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Silas is a free spirit, an adventurer seeking an escape from his corporate upbringing. Running away from his upper class adoptive family that has an unhealthy obsession with magic, he is the opposite and has a strong distaste for anything magical.

On the run he finds himself in the wasteland on planet Hellion. In Scrap Town of all places, doing oddjobs like scrapping.

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"He's a tyrant, and a man of the Devil." Is what Silas would say about his father, Jason Edenmorn if you were to mention his name.

Jason Edenmorn was once a normal man, working his way up in the corporate world with his advancements in the arcane. Founding a company with his wife, Jocelyn. Eden and Sons Arcane Company was then founded. Soon taking in and adopting three young boys at a young age. Of these were boys by the name of Boyd, Kyler and Silas. All of which took up their adoptive father's surname.

Silas stood out among the three, from his young age he remained rather small. What was believed to be a human male, soon became something they were not quite sure of. Regardless, as he aged he showed little interest in the arcane. Thus taking interest in the act of inventing and using machines. Spending much of his youth toiling away at a desk and instead of toiling over tomes of magic, he instead was planning compact weapons, gadgets, you name it. His family vastly encouraged him to take up studies in the arcane, which was a duty he shirked. Much to his family's disapproval.

Around the age of 22, Silas' and his family's life was turned upside down with the death of his adoptive mother. Soon after his father began to get involved in very shady business. Resulting in the company's specialization in Shadow and Chaos magic. With one ultimate goal, finding the cure for death. They looked to resurrect Jocelyn. After countless unethical experiments and failure to achieve breakthroughs in the field, Jason's condition worsened. Slowly withering away in a vain attempt to bring back his late wife. With his strength fading along with Boyd and Kyler's, they are on borrowed time. And require someone to take the lead, thus looking to Silas to take over.

Silas looked to escape his family's tyranny. Looking to make a name for himself and his inventions. And with Hellion's recent triumph over the invasion, he believes it's perfect grounds for leaving a mark. After making some calls with some friends and calling some favors within Masaru, he arrives in the Upper City. Looking to start fresh and lay low. Lord knows what will happen if his family comes to find him, for he knows it won't end well and he won't go quietly.




  • Major - “These machines solve problems.” - Silas is an avid inventor, allowing use of a range of abilities at the expense of the gadgets that he employs. These gadgets are rather unconventional but have a combat focus.
  • Minor - “Do it right the first time, young’un.” - This plays into work time on projects and jobs, and allows Silas to complete said jobs on a much faster schedule than others.
  • Minor - Desperado - Silas has years of experience with firearms, specifically of the smaller variety. Knowing where to place your shots counts.


  • Major - Size does matter - Due to Silas’ size, he is much more susceptible to damage.
  • Minor - Short-handed - Silas can only carry a small amount of ammunition and resources for his gadgets.
  • Minor - “That’s the Devil’s work.” - Due to family related drama and backstory, Silas refuses to learn or work with magic, his ignorance with the works of magic resulted in various nullifications of his gadgetry due to lack of testing.


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