBreeze or 'Snow' for short is a mute VRChat, roleplayer, streamer, mapper and avatar creator known for her quirkiness.

She's a frequent visitor at The Golden Gator 2020, participating in events and game-shows and assists in various services at the bar like providing background music, sometimes in-RP at the piano.

She started streaming in July 2020.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


On May 9th she dutifully attended and held up a microphone during The Royal Gator Lobby Awards and managed to win "The most underrated in the Lobby" award.

She was introduced to Lanfear, another neko with a similar look as her when she was invited to Neko Nights Night Club as Roflgators plus one on May 8th. Roflgator had assumed that they were related as they looked so similar. In truth Snow did not know of Lanfear before this time.

She participated in a swimsuit contest on May 12th but didn't make it to the finals.

Regularly shows up to game nights but does not always compete, rather she provides the soundtracks to the games or a microphone if needed.


  • Their avatar uses the same MMD model which Lanfears old avatar is based of.
  • Although not having fullbody VR in early 2020 she never hesitate to participate in dancing events and similar.
  • HeyImBee once accidentally fan-girled over Snow thinking that she was Lanfear when she had nameplates off.
  • Known for making impressive drawings in-game.
  • Has amazing aim in VR and earned the nickname "Shr0udBreeze" or "Shroudbreeze" from the famous gamer Shroud.[1]
    • Roflgator has since speculated that Snow is secretly Shroud. It has since spawned various meme artwork including an art piece by Zernovia on Reddit.[2]
  • Helped remake and update Roflgators bar, the The Golden Gator 2020 map and The Crimson Crumpet.
  • Currently, Sn0wbreeze has moved into The Lanfear Estate.


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