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Shiloh is an inventive decker hailing from Scrap Town who spends a majority of his time constantly moving.

Whether he is working a shift at the Oasis Grille or visiting friends far within Salvation City, Shiloh spends his day with the ultimate goal of having a fun time. But once the sands start raging, Shiloh spends his nights furthering his decking research so that he can do his part in making Scrap Town a safer place.[1]

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Shiloh Down is a scrawny little boy. Straight up. Measuring at a whopping 5'7, he is the definition of a short king. Raised on the streets of Scrap Town, he runs around meeting as many people as he can to make as many connections as he can for his reporting job. Someday he hopes he can make it big in the reporting industry and get noticed by Trident Corporation.




  • Major - Decked Out - Rather than going outside and adventuring like any normal kid or teen would, he spent his time at Scrap Town fiddling with any type of tech he could find. Due to this he is proficient in decking making it so he can deck in half the time it would normally take.
  • Minor - Track Star - Due to his slender build, he has always been at a disadvantage when it came to getting into scraps. Instead of lifting, he decided to take advantage of his agility and trained his body to be faster than those around him.
  • Minor - Snapshot - He has a camera phone that he found in a crashed ship and keeps it primed and ready to take pictures at any time. Evidence is key when confirming information, and he has an eye for taking the best pictures.


  • Major - Glass Bones - Despite his unending confidence, he still would rather not fight because of his knack for injuring himself easily. This is not because he’s clumsy, but rather because his bones seem to fracture easier than others'. Taking one good hit could cause him to be out of commission for 10 minutes or more depending on the severity of the hit.
  • Minor - High Risk - In order to get noticed by Trident, he will seek out the most exciting and dangerous stories. This puts himself and others in danger, not only due to the methods he uses to get the news, but also just for having the information itself.
  • Minor - Key Essentials - In order to proficiently work, he needs to purchase equipment for his job regularly. I.e his notebook, pens, and, most importantly, batteries for his camera phone.


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