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Sheila is from supposedly the planet where other siphans originated from, however her memories of her past is all but lost to her. It is unclear how she even ended up in the wasteland, all she can remember is waking up beaten and broken inside of the sands and hazy memories of someone she barely recognize as herself. In order to survive in the wasteland it was survival by any means and at some point unlocked her potential for magic when on deaths door. Her time in the wastes leaving her isolated for such a long time when she finally ended up in civilization she was unhinged, talking to voices that weren't there and befriending the highly dangerous and terrifying fauna of the wastes. This caused the town to keep her at a distance. only given refuge at the edge of town, inside a ramshackle cover with her now good friend and unnerving neighbor, Wit. She continues to strives to befriend as many people as she attempts to bridge the gap between the wilds of the waste and the civilized world.


Season 2:

  • Tamed a Crab, Escaped Golden Lance x2, Won Talent Show, Married/Divorced, Fought off Aliens, Made Besties, Became Spirit Talker, Killed Volcano Spirit, Fractured Toe, No Wasp Movie, Made Friends With Corpos, Armored The Crab, Adopted Egg Child, Ventured To Spirit World, No Pants, Banged Drum, Acquired Blue Healing and Ouchie



  • Major - Animal Tamer
  • Minor - I Found Dis
  • Minor - Armored Scales


  • Major - Cold Blooded
  • Minor - Afraid of Tech
  • Minor - Insane


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