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Shelia is presumably from the same planet other siphans are from, however it is unclear how she ended up in the Wasteland outside of Savior City. All she knows is that she is surrounded by sand, spirits, and weird looking weirdos that have noisy and bright contraptions that she isn’t all that thrilled about.

Surviving in the Wasteland on her own had a cost. It drove her insane, and now she occasionally receives visions either hinting at her missing past or about people she meets.


Season 2: Episode 1

  • Sheila had a journey with Wit around Scrap Town. With a goal of having better relations with the towns people and to get a door for their tent. Gaining their trust so when the day comes of harmful mischief they'll have more breathing room. Both being mentally unstable, they became a nuisance to various shop owners.

Season 2: Episode 2

Season 2: Episode 3

  • Got her soul taken by Fred and got infused with the aspect of literacy taken from Paprika's soul, hence she is now literate

Season 2 : Episode 4 - Sheila's intercity travels



  • Major - Sandwitch - Having a natural knack for magic involving sand, she is able to “sand bend” and create duststorms.
  • Minor - Acid Spit - Sheila can regurgitate stomach acid and launch it at enemies. Though a weak acid, it can still burn creatures and dissolve organic materials over some time. Will get heartburn if she does it too many times without rest.
  • Minor - Armored Scales - Hardened scales protect Sheila from tougher attacks, including lower grade weapons.


  • Major - Cold Blooded - Being of reptilian blood, Sheila needs warmth to function. She is able to still function in shadowed locations as long as she has had her fill of sunlight. However, staying in darker and colder areas for extended amounts of time can send her into a coma-like sleep that she won’t wake up from unless warmed back up.
  • Minor - Afraid of Tech - Technology is foreign and scary. She ain’t trusting anything like that.
  • Minor - Insane - Sheila is batshit insane. Sometimes she has moments of clarity and can hold conversations, but most of the time she acts very out of the norm.


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