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After getting a word that Concordia the town nearby might be under attack the Academy rushes to aid them into what is seems a work of dark forces to disrupt the order of society.




Ardent Veil


Crystal Thorn



Participants who play a role as a teacher.



During a normal day the barrier protecting the academy was tainted red warning everybody of a critical situation. The horn blew and with everybody reunited in the stadium the Headmaster informed everybody that it was informed to him that the town nearby was under attack by an unknown force and it seemed that people were guarding themselves at the church of Ymra but some might be on their homes hidden and sheltered, to put the nail in the coffin it was also informed that the stationed soldier of the CAF and most of its members were out of the city due to some....(Will add reason later).

Determined to help the people of Concordia the Academy transverses and goes to Concordia prepared and armed for action just to clash with Twigh Blights ,Thorn Blights and some new unknown species: Sap Blights that seems to be able to heal the nearby blights until this were defeated. Going trought the road to the Church they found hidden inside a house a weird plant pod like creature that gave birth to different types of blights, this pod seem to be madly resistant to blunt damage and seems to be extremely affected by lightning damage.

After destroying some of the enemy forces and saving some of the townspeople the Academy arrived at the church where Sister Yashiro and some church members informed them about the situation and helped the wounded. Sorting out the duties of everybody teams were assigned to guard the church and other teams to retrieve townspeople that might be left behind or hidden. After 2 rounds of people rescued a new enemy appeared or no that new. Giant, big and tick arms, big and skinny legs, an enemy that Carver fought in the Camp Cari mission where he was trying to retrieve the Fey water appeared and it was not alone because it got 2 more of its kind to assist in the siege to Concordia. A team of professors composed of the illusionist Albrecht, the crazy mage Lorn Barnes and the explosive professor Pierce Carver when to take this enemies head on. After a very difficult and exhausting fight the professors managed to kill the giants without causalities in their part marking the end of the siege as those were the last enemies remaining on Concordia. Now back in the Academy the professor start to discuss about the possibility of a revival of the Gulthias Tree as showed by the weird plants that were able to create the blights like the original tree.

Overall Mission Results

  • Injured recovered and treated.
  • City cleared of the 'pods'.
  • Two Darkness Soldiers defeated by the Teachers.
  • X amount of people saved.


  • None outside the Church of Ymra should have been able to order the city guard outside the walls.



  • Heaven_Kendrick: 1
  • Kareeda: 1


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