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Simon was raised on a tourist world under the control of the GEB and went to University for Culinary arts as well as business along with his twin sister Cassandra. He was Scouted during his studies and worked his way up the chain until he was assigned to Hellion.[1]

Simon’s purpose is to find the perfect dish that provides the most nutritional value but still retains a flavor that is enjoyable to the palates of all.

After he learned of his coworker Leonard Kiani's fraught history with his employer GEB in Season 2, he undertook a corporate espionage mission that quickly went south. He escaped and went into hiding in the Row as various disguises before settling on Levain, taking possession of the Temple of Light as its proprietor, and opening his own restaurant. Only a select few individuals know his true identity.


Season 2

Early in Season 2, Simon went undercover with Leonard Kiani in the Row, which ended in him being assaulted and taken out of commission for several days. Upon his return he decided on a change of career path, becoming more interested in the security and combat side of GEB operations. He took part in the raid on the Necromancer's Lair, invested in a sniper rifle, combat suit, and even a sword, which Goldman and Rikky remarked on as being his new "obsession" with collecting weapons.

Following this feedback, Simon realized his collecting was getting out of hand and left the larger weapons at home, opting instead to carry a single smaller sidearm.

In Episode 18, he found Leonard in the Row in a drunken stupor and completely distraught over the loss of his family at the hands of GEB. He was horrified by Leonard's story and decided to take a stand against the corps.

Episode 19

Simon speaks to Hadwyn and secures two GEB guard suits to take the alien sample the joint corp operation to the Golden Lance had collected the previous day. He meets Leonard again in the Row, who urges him not to get involved, to bide his time.

In spite of this, Simon, Hadwyn and Shiloh run into GEB to take the sample. Simon deactivates the stasis field in the lab, which alerts Rikky remotely. Rikky runs in with Manyu and begins questioning Simon, who says he noticed the stasis field was down so he was reactivating it, but accidentally did so twice. Neither Rikky nor Manyu believe him and begin grilling him. Manyu checks the logs which reveal the identities of the two "guards" they had seen when they entered. The mute guard in the room with them communicates to them that Simon had him fetch the two suits. Simon brings up the injury he suffered in the Row, they run a scan on him to find out it is as he says, affecting his brain and thinking. Rikky has Simon led away by the guard, to place him under house arrest, but as soon as Simon makes it to his apartment he throws the guard off the ledge to his death. Simon then takes his car out of the Upper City and heads for the Row.

Episode 20

Upon arriving in the Row, Simon knows he needs a disguise to hide from GEB. He looks around until he finds Xia, who gives him some pants and a jacket. Bertram leads him into the tailor shop, where Cherri (first giving him a maid outfit) gives him a shirt and a mask, for 9,000 credits, out of the 10,000 he has on him.

Next Simon goes looking for Hadwyn in Scraptown. He quickly finds him, where he discovers he and Shiloh are planning to go to the Golden Lance. Simon uses his last thousand credits and some financial help from Shiloh to purchase a revolver from Sten (using the alias Zero), then they leave for the Lance.

They make it past the Oasis without incident, looking for a sandfall, and find one, behind which is a strange cave. Suddenly Crabby runs in and nearly gnashes Hadwyn, everyone puts their arms up and eventually Crabby recognizes them. Crabby gestures for them to leave, and they all run out in a hurry, Crabby growling at them as they go.

They find their way into the Golden Lance, where they encounter the party led by Sheila that was also headed in. They fight their way to the lab of the ship where the main part of the alien lives and Hadwyn scans it with his synthetic eyes. As he finishes the defense system of the Lance announces that an incoming orbital strike has been detected and starts a countdown to impact. The party runs out of the Lance as fast as they can, losing Shiloh and Relic in the chaos, and are unable to find them when they go back to look.

Once they make it outside the ship Shiloh has somehow made it out with them and they all sprint away. The strike impacts the ship and knocks them over, but otherwise everyone still present survives. They drive back to Scraptown, where a storm breaks out. After checking on Sean in the clinic, Simon heads back to the Row.

He eventually goes to the tea shop with a stranger from the Row, where AL-0 only knows him as a potential security guard hire for the shop. He drinks alone for a while before he takes off his mask for Aloe, who then plays a lullaby for him and says she hopes he's been safe. Once the other customers have left Aloe closes the shop and Simon removes his mask. They talk about the Golden Lance, Simon is shaken after witnessing the death of Relic and sprinting away from the derelict as it was destroyed.

