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"Hi my name is Sig, I do nothing of importance with nobody of note, it's a pleasure to meet you." ― Sig

Sig is a wanderer who has traveled across many worlds seeing and experiencing new stories for him to enjoy. He has traveled to the current world with his lifespan creeping towards its end. He has joined the Purple Lotus and Aegis to experience new adventures and hopefully find a way to stay within this world. He is played by Hat Kid.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


All throughout Sig's life, he had been obsessed with literature. All of the characters, locations, situations and worlds enticed him like no other. However, this childlike fascination soon turned into obsession, leading him to believe all of these worlds, these "possibilities" were real.

Sig lost all those close to him, friends, family, loved ones all kept their distance, insisting that he had "gone mad" from obsessing over his books, but Sig insisted they just "didn't understand" and "hadn't seen the endless possibilities." Sig was thrown into isolation by those who had once cared for him, he had nothing else to do but delve deeper into literature, absorbing all "worlds" as he called them into his subconscious.

One day, a mysterious being taking the form of a Demon appeared in his library. This man gave Sig an offer: "The ability to jump between worlds, to manipulate dimensions themselves." But at one cost... Each time Sig fully jumps dimensions, his lifespan is shortened. Obsessed with the idea of being able to visit all of the worlds Sig had held dear, all of the books and possibilities that had kept him company when all else had left him, he greedily accepted the offer, throwing all caution out of the window.

Sig spent the following years travelling through these "Stories" as he calls them, using the rest of his lifespan as well as he possibly could, however he could feel his impending death steadily coming closer. Realizing his mistake, Sig now uses his power for a new purpose, believing that one of these stories MUST contain some form of magic that can save him from his own demise, and he intends to find it.


A New World

Having traveled to an entirely new world once again Sig did as he naturally would and explored the new world with curiosity. Through his exploration he stumbled upon the casino known as The Purple Lotus, where many stories have had their beginnings. Keeping his notepad with him to write down his memories lest he forget he questioned the people inside about the world, technology, and magic. His curiosity lead him to meet the owner of the establishment Satchi. The owner answered his questions but not without giving his own questions in return. Through their makeshift interview Sig revealed his predicament with a slowly decreasing lifespan that would result in him losing all the memories he has. Satchi offered to help Sig and pointed him to the organization of Aegis and its leader Hybris who offered her assistance especially when he showed a desire to possibly join the organization in the future to help protect people.

A Cruel World

On one of his outings exploring Sig was met with an awful experience as a lion beastkin named Leo had attacked and kidnapped Sig for over a week. In an action of pure cruelty Leo destroyed Sig’s notebook, laughing at the wanderer as it burned. Leo then went to work injecting Sig with nanobots code named J.E.R.I.C.H.O. These parasitic nanobots infested Sig's body and mind letting Leo see through Sig's eyes and hear what he hears. Sig returned to his job at The Purple Lotus as a spy but was quickly identified as having something wrong with him by JJ. Chow was called over to help him and using some abyssal power he flushed out the nanobots using goop freeing Sig from Leo's control. In tears Chow brought Sig to see their boss Satchi for help. Satchi comforted him vowing that he would make the people responsible for this pay.

A World of Betrayal

Sig was one many people who had participated in a game of fate that was created by Jester. Like many others he assumed the game was a simple card trick/reading but he was roped into a conflict between a trickster and an abyssal creature. Plagued with a nightmare that felt all too real Sig became scared for his already short life. When the mystery of the Jester’s game approached its end he joined with Hybris, Satchi, Andraste, and others who were pulled into this conflict. The ending however revealed to be a selfish ploy by Jester himself. Betrayed Sig screamed that he could not forgive him but cried as he watched Jester die from a final attack by Satchi's Legion.

A Solution

Sig, following the death of Smaller and Seth, begins to have doubts about the leadership of both The Purple Lotus and Aegis. Every day following the incident, he thinks about what could have been different had he been there, what he could've done to stop them. He partially blames Satchi for gathering those willing to fight, having them go through training exercises and forming squads to only then rush in without notifying anybody. Sig spends two weeks gathering his thoughts before returning to The Purple Lotus

Upon his return, Sig meets with Corowna to discuss making a contract that would allow him to know the exact number of days left before he is forced to leave his current story. Corowna requested a mere quarter of Sig's soul, however, Sig offers half to ensure Corowna gets enough from this bargain to prevent her from attempting any deception or trickery. Regardless of the individuals who warned him about the dangers of giving up his soul, he shakes hands with Corowna and the deed is done. Sig has 25 days remaining in the mainverse. Yuuhi, who happened to be present during this exchange, offers to be Sig's spirit guide, ensuring his soul would end up where it was needed. Sig gleefully agreed and made the unfortunate assumption that with this additional agreement, Yuuhi would be able to track his soul, and thus regardless of his forced portal, would be able to be pulled back to the mainverse with little to no consequence. Sig began to laugh hysterically, and attempted to manually use his Dimensional Jump, to which all the present company knocked him unconscious, and restrained him before he could make such a rash decision.

