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Sable’s father was an officer during the War of Unification who got himself and his family lots of flame for orchestrating a military plan that resulted in disaster. Sable joined up and received training to join the war in hopes to regain his father’s honor, but the war ended shortly after he finished. Without any other skills of value or education, he was left in a position where he had to make use of his specific skillset to live. The war was lost, so he turned to freelance security work with the corps. Over time he received experience, additional training and mild wealth, and he began taking on contracts surrounding infiltration, assassination, etc. Alongside his natural affliction to magic, an old lover of his perished from a magical mishap while dabbling in the field of magic, so he harbors a profuse hatred for it. He’s been working with Quixote specifically for quite some time now, and they supplied him with a suit that will protect him from mana and magic exposure while on the job.




  • Major - Covert Tech-Suit and Training - The majority of this man's skills and tech, courtesy of Quixote, are kept in his back pocket for when he really goes to work stalking, hunting, or observing. He keeps it secret and stays hidden. He is a trained special operative and combatant outfitted with a stealth-suit capable of cloaking that helps him "Batman" about.
  • Minor - Acrobatics - The man is fast and knows how to move and climb around to match his covert training.
  • Minor - Backed by Quixote - His pockets run deeper than presented and he has access to equipment from Quixote. He has their support so long as they profit from his endeavors.


  • Major - Terribly Selfish - Entirely in it for himself and generally doesn't care about others. Even apparent acts of kindness or good deeds on occasion are purely done because he has something to benefit from it and never out of selflessness. He's possessive and quick to refer to things as his.
  • Minor - Abhors Magic and Magic Users - Due to past experiences and trauma, he has a rotten opinion of magic and magic users and is very biased. To him magic is too chaotic and unpredictable and should not be tampered with, and people should instead rely on science and technology. This feeds into a hatred and active willingness to participate in endeavors against Talaris.
  • Minor - Infatuated with Cats - He finds cats uncharacteristically adorable. While he won't squee over them, the presence of a cat or cat-like person will affect his judgement, and he will gravitate towards being around them, seeking them out, or becoming favorable or possessive of them. He does his best to hide it...his best.
  • Minor - Mana Allergy - Physical contact with magic and mana is BAD FOR THE BODY, YAY! All the more reason to get rid of it.
  • Minor - Lone Wolf - Prefers to work alone and keeps people out of his business. He's far less likely to request or accept help when needed, preferring to face the odds alone.


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