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Shaska Gug'Adez is an orc chiropractor / physical therapist currently working in the Undercity. She's partnered with Dr. Rowan Leyendecker Muffet with their station of work being a medic tent setup at the end of the intersections between the Districts of the Undercity.

She was previously hired as a Nirvana contractor before her arrival to Callous Row. After the loss of her employment with the Nirvana Corporation, Shaska has found herself living within the Water District as she attends her new duties aiding the sick and injured denizens in the Undercity of Callous Row.


Episode 13

Shaska happens upon Thaddeus while he is touring The Undercity. They talk for a bit in the medical bay, and Thaddeus allows the doctor to draw some of his blood - which she analyzes and tells him his blood sugar levels are low.

Leilani discovers the possessed Shaska in the necromancer lair

Thaddeus then offers his hand to Shaska, who shakes it and instantly gets knocked out. She is then interrogated and possessed by the man, using her body to get into the magic sanctum and eventually the necromancers lair. After some searching of the lair, book studying, and spirit eating, the possessed Shaska attempts to run out of the sanctum but her name is said 3 times by passerbys and the spell is broken, giving back control of her body and mind.

She then spends the rest of the day warning the rest of the Undercity about Thaddeus, while still occasionally hearing his humming in her head.

Episode 14

Shaska spills some Thaddeus secrets to a large group in WOTO HQ

After the mission in the necromancer lair, Shaska tells Rikky Raclette she has some details to spill on Thaddeus, and is promptly invited up to WOTO HQ by the rat, along with the others who went on the mission. In the WOTO boardroom she explains to the group about Thaddeus possessing her, and how to break the spell - by saying the possessed's name three times. She also hands over the sample of Thaddeus's blood which she drew the previous day, allowing Talaris and WOTO to research it further.



  • Major - Liquid Touch - Her innate magical powers are centered around the control of water and with her knowledge of humanoids she can manipulate the water in a person’s body to help aid in the healing process of her work, (ie. increasing or decreasing blood flow in a limb, changing the temperature of water to apply heat or a cold compress to a sprain etc)
  • Minor - Power House - Her brute orc strength allows her advantages while restraining and handling patients as well as heavy lifting. Her tech-based gloves must be worn to avoid injuring patients
  • Minor - Thanks to both her orcish blood and magic abilities, she has a natural resistance to toxins that enter her bloodstream


  • Major - “I Don’t Know My Own Strength!” - Without a regulation device (tech based) to subdue her Orcish Strength, she cannot control herself. If she tries to assist someone or something using her hands, Shaska will cause significant harm. Injuries can range from simple bruising to fractured bones and torn ligaments
  • Minor - Dense - Shaska has dense muscles and a dense mind. Sarcasm is lost on this woman and statements said in a joking matter to her will be taken literally/seriously
  • Minor - Hemophobic - When it comes to medical procedures, the sight of significant blood loss or equivalent scenarios with synthetics or non-human beings with similar substances (ie, witnessing stabbing, invasive surgery, blood transfusions/oil changes etc.) will cause Shaska to either freeze up, faint, or enter a state of flight


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