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The living rock golem, commonly called "Shale" by those who have seen or spoken to them, is a magical construct of the strongest stones in the grove post its bombing. As the grove began to heal itself, some stones began to glow with a mystical force and runes appeared on them. Over time they began to roll and form around an elemental crystal. Soon after, that collection of stones stood up and began to work tending to the grove. Everyone who was around at the time began to hear the golem speak "Shale" before crumbling weaker struts of rock to make way for new growth. Hence their being called "Shale."

Soon after, the golem quickly picked up on the common tongue and began to help the residents of the Undercity with menial tasks, heavy lifting, small guard duties, etc. However his duties are first and foremost to protect the grove from further harm.




  • Golem Physique - Shale is an extremely durable golem assembled from the toughest stones in the grove. They have resistance to piercing and slashing weapons and ballistic firearms.
  • Rooted - Shale is capable of “rooting” himself into the ground, making it extremely difficult to move him without substantial force.
  • Beefy Boi - Due to being a rock as well as their size, Shale is very strong, they are capable of feats of strength that would be impressive by human standards.


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