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"I'm not living out my history. I'm living out my imagination."

Who is Sapphire

Sapphire Krieg is a turned crystal dragon that found herself in the city of Zaphira after escaping the clutches of the evil Dr. Jasper. Sapphire was turned by Everest after her desire to become a dragon just like her new family and friends around her. She herself formed many groups known as the "Dragon Mafia" and the "Round Table". She has even created a world thanks to her Imagination Magic, and came into possession of an Afterlife, dubbing her as a mortal deity.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Sapphire’s mother, Bethany Alaridce, was one of the ruling bodies in Aternia (country/city not yet identified). Her family was one of great magical strength, but what many people didn’t realize was that there was a dark secret in how the Alaridce Family gained such magical strength…

The Alaridce Family were prone to having twins, but that was not common public knowledge. A twin was always sacrificed in a secret ritual, binding their soul to an item that would help the other’s magic strengthen greatly.

A neighboring ruling family (the Highmoores) were also given twin sons. To connect the two families and have the magic between them grow more, Bethany and one of the sons (Richard) were arranged to be married, while the other two twins were to be sacrificed and put into two new magical items for both Bethany and Richard to use.

Bethany and Richard despised the practice and vowed on the day they were wed to never perform it again. Aternia was peaceful and there was no need to sacrifice family for power. They both sought to figure a means of restoring their siblings and to bring them back, to free them from their prisons.

One day, the couple were approached by a man who claimed to be from another world. He introduced himself as Doctor Jasper Philips, and he explained he was studying souls and their effects on the world around them. Originally, he approached the couple due to the familiarity of alternate versions of them from other planes of existence. According to him, the couple and Jasper were always fighting with each other, and these fights often ended horribly. The couple expressed that they didn’t wish for that to happen and upon hearing of his study of souls, explained their situation to him. He agreed to help them, but they needed to do something for him in return.

The Doctor brought a young boy with him, who appeared to look like a younger version of him. He explained that the young Jasper lost his own family and had great magical potential, but couldn’t use it alone. He told the couple that if they raised him and took care of him, he would assist in figuring out a way to break the souls of their siblings out of the items they possessed. The couple agreed.

Many months later, Bethany was pregnant. At this time, the Doctor left the world of Aternia to find more answers to help the couple, and Jasper was becoming stronger and gaining more control of his magic. When Bethany gave birth, the family was shocked to discover that she was only birthing one child and not two. The baby was called Emily, and she seemed perfectly healthy at first. Until it was discovered that the baby had too much mana. Emily could barely breathe, and draining the mana wasn’t working properly. The only solution was to give her an artifact.

Bethany and Richard argued against it, saying that they refused to conduct such a horrible practice again. As they fought, the older family members grabbed Jasper and dragged him to the basement of the palace where the rituals often took place. After hearing his screams, the couple ran to the basement, only to be too late. They saw Emily now perfectly fine, with a book floating nearby. The couple cursed and shouted at the family members, even telling them to leave and to never come back.

The Doctor returned but upon hearing and seeing what had happened to Jasper, he felt betrayed. Angry. He threatened them with revenge and left in a fit of rage. For years, the couple lived on, raising Emily and trying to tell her false stories on why she needed Nirvana with her, and why they needed their own magical items. They were also fearful that any day, the Doctor could return…and eventually, he did.

When Emily was only a few years old, the Doctor barged into the manor. He killed everyone around him and finally reached his targets. He relentlessly slaughtered them in front of Emily, taking out all his anger on them. He took their souls and bound them into their items, before kidnapping Emily and taking them away.

She was experimented on for many years until she managed to escape. She found herself in the Metaverse, where she met Uncle Joe for the first time. She continues to live on, using her magic to create and cause Dreamtopia to flourish while also stopping Doctor Jasper’s plans.


