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Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Once a successful and well liked synthetic that was on a televised daredevil stunt show now staves off the wear of time deactivated in an old and decrepit storehouse for an unknown amount of years. One day, the storehouse was broken into and emptied into the wasteland. SP was tossed a long way but managed to survive the impact in one piece, despite his inner hydraulics being severely damaged.

Now...he awakes after years and seeks out a way to make it back to where he once was...in the eyes of the people all across the galaxy.




  • Major - Crash Test Durability - Due to his history being a speed racer and tester for Trident and their commissioned vehicles, he has extremely high durability to impacts from physical sources. (Can survive many shots, impacts, and minor explosions. Exclusions include Quixote weaponry and the like)
  • Minor - Minor Agility - Simply put, he is faster than the average person thanks to small boosters built into his feet
  • Minor - Weapon knowledge - Because of his daredevil past and programming, he is capable of wielding various weapons for any purpose


  • Major - Spare some time - Requires daily maintenance on his internal hydraulics system by someone with mechanica skill or risk being unable to move normally. If a day is missed, he then is forced to react slowly, move slower, and can not function properly. Eventually he will cease to move and function at all if 2 days pass without proper maintenance
  • Minor - Absolute daredevil - Has built in programming that constantly tempts him to perform daring stunts such as falling from rooftops or performing parkour tricks. If explicitly asked to perform such tasks, he will do them once the performance’s details are clear and laid out, which he will spend time doing.
  • Minor - Discontinued model - Should Sp-33d-RCR ever take critical damage to any part, it would be nearly impossible to find a replacement. The only people that would have the items to fix him properly, would be Trident themselves.


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