It was at this point that Yuuhi consulted with Chow, and the two decided to dedicate their next month to finding a way to save Sig. Yuuhi and Chow took Sig to the basement of The Thieve's Den and began to wake him up. They explained how wrong his initial assumption was, and ensured him that staying in this current story was his best shot at a cure. After calming Sig down, they began to devise their plan. Chow decided the most efficient surefire way to deal with Sig's problem would be to make a contract with "Red Hound" (Portrayed by Yuuhi) and ask for his presence until Sig was completely saved.  Upon Red Hound's arrival, he states that "The physical body will forget, however the soul will always remember the emotions of what has happend" and explains that it may be possible to track down the demon that made the initial contract with Sig if they could find out his location through Sig's memories - accessed through his soul. 

The first soul reading session took place at Yuuhi's training grounds, accompanied by Krass (Portrayed by Lichbane) and Chow. Chow used "King Sebastian's Crown" to assist in their resistance while residing within Sig's memories. Red Hound makes it a point to conserve energy by only going through Sig's most emotional memories.

An Infected World

Sig, under the employment of Aegis, was on the Backup Team for a Federation issued mission on the planet Lupus 7. (As it was called by Sig to Ion, regarding any data on it in Hybris's logs) Going in with already limited information, upon receiving an all hands on deck notification from Ion, Sig started recording from his cybernetic eye and got on the transport. Upon arrival to the planet, the Defense Team was approached by the Federation Unit Booster Bot, and told the layout of the base around them before stepping aside for Hybris. Of who proceeded to brief the team, of a crashed Federation Ship containing a parasitic entity that has spread itself throughout the planet, it's reactor may be unstable.

Hybris once again told the team the layout of the base, and directed Medical Officer Eir to the Research and Medical area, neglecting to mention Sig, leaving him to feel hurt, taking it silently. Sig opted to go around the base asking questions of the various Federation soldiers, learning of a new Federation thermal based blaster that shoots superheated metal, with full automatic, making him slightly upset at the fact that his own equipment is greatly overshadowed. Walking away, he continued taking in the base around him, soon getting recruited to patrol the walls alongside two other Aegis members, soon finding an abandoned post and reporting it.

Following this, Aegis was soon split into two groups by Booster Bot (Portrayed by Kazuki) and Hybris, Sig was apart of Group 2 heading towards a downed Federation fighter. With paranoia already rising from the atmosphere, over communications a message was received "Reporting in, there is an unknown voice..." This did little but heighten paranoia. Upon reaching the Federation fighter, Sig accessed various logs on his phone, and began the process of opening the ship. Various contacts appeared, including some kind of entity that had the capability of producing a shield, and tunneling underground.

The entity appeared to be unable to tunnel through the metal shielding of the ship, Hybris captured a specimen inside the ship and got the team ready to mobilize, while onboard a message was heard on communications regarding a Federation Classified Hunting Bot, additionally someone who appeared to be a salvager approached the team. Upon retrieving the specimen, they returned to base, after an unidentified individual appeared to be firing upon them.

When returning with the specimen, Sig began working on potential ways to contain the entity, a suggestion was given by a Federation researcher that they tied it down with belts. This was quickly shot down, knowing that it can burrow, of what was news to the Federation researcher, implying there is much more going on. However it was quickly chained, this is when Sig had the idea to create a box out of the ship's hull. Upon requesting to get pieces of the ship's hull, the Federation officer in question immediately shot down the request. Upon getting briefed on the situation a second time, the commanding officer showed extreme dislike of Aegis, a feeling that was returned in kind by Ion in a confrontation between the two moments later, greatly heightening tensions and paranoia, however in the end they were granted the perms to retrieve parts of the ship, with the Commanding Officer and another Federation soldier alongside them.

With the second trip to the Federation ship, they began taking panels for the Specimen's containment, Sig providing overwatch from on top of the ship. The Federation Soldier on top of a gravel pile appeared to have taken several shots at the group, however it appears that this was a simple misfire. Soon thereafter the individual that appeared to be a simple scrapper, suddenly appeared and shot the Federation soldier in the head, and proceeded to then vanish with some form of cloaking. Bringing the first signs that something was going on under the seams.

