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Scootz was an old man who used to run the General Store in Scrap Town. Known for his loud mouth and cynicism he may not have been the most liked by the townspeople but he did provide an essential service to the town.

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Scootz was born and raised in the Wasteland. He found work by going into the desert in search of scrap and trinkets, selling what he finds. Scootz lost his legs in a failed scrap run so he used a specialized cart to get by.

Scootz goal is to continue building onto his cart as it is his livelihood. Customers might be put off by his appearance or his attitude towards them. Being in the Wasteland for so long mostly by himself has damaged his mind, so his memory, intelligence, and emotions are scattered.


Settling down after being a wandering salesman he started a business of running a general store, selling all sorts of goods in Scrap Town together with Catherine Drake. He met the synth Foobar who wandered around aimlessly and put him to work to aid him in the store.

He joined in the expedition to scavenge The Golden Lance, crashed spaceship in Season 2 Episode 9.

In Season 2 Episode 12 he was shot and killed buy the raider Darius during a scrapping run with Sean and Sten.[1][2][3]

Twitch Highlight: Scootz last insult

The day after he was given a Viking burial of sorts where his cart that he had equipped with a self-destruct feature - was put to use. In the end he went out in a blaze of glory.[4]



  • Major - Swiss Army Man - In his cart he has collected various items and scrap, including numerous tools to be used in various situations, like a half working pistol, a fuel canister as a booster, and a vacuum to collect things.
  • Minor - Blowtorch and Wrench - Scootz has a blowtorch and wrench to fix or create things.
  • Minor - Hover Wheels - Navigating the Wasteland can be a struggle, even more of a struggle if you have no legs. Luckily Scootz has equipped his cart with hover wheels for easy navigation.


  • Major - Cart Reliance - Scootz is totally reliant on his cart, since he has little locomotion outside of his cart. If Scootz was to fall out of his cart, it would be incredibly difficult for him to get back into it.
  • Minor - Deteriorating Mind - Scootz grew up in the Wasteland, and his frequent time out in the desert has affected his mind. He often has lapses in intelligence and memory. He also struggles with control over his emotions.
  • Minor - Homeless Aesthetic - Scootz isn’t the cleanest of people and it's already hard to not look decrepit in the Wasteland. Scootz in his cart looks homeless and may put others off by his appearance.


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