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"I don't get it." ― Shrimp, during most conversations.

"I'll take a cup of sh*t." ― Shrimp, ordering a drink

Shrimp is a variety streamer on Twitch. In VRChat he is most known as a roleplayer portraying his crustacean persona Shrimp and many other comical characters.

Close to the end of 2019 he started wearing an anime boy avatar with a large mustache more regularly than his usual Shrimp persona. In 2020 Jor made him a low-poly pink bean avatar to fit one of his Twitch emotes until adopting his "Mustache guy".

Who is Shrimp - The character?

Shrimp is an absent minded, incredibly fit, dumb-ass crustacean. Like most filter-feeders, when looking at him, at first he might not seem much for the world but if he does you a favor he will attempt it to the best of his abilities.

When focusing on a task he always 'tries' to give it 110% at the start, but ultimately, work isn't his strong-suit.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

History and Lore

When he began hanging out with Roflgator (Rob), he became the frequent target of sarcasm and several dates pre-destined for failure. One of Rob's key wing manning attempts that takes the cake was when Shrimp was successfully trapped by Sorry on February 26th, 2018.

Listening to Shrimp talk, it's clear that he looks up to Rob and has his own unique ways of expressing it. For example, during the so-called 'Harem wars' between Chipz and Rob on February 26th, Shrimp went so far as to take the appearance a robot in order to impress Rob to join his posse.

At the Great Pug

Shrimp lived in the back storage room in the Great Pug at the courtesy of Rob. He paid no rent and had been living there for so long that some speculation surrounding the reasoning behind it began to grow. Nevertheless, Rob tried to kick him out and give the storage room to Space Whale after the Don Vincenzo Calzone Mafia fiasco, but Shrimp earned his stay by saving Emerysaur from the grasp of mafia gangster 'Uncle' Tommy, and also by becoming the Great Pug's new janitor. Oh, he also stored his stash of drugs back there.

At Rob's Lair

Since Rob's Great Pug burned down, Shrimp has been sleeping in the bathroom at the Lair of Roflgator. Whether he also has a secret drug stash here is unknown. After dumping Buza after experimenting and dating for a short while, Shrimp would eventually hook-up with the Crusader knight, NotValco. Shrimp would also join The Polygon PD and Rob's motley crew of bandits, the Cringetown Cucks.

Becoming president

After months of serving as vice president under President Jor Rilla, Shrimp would serve as Jor's running mate during their re-election campaign in the Summer 2018 Elections. Rob, whom was also in the race, attempted to use Shrimp to sabotage Jor's campaign, to limited success. Nevertheless, both Rob and the incumbent Jor would both lose to the newcomer GabouLit in a massive upset. Gab would select Shrimp's lover NotValco as his VP. However Gab's presidency would be chaotic and short lived, leaving Valco to assume office. Just days later, Shrimp would reveal that Valco "gave" him the presidency, likely due to the fact they're lovers. It is unknown if Shrimp coerced or tricked Valco into it, or if Valco willfully did it of his own volition.

Tenure as president

Shrimp would choose Astree as his Vice President. On July 14th, 2018 in a fit of petty politics, Shrimp would temporarily ban all "Knights" after catching his lover Valco in an apparent affair. President Shrimp after earning his position slept in a tent at the property of the The Golden Gator.

Deputy-Commissioner Shrimp of the Bricktown Police together with officer Spellboy

Police Deputy-Commissioner

He was recruited by Mayor Crocolol of Bricktown on Oct 7th, 2018 to serve at the newly opened Police Station. His position is Deputy-commissioner under Astree and Morocco.

During his first work-day he spent his day eating and since Astree wasn't available, he hired a new recruit with a questionable background. Immigrant Block would join the police force.

Mustache guy and Bean Shrimp

Always ready to provide comedic salty commentary Shrimp is a regular at The Royal Gator. Participating in game shows, dating shows and various events.

He participated in the beach competition on May 13th 2020 and took home the win.

Neko Shrimp hosting a mute dancing stream

Business Ventures

On Aug 26th 2020 he turned up at The Golden Gato dressed as a "Neko" and believed himself to be the manager and filled the roles shoes immediately by starting to boss people around. He eventually learned that J4key actually held the manager position to which he was offended and strutted out angrily in protest. Without his knowledge he was later given the title of manager, although in truth everyone was just playing along, letting him think what he will. He would also sneak into the meetings of Roflgators Council of Evil aka "Evil Alcoholics Anonymous" and instead of attempting to get rid of him, it was easier to just let him become a member.

The smart business man he is he seized the current VRChat meta of all the personal mutes becoming successful streamers by hosting his own mute dance streams. The mutes days in the limelight are now clearly numbered! Watch out mute cat girls, you've got competition, the best dancing neko in town is Shrimpy! "Nyah! UwU"[1]


Shrimp has a tendency to say improper things at awkward moments and an ability for his mind to wander off randomly. When he loses his train of thought he's either confused by the matter at hand to great comedic effect or he's completely forgotten what you asked of him. Unfortunately (for him) this makes him easily manipulated, though, truth is, he'll do just about anything for money. Kinda like Rob.

Unlike other humans or semi-humans in VRChat, Shrimp doesn't eat regular food. His cuisine is similar to regular filter feeders. If you ever waiter him and ask him what he would like to order - you will NOT like his response.