They continue their conversation in the backroom, where Aloe asks Simon if he plans to join Bertram's efforts against the corps, of which she herself isn't very aware of. Simon isn't sure, and doesn't really know much about what Bertram is doing either. After a bit Bertram walks in, Simon tells him he doesn't have a place to stay. Bertram offers Simon a place in exchange for using Simon's working GEB ID to siphon funds from GEB. Simon says he'd need to know the cause is actually going to help people. Bertram walks off to radio someone and comes back to say his boss isn't around, but tells Simon he's trying to help give the people of the Row some semblance of a normal life. Simon pulls out his ID, which Bertram begins going through.

He quickly realizes he has no access to Simon's account, as Simon was locked out in the morning. Bertram thanks Simon for offering anyway and says he knows a surgeon who could give Simon a new face. Aloe suggests Simon disguise himself as Bertram while in the shop since they look very similar, Bertram isn't so sure.

Bertram sets Simon's sleeping area up in the shop behind a large pile of boxes. They talk about what he might be doing next, and settle on having him work as a security guard for the tea shop. Aloe is excited to be someone else's "boss." Aloe also suggests Simon's cover be that he's Bertram's brother. Bertram agrees to that and radios to request some documents for him.

Aloe and Simon move the boxes around and get to talking again. Aloe tells Simon how she used to be a medical synth for Avalon when Bertram walks in and starts scanning him for tracking devices. He can't find any but tells Simon that he'd seen Manyu out on the Row. Aloe continues telling Simon about her past, glitching as she recounts fixing things Avalon broke over and over, and how she found her teapot. Bertram says everyone has a story like Aloe's and that he was with Masaru, but he doesn't elaborate. They then begin to flesh out their cover life story, laughing about Bertram's drinking problem, when he suddenly gets a radio call that they're looking for him.

Bertram quickly leads Simon behind some boxes, which hide a trapdoor. Simon climbs down into the cellar and Bertram leads him around a corner and behind a door, and tells him to run if he hears anyone coming who isn't him. Then Simon waits. Several minutes later Bertram returns and tells Simon that Manyu had come to the tea shop looking for him. Manyu said he misses Simon. Simon says they tried to be friends, but he didn't feel they ever were.

Bertram leads Simon back up, where Bertram says they're going to have to change up Simon's look quite a bit. Aloe points out Manyu believed Bertram was Simon, to their amusement. Simon tells Bertram about the joint corp operation and their plans to make Leonard a general, then they step away from Aloe so Simon can tell Bertram that the galactic CEO of Trident is on Hellion, going by Ian. Bertram thanks him for that piece of information, which he says is actually very helpful. Bertram leaves for the hotel and Simon goes to the corner to lay down, Aloe fetches him some mint tea to help him relax.

Episode 21

Simon started the day by changing his appearance. He dyed his hair, changed his clothes and put in contacts to hide his distinctive green eyes. Afterward he asked Aloe if there was someplace he could shower, she took him to the hotel (giving him the access code to get back into the tea house) but the hotel's manager hadn't opened for the day yet. They heard a voice on the other side of the door, who was confused as to where they were. Suddenly a loud crash emanated from inside the hotel, along with some screams. The voice inside the hotel said it came from the elevator shaft and went to investigate.

Aloe asked if they needed help, someone inside said something but they were unable to make out the specifics. There was a commotion and suddenly Elwin opened the door, asking them to go get medical help. Aloe started glitching and ran off to get the doctor. Bertram emerged and pulled Simon away from the hotel, referring to him as Derek.

He led Simon back into the tea house and gave him a rundown of his new identity. His name is now Derek, he's Bertram's younger brother, he's 24 years old. Bertram radioed some people and said he had to leave, telling Simon to work on his accent.

Simon left the tea house and found Aloe outside the hotel looking for him. They spoke with Torok and some others gathered around the hotel before going back into the tea house to open up. They discussed pricing for the new mochi until Aloe realized Simon hadn't yet eaten today. They went to the noodle shop, where Aloe ordered for him, and they got into a conversation with Jyggal.

Simon left, not feeling very well. He then hunkered down somewhere for the rest of the day. (OOC, Drahexal was sick during the week of Part 2.)

