Who is the SilentOne?

Silent is one of the many people who recently found out they could RP on VRChat. Originally, Silent was an ARK RPer, and still visits ARK sometimes. She plays a variety of characters and is good friends with Miss Universe.


  • Erin - A lost shadow trying to find her purpose and lost memories. She has an fluid form bound together with shadows that hide beneath a purple robe. She has made companions with people of Aegis. She is a student of Arcadum and Lucien.
  • Sethia - A devil of Lust, Pride and Envy. Sethia is one of the Chaos children along with her brother, Konton. She and her siblings have battled each other for over three hundred years under the whims of their father, Daiyo. Only recently she has been freed from under his thumb. Now she struggles to adjust to life outside of Hell.
  • Dolly - A new character. Not much is known of this creature except that she seems to be some kind of animated doll. 
  • Morrigan - Morrigan is an older character of Silent's, actually being first realized in the time before VRChat, being used on ARK RP servers. Frequently refers to herself as 'The Morrigan'.
  • Liz - Liz is an archangel who frequently attends Purple Lotus and is a friend to Dread.
  • Hannah Hart - Hannah is a human who attends Ascension Academy. She comes from a long line of monster hunters and wields a whip.
  • Xia - Silent's character when participating in Callous Row RP



  • She originally started to stream ARK RP, with various characters including Sally, Miss Penny, Gwen the werewolf, Juliet Venetaro, Morrigan and multiple others.
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