After creating the box, and bringing it to the research tent, there were three Federation soldiers on site. Two of what seemed to be medical and research employees, and a standard soldier, preparing to preform an autopsy on the specimen as it appeared dead. Federation Solider seemed aggressive towards Aegis personal, researchers appeared welcoming. Further showing the partial divide between the ranks, and Aegis. Tensions and Paranoia rising, since the execution of the Federation Soldier.

As a result of the Federation Solider and rising tensions, this just heightened Sig's paranoia of the situation, to the point of comparing it to a Zombie movie. After this confrontation, Sig started the dissemination of information regarding the science tent, and then proceeded to take point at the walls. As soon as he took point however, a group of what seemed to be insurgents attacked him, due to paranoia and one of them yelling "Hey Egghead," Sig was able to duck down in time to avoid the fire. Somehow the insurgents had the knowledge of him being a researcher, potentially implying that they were working with the individual with cloaking. Sig having only gotten grazed by a bullet on the shoulder, quickly got medical treatment before getting a message on Communications.

"We have a situation, front right," after walking towards the location given, another message arrived "He's taking Lavender!" this caused paranoia to skyrocket. When walking into a tent to adjust the volume of his communications, he had overheard more Federation Soldiers openly admitting their dislike of Aegis, heightening the tensions between the two organizations. Once again, soon after this it was told to Sig that Lavender had been retrieved, upon going inside and talking with him, he learned that the individual that appeared to have been a Scrapper, the same person who shot the Federation Solider, was the one to attempt and kidnap Lavender.

Upon being questioned by the Federation Researchers, it was revealed that they were not let known that one of their Soldiers were assassinated by an unknown attacker. The staff also let Sig know that they had used the box, and put the specimen as well as everything used in the autopsy inside of it, with proper biohazardous waste warnings on the side. While wrapping up Asura, over the communications it was let known that a Federation Soldier was just controlled by one of the entities, implying it's psionic abilities.

After treating Asura, Sig wandered over to the Federation researchers and began discussing theories regarding the Parasite, when the commanding officer walked in and actively caused disarray. Upon them leaving, Sig struck up conversation with the researcher once again, and reported it's behavior in hopes of potentially figuring out what it was and how it worked. The specimen was eventually named the "Brain Jacker" by Ion, as he passed through. It was also revealed that the Brain Jackers have the capability in their tails to snap someone's neck with ease.

Tensions rising, Sig was made aware of an attack within the base, the Federation Officer was attacked by one of the creatures and was potentially infected, however it was unconfirmed. Upon talking with Hybris, it was learned that the Brain Jackers traveled in a pack like way, or have a way of contacting one another within quick succession. At this point in time, Sig had been questioning the restricted area that is the hangar, however he wasn't about to push his bounds as an Aegis Agent.

After patrolling the base, Asura let Sig know that the Brain Jackers appear to have gotten inside the base, and that they appear to be unable to tunnel through the metal plating on the ground. Sig made his way towards the front of the Research tent, before witnessing the Federation essentially execute one of the Brain Jackers, leaving him fairly impressed, although paranoid that they could potentially jump over the panels. Upon receiving orders from Ion, Asura and Sig began searching the tents for potential Brain Jackers that had tunneled inside the walls within them.

While searching the tents, Sig noticed a Federation Soldier peeking out from one of the tents they had just left, clearly intending on staying hidden. This only further fueled the paranoia in the air, as Sig was trying to figure out what exactly was going on. Soon Saya made several actions to attract a Brain Jacker, while inside the base, as a joke, and one actually appeared. Leading Sig to get visibly upset with them, and further worsening his mood. Soon thereafter, a massive unidentified noise was heard, tensions at an all time high. After speaking with Fable regarding psionics and the Brain Jacker's brain, Sig attempted to locate the sample from the Autopsy, before realizing it would be of use. After this, Sig began patrolling the base, someone had gotten critically wounded, as Sig attempted to remind people to get them down to the metal. The individual was attacked by what Sig assumed to be the Assassin.

Sig began gathering as much information on the third party as he possibly could, after getting conformation that it was in fact the same person from Saya. He asked Asura if there were any identifiable markings on the Assassin, who responded with a negative, however did confirm that the Assassin had some form of green shielding. Soon after however, Booster Bot (Portrayed by Kazuki) came out of a tent. Upon hearing a massive unidentified noise again, Booster Bot had replied that "We do not need to pay attention to that," and that "If we pay more attention to it, it may, come back." Upon being questioned of what "it" was, or why they shouldn't pay attention to "it," they were told that it was classified information.