Alternative roleplaying personas


Todd Crustacean

Todd is Shrimp's rich cousin. He speaks softly and kindly with a Chicago-like accent and works as a stock broker. He does not see eye to eye with Shrimp and wrote him out of his will. He calls Buza a buzzard.

He loaned a large amount of money to Roflgator on July 16th to support his Gator Bar and movie recording ventures Mushy Apples. Together with Shrimp, Roflgator planned to off-him or steal his money but when he took off his shirt they changed their minds.

While wearing his shirt he looks almost identical to Shrimp except for his mustache. When he takes off his shirt he... looks a lot beefier, appearing to grow in size.

He has fought in the bloodsport battle arena in The Lair of Roflgator multiple times. At the Golden Gator, Todd has been called on by Shrimp to assist in fighting off threats.

On Oct 24th 2018 he together with Doom Guy managed to defeat the escaped Red Man having possessed S0ra.

Bike Helmet Guy

Bike Helmet Guy

The Bike Helmet Guy appeared at The Golden Gator on August 12th, 2018 wielding a baseball bat covered in blood and refusing to speak. He had altercations appearing to beat Sorry and threatening Ikumi putting him on Roflgator's radar.

Shortly after his appearance people started disappearing including Jor Rilla and NotValco. They later returned as as robots appearing to have been murdered and having their memories backed up into robots. In the end it was all just a misunderstanding and they were not really robots. Tiny Jor was hiding inside Robot Jor all along and Robot Valco was a copy.

Bike Helmet guy would make a return in Arcadum's roleplaying group Forbidden Knowledge wearing a Brimpco jacket.

"Richard" - your best friend


"Okay. Thanks bud." ― Richard

Richard is a loving but obnoxious individual. In his mind everyone thinks highly of him and adores him - it's a privilege for anyone to have him as their friend.

Throughout Nov 20th 2018 he shadowed poor SciFri providing "criticism" and "insightful" commentary to everything he was saying or doing.

He made a sudden appearance and protected SciFri when he was introduced to Kasumis demon family on May 26th, 2019 and her relatives got overly rowdy. Specifically her father got hostile towards SciFri when Richard released his fists.

"I'm gonna give you a 1-2, a real pow on the kisser." ― Richard

Whenever SciFri comes around, Richard tends to just suddenly appear.

Eye-scooper George

Eye Scooper George

This crazy person walks around wielding a spoon and makes passive aggressive threats or requests of "scooping" peoples eyeballs out.

He first visited The Golden Gator on Dec 6th, 2018 and made a revisit in Feb 2019. When he revisited Roflgator had recently lost his head of security Tanner and attempted to hire George in his stead but it didn't seem to work out.

He somehow managed to scoop Spellboy on Feb 4th, 2019, effectively leaving him lacking an eye.

Worm's piercing stare...


"Worm" in-character is generally a mute who creeps up on people making strange disturbing gestures and stares at them until they become uncomfortable.

His name is actually unknown, "Worm" is just some nickname Roflgator refers to him by.

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper

"Buzz off!" ― The Gatekeeper

A royal guard for King Henry he guards a small village in medieval Great Britain.

He made his first appearance in Elimination RP on April 13th, 2020 keeping miscreants out. A skeleton portrayed by Mute Max and an alien portrayed by NotValco tried to "pass into the village" but he kept hearing it as "piss in the village" and of course, denied them entrance because of this.

Highlight: Aint letting anyone piss in the village

Returning on April 15th 2020 Shrimp streamed portraying the guard again, this time a vast multitude of characters tried to make entrance. A certain orc portrayed by Jor Rilla tried to gain entrance countless times for various reasons as well as "pillage" and kept getting denied entrance. Another Elimination RP was held on Nov 2nd 2020 which also saw the return of the pillaging orc.

Highlights: Gatekeeper RP and Return of the gatekeeper

Jarvis Bellworth

Jarvis Bellworth

Jarvis Bellworth is the Manager of Public Relations for the Nirvana Corporation in Savior City. He is a living brain-in-a-jar inside of a synthetic body. Jarvis is Shrimps character in Callous Row RP.


  • He was also known to portray Jimmy "Friendly" Bending a male ex-prostitute in GTA5 RP on the NoPixel RP server where he went on multiple adventures together with "Stan the water man" portrayed by Markiplier
  • Eating shrimp in front of him or talking about how delicious he looks will piss him off, I mean cmonBruh.
  • Shrimp was born in a Red Lobster, where his parents later died. Don't bring it up, he doesn't like to talk about it.
  • Don't call him a fish. He's a crustacean, get it right.
  • Shrimp has many different looks to suit his needs, such as his "Iron Shrimp" look he took in preparation to confront Joey Bagels' crew. 
  • Joey Bagels said Shrimp was kind of weird, but he knows a super buff penguin. 
  • Shrimp was once turned into an anime boy, cured only by the power of dance. 
  • Allegedly many of his outfits are painted on.
  • He is educated in acting IRL and has done acting jobs previously.
  • Jor Rilla made his low-poly pink bean avatar.
  • Won the May 13th, 2020 Sexiest of The Royal Gator Competition.


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