Sapphire is courteous and caring, often putting others before herself in many situations. She always asks before giving her friends hugs and headpats, considering personal space. She's also very generous, always giving gifts and money to those in need or just to cheer people up when they're down. Considering her past, Sapphire knows how to handle delicate situations of past trauma, and is often the one people go to covering the topic.

Since Sapphire seems to care more about others than herself, this often causes her to become stressed out and forget to care for herself or consider her own feelings in situations. Sapphire is often gullible, taken from her caring personality. She might accidentally befriend the wrong type of people ("Mr. Friend", as an example).

Sapphire is slightly paranoid and often has moments where she stops and questions what is real and what isn't. This is thanks to her Imagination Magic not being fully controlled back when she was younger. When Sapphire experiences a sense of unreality, she will begin to panic. This is one of the reasons why Sapphire doesn't like liars or people who spread misinformation as a joke.


  • The Gift of Creation - Sapphire is able to create people, creatures, places and things from her mind, which all appear in her own special world called Dreamtopia. Only a select few are able to enter Dreamtopia freely without Sapphire present.
  • Mirage - Sapphire is able to recreate dreams, nightmares and memories for anyone around her. This appears like an old projection with muffled voices and projection shuttering noises. They play in first-person for anyone who is witnessing. This ability requires a lot of mana, which is why Sapphire rarely uses it.
  • Book of Holding - Sapphire is able to use Nirvana like a Bag of Holding as well as a small portal, allowing her to grab objects and pull them out at will. This includes food, drinks, potions, etc.
  • Dream Manipulation - Sapphire is able to change small details about whatever dream and nightmare worlds she enters.
  • Light Beam - Sapphire is able to combine her mana with Nirvanas to project a large beam at any target. This inflicts both light and magic damage.
  • World Teleportation - Sapphire is able to enter worlds freely with Nirvana. Usually, these worlds are only from books, movies, etc.
  • Snowball - Sapphire is able to make a big ball of ice with her mana, and project it at her enemies. This is often used as a low attack to push away larger enemies or clear a path through enemies.
  • Crystal Shockwave - Sapphire is able to stomp her foot and make crystals sprout out all around her, causing piercing damage to those around her.
  • Orchestra - Sapphire is able to recreate any musical instrument with her mana. This takes a lot of mana, which is why Sapphire rarely uses it.
  • Calm Emotions - Sapphire is able to cast calm emotions with her music.
  • Sleep - Sapphire is able to cast sleep with her music.
  • Healing / Mending - Sapphire is able to heal and mend with her music.
  • Music of Life - Sapphire is able to cause plants and flowers around her to grow as she sings this song. Since this spell is taken directly from her mother and not herself, Sapphire doesn’t suffer any sort of mana drain.
  • Pied Piper - Sapphire is able to use her magic to mentally manipulate creatures/beasts to follow her around. Any creatures or beasts need to make a wisdom saving throw. This spell lasts as long as the song.


  • Sapphire has a pet bearded dragon named Cheese, a cat named Prince and a pet ghost dog named Pumpkin. She also, apparently, owns six Pokemon.
  • Sapphire spends a lot of time in well-known establishments and places, including Lying Fork Inn, Platinum Crown, Dream Tree Cafe, Bounty Hunter's Guild, and the Misty Shore. She is also a member of the Starstruck Scouts and the Bardic Circle.
  • Sapphire currently lives in Orlandosaka.
  • Sapphire co-owns a club known as The Dragon's Hoard Club. She fully owns an ice-cream franchise called "Sapphire's Scoops", and an off-brand Build-a-Bear store.
  • Sapphire's hoard consists of stuffed animals and jewels. She has the urge to collect any and all she finds, including the sentient stuffed animals she often meets in social establishments. Some even joke that she hoards family members, due to her suddenly calling people "aunt" or "uncle" and how many people are already in her family.
  • Sapphire has been appointed "Queen of the Round Table" by Lancelot.
  • Sapphire joined a Mandalorian Clan called "Clan Xion".