Soon over the loudspeakers, the voice of the Assassin could be heard, reciting several quotes from books and novels, and a Federation soldier mentioned that there were several Speakers around, and whenever it happens someone ends up dead. Paranoia high, Sig began piecing together the fact that the Assassin has a direct communications link with the base. While Sig was explaining the technical portions of potentially listening to the assassin, Hybris called over the Communications array that within the central tents, there was a bomb.

After briefing two newer arrivals on the situation, Sig expressed his extreme suspicion on the Federation Agents, and another unidentified sound happened. It is at this point in time that Sig began wandering the walls, taking post in one of the towers, increasing in paranoia and formulating a theory. While spending time at the tower, he spotted several sightings of what he believed to be the Assassin, and additionally over communications heard that Crystal had went missing. On top of that, Ion reported that the Assassin had stolen his communications, meaning that they are no longer safe.

While patrolling the base, Sig had engaged in conversation with Bream, of who in the end walked away with the quote of "Okay, well I have a lot more to lose than you do, so.." Leaving Sig rather annoyed and upset. Sig decided to ask one of the Federation Soldiers if they have seen the acting Commander, or otherwise. Pointing out how there are barely any Federation Soldiers on base. Soon Hybris as well as several other Aegis members reported that they had recovered Crystal. The Assassin was spotted heading towards the tower that Sig was watching, upon hearing this Sig decided to strap his Phone onto the railing, and use it as a direct video to his Cybernetic eye, therefor allowing him to watch the tower as if it were a security camera. During this time, Hybris snuck into the restricted area known as the Hangar, Sig was requested to keep an eye on the location and distract anybody who may interfere.

Upon being called inside the Hangar, Sig had gotten information regarding a laptop within the control center of the hangar, that is receiving radio signals from the Federation Ship, and sending them to the Assassin. However as Hybris and Sig began to do anything, Booster Bot suddenly appeared and told them that this was a restricted area, and they were to leave immediately. Additionally, only he is to have clearance to this location. Raising several alarms within Sig's mind. The Federation Commander has been absent this entire time, however they suddenly appear for the sole reason of keeping them out.

Back on the tower, Sig is left on the rearguard, as all combat ready agents are pulled to the front to fight a Hoard of Infected. However he constantly sees the assassin again, his paranoia high, thinking about how with all the combative agents dealing with the hoard there isn't any perimeter, he is entirely alone. Not even the Federation seems to be here anymore, either having been picked off one by one, or are simply absent. After some time, Freya joins in Guarding, and Sig gets conformation that the nest is real, and that they are planning on engaging it soon. During conversation, Sig had Visual on the Assassin, getting Freya to notify communications.

Sig came up with a theory, that the Federation was working with the Assassin, feeding information to him, no Federation Staff remain in the base that we can see. Additionally with the Parasite on planet, keeping Aegis busy. He believes that this is an attempt by the Federation to wipe Aegis off the radar, and he confided his theory to Freya and Saya. Upon the conclusion of the theory, and quite a bit more time guarding, Sig eventually decided to bring up the theory to Ion.

Sig resolves that he has to make it back to the cathedral, his Cybernetic eye has been recording the entire time, due to how his phone will not automatically upload any footage to the network. Upon coming to this realization, he reconvened with Freya, and subtilly hinted that the cameras have been failing to record the entire time. Knowing that if the Federation, or the Assassin knew, they'd have a massive target on their back. Though due to issues with communication, he had to put it bluntly while still not directly stating it.

As Freya left the Guard Tower to charge, they gave Sig an MP7 SMG, claiming that his Glock wouldn't do anything against anything but other normal humans. Additionally he was instructed to keep it. After this had happened, Federation Soldiers and other related Units appeared to have started refilling the base, and additionally majority of Aegis appeared to have returned from inside the Federation Ship. Additionally, inside of the Hangar, Bream appeared to have had an confrontation with two Federation Soldiers, to the point of pointing guns at them.

Sig upon learning that only the injured were extracting, questioned Hybris to reconfirm this, before requesting to extract with the wounded. Being quite demanding, he insisted that he extracted with the rest. Stating that everything is compromised here, and that he'll upload it all on the safe network back home. As soon as this was said, the acting commander and Federation Officer walked up with several armed soldiers, stating that Aegis is to leave the premises as soon as possible, and that they had new orders, and they had Sixty Seconds to get off premise. The male Federation Researcher pulled Sig aside, before he got to the evacuation point, and told him of a Sample of the Mind Jacker in an unidentified package, presumably done without Federation Clearance, allowing Aegis to have a sample of the Parasite. The fate of the Researcher is unknown.

