Shea Schwee Lotre is the tailor of Callous Row. She has been a tailor for fifteen to sixteen years. She started off by working off-world at Oba's shop. She moved to Callous Row with the intentions of "dressing it up" since it needed it the most.


Originally from off-world, Shea grew up alone. She was born into a travelling circus with her parents. She was trained to do tricks on command and wasn't able to take any amount of human form at this point. She collected the goods from the circus and would find comfort in her treasures. Her parents were run around and worked to death by the time she reached the age of 7. After the death of her parents the circus visited a planet that was worse for ware, and upon opening night it was torn down and ransacked. Shea grabbed the gems of her treasures and ran out of the area, but not before she had grabbed a fire gem and accidentally sneezed fire to the tarp. She hid in an alleyway and watched as the horrid home she had grown up in burned and perished.

Shea found her new home on the mucky waters of this new planet on the backside of a tailor shop. By the age of 8 she began to be able to form herself into a human form. One night as she was playing in the murky waters, the tailor came out the back to toss out their trash to see a little girl playing in the filth of the city. The older woman called to Shea, and after many batches of food and offers to come inside she was finally able to convince Shea inside. The woman was kind and showed Shea many things. How to sow, how to handle the crystals, bits of water magic, and within time as she grew older she helped run the tailor shop. Shea soon became extremely practiced in crystal sowing. As she reached the age of 21, the old woman who had raised her and helped her become a better person told her it was time to find her own path. Reluctantly Shea agreed to this after deciding she would like to spread the woman's legacy through the craft of tailorship.

As she began to travel she came across the Row. Seeing people of all sorts there, she saw it as the perfect place to start up shop. She hopes to be able to tailor helpful items to many others.





  • The Magic Seamstress - She has the practice and skill to be able to weave crystals into fabrics and run her business off of it. She is able to make clothing and accessories for Row inhabitants that can hold magic crystals.
  • Strong Jaw - Like other otters she's a tough one. She can crack pretty hard materials with just her mouth. She uses this for eating, but she hasn't tried it much with her crystals for she fears it'll hurt to try.
  • Thicc Fur - Otters have the strongest fur of all mammals. Her hair and ears in human form take on that trait while her otter form already started with it. It can't protect her from anything but messes in otter form. However, if a knife tried to run through her hair, it would get stuck at most. She still is easily hurt everywhere else.


  • Dehydration - She can't stay out of the water for too long as unlike otters since she has a human form she rapidly dehydrates. Every 30 minutes out of the water, she will begin to experience loose, wrinkled skin, fatigue, weakness in strength, depression, vomiting, and collapse. Mentally, she will become unstable and lash out at others, unable to communicate as well, and she strictly will be seeking out water.
  • Woopsie? - She has very little control over returning to her otter form. This is a problem because she can't even speak in otter form. She is just an otter at that point. After a bit of time, she can regain control and return to her human form.
  • Achoo! - She has an allergy to fire crystals, so she prays to not have to work with them. They cause her to sneeze, sniffle, and get watery eyes. Sometimes she sneezes while handling a fire crystal and lights her fabrics on fire, making her start over.


  • The first of the two plush dolls Shea made for the Hellbats was replicating Big Conk's smaller form.


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