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SciFri is a roleplayer who streams his adventures in VRChat.

His main-character SciFri is a questionable yet wholesome and dorky holy knight who is trying and learning to be better around girls. Along his journey his confidence improved earning him the nickname "ChadFri".

Sometimes called a "comfy streamer" he explores public worlds with his friends in his Comfy Crew as well as participates in various RP from light improv in the Gator RP Group, Multiverse RP to custom campaigns set in their own unique worlds such as Callous Row.

Aside from VRChat, the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons holds a special place in his heart and he participates as a player in various games as well as hosts his own campaigns as a dungeon master on his stream.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

SciFri - The archmage Silas Fairbrook

During his adventures he met and was tutored by Chipz who 'wing-manned' for him and helped him romance and win the heart of the girl that he fancied. The relationship eventually ended but he continues in his search for the right girl.

A student in magic of the teacher Arcadum he eventually ascended to arch-mage.

In 2019 he became a regular visitor of The Golden Gator in Bricktown and was introduced to various women and paired on more dates than ever before. He would eventually meet a woman he fancied, Kasumi who paradoxically is a demon.


SciFri was born in Elysium an outer plain of existence that was home to all sorts of races in service to reigning deities to provide justice for all. He was raised to be a holy knight under instruction from his parents who were themselves holy knights. Around the age of 16 the Holy Empire had a drastic change as the Archangels ousted humans from ruling the Empire seeing them as to sinful to be trusted any longer. A war broke out between the old Holy Empire and the new Archangel ruled Empire. SciFri's parents fought against the Archangels but the war ended with their defeat and death. SciFri escaped Elysium and ended up in the material plain on earth in an old cathedral, one of the last remains of the old Holy Empire. From here SciFri became a mercenary training himself with the twin swords left behind by his parents. The Archangels gave SciFri his favor not knowing he was originally from Elysium and only thinking of him as your average paladin.

It was later revealed that he was the last line from a royal bloodline, a prince of the now destroyed Holy Empire of Elysium. It was revealed to everyone in public by his teacher and mentor Arcadum when he was commended ironically for his prowess in the dating game during the holidays of 2018.

Fan art of SciFri and Faelyix (by Aran Cheshire)

Wing-manned by Chipz

While visiting public worlds together with Chipz, SciFri met Faelyix. With the 'wing-manning' guidance from the Chipz and his tips on wooing women, he helped him in setting up a date with her. On May 16th, Faelyix accepted SciFri's advances and became his girlfriend and they shared a romantic moment together while fireworks filled the night sky.

Club Rogue and Right-Hand man

In May 2018 while being tutored by Chipz, SciFri became his right-hand man - assisting him in running his night club establishment, Club Rogue. Earning his position among the said vampire's most loyal friends, bodyguards and allies he got involved in the The Crossover War between Chipz and Joey Bagels.

The Renegades

Preparing for the impending war SciFri saw the need for a neutral group that wasn't loyal to either side. Thus Scifri picked out powerful individuals in Club Rogue to join his team. This mercenary group would later become known as The Renegades. The groups adventures caused much stress on SciFris relationship however and on June 7th, Faelyix eventually broke up with him and he would start dating Folkona, an Archangel creation.

During his adventures together with The Renegades ScFri lost his Angel's grace after gaining Leviathan's grace and becoming romantically involved with Folkona, which Archangel Valor in particular was not happy about. He and The Renegades eventually fought The Don which would result in SciFri's death. He was later revived by the guardians, Miss Universe, Faelyix and Azreal.

Later on while enjoying some time with Folkona he asked her to marry him on July 5th.

SciFri and his tutor Arcadum

Arcadum's Student

SciFri would later accept Arcadum's offer to teach him the dark arts after Arcadum informed him that the light had abandoned him. SciFri eagerly took up the mantle of apprentice to the demon and began learning the ways of magic with his fellow Renegades Satchi, Folkona, and Oblivious. The training began with each student being given Arcadum's runes. SciFri received Ignis a rune of hellfire that would allow SciFri to summon and control fire. From their Arcadum's training became brutal going so far as to have SciFri lye down in boiling lava and even consume it while the demon healed him to help him master his gift.