With the new orders of all clear Evacuation, Sig and Aegis pulled out from Lupus 7, back to the Cathedral. Upon arrival, Sig uploaded the recorded information from his eye, and deposited the sample of the Mind Jacker.

A Time For War

Hand Of Zarus Mission - Free Agent (PL Contracted)

Upon arriving to the main base, Sig assessed the area, photographed and examined the area map available under one of the pavilion tents, and coordinated with reinforcements to try and organize communication between the separate comms channels and groups, briefing groups of people who arrived at the base. During the initial stages of the battle he stood guard as the enemy forces gradually began to push allied forces back towards the bridge waypoint. Over the Lotus comms, a request to Chow to deploy bot reinforcements was granted, and a few minutes later a squadron of PURGE bots let by I.G arrived at the main base, unsettling Sig.

Eventually, he departed the base with the PURGE bot reinforcements and met up with the main force, additionally encountering a member of the Hand, who cloaked away before he could be struck from behind by someone else. As fighting on the frontline continued, Sig pulled back to help set up a Forward Operating Base to help assist with medical treatment, asking Ion to locate a suitable location and for Panda to pull back and rendezvou with the advancing medical reinforcements from the base. As fighting drew to a brief lull, the warning siren for an Airstrike was sounded, forcing everyone to pull back and withdraw. Separated from most of the retreating allies, Sig was picked up by Michael with Proxy to escape the incoming fire, flying back to the main base and safety while the others hunkered down somewhere with as many shielding abilities stacked up as possible.

As the allied forces regrouped the enemies made a push forward attempting to take control of the bridge, Sig continued trying to maintain coordination despite exhaustion starting to settle in, trying to think through how things had started to go wrong with how much ground had been lost and ideas for how to proceed. Gradually the allies began retaking ground on the plains, and Sig deployed forward to set up the FOB on the plains at point 3, which proved it's worth within minutes - as Flo was brought back with a stab wound and had to be evac'd back to the main base, while the battle began to move on to the final stages.

The Circus' Show

WIP - Lower Zaphira Circus Mission - Free Agent


Sig is an energetic and chaotic individual, spending much of his time performing bits, often with an unaware participant and/or audience. His wit is quick and his mouth quicker, and coupled with the casual and sometimes offhanded way he treats strangers he often gets himself into trouble. Despite his constant self deprecation and seemingly lowly opinion of himself, he has managed to make many close friends in his travels.

Sig is interested in every dimensions inhabitants, as well as their stories. He wishes for nothing more than to see each story come to completion. His time may be limited, but he intends to see as many of the dimensions as his lifeforce will sustain. Through his adventures however he has seen a much more grim reality as his lifeforce drains and he is shown one disappointment after another.

Powers & Abilities


  • Last Resort - Sig tends to avoid combat if possible but has equipped himself with a dagger for self defense. He is not trained in using it as he lacks any combat experience. He also acquired a glock pistol some time ago for self defense, and more recently received a Phase Saber from Satchi. In addition, he was given an energy shield and energy sword as a parting gift from leaving Aegis .
  • Prestidigitation - A low level cantrip that allows for various small, mostly cosmetic/aesthetic, magic effects. This includes harmless sensory effects like sparkles or changing the color of something, or lighting a candle. Read more here.


  • Dimensional Jump - Sig could fully jump to another dimension once every few years. While he resided in other dimensions, his memories from previous dimensions became foggy and distant. He was only left with a sense that there is something he's meant to be doing, somewhere very VERY far away. The use of this ability has caused him to forget most of his early life and he isn't even certain how old he is anymore, only that he's at least twenty.
  • Dimension Rift - Sig could tear tiny holes in his current dimension, allowing him to hop into dimensional purgatory and travel short distances.
  • Lifespan - Sig's lifespan crept ever so quickly towards him, being sped up every time he used one of his abilities. This had no physical toll on his body, however, the mental damage of knowing his only significant abilities were killing him slowly wore him down over time.


  • The character of Sig was inspired by Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite
  • The model used for Sig is actually Sig from the Puyo Puyo Series
  • Sig has been married and divorced nearly half a dozen times, mostly during bits with Keychains. Satchi sometimes officiates these weddings to fuck with Sig.
  • He once got into a staring contest with someone in the Purple Lotus for a full 30 minutes before Oslin broke him by beginning to tell his extremely lengthy backstory right next to him.