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Samuel Bauer is a half-elf potion maker currently residing in the Undercity. He has a thirst for knowledge which can at times be seen as an obsession. Samuel came to Savior City in order to escape his past life, hoping to continue his research into potions and other magic. In particular, Samuel is interested in researching possible means of extending his life to allow even more time to amass knowledge.

Samuel is a talented scavenger, having honed his ability in finding useful herbs for his potions. However due to his years of exposure to dangerous fumes related to the creation of potions, he has developed a chronic breathing issue that is triggered by exposure to things like spores or excessive dust. This requires Samuel to be careful in his approach to furthering his research and collecting material for potions.


Samuel was one of numerous witnesses to the public execution of Vanto by Quixote. Unfortunately, when Vanto's heart stopped, a dead man's switch activated- Vanto had rigged his body to explode. Samuel was hit by shrapnel in the blast, killing him.



  • Bountiful Brewer - Years of training in potion brewing allows for ingredients to be used more efficiently, resulting in higher potency and more usable product from the same amount of ingredients.



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