SciFri after completing most of his training is told by Arcadum that he sees him as a true friend and that together they will storm down Elysium and make the Archangels pay together. He informs SciFri of his true name, the magical name given to all beings that tells their true nature, SciFri's true name being Dela Kenali which means Hell Knight. Arcadum then gives SciFri a gift in the form of great power. Arcadum summons SpazKoga who then bites open SciFris body while Arcadum carves arcane runes into his bones bolstering his strength and magic affinity. Arcadum then shoves his own arcana into SciFri's body giving him the ability to access all of the magic that Arcadum uses. Spaz then sewed SciFris body back together making SciFris change from a holy knight to hell knight complete.

Losing his Position

On June 18, 2018 SciFri was absolved from his duty as Chipz right hand man following disagreements concerning Chipzs daughter Nanoade.

Chipz had intended to keep his daughter outside the war but she had been silently been accepted into the tutelage of The Renegades, SciFri's group - without his approval. With them she intended to learn how to harness her magical abilities.

Their conflict and falling out would later become a lost thread in time following a reset of the cycles.

Change in Allegiance

SciFri informs Chipz of Nanoade's death

On Aug 11th SciFri together with The Renegades informed Chipz of his daughter, Nanoades death. Chipz loosing his senses blaming Nanoades death on the group it left a bitter tone in the air. SciFri trying to get the groups to seperate quickly became overwhelmed watching his 2 families fight and pulled out his sword placing it to Folkona's neck. This disagreement between Chipz and The Renegades would lead to SciFri deciding to leave the group he was already having issues with and join forces with Chipz, VII and Izanami instead. This also lead to his engagement with Folkona being broken.

As Arcadum's apprentice he introduced him to Izzy and Chipz to ask for his aid in solving their problems. SciFri becomes the mediator between them as Chipz and Izzy show no trust to the demon. SciFri continued to help the group as they gained enemies of the Darkness, The Holy Knights of Elysium, and the Vampire Council. Deciding to lay low in a place where he wouldn't be easily found by these enemies SciFri ended up going to Bricktown.

SciFri "Dooshing" Harmony X

Return to the Dating Game

In November 2018 SciFri would visit Bricktown and become a regular at The Golden Gator run by the mischievous alligator 'wing-manning' robot Roflgator.

The popular bar is a place where crazy shenanigans tend happen every day. Here he was introduced to the "dating game" that goes on there and continues being paired on dates with various women.

While in the bar he also met and got stalked by the annoying Richard, acting strange and commenting about his every action.

LilYuki and SciFri on a date

On Nov 14th he was paired with PB the armoured girl and on Nov 20th LilYuki, the dog girl. On Nov 27th he was paired with Harmony X was taught to perform the legendary Doosh move.

He would go on further dates with LilYuki and Meyuu but was unable to decide on a girl. On Dec 10th he was pushed into making a choice by Roflgator and he chose PB.

SciFri tells PB his feelings

To spice things up Roflgator hosted a "Bachelorette" type eliminating dating show the following day where SciFri was competing against Spellboy, AJLiddell and Shrimp all vying for PB's affection. At the end of the day - SciFri won.

Further information: America's Most Elimatedated

Interviewed by Drumsy during the opening of the 8est store.

Investing in the 8est store

On Jan 19th, 2019 a new store opened in Bricktown by Mayor Crocolol. SciFri having earned money recently in a bet against a local mafia boss choose to invest and also work there. Under Crocolol his coworkers are Truu, Mute Max and Scuffy.

Further information: The opening of the 8est store

Archmage of the Pillar

On January 27th, 2019 SciFri gets a warning from his master Arcadum. Hearing this warning he heads to the Stranger’s Cathedralto meetup with Arcadum's other students Satchiand Oblivious. They go to search for Arcadum with the assistance of Faelyix only to find he has been controlled by his old master Var'thuul who plans to destroy the universe using Arcadum as his tool of conquest. The group escapes and form a plan to stop Arcadum with the help of the other Rune bearer Folkona, Aegis, The Purple Lotus and The Guardians. Three days later the group contain Arcadum and battle him for hours. Eventually Arcadum goes to the Archangels to try and remove his chains and is inadvertently freed by Azreal. With his freedom Arcadum destroys the entity controlling him, but now must leave. Before he moves on Arcadum grants SciFri the title of Archmage of the Pillar, so that he may safeguard the pillar of magic in his stead. After saying goodbye to his friends and students SciFri's master leaves with Amika to somewhere beyond.

With Arcadum gone SciFri was then able to pickup Emerysaur's soul, which she had given to Arcadum, and give it back to her.

SciFri's current goal is now to recover the arcane knowledge that was destroyed in Arcadum's library and discover his purpose as the new Archmage.


