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What are the SadBois?

The SadBois are a group of gamers that originally formed within Drekwiz's community. While many started as viewers of Drek, the group grew into its own community as members that weren't regulars in Drek's community began to join.

What do they do?

The SadBois played VRChat for the fun of it. They like to meme, discuss stuff within the game, create worlds, avatars or just have fun.

Where are they now?

Over the course of the years, the Sadbois have grown a distaste for the direction the games community has gone in, with many feeling the game has lost it's charm and soul while simultaneously becoming full of 'undesirables', Due to this many of them no longer play the game but still remain in the discord to play games together. Despite a migration away from VRChat specifically, many sadbois continue to be leaders in disparate VRChat related or connected steam and discord servers, mumble/irc/teamspeak servers, and soundcloud groups related to VRChat and rp video soundtrack creation. While a handful of them do occasionally still play the game, the only time you may catch most of the members on is during a drinking night, though these have become exceedingly rare.


  • Zodicus 
  • kron6
  • ScopelessOne
  • Ctrage
  • KevinScumlord
  • IceCase
  • QuietFallout
  • SaltandPepper
  • SalteeSheep
  • lolstatusd
  • My name is Curt
  • Gurg
  • Crimon
  • KuroTsubasa
  • Artour/Spocid
  • AzGreentea
  • xCallmetheBRUTE
  • Yucatec
  • AlboGangsta
  • SpaceMain
  • Slippngriff
  • Monoeye
  • Bayonutta
  • Creed/Ptigger
  • Birbington
  • Hokiedude
  • bingbongs
  • Schwi Dola

"Epic Gamers" (Friends/associates)

Hotel Derk RP

Many of the SadBoi Members and Epic Gamers participated or associated with the roleplay called Hotel Derk RP hosted by Drekwiz. This is how the group originally formed.

The Portal Wars.

For a time, The bois chose a path of chaos, they would pick targets and stalk them while placing portals to various locations around them, usually to "The Desert", in order to bait them into walking into them, keeping kill counts between them in order to see who got the most victims.

On occasion however, some of the bois were caught within friendly (or sometimes unfriendly) fire, where they would either accidentally walk into one of their own portals, or be targeted by another member of the Sadbois as a prank.


Now and again, The bois would get together on specified dates in order to host a "Gurgcon" which were hosted by the titular member Gurg, these would be various events involving parties, game nights and more and would often see the highest amount of sadboi gatherings at one time.

Hokie Jr. Cons.

Similar to the Gurgcons, a new event eventually came to creation called the Hokie Jr. Con. These events came about after the member "Hokiedude" managed to find himself a date, this lead to the wide speculation within the sadbois that Hokiedude would soon have a child, and thus Hokie Jr. Cons were held in order to celebrate the conception of his child.