Episode 22

Simon wakes up behind the boxes in the backroom of the tea house and gets dressed in another new disguise- Shane Sidewinder, a cowboy. He's had facial surgery as well to complete the disguise. Aloe doesn't recognize him and he introduces himself to her. When she leaves the room Bertram explains he had to modify her memory and she no longer remembers when Simon came to them for help. Manyu had searched Aloe's memory with his electrical abilities yesterday and found nothing, so Bertram believes Manyu thinks that trail has gone cold. Bertram says since they're not going with the Derek identity he's going to store the papers away for now just in case, but he needs to get new papers for Shane. He tells Simon to keep Aloe company and heads out.

Simon spends most of the day on guard duty. This gives him the opportunity to listen in on many conversations he normally wouldn't be involved with.

He starts by standing outside the tea house for a bit before going back inside to help Aloe test out the cushions. They prepare the tea house for opening and Simon takes guard duty. A guy walks buy carrying a mannequin and Aloe explains that some mannequins seem to move on their own and cause problems in the Row.

The Mayor and Dagu come in and have a drink, out of boredom Simon listens in to their conversation about Jimothy and other things. Standing guard duty gets monotonous and Simon finds himself dancing for no apparent reason.

He overhears Aloe and the others talking about a poster on the Row billboard telling people to dial Channel 69 for a good time and walks out to go see the poster himself, but suffers a narcoleptic episode as soon as he steps out the door. After a few minutes he gets up off the ground as someone walks by and asks if he's okay. He asks if she likes tea, she says yes and he says he'll get her a free one if she forgets what she saw. She says she'll hold him to it later and leaves.

Bertram walks up and asks if Simon has seen Vessa. Simon hasn't, but says he needs accelerants. At first Bertram thinks he's a junkie but Simon explains his narcolepsy. The Mayor comes back out to talk to Bertram and Simon goes back to stand guard. Monty shows up with Elwin and says she wants to use her free drink to get him one.

FRED shows up to talk to Aloe and doesn't recognize Simon, he introduces himself. After all the customers leave Aloe temporarily closes to reboot her systems and Simon takes a walk. He ends up passing out again until Dagu comes along and wakes him back up.

A man Simon recognizes from the Upper City as being an Trident employee asks him if he was ok. Simon explains he's narcoleptic and the man suggests he carry a pillow with him everywhere. The man introduces himself as Khan Waywisers. Simon introduces himself and mentions Kahn looked out of place, asking if he was corpo. Kahn said not necessarily, but who isn't anymore. Everyone has to pay someone above them, and it all goes to the corps. Simon tells him he might want to try blending in more, some people will shoot corpos on sight. He says he's not wearing corporate colors but he'll take it under consideration. He asks about a tailor shop and Simon points him toward Cherri's shop, which is unfortunately closed. Regardless the man continues on his way and tells Simon to buy a pillow.

Aloe opens back up and they wait for customers. She gives Simon an impromptu square dancing lesson after noticing his dancing. Some more customers arrive, Simon steps out and passes out again, this time Bertram wakes him up.

Bertram says the Row clinic doctor could tell Bertram didn't have narcolepsy and only gave him caffeine pills, but Simon should talk to another doctor who works there. Bertram has to go to the Upper City but can't take Simon, Aloe asks if he has a history with them, which he vaguely confirms. She asks if something is wrong and he says there's a lot he can't say.

The two close up and go for a walk together. Aloe says she knows a place that might cheer Simon up and they head for the House of Pure Light. Outside they run into another man in a cowboy hat who introduces himself as Sten, a blacksmith from the Wasteland who deals in unregistered firearms.

The two head inside and look out the window, Aloe mentioning that the view without pollution is nice. Simon asks Aloe about the color green. She says she used to dislike it but no longer does, and points out his eyes are green. Simon says his favorite color is red, Aloe points out she can tell from his clothes, which he says he didn't pick out himself. Aloe says it must've been luck then and anyone starting a new life in the Row could use a little luck.

Aloe thinks aloud about how if pollution didn't exist, she might not either. Simon says you don't have to like something just because it was involved in creating you. Aloe says she doesn't technically have to like anything except her owner and what he tells her to like, but she's not supposed to think about free will. Discussions like this are only theoretical in her programming. Simon asks if its something she can think about but never act on, Aloe says it depends on the programming. She doesn't remember her manufacturers or what they gave her, or what Bertram had changed in her, but she's only able to trust him at his word. She's content regardless. Simon suggests they reduce the amount of waste the tea house produces.

