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Silika has lived on the planet for a while. Her father and mother raised her well even with her curious nature. The hijinks with her brother general led to interesting stories. After she got a bit older she decided to set out to salvation city. With the help of some critters it led her to the undercity which has piqued her interest most.




  • Major - Animal Companionship: Silika can speak to and understand animals, Silika can understand any animal that isn't sentient or a person aka, lizards, bugs, slimes, hamsters, crabs, etc.
  • Minor - Keen Hearing: Silika Can hear pretty well, She uses this for hunting or catching things, And or to hear when the next big catch is coming up.
  • Minor - Water = Good: Silika can bring water to her body to form water tentacles/arms or perform an out of combat heal in the water, the heal would take 1 minute to cast and heal 2 vitality. The water arms can be used as a defensive spell to protect herself, put out fires, and other such.
  • Racial - Underwater Tendencies: Being from the ocean silika can breathe and swim underwater, being quite fast in the water but slow on land. As for breathing, She just breathes underwater.


  • Major - Must Remain Moist:
    • Silika must bathe at least once per day, She can miss 1 session of not bathing however if continued not to bathe it’ll go as follows:
    • 2 sessions: Minor wound at the start
    • 3 sessions: Silika will take a major wound at the start
    • 4 sessions: if not bathed for 4 sessions this will lead to a severe wound at session start and will take a normal death roll should this roll fail, silika will die at the end of the session.
  • Minor - Soft and squishy: Silika's skin is very thin and very squishy, cuts and wounds, do more damage, and can get infected very quickly
  • Minor - Fire = Bad: Fire or fire elemental magic, can dry silika out quickly, and can cause scales to begin to fall out. Blood could begin to fall from these scales falling as well
  • Racial - Too bright: Silika’s eyes are adapted to darker locations hence bright locations make it harder for her to see, and strain her eyes a lot quicker than darker areas would.


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