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Sean Ward is a human who is a member of the gang in Scrap Town that is situated in the Wasteland. He and his parents were thrown out into the Wasteland shortly after he was born. For reasons unknown to him, Sean’s parents disappeared a few years later.

He joined the gang midway through his teens, and he had his right arm replaced with a shoddy prosthetic after an altercation with some raiders out in the desert which had cost him said arm.

Although his main objective is to help maintain and spread the gang's influence, Sean also keeps an ear out for any information on what happened to his parents as well as where he might get a better replacement for his arm.


Together with Kak-To and Jorongo Weakblood he's known as one of Rico Suave's goons, the mayor of Scrap Town.

In Episode 5 he was elected as one of three representatives of the town council together with Ash and McCuldger, replacing the former Mayor Rico Suave.



  • Major - Hydraulic Punch - Although losing his arm has brought a lot of negatives with it, at least Sean’s new arm can pack a punch! The hydraulics within Sean’s prosthetic arm can be used to add more force to his punches. However, using this “intended” feature of the arm too much can lead to the arm locking up or falling apart. Sean can usually get away with using it 3 times within a day before the arm needs to be looked at by a mechanic.
  • Minor - That way! - Growing up a homeless orphan makes for a great excuse to explore every nook and cranny of the town. Sean has great knowledge of the lay of the town and knows the best routes to use for running away as well as the best places for hiding from pursuers.
  • Minor - Basic Thievery - Throughout his years as a member of the gang, Sean has learned an assortment of skills related to thievery such as hotwiring cars, lock picking of mechanical locks, and pickpocketing.


  • Major - Hemophobia - After the traumatic event of losing his right arm, Sean has developed a fear of blood and gore. The bloodier or more gruesome something is, the worse his reaction becomes. For example, a small cut will simply cause some light headedness or dizziness, whereas someone losing a limb will cause Sean to immediately pass out.
  • Minor - False Limb - Sean’s right arm, which is also his dominant arm, has been replaced with a shoddy prosthetic that locks up due to sand getting lodged in it if he spends too much time out in the Wasteland (tentative time limit 1 hour). If it does lock up, he will be unable to move it and needs to visit a mechanic to fix it.
  • Minor - You too huh? - Sean’s lack of a family growing up has given him a sympathy towards those that shared similar upbringings. Should Sean run into such a person, he will act friendly and understanding to them, and he might even help them in some cases.


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