Aloe would like to see more of the sky again, maybe next time she goes to the Upper City. Simon apologizes for keeping her from seeing it since he can't go but she says it's fine. She says Simon must be very important if Bertram wants to keep him safe, Simon says he's not. Aloe theorizes maybe it's reverse psychology then to keep her safe since Simon couldn't come.

Aloe then holds her hand up to the light. She says as an organic, Simon probably can feel the heat coming off the light, unlike the Row LEDs. The only light she has is her hand warmers, not warm enough to burn but to emulate the touch of an organic. Now she uses them to heat up tea, other hands or oil for massages. She asks, isn't that what most organics aim for in life? To be useful in some way?

Simon reaches out and pats her on the head. "I suppose," he says. She says she can't feel it but assumes he is trying to emulate a sense of caring. He says sure. She pats him back.

Then they leave together and go to the noodle shop, since Simon hasn't eaten. Wisp asks if he wants regular noodles or a spicy "Man's Challenge." He ends up buying a bowl of challenge noodles, which Wisp mentions someone on Trident was freaking out about from the spiciness. Wisp gives him the noodles and says no water for a minute after he eats the noodles, and it's too late to change his mind since he's already accepted the challenge. Wisp tells Aloe he could use some encouragement and they all start chanting his name. Finally he takes a slurp and immediately falls to the ground coughing. Aloe tries the Heimlich maneuver on him but he wasn't choking, just overwhelmed by the spice. He pushes her away to which she responds "Patient is responsive" and stops. Then he runs out of the noodle shop to the tea house backroom and rinses his mouth out.

Aloe and Simon open the tea house again. Cherri stops by and has a cup of tea while inspecting the new cushions. A man with wings stops by to inquire about business and talks to Aloe, he identifies himself as the baker in conversation, calling himself Lucio.

FRED stops by again and mentions some activity in the arena with Masaru and some mannequins. He talks for a bit, mentions Wisp pointing a gun at him when he went in the noodle shop, and Aloe suggests he could start a delivery service for his convenience store. FRED mentions "this guy Simon" who suggested he increase his size so he could carry more but he hasn't seen that guy in a while. Gungir walks in and says people are fighting at the arena and that the fighting is moving into the streets. FRED says the mannequin guy was found by Masaru and they're dealing with him.

Because of this, Aloe closes the shop and goes into the backroom. Simon follows and sees an Trident synth lying on the table with its face plate off, which Aloe immediately identifies as FL0UND3R. Aloe alerts Bertram to the situation outside and that the shop is closed. Bertram says they found Flounder like this and that they're trying to fix him. Simon goes in and out of the backroom and pulls his gun, expecting the worst. He hears the bot screaming coming from a device Bertram is holding, and decides he'll wait in the main room. He has another narcoleptic episode despite the caffeine pills and passes out.

He wakes back up on his own and pops in and out of the backroom, not wanting to deal with whatever Bertram has gotten himself into. He hears a lot of commotion coming from outside, and a man from earlier asks for a tea refill. Simon gives him one on the house with something Aloe already had prepared. Simon goes into the backroom to tell Aloe he's heard people discussing bombs outside. He goes back out and asks some passing Masaru mages what's going on, they say it's been dealt with and to stay inside and have some tea, and stay safe. He goes back into the backroom and they're still messing with the synth, internally he panics a bit.

Simon has yet another episode in the main room and wakes up again by himself. He decides to go for another walk when someone asks him if Bertram is around, he lets them in and goes to get Bertram.

Flounder is sitting up and grilling Bertram about his personality core. Simon lets him know about the person out front and he goes to talk to them. Unable to drift between rooms, Simon picks the backroom and watches Vessa interact with the synths.

Bertram says Flounder has been there long enough and it's time for him to go. Bertram tells Simon and Vessa to keep Flounder distracted while he takes care of something with Aloe. Flounder immediately introduces himself and they end up in a philosophical conversation about choice.

After Aloe comes out of the back and Bertram sends her off with Flounder, He walks up to Simon and says "That could not have gone fucking worse." Bertram says officially, they found him tampered with and brought him back to charge. Simon says if things like that are going to be happening maybe he ought to practice his shooting. Bertram expresses regret for having to delete Aloe's memory of what she saw in the backroom, and says shooting Flounder won't help, it'd traumatize Aloe.

Simon goes back to the backroom and starts researching the long-term effects of brain damage on one of Bertram's pads. Bertram returns quickly and Simon tells him what he's researching. They exit the tea house and Simon explains he had brain surgery a few weeks before and he's looking up the effects of it. Bertram says he got too excited about Flounder and got ahead of himself. He leaves after mentioning he needs to hide something and comes back to Simon still researching.