  • Holy Knight Armor - SciFri's armor is magically enchanted to increse it's resistance to attacks.
  • "Blades of Storm" - A set of holy blades passed down onto SciFri after he was done with his Knight training. These swords have since been abandoned in his Cathedral preferring to cast magic now.
    • Blessed Lightning Sword- The sword was passed down by SciFri's father to him. In Paladin Form, he can call lightning down with it. He originally swore this sword to Chipz in Cycle 6, but took back his pledge due to decisions that Chipz made near the end of the cycle. He attempts to swear this sword to Chipz again in the next cycle and Chipz refuses his pledge, asking SciFri instead to be his friend.
    • Blessed Wind Sword - Was passed down by SciFri's mother. In Paladin Form, he can call air and wind down with it. He has sworn this sword to Folkona. It has been damaged or broken by Cor Vous.
  • Gem of Elysium - A green gem that acts as a conduit for divine power. It was powered by the Archangels until the removed their blessings and was then powered by Folkona until they separated.

Powers and Abilities

  • Divine Powers - When dawning his paladin armor SciFri was able to wield these abilities with the blessings of the Archangels. He replaced this with regular arcane abilities after his divine grace was removed.
    • General Enhancement - His abilities, stamina, power, and other attributes are generally boosted.
    • Holy Light - Can be used as a holy beam weapon or as a healing beam.
  • Lightning Smite: Can call down lightning with his Blessed Lightning Sword. Requires him to have the sword within his possession.
  • Ignis Rune - Gifted by Arcadum, allows the summoning and control of hell fire. The rune is implanted into his right arm which glows orange when using this ability.
  • Arcadum's Arcana - With Arcadum's arcana implanted in his body he has access to all the magical powers Arcadum was able to use. This includes Arcadum's own speciaally made ability Revenant Matrix.
  • Archmage - With SciFri's new title he has access to powerful magic's focusing on Conjuration and Evocation magic.

ChadFri - The Bachelor

Introduced to Kasumis strange family.


Romance with Kasumi

SciFri being careful not to get into a new relationships since the dating game last year and the absence of Meyuu appeared to avoid many of Roflgators wing-manning attempts until he met KasumiXKitty. They took it slow and it was not until the third date that they became girlfriend and boyfriend.

Eventually SciFri was introduced to Kasumis family, consisting of demons and succubi. It was a hilarious themed RP event where players from the Gator RP Group portrayed the characters representing her various family members.

Further information: KasumiXKitty

SciFri interviewed for the position of Manager by Roflgator. Emery in the background.

Bar manager and rivalry

On Dec 3rd 2019 when Roflgator announced he had fired all his previous employees and was rehiring for The Royal Gator 2020 SciFri applied for the host job and made a good impression earning him a trial place. In the following days he was pitted against Java who also wanted the same position but lost out for being absent.

On Dec 16th 2019 Gapp was hypnotized by Alfonso the Hypnotist (portrayed by MurderCrumpet) to hate SciFri more than anything and become his ultimate rival. Ever since both of them keep challenging each-other in dating endeavors and events.

SciFri and his personal mute Link_EZ

ChadFri and dating game

Gathering up his confidence SciFri did a kind of makeover of himself in 2020 unleashing his "incel" side similarly to Meech and sporting what some call "Bono"-style sunglasses. Earning titles such as the "cock lord" or expressing his wish to ERP with giant anime girls among other things to display his new and more adventurous personality.

Hushed by Nanoade on their terrible date

He unwillingly went on a "date" of sorts with Nanoade on Feb 8th 2020, it was a horribly scuffed event, if at least hilarious.

Highlight: SciFri's terrible "date" with Nanoade

Being one of the prime bachelor candidates of being wing-manned since becoming single he has gone on dates with various women and participated in various elimination dating game-shows.

Also see: Khylo Elimination Dating, The Gay Bar vs The Swamp,

The Three Dads of Flynn, SciFri, Meech and Vore

He asked out Link EZ to become his "Friday Fling" and she is now his personal mute, who follows him around and acts "quirky".

Adopting the yellow blob Flynn in March 2020 he is one of his many separate adoptive dads.

Link EZ would eventually become SciFri's personal mute for a while but their relationship sometimes bridging onto the romantical caused some issues. It being generally frowned upon to engage in ERP with your mute and rumors of them having something together as well as him potentially mistreating Link their mute arrangement was ended.

