Kal Reinhart is a Sergeant of The Hellbats, taking their 3 main laws to heart. He wishes to be able to make a difference in the world and his first step is where he's now been stationed, on Callous Row to assist The Hellbats there under the command of Captain Fandiarius Sharborough.

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Kal was pretty much born and raised into The Hellbats, growing up on their home planet of Ajax. When the planet was glassed by The SONITII Corporation, he escaped aboard one of The Hellbats vessels and began his long history of training with them to defy The Corporations.


Week 21: A Fresh Start

Hectic Beginnings

Kal arrives at the Row, introducing himself to Captain Sharborough

Kal arrives to the Row at one of its most hectic times. He immediately comes face to face with Fandiarius Sharborough, the current Captain of The Hellbats who seems to be in a frantic state. He advises Kal to get onto their frequency, while seemingly talking to people over the comms about a Shadowbat cruiser being inbound.

Kal informs The Captain that he's come to the Row with no weapon save a small combat knife. Nash Quentin, who is standing to the side, steps in and tells Kal he can get him a weapon and to follow him. Kal follows, eventually being led to Warrens gun store. He gets himself a revolver and is asked by The Captain to request a status update over comms due to his own being damaged. Kal receives word from Alex and Alfons that Dash is sealing up the clinic on all fronts due to quarantine measures. Sharborough tells Kal to instruct them to support Dash with his endeavors as he wants the Med-Bay to be a bunker for when the cruiser of Shadowbats arrive.

Supply Run

The Captain has Kal and Nash assist him in moving supplies from inside The Hellbats HQ and into the Noodle Shop via the back door. They use the backroom as a storage for supplies due to it being a suitable room for fortification if need be. Captain Sharborough asks Kal what he's proficient in and he tells him that he has a wide array of training and is proficient in most of everything when it comes to weapons. At this time, Alex asks over the comms for an update from Alfons inside the Med-Bay. Alfons informs them that Cap is in need of his medication. The problem is however, he's inside the sealed off Med-Bay with no way in or out, and the medication is currently in the hands of The Hellbats outside.

Noodle Shop is turned into a Supply Deposit

The Captain then asks Kal how good is he at climbing. He tells him he's fast if that's good enough. He's then given the mission to deliver the medicine to Cap via the back entrance of the Med-Bay, which would require scaling the wall. Also due to him being an unknown, they have an advantage so is also give the objective to not be seen doing it and to disengage if any contact is made. Kal uses his speed to quickly run through the Row unseen and makes his way up to the rooftops through some entrances. He then attempts to scale the wall, the back entrance of the Med-Bay just there if he can make it, but finds himself struggling to do so. While doing so, he overhears Alfons claiming The SONITII Corporation have reports of a derelict ship being inbound to crash directly into Savior City with infected aboard. The mention of SONITII causes Kal to tense up in anger and fall from the wall. It's only then that he receives the information that the Med-Bay balcony door has been sealed off also.

Seeing it as a failed venture, Kal is instructed to wait outside the Med-Bay, somewhere a little hidden, without being seen instead where Nash will come and look over him. They find out that the Med-Bay doors are welded shut and return to the Noodle Shop, unable to deliver the medicine.


While stationed inside the Noodle Shop, The Hellbats communication channel receives a distress signal from a Capital Class Combat Freighter that bears markings of SONITII, The Hellbats and something that shouldn't be possible. It has the markings of a vessel that has been reported as destroyed with the only name found being "Loch".

Captain Sharborough then switches their objective from hunkering down for an attack to instead searching for possible crash survivors that could need medical attention under the temporary employ of the current Mayor of the town. Just before they leave, Xia enters, telling them they received information of a ship full of plague-ridden people will be arriving in 14 hours and that people of the Row are going to use the Noodle Shop as a place to stock up. In that time, they're going to try and dig an entrance back to the grove before the quarantine takes effect. The Hellbats decide to keep their supplies there in the Noodle Shop to help the locals when needed and begin working on the objective of finding people in the Row and informing them of the new plan.

Gregor Loch Brunswick informs The Hellbats of his suspicions.

While wondering the Row and helping people where they can, they encounter Loch, who believes something isn't right with what's going on. He claims he's familiar with the ship that's on the way to collide with the city. The thing that has him rattled however, is that he had information of "undead" being on board that ship. Loch paints the picture clearly, as best he can, for them. This ship is one of "The 5", one of the singular best ships that The Galactic Union had ever created and it is currently on a direct collision course with them all, filled with what sounds like undead and Shadowbats. Sharborough wonders if they can receive assistance from The Corporations due to it threatening their business ventures as well, but Loch shoots it down, claiming that there is something aboard the ship that is beyond terrible, and was never used in the war because it was a last ditch attempt to either take a planet or destroy it, something they cannot allow, under any circumstances, to be put back into the corporations hands. In them middle of the conversation, Rook arrives and claims he is in need of weapons and armor, sounding like he's holding his anger back. As Rook (CR) is led towards the gun store, Captain Sharborough informs Kal that there is a shield kit inside the supply canister they have at the Noodle Shop, and to bring it to them. While waiting outside the shop until he's clear to go in and give Rook (CR) the armor, Kal can't help but note to himself that all this seems way above his pay-grade. Eventually, he's allowed to enter, and passes the armor onto Rook (CR) citing that he learnt The Hellbats supposedly owe a debt to him. Rook (CR) takes the armor, citing something in Orcish to Kal, who responds that blood is paid for in gold. Kal returns to The Captain, informing him the job is complete. He is asked to send his files over to him when next possible and then asks if their is any general skills he needs to know about Kal. Kal responds that he was on Ajax and The Captain claims that's more than good enough for him. Now that they have a breather, Kal is introduced properly to Alex and Desmond, as well as informed of Alfons being a non-combatant secretary with special circumstances that he'll be briefed on. With his hectic first day over, Kal sleeps inside The Hellbats HQ, preparing himself for what sounds like a very trying time in Callous Row.


  • Kal is incredibly versatile in combat, having been trained nearly all his life he is capable of using most weaponry he comes across. He is also incredibly quick, as is the norm for a street samurai.
  • Kal follows the 3 laws of The Hellbats as if they were absolute; Blood is paid for in gold, Never betray your family and Never draw your weapon unless you're using it.


  • Kal Reinhart was actually not the original plan for a new character after Lange Pliskin, as SciFri had shown there was a mage by the name of Triskelion DeCanter before the idea was changed.


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