Bertram begins to explain that he has a way to suck the personality core out of Flounder when some people in armor walk by on patrol. Bertram asks which corp and they say they're Wyverns, which he's grateful for. When they leave Bertram says they're probably not even Wyverns. He continues explaining, he had bricked his phone trying to hack into Flounder's memories and when Flounder woke up he noticed the discrepancies in his personality core, then Bertram had lied about what he had done. Bertram wanted to talk to Flounder outside his body but the corporate grade firewall was too strong. He didn't have enough time and didn't do enough. Simon says after working on FRED in the upper city, if a bot like him has a tracker inside, there's no doubt Flounder has one in him too.

Simon suffers another narcoleptic episode while still talking to Bertram. Bertram says to himself that he needs a drink, and wakes Simon back up.

Simon and Bertram head out and run into some commotion involving Masaru and some others. Bertram asks Vessa if she wants to talk in the tea shop and he leads her and a group of several others inside. She frantically explains her involvement with someone called the Puppetmaster and the moving mannequins.

Simon notices a large individual out in the square, and not long after gunshots come from somewhere above. Simon drifts around for a bit before Xia asks him if Greasepalms is in the tea house. He says no before realizing he doesn't know who Greasepalms is.

Eventually Bertram and Vessa emerge from the tea house and go over to the Dirty Diamond. They invite Simon in and all of them and the Diamond guard grab some drinks from the bar and go into Kee'ra's apartment. They put a frozen pizza in the oven (Vessa remarking she's never used it before and is also confused by the instruction to "preheat") which Simon takes out as soon as they leave the room. He tells the guard no, they're not eating frozen pizza, they're gonna eat a real meal that he's gonna cook.

He surprises them when they return and Vessa asks if the ingredients were even fresh. Simon says no, you've gotta make do with what you've got. Vessa puts on the old movie Alien vs. Alien and Simon heads back to the tea house to sleep.

Episode 23

Simon sleeps in, having forgotten that Aloe went to the Upper City with Flounder the night before, after having some trouble sleeping overnight. He wanders the Row for a bit, asking some people if they'd seen Bertram or Aloe around. Eventually he returns to the tea house where Bertram is talking to a woman in a purple outfit, who mentions winning a tour of Valkyrie from a gambling game she won in the tea house.

Simon and Bertram go inside to talk. He asks who the woman was, Bertram says she's an old friend, but don't tell her much. Simon says he's still worried about Manyu. Manyu is unstable and though Bertram thinks he's gone, Simon is sure he'll return. Simon proposes building some insulated armor to resist Manyu's attacks, possibly magically resistant as well. He'll go talk to the local blacksmith to get an estimate on how much it might cost. On another topic, Bertram suggests Simon spearhead the Row's effort to be self-sufficient with food.

On his way to the blacksmith, he runs into a taxi robot, who is carrying a couple of mannequins. He gives Simon directions to the Engineering District. There, he meets with a man wearing a helmet who is also lost. They walk about ten steps and find the blacksmith's shop has just opened. The man introduces himself as Kevin.

Simon waits for someone else to finish, and then talks to Gungir, the shop owner. Simon is intentionally vague on the specifics, but tells Gungir he needs insulated armor resistant to slashing. Gungir takes a look at what he's got in his shop and comes back with an estimate of 14k. Simon says he'll come back in a bit with the money.

Simon runs into Kevin again, who compliments the aesthetics of the tea house. Shane says he works there and brings him in for some tea. Kevin removes his helmet to reveal white hair and green eyes, but a mask over his mouth and nose. Bertram returns, Kevin asks where the tea is from and Bertram tells him they have a grower in the Undercity. Kevin doesn't know what the Undercity is, Bertram explains it's where magic users live, to which Kevin responds that Magic doesn't exist. Both Simon and Bertram tell him yes, it does. Kevin somehow had never seen it before living in the Middle City.

Kevin leaves and Simon gets Bertram's approval for a down payment on the armor. Simon goes back to Gungir, who agrees to 5k up front. He estimates he'll be done with it sometime tomorrow.

Simon returns to the tea house and stands guard while Bertram conducts business with the lady in purple. He makes small talk with another guard and serves tea to some patrons. After a while Flounder returns with Aloe, in Sentry Mode. He reverts to entertainer mode and comes inside to say goodbye.

