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Shura Kaiser is a young vagabond who settled in Scrap Town to make use of his wasteland experience for cash.

He is mistrustful of most, but finds himself drawn to those in the same circumstances as he and will gladly join hands with them. Shura is easily distracted by his nature as a gourmet alongside his goal to taste every creature in the Wasteland. He dreams of one day opening a public shelter so that any orphaned or homeless will have somewhere to rest their head rather than trying to survive in the wastes as he did.[1]

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  • Major - Calloused Hands - After several battles and surviving in a harsh environment, Shura has developed thick callouses on his hands and hardened bones in his knuckles. When engaging in close combat, Shura's hands are like blunt weapons and when used to block may reduce damage from any melee source or heat/cold by a small amount.
  • Minor - Exterminator of the Wastes - Shura has encountered enough Wasteland creatures to become skilled at dealing with them. He has become proficient at tracking in the Wasteland as well as knowing how to deal extra damage to any creature that is native to the Wasteland.
  • Minor - Particular Parts - When looking for parts and pieces, mechanical or organic, Shura has become adept at finding something of use in even the most torn up messes.


  • Major - ??? - A physical flaw in Shura that is unknown until experienced
  • Minor - Extreme Indigestion - Shura's stomach has become accustomed to digesting Wasteland creatures and eating anything else will make him sick. He performs poorly at all tasks if he has recently eaten any food product that doesn't originate from ingredients found in the Wasteland and will need to expel it one way or another to regain composure.
  • Minor - Short Temper - Shura doesn't take criticism well, particularly when it is about his hair. He will become unagreeable toward anyone who teases him as well as becoming aggressive if it is about his hair and they do no apologize or back off.


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