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Sera is an imperfect clone of Juno created by Hadwyn. This isn't common knowledge so when someone asks where Sera is from she either claims to be Juno's cousin or sister. Sera works at the wasteland clinic with her twin Yuna, Juno, Hank and Savire. Sera is trying to survive to the best of her ability while trying to learn everything she can about herbalism from Hadwyn. Sera currently lives with Yuna in Shiloh’s old house.[1]




  • Major - Sera has 1-2 traditional medicine recipes (ex. A serum that when applied to an open wound creates a film to stop bleeding but needs full treatment at a clinic to completely heal, a serum that when ingested causes the patient to speed up recovery) this would be made with plants in the cave, donations of junos blood, or other (so you do need to go out and find your ingredients in order to have a stock up)
  • Minor - Sera has the ability to perform basic medical care, she also carries some minor medical supplies with her; bandages, disinfectant, needle + thread and a water bottle.
  • Minor - Herbalist knowledge - Able to tell what plants do medically and apart from any extremely similar counterpart( this knowledge is gained via the herbology notebook she carries around)(if lost it will take a session or two to replace it)


  • Major - Because she is a “clone,” and cannot produce the correct amount of nutrients she needs, Sera absolutely needs to eat/drink something that has plant nutrients inside daily or she will experience rapid plant rot. First rotting takes place on the limbs before it attacks the core (Torso/head), which in turn results in death. The rotting takes place over the course of 4 hours (1 in-game session)
  • Minor - Sweet smells: you seem all the more appetizing to critters; from Bugs/lizards/hamsters to sandworms/crabs/mini crabs
  • Minor - Technologically Illiterate - complicated medical tools confuse Sera! She doesn't know how it quite works without constant explanation or walkthrough. This extends to common electronics as well.(ex. phones and computers).


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