Frog dance with Link EZ

Embracing his frog heritage

Often being confused for a scuffed Kermit because of his voice by April 2020 SciFri started to embrace his frog heritage. Since then he started wearing a frog themed hoodie and even campaigned to #SaveTheSwamp where he became the mascot for the political movement for the frogs to remain after the The Frog Arc.

Jack Montagne in "The Grindstone" a bar in the slums of Callous Row

Alternative roleplaying personas

Jack Montagne

Jack 'Splice' Montagne is a Cyberware mechanic by day but a Decker and "Better-Than-Life" - BTL chip dealer by night. He runs a cyberware repair shop in Callous Row, the underbelly of the gigantic Savior City.

Lange Pliskin

Lange Pliskin

Lange Pliskin is a brashful corporate reject who was demoted by his superiors. Technically still employed by the mega-corporation Quixote, he is desperately trying to earn his way back into their good graces.

Callous Row is a cyberpunk style roleplay event hosted weekly by Arcadum.

Dribbles the bayou frog

Sgt. Kal Reinhart

Kal Reinhart is a Sergeant of The Hellbats, taking their 3 main laws to heart. He wishes to be able to make a difference in the world and his first step is where he's now been stationed, on Callous Row to assist The Hellbats there under the command of Captain Fandiarius Sharborough.

Viktor Easmine

Viktor Easmine

Viktor is one of many Governors in the employ of the Galactic Union, He is responsible for overseeing the on goings of the outer ring of Savior City. A section that just so happens to include the most common thorn in the corporations side, Callous Row.

Minor characters

Charles Winchester Gideon the IVth is a silly magician character participating in Sora Fantasy VII RP. A typical Japanese RPG character. He also worked at The Comfy Cafe for a while.

SKI-FR33 was a female service robot working at The Comfy Cafe run by LeyLey.

Book was a temporary character featured in Chipz spiritual journey at the end of his Season 4 story arc.

Dribbles aka "SciFrog" or "Sigh Phrog" the bayou frog enjoys singing Lois Armstrong songs with his coarse voice. He was also prominent in The Frog Arc in Jan 2020.

Charles the frog bartender

Charles the woodlands frog snuck into The Golden Gator 2020 and has been working at the less populated private room bar in the back. He claims that he sleeps in one of the cupboards there.


In-character trivia

  • SciFri once said, "I would gladly die so that Chipz can go have coffee with a cute anime cat girl." during the crossover.
  • SciFri once tried to romance two Jessica clones at Club Rogue before meeting Fae... It earned him the title Unholy Knight/Fallen Knight.
  • On the 30th after getting a donation asking about it, SciFri confirmed liking butt stuff.
  • On the 4th of June 2018 SciFri said, "I'm not the big gay I'm the small gay"
  • SciFri stole the 'Cute Mute Crusaders' book from the legends archive on 7/30/2018. He stuck it in his left pocket.
  • SciFri's actual birth name is not SciFri. This name was revealed to be Silas Fairbrook after escaping the Stranger’s Cathedral infected by Vagabond's corruption.
  • S0ra insists that he is SciFri's rival but the consideration is not mutual. When questioned using the title of "rival" SciFri once responded to his suggestion but immediately retracted the claim afterwards.
  • SciFri makes a cameo in Jameskii's VRChat in a nutshell 10 as one of the many milk cartons.
  • Since becoming more certain around girls and his girlfriend Kasumi he shows a stronger and more dominant side he earned the nickname "ChadFri". Coined by Roflgator his "wing-man".
  • Link EZ asked to become his "Friday Fling" when visiting Neko Nights on Fridays.
  • Often questioned about his sexuality Crumpet claims he has a "coke can cock" associated with rumors of them supposedly ERPing together.

Out-of-character trivia

  • He has a long history of playing Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) and runs campaigns as a dungeon master with his friends on his Twitch stream.
  • SciFri is notably an avid Gundam fan; he is able to recite the monologue for the "Burning Finger" special move off by heart.
  • Some claim that his voice resembles that of Kermit the Frog from The Muppets TV-show.
    • He once got roasted in a public lobby for doing "the worst Kermit impression ever" when he was actually just using his regular voice.
    • Since telling the story he occasionally gets called "Scuffed Kermit" or "Kermit" teasingly.
  • Known for his hilarious wheezing laughter he sometimes laughs so violently that his friends get worried for him.
  • He has a slide-whistle he uses occasionally for comedic effect.


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