A man mumbling to himself wanders into the tea house. Suddenly, he draws his sword and yells at Flounder to "DEFEND YOUR LADY!" Flounder enters Sentry Mode and draws his laser sword. Shane immediately pulls his gun on the man and orders the mumbling man to take it outside. The man tells Flounder he "did well" and Flounder reverts to entertainer mode. He doesn't seem to understand why the lady in purple wants to keep her weapon on her after that incident and Aloe explains he went to Sentry Mode and forgot engaging with the man. Flounder explains Sentry Mode just doesn't let him know some things, he doesn't forget them. Flounder reverts to Sentry Mode and leaves, Aloe runs out after him but returns dejected.

With Vessa to run the front of the house, Simon goes into the backroom with Aloe and Bertram. There, Bertram runs scans on Aloe to make sure Trident didn't tamper with her. Bertram hands Simon his fake ID and documents and Simon goes back out front.

Vessa is talking to the lady in purple and her guards. After a bit they leave and Sir Polka, the man who was mumbling before, returns to apologize. He says it was "tomfoolery" and Ryder interprets it as him saying he fucked the entire staff except Simon. Simon accepts his apology and sends him on his way.

Vessa and Simon talk and Simon tells Vessa to be cautious around the lady in purple, who had threatened him earlier. He and Vessa run the shop for a bit more and Vessa gets caught up in a conversation and is told Polka somehow pulled salami out of his sword.

Aloe returns from the backroom and suggests Simon wear a pin on his jacket, or possibly a patch on the back, to fit with the tea house theme. Bertram tells him to go to the clinic to get a prescription and that the doc there can be trusted, just don't let her take your blood.

He goes to the clinic, where the synth manning the window tells him the doctor isn't in. She asks for a name to take a message, Simon gives his real name. He thinks to himself that the name doesn't even feel right anymore.

He returns to the tea house and overhears another conversation about salami. More customers arrive and Aloe serves them. A strange purple alien wanders in, and when Bertram offers her tea for 200 credits she asks what a credit is. Bertram asks her where she's from and she reluctantly confirms she's from offworld. She doesn't seem to be open to talking about herself. Bertram and Simon get her a tea for free, and Aloe has to explain what tea is. Simon decides to check the clinic again.

The doc is in so Simon waits for her to be finished with others. While he's waiting someone apparently spots a "street shark" swimming into the bank across the street. The doc goes to look and comes back to say it's a catfish.

The doc takes Simon upstairs where he reintroduces himself with his real name, as they've met before. He says he needs his prescription refilled and she asks for all the details so she knows what she's getting into. He tells her the whole story and that he needs his prescription hidden since his narcolepsy could be a dead giveaway for his new identity. The doc tells him someone has picked up his gun in the lobby and she'll do it for free if he handles the situation.

They go back downstairs to find the naive purple alien girl was apparently the one who picked up the guns. The doc offers Simon half of her original offer instead and tells the girl she can stay if she wants. Simon hangs around while they talk about what they should do with patients' guns in the future. Simon offers to help with their security but the doc subtly suggests "lots of people" come through the clinic and he might be recognized without a face covering. She gives him his prescription and he heads out.

He goes back to the tea house where Bertram is hosting some gambling. He watches for a bit and Vessa tells Simon to tell Bertram Flounder will be back when he's done in the Upper City. Simon is exhausted and decides to end his day early, retiring to the backroom to sleep.



  • Major - Perfect health - Due to his knowledge as a Dietitian, his own diet consists of various vitamins that boost his immune system, making him less likely to catch a disease as well as giving him a resistance to weak poisons.
  • Minor - Coward’s retreat - Simon has run away from fights all of his life. Due to this he has a slight increase in stamina and in speed.
  • Minor - An eye for quality - Able to tell the quality of foods by inspection and can find discrepancies based on that.


  • Major - Narcolepsy - Very tired, unaware of their surroundings, and falls asleep often. This leads to occasional hallucinations.
  • Minor - Weak Stomach - Unable to look at any amount of gore or blood without getting sick to their stomach. Prolonged exposure increases the chance of throwing up. Reminds him of the time he saw a man fall into a food processor.
  • Minor - Allergic Itch - Due to being around ingredients that he is allergic to, he has developed a skin condition that causes him to be itchy in particular spots. He is allergic to most naturally-growing plants as well as peanuts.


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