"Scrap Town" is the busy town next to the ever-present Wasteland on planet Corvanis 3. It is located outside of the always looming Savior City. Anyone daring to go out into the deserted wasteland near Scrap Town will spy the enormous metropolis city in the backdrop.

Savior City doesn't have any gates from the wasteland but there are rope elevators connecting to The Undercity and Callous Row, also known as the slums of the city.

The wasteland contains hidden treasure, crystal structures and crashed spaceships remaining after The War of Unification. Lucky scavengers can fetch a handsome profit depending on what they find - but at great risk. The wastes are filled with hostile creatures and violent sand storms.

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Scrap Town was "governed" ruthlessly by Mayor Rico Suave and his group of gangsters until Rikket Rotfinger murdered him. Scrap Town is now run by a council.


  1. You dont shoot or kill anyone in town
  2. Any fighting that is done is done in the arena
  3. If you steal a car the owner has the right to put a bullet in your head, only exception to the first rule



  • The ground in the living areas is completely covered with Scrap Metal platings. This is in order to prevent any sandworms from digging their way into town.


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