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Not to be confused with: Sally

Sallie Lune is a human Neurological Surgeon and Dream Researcher working under Avalon. She created and specializes in a treatment that implants or modifies memories, fears or in rare cases, whole personas. She just loves making you a whole new person.[1]

"It’s scientifically proven that the mind can weigh heavy on the heart. Therefore being able to reduce the strain on the mental psyche can elongate and improve a patient's quality of life. Under Avalon’s caring hands this treatment could come into fruition for all who are afflicted with mental illness."

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In the middle of S2 Dr. Lune was promoted to Avalon CEO. This did not last long due to unforeseeable circumstances, and was demoted to head doctor to oversee the Upper City clinic.



  • Major - Orbitoclast’s Precision - Knows the nervous system like the back of her hand. Can use pressure points to her advantage without leaving marks. Mainly used to knock a subject out cold.
  • Minor - Sweet Dreams - Specializes in a treatment that implants or modifies memories, fears or in rare cases, whole personas. Patients who willingly enter this treatment must take medicine to refrain from relapsing.
  • Minor - Minor- Euphoria and Hysteria - Carries two types of syringes with her at all times. One high dose of stimulants that causes a euphoric state; the other a mixture of components that cause the subject to ‘mentally break’ for a short period of time.


  • Major - Brain & Heart - If there is someone who acts physically aggressive towards her or a companion she will begin to relapse. These relapses function as acute cluster migraine attacks that can lead to unconsciousness.
  • Minor - Nerve Endings - Damaged nerves may send false signals -- and she will feel real pain, often without a cause. May also not feel pain when she has received an injury.
  • Minor - Dementophobia - Fear of insanity. Trying to fix the unfixable isn’t crazy, right? If there is an open act of mental instability by the subject, that person will automatically be labeled as an enemy and flight/fight will commence